Tuesday, February 28, 2006

American Idol: Top 10 Girls Perform

Another round of performances from our lovely ladies. The top 6 favorites are still performing well enough to stay in the top 6. The 4 that remain have their work cut out for them, but one of them I felt improved over last week. Want to find out who? Keep reading! The 10 contestants performed in reverse order from last week. Guess that keeps things fair. Here we go:

  • Katharine McPhee - Stevie Wonder "All is Fair in Love" - Don't know if that's the exact title of song, but close enough. She's got great stage presence and a great voice, but boy was that a boring performance. Judges all agreed, she's better than this. Was a forgettable performance, but Katharine made a lot of fans in previous rounds. She's in good shape and is able to take some risks in the early rounds. This one didn't pay off for her.
  • Kinnik Sky - Gretchen Wilson "Here for the Party" Well it was clear what Kinnik was trying to do here. She went from Prom Girl to Cow Girl in a week's time. She was trying to bring in her youthful spirit and energy. Well, she definitely showed a lot of energy. She forgot just one little thing. HER VOICE!!! Is it me or can this girl NOT sing? Maybe it was the song that didn't allow for her to show a range. But I'm just not feelin this girl. She may be in trouble. There are 2 other girls fighting her to get booted off, so we'll see what happens.
  • Lisa Tucker - Jackson 5 "Who's Loving You" - Another oustanding outing for the Tuckster (why am I thinking of new nicknames? I mean...it's Lionel Richie!!!) Very soulful performance, very mature performance....oooh there's that word....MATURE. Simon said it best. She's trying to make a statement that "my voice is great and I am so young! Watch me do some old R&B songs!" It really doesn't matter what she sings in these rounds, she is a STAR. (yes, me and Paula made the same notes on the girl). But she may want to take Simon's advice and not make American Idol season 5 a BORING season! Let's modernize!
  • Melissa McGee - Reba "Why Haven't I heard From You" Maybe it was just me, but I thought Melissa put together a much better performance tonight. She definitely looked better out there. And, I could see why they may have let her through to this top 24. She DOES have a unique voice to her, and yeah she can't hit the high notes, but she's not trying to. She's got a whole different level to her. There's a possibility we may have another Jessica Sierra on our hands. What I mean by that is, she doesn't quite belong in the top 12, but may end up there anyway and stay in a little longer than expected. I don't know if I like her THAT much, but I really didn't like Jessica either. Hence, the comparison! Simon was still looking for the WOW factor in Melissa, and doesn't expect much from her at this point. In any case, I move her up a spot to #7 (Kinnik lost some ground).
  • Heather Cox - Mariah "Hero" - Well based on my picks last week (picking her to be gone by now), Heather had a lot to prove to me. Did she prove anything to me? Well, did anyone see the video backdrop of a sunset during Heather's performance? Yep, very good chance is the end of the line for her. I got nothing out of her performance. I just kept sitting there waiting for something to shock and awe me. Nope. Carbon Copy performance of Mariah. Well I shouldn't say COPY, obviously it didn't live up to the Queen of Scream. All 3 Judges united and agreed that if you're gonna pick Mariah, you better make it your own and not try and be safe with it. She didn't. The girl just isn't in the same league with our top 6. She may as well just pack her bags now.
  • Brenna Gethers - Donna Summer "Last Dance" Oh how we all wish we'd be seeing her sing her Last Dance on Thursday. And when all is said and done, she should be. Anyone love how she did her hair like Miss Summer? Give me a break. Didn't have much notes on the girl...one word summed it up "AWFUL." The judges all agreed that she was not good....and the icing on the cake was Brenna's "I think I did wonderful!" All of this back and forth banter with Brenna led Simon to utter those infamous words "I think this is the last we'll see of you." Oh Simon...why do you do it? You know that only means that she'll be here next week! In an ideal world, Brenna will be gone Thursday.
  • Paris Bennett - Bette Midler "Wind Beneath My Wings" Okay, we get it Paris. You can sing! Why didn't you just sing the "Greatest Love of All" while you were up there? What is there to say? She was fantastic, vocally. But Bette Midler? ugh.... I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I guess the Idol Team will think of Theme Nights that force these kids to sing songs that people their age listen to. That being said, the girl is safe. (while we're on the subject, there may be less guys that are good, but boy they can at least pick good songs!!!)
  • Ayla Brown - "I want you to Need Me" ahhhh great...Celine Dion. Well, I'm glad Ayla got to wear make-up for the first time in her life. She did sing the song well and definitely has a strong voice. But again it was a song I didn't know. Not gonna get my votes! But she's still rounding out that top 6. Randy and Paula are continuously surprised by her performances. Simon went on and on about her being the type of person that works and works to improve in school, sports, music, anything. And Ayla is working hard to compete right now. She'll be in that top 12. It's just a question of when she'll leave it.
  • Kellie Pickler - "Something to Talk about" Bonnie Raitt - what is it about this girl? I'm totally biased with her, but she really is just a likeable person! She definitely does not have the strongest voice in the competition, but she's entertaining, she picked a good song, she looked great.....yeah I know..I sound like the judges. I would agree with Simon that she was missing notes all over the place. But I also agree with him that at this stage, it just doesn't matter! America loves this girl. And yeah, the Calamari story was outstanding....and even better was hearing British Simon say "Calamari" with a southern accent. Kellie may never eat squid again, but she'll get to sing on Idol for some time to come! That is...unless Paula gets her wish and "Squishes" her..... I have no words...
  • Mandisa - Faith Hill "Cry" - Ahh we can't get through a week of semi-finals without hearing a Faith Hill song can we? Maybe Kevin Covais will sing "This Kiss" next week! God, I would pay to see that! Anyway, what is there to say about Mandisa? She is sooooooo IN this competition. Very strong voice, weird song choice, but it worked for her. She's just great and will be in this show for awhile. And, it's all good because Paula likes her face! ....I have no words....

So here we are. Decision time. If we needed a bottom 3 this would be very easy! But, we're not in the top 12 yet....so we just need to pick 2! Let's rank the 4 that still need to be booted off. 7. Melissa 8. Kinnik 9. Heather 10. Brenna. It's as simple as that. I don't know if I'll ever succeed in my dream of getting all 4 picks right in these semi-finals, or getting the bottom 3 right and picking the right person in the top 12 to get booted. But I'm all about taking risks. And, yeah it's not a big risk...but it's an educated guess. Here we go!

Elimination Picks: Heather Cox, Kinnik Sky Wildcard Pick: Brenna Gethers

So, some of you are asking why oh why did you not pick Brenna to get eliminated? 2 Reasons. Reason #1, Simon's declaration that she WILL be gone. Reason #2 (loosely based on reason #1) - http://www.votefortheworst.com/. The site has gained much popularity over the years of Idol. Jon Stevens inexplicably went on a run. Scott Savol, the same. There will never be enough people intentionally voting for the worst to ruin the show entirely, but Brenna was so bad, that people WILL be inclined to vote for her tonight, especially with Simon's declaration of dismissal. And with the bottom 3 being almost equally bad, I think that gives Brenna the edge for one final week.

Anyone have a beef with my picks? Let's hear it! Who do you think is going home? Well, that's it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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