Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hollywood 2 (Day 3 and 4)

Well, there's no secret to what the Idol editing team is doing in these Hollywood episodes. They are using every precious minute they can to expose the crazy Brittenum Twins. They are not hesitating to show the drama that they would've brought to the show. The jury's out on if this is something we should be sad or excited about! We saw hints of good performances tonight by some of the hopeful idol contenders, but it was overshadowed by the Brittenum Saga. Can't say I'm too disappointed though. I'm having a hard time trying to think up creative write-ups for our good performances! (I gotta get out of audition mode!!) So let's get into the Brittenum story and enjoy their presence while we can:

One of our boys, Terrell, was so focused on getting the group together to practice, he forgot one major thing! That would be to practice himself. He went on his big speech about Elloitt and Sway wanting to sleep. And he complained a bit to his bro Derrell, who didn't even want to hear it. He even went as far as calling the situation a "Life or Death" situation. I'm sure it's a little more serious than his life of stealing cars! So the group performance comes Anthony wasn't quite cutting it, Elliott knocked it out of the park, Sway forgot his words (but inexplicably made it through). Our boy Terrell? He was inexplicably clearing his throat the whole performance and also forgot some words. Then he went on his speech about how he and Anthony were God's gift to the world and how they should be given exemptions for having an awful group. tsk tsk. Well all but Anthony made it onto the next round, even after they told Terrell he had an awful performance. Good thing they're rating ALL of their performances before rendering a decision.

Meanwhile Derrell belts out some Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and is granted a pass to the next round. But this doesn't sit well with our anti-hero. No, he must get on his soapbox and stand up for Poor Terrell who has been cut from the show. (ummm...what???) "I am very disappointed. Thank you for the opportunity but my spirit has been broken. I'm not going to crap on my talent! We were told American Idol wasn't for us. And so this is the end of the road for us. I'd like to get take my brother and we're going to leave this competition to finish our record. We'll see you at the top!" Simon's Reaction? Thank you Very much! Good bye!

Terrell, "What did you do?? I didn't get cut!" Derrell "Ummmm....I just like to talk and be the center of attention" Terrell "Well so do I but you just took our spotlight man...we're gonna have to go back to stealing cars in Memphis!!" Derrell "Ummm...i don't get it" Terrell "Well you better apologize!" Derrell "umm...what's apogilise?" Ok...that's not how it went verbatum....but it may as well have. The look on their idiotic little faces with those stylish pointy beards were priceless.

So the Twins give a public apology. Simon gets HIS soapbox supported by the crowd....announcing he's tired of the attitude. Long story short (yep...too late), They both are allowed to stay. Why would they get rid of such talent that cause so much uproar? It's a ratings dream! Well...Ratings vs Felony apparently aren't a good combination. It will be interesting to see how we see the Brittenum Twins leave the show. Will it be captured on film? Or will Ryan Seacrest announce it when the Top 24 begin to perform? Or will they just assume we know? Oh who cares! (apparently me!!!)

So who made it through? Well they spent most of the time on Day 3...and crammed Day 4's Acapella performances into a 6 minute span. Very bizarre. Well we saw a bit more of Paris Bennett again. She's clearly a favorite since she's been shown in every episode possible. The Barretsmith sisters are separated (Brooke is in, Leigh is out.) Lots of the young talent made it through too...which I still maintain is a very scary situation! Kevin Covais (16), Josh Jordan, David Radford(17), William Makar (16). But the scariest thing of all...is that they're all really good. But I'm not gonna get fooled yet. Theme nights are usually the death of these guys! I'll believe it when I see it! Mandisa made it through too. And apparently she has seen Simon's comments from the audition (we need a bigger stage) and ready to comment on it tomorrow.

Nothing else really stood out for me even though a lot of people made it past Day 3. It's tough to judge on such brief snippets of performances.

But let's be honest. The BrokeTone Mountain Trailer? Are we going too far with the BB Mountain Jokes? Anyway...they were really bad...but they had a bonding experience, and the slow motion effects, the music, and the hugging did make it a very "HAPPY" occassion (if you know what i mean - not that there's anything wrong with that!) Little Garett was such a cry baby and Matt Buckstein was there to console him "You go back to your ranch! You be a star!" or something like that. Well...hopefully those 3 learn how to quit each other. (sorry, couldn't resist!)

So no surprises again who we're meant to be leaning on at this point. They craftly did not show us all of the performances, rather put through who they like and who they want us to like. We saw glimpses of others that made the Day 4 cut to the final 44:

Taylor Hicks - Love this guy! Hopefully we get to see more of him tomorrow before his Top 24 debut. (yeah...this guy is making the top 12...he's too unique not to)
Chris Daughtry - Rocker Guy,
Kellie Pickler (I still like her too, but a little scared they didn't show her performance)
Sway - Even after the bad performance...there he is.
The good looking girl that couldn't sing that brought her sister in to the audition - Very shady....very shady.

and 39 more!!! We're gonna have plenty of time to recap these people when we get more focus on them. And I think I lost you all after the Brittenum story got too detailed! So for those of you still reading. Good job! You know how to deal with me being so long winded!

See you tomorrow when we get to see our Top 24. Then....America Takes over....sorta.

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