Wednesday, March 01, 2006

American Idol: Top 10 Guys Perform

Another night filled with decent performances, boring performances, and all out comedy on American Idol. Man...this double duty is killing me with Lost and Idol..thank God Lost is on hiatus until April after tonight! Okay...anyway let's get right into it:

  • Taylor Hicks - "Easy" Commodores. I don't think it's biased of me to say that this guy was great tonight. Apparently, the judges don't agree with me but I'm pretty sure America will. It's just a pleasure to see a guy that really has a love for music come up and perform a great rendition of Lisa Tucker's "easy"....whoops...that would be Lionel Richie! (oh come knew that was coming!) Judges didn't like the song choice. Sure, he'll need to pull out bigger guns in future competitions, but I still found this to be a treat. He's safe! (anyone spot Bo Bice in the crowd cheering on Taylor? crazy stuff)
  • Elliott Yamin - James Moody "Moody's Mood for Love" - I never heard this song before, but Elliott did sing the hell out of it. Hit all the notes, all the runs. He grooved it out. Randy gave the guy out first standing O of the season, along with the studio crowd responding very positively. Simon thought the same way I did....after last week's big compliments (best male voice in 5 seasons), Elliott came out with a lot of confidence and it showed in his performance. He also added that you can't win with songs like this, but still a fantastic performance. I'll drink to that!
  • Ace Young - Daniel Beddingfield "If I'm Not Made For You" (hmmm I always thought it was If you're not the one...oh well) Man he started this off pretty lousy. Missing all the low notes...but when he got into full swing with the ballad (I know..almost an oxymoron), he did well. Paula liked the "FALS"....come on Paula....don't make up words! It's Falsetto! In all honesty the High Note did surprisingly work (as Paula suggested). Randy liked song choice, Simon did not. Simon thought the song was all wrong for poor ace. I'm not gonna sit here and say it was a fantastic performance...but with women tingling over the thought of Ace....I think he'll stay. Loved the Corey Clark reference when Paula said "Hi Ace"....simon responded with a swift "careful..." lol...good times.
  • Gedeon McKinney - "Change is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke And people doubted me when I said Gedeon would be in the top 12! Come on...besides my other reasoning....the guy is a pretty damn good singer too! He did his thing out there....just let loose in the middle and enjoyed his performance. I know I'm just repeating what Randy said. I'm tired! Give me a break! Simon said that Gedeon is a throwback to the performers Berry Gordy would've recruited 40 years ago. Very Authentic and Brilliant. I thought he was good too, not someone I'll be dialing the phone for, but he'll do just fine this week and next.
  • Kevin "teenage sex symbol" Covais - Marvin Gaye - Once Seacrest said Kev would be doing Marvin, I spent the commercial break thinking about what song he would perform. I chuckled thinking in my head that all the girls pinching his cheek last week went to his head and now he's got a little tiny cute ego. I actually started to think he was going to sing Let's Get It On or Sexual Healing. And who's with me? Would that not have been the funniest sight ever??!! "Heard it Through the Grapevine" was on my list too...and a much more realistic song for him to sing....except all of that WOBBLING! what was he doing out there? He was trying to come out of his shell...and he recruited ditz and dawg to support his cause. They thought he was the cutest thing ever....and does a lot of America probably. I still tend to agree with Simon that there is no place for ol' Kev in this competition. His performance definitely was not radio friendly. Why waste a top 12 spot on him? That being said, he's going to have a 1 in 8 chance next week of making that top 12. I don't think he's out of this thing yet. Oh...and did anyone hear Randy bust out some singing in his critique? niiiice.
  • Jose "Sway" Penala - "Overjoyed" Stevie Wonder - Okay...are they ever going to let these guys stop picking Stevie Wonder? Is it me, or has someone sang a Stevie song every week this season? (not to mention all 4 other seasons). Just another cookie cutter karaoke performance from Sway. Again, I apologize for using Simon's words...but he hit it right on the head. And the worst of it all? No enthusiasm. Sway may be into some rough waters come tomorrow. He did nothing to help his chances by telling the judges "it's an off night of me" and "probably not the best song choice" in his miserable tone. Maybe something happened off camera and he just didn't feel like being there. I didn't see his Dad in the audience and his whole video interview was about his dad and mom both being there to support him. Anyways....all just speculation....but there's no getting around people totally forgetting that performance.
  • Will Makar - "Lady" - Lionel?? - Oh lord...when this kid said he met Justin Guarini at some Press event and was so excited because he watched him on TV back when he was 12....I just shook my head. Just a scary thought that this dude was a boy 4 years ago. Anyway...I know I haven't said much about the performance....honestly? I don't remember it! I do remember dropping my pen at the sheer boredom of it. I tried to warn everyone out there about these pre-teens! I don't know if he's quite in danger of elimination yet. But with improved performances from some people who were on the chopping could happen!
  • Bucky Covington - "Thunder Rolls" Garth Brooks - Nice segueway eh? I thought Bucky was pretty good tonight. He's as clueless to big city life as Kellie Pickler (of course Kellie is much cuter about the whole thing). But this song seemed better suited for him and he did get a lot of audience response. Ditz and Dawg agree that it was a great song choice and that he's finding his place in this competition. Simon likes the guy but sees him as the supporting act for the bigger star. I could see that too! Man....with 5 spots already sealed's gonna be tough for Bucky to sneak in there...but..the fact that I'm thinking about it after I said he should be on his way out last a crazy change of events!
  • David Radford - Sinatra "The Way You Look Tonight" - Man...why do they have to murder the greatest songs of all time? David was back in crooning form. And throughout the whole performance I just kept thinking "haven't we already done this? Don't we know where this leads?" Yep....Jon Stevensville. I just don't see the point of letting this guy even have a chance at the top 12. He's NOT going to succeed! Of course, we may have an issue with They have their eyes on Mr. Radford too. To sum up, this was a very boring replica of a great song. I agree with Simon though, loved the band.
  • Chris Daughtry - Fuel "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" - Well when Seacrest announced that Fuel would be performed tonight, I don't think there was a question who would be singing it. KEVIN COVAIS!!! oh it just keeps getting funnier! I actually looked forward to Chris all night, because I knew he would hit the song out of the park. He has the perfect voice for a Fuel tune....and I wasn't disappointed. It was fantastic and easily the best performance of the night. Chris came here to play. I'm glad we didn't hear too much from him during the auditions. It was a nice surprise to see him come out as a full-on contender now. Theme nights may be a problem for him, depending on what they're forced to do in that top 12. But I think he'll be up to the challenge. I'm getting excited about this top 12! There should be some heated competitions!

Wow....are we here already? Once again, I have no idea who's getting kicked off the show. I only know who's staying. So we're going to start there!

Who is sailing through to next round? Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin, Ace Young, Gedeon McKinney, Chris Daughtry

Who is left? Kevin Covais, Sway, Will Makar, Bucky Covington, David Radford,

Who is probably safe based on tonight? Covais, Bucky

Who does that leave? Sway, Will, Dave

Who do I want out of this competition? Will, Dave

Who will leave this competition on Thursday?
Elimination Picks: Jose "Sway" Penala, David Radford Wildcard: Will Makar

Vote for the Worst can't save both of their victims! Well, that's at least the theory I am going with. And Sway's attitude just irked me. It was almost like he wanted out of the competition. Who is going to pick up the phone to support that? I dont' quite see Will's fans ready to let him go just yet.

Well, that's the best I can do for now. All we can do now, is wait to see if I improve on my 3 for 4 from last week or not even get close at all. I'm content with my decision either way! Okay kiddies...see you tomorrow!

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