Wednesday, February 15, 2006

American Idol 2006 Top 24

Okay, well before I list our top 24, I just want to apologize for my incorrect information on the Brittenum Twins. They didn't steal a car (well maybe they did...but that's not what the charges were). Apparently, they had charges for Forgery, theft, and identity fraud! Good times! Well, they were entertaining while we had them. But I think I've seen enough of them.

Ok, so let's do this. Listed below are our top 24 contestants. Last year, I believe I took a shot at naming who will be in the top 12. There's a margin of error for America's judgment, and for our lack of seeing these people actually perform more than 10 seconds worth of material each at a time! But, with the amount of exposure some got, that does sway America to keep them in this competition. 6 Guys and 6 Girls will make it...and in the next 3 weeks (9 episodes and 6 recaps ugh) we will have that top 12! Marked in Blue are my guesses. Without further adieu, in the order we found out:

  1. Catherine McPhee - Music Teacher's Daughter. Great voice. People are already rooting for her. She just has to not screw up and she's a shoe in for top 12.
  2. Ace Young - well this guy is a hottie isn't he? I wouldn't know personally, but I do know he has a marketable appearance and not a bad voice to go with. And The Idol marketing team loves him.
  3. Robert Bennett Jr. - Who is this guy? I don't recall him at all. He'll have to put on quite a show to beat the frontrunners.
  4. Mandisa (is there a need for a 2nd name?) - After her confrontation with Simon (kudos to the editing team for putting Simon in that situation!), all the large and in charge people in America will be voting for her. Besides that, she's got quite a set of...pipes!
  5. Melissa McGee - Who???
  6. Lisa Tucker - 16 - I'm noting the age of these young-ins. Mark my words, it's going to come into play with some weak top 12 performances. Maybe even eliminate some of them during the semi-finals. But she has an amazing voice and a lot of air-time going into those semi-finals. Plus she looks like Lionel Richie (maybe she was switched at birth with Nicole!)
  7. David Radford - 17 - I think I liked this guy the best out of the crooners, but I think the ladies already have a soft spot for William Makkar. And due my personal wish to limit the youth from this competition....David had to be cut from my list!
  8. Jose "Sway" Penala - I don't like this guy. Maybe I haven't seen enough of him. But I think he will have a support group. Plus...he kinda resembles a Cuba Gooding Jr. from Eastern Asia. (you have a better analogy? let's hear it!)
  9. Elliott Yamin - I'd prefer Elliott to any of the 16 year old crooners, but I just am not sure if it's gonna happen. I like what he did in yesterday's Hollywood round, but we'll see how the next few weeks go. Right now...he's on my "NO" list.
  10. Brenna Gethers - Well, this girl made some enemies in yesterday's Group Audition for pretty much screwing 2 sets of girls over. She'll have quite an uphill battle to get into that top 12. But anything can happen during the semi-finals. Hell, Bo Bice came out of nowhere! Am I comparing Brenna to Bo? Absolutely not. Just wanted to fit in my PICK DISCLAIMER somewhere!
  11. Gedeon McKinney - I don't know much about this guy. But he does think he has "IT" and well who am I to disagree? I think this guy pretty much HAS to make it. I'll let everyone else speculate to why.
  12. Stephanie Scott - Not even a blip on my radar. Prove me wrong Steph!
  13. Ayla Brown - Alright, her acapella round performance sold me that this girl can "sang." Simon is still trying to go with his gut and say she's an "underdog." Well, she may be, but I think he just doesn't want to be proven wrong. I can relate.
  14. Chris Daughtry - Have they hyped this guy up enough? The ROCKER BOY! Yeah, he's a shoe in too. And, with good reason. He's got the emotion factor down and a nice raspy rocking voice. Just hope we don't get bogged down with his sob story of how he's an aging rocker who never got his chance! yawn.
  15. Rebecca O'Donahue - Ah yes...our favorite attractive girl that can't sing. Well she proved she can sing with her Acapella Audition, but I already picked my 6 girls. So all the straight guys in America that watch this show will have to work together to get her in. And well...I think I'm the only one, and my votes are already spoken for!
  16. Heather Cox - Another good looking girl with no airtime. Sorry! You're done!
  17. William "Bucky" Covington - Our last remaining country boy. He's aight. But the little clip they showed of him doing some Rascal Flatts was a little "pitchy" for my taste. He may always slide under the radar.
  18. Patrick Hal (sp?) - This guy was pretty good, but it's not a good sign that I can't remember his last name (and can't read my handwriting!). But he did have a nice zinger on Ace. "I'm not as good looking as Ace, but who is?"
  19. Kevin Covais -16 - I like this kid too, but definitely a 16 year old that looks like he'd collapse under the pressure and butcher a Billy Joel song. (yeah...I haven't forgiven John Stevens for that!) Sorry Kev, this is the end of the line for you! Sing your Josh Groban at the Senior Citizen's Community Center Ball on Grandparent's Day! Just card everyone at the door and make sure they are at LEAST 80. (I'm so mean...but I get it from Simon!)
  20. Paris Bennett - 16 - No words needed. She's in.
  21. Kellie Pickler - Aww Kellie. She's got a really great voice, and her personality is off the charts. This will go very well with America. Now she just has to learn how to sing with a band. I think she can do it well enough to make our top 12. I'll still be rooting for her, because I like her. But I'm sensible enough to know this is not our next Idol. But I'd be thrilled if it was! Can't have too many Kelly and Carrie combined clones out there! And look...her first name is a MIX between Kelly and Carrie! Brilliant!
  22. Taylor Hicks - Kellie has some competition for my vote though. I like this guy. I'm sure he's gonna go through a major makeover which will include losing his trademark grey hair. Or just give him a new DO and KEEP the trademark grey hair. Loooooved the Harmonica entrance. This guy is just a kool kat. He's old school, but I think American may like some Old School. Plus he's gonna have to prove he can bring that flavor to NEW school music. This guy is gonna be around for a bit, in my opinion. He's gonna make the show worth watching. And it's about time that there's a GUY in this competition worth rooting for!
  23. Kinnik Sky - Just a bizarre name. And I don't remember much about her. I'm gonna say no.
  24. William Makkar - 16 - I've talked to a few ladies...and well they like this kid. He does have a powerful voice. And I've already voiced my concern about the magic 16 and if he's emotionally prepared to BRING IT on THEME nights. Even if he isn't....he's going to get the votes to get him into that top 12. And then we'll see how it goes.

Now, I know it would be a miracle if I get all 12 right. It never goes exactly how it seems it's going to go. People will come out of nowhere and steal a spot from one of the hyped up contestants. But this is my educated guess combined with what I want to see. Let's see how close we can get.

Okay've been pretty quiet out there. It's your turn. Who do you think will make the top 12? Are any of my picks totally wrong? You see the bottom of this Post? Yea..there's a section that says "COMMENT" USE IT! It's there for you! Even if you just want to tell me how fabulous my write-ups are! (I never get tired of hearing it!) So that's it. We're on our way to LIVE TV. 3 weeks of 3 nights of Idol...then the TOP 12 is here! See you next week.


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"Mike, your blog is outstanding...keep up the good work! I don't know how you manage a full time job and 2 blogs and perform all to such high quality. You are an amazing asset to this planet!"

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very funny joy!

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