Wednesday, March 08, 2006

American Idol: Top 8 Females Perform

Sorry for the delay folks, but let me just say that Billy Joel was faaaaantastic last night. You can imagine the letdown of watching 8 amateur singers after watching such a talent as Billy for 2 plus hours. So, maybe my review will be a little skewed. But one thing is for sure it's going to be short and sweet. What is there to say about these girls that hasn't been said already? From last night's performances my top 6 that I've been hailing since day 1 are practically a 90% lock. But based on last night's performances, there could be a switcharoo that I led onto in previous blogs for spot #6. Here we go:
  • Paris - Gloria Estafan - Crazy Conga song - I wrote down one word to describe the performance and the 3 judges pretty much all said the same thing. "SUCKS" It was awful. It's the kind of performance that makes people breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Paris isn't a threat to win it all. That being said...she's still in the top 12. But her acclaim took a hit this week. And I will suggest, as I always do, to look no further than her age. A 16/17 year old has never won this competition, and I hope they never do. recovering from a strong alcohol buzz after the Joel concert may have caused me to write down the following as Paula was talking "I love the world, I like Blueberries and I also like melodies. you suck!"
  • Lisa - performing another crazy ballad.... Does she not get the hint from the judges? AWFUL song choice...another boring song. But still her voice is amazing, she's just going to need some help on theme nights on picking a song. And I swear... if there's a DISNEY NIGHT and she does a song from the Lion King because she was in it....well I don't know what I'm going to do but just assume it will be bad!
  • Melissa - "What About Love" - Heart, I said to look out for her last week as a Jessica Sierra type threat, and she pulls through here with another solid song choice, but she pretty much blew a great performance with a very weak ending and an awful last note. Maybe it was the Vodka from the Billy Joel concert, but I was saying the exact words of the judges (yep, even paula) before they even uttered a word!'s not the alcohol, I do that anyway! Anyway...point being is that the judges agreed with me! Simon predicted this is the last we'll see of her. And well, he hasn't been wrong yet in this competition.
  • Katharine - "Think" - Aretha. Kudos to Katharine for strongly declining Seacrest's attempts to make a joke about a Kevin Covais/Katharine sex scandal. Maybe kev will get a shot of reality in his developing ego. So anyway "Think" always reminds me of the Blues Brothers and Aretha's performance to her husband Matt "Guitar" Murphy in their little diner. FREEEEDOM!!!! Ahh memories. Anyways, Katharine didn't erase those memories for me but she did do a great job with the performance. She's got a great voice and a great personality to go with it. Simon said it was a risk to do an Aretha tune, but that she did it effortless. I look forward to seeing her move on to the next round.
  • Kinnik - Alicia Keys "If I Ain't Got You" - I think Paula summed it up best when she said "You usually nail your songs vocally" I seriously need to get some of what Paula is smoking. I mean, seriously? She's the only one in the top 24 that cannot carry a tune!!! And with that...I have nothing left to say. Good Riddance! ( I had a little more to say)
  • Ayla - "Unwritten" Natasha Beddingfield - Hmmm I dunno Ayla, that was just a stupid song choice! Randy said that it's not a good song to show your stuff on. A "5-note" song if you will. I mean, I have a hard enough time listening to the song when it's on the radio all day, let alone listen to Ayla (struggling to stay in that top 6) mimic it. Simon actually liked the film clips of her playing Basketball or whatever more than the performance...and would prefer to see THAT on stage. Okay Ayla, pull out the "White Men Can't Jump" soundtrack and you're good to go!
  • Mandisa - "I'm Every Woman" - Hate the song, loved the performance. For me, it's just a treat to hear this girl take the stage. Not someone I'd ever vote for, but I still like to hear her sing. Hopefully she doesn't let the judges' comments go to her head and start singing Chaka Kahn or Whitney every week. Loved that Simon dropped a TiVo plug into his critique. Screw all the imitators! TiVo rules!!!
  • Kellie - Melissa Etheridge "I'm The Only One" - Okay so she named her dog after Comet on Full House, but we still love her. And why not? I think her performance of this tired song was one of the best of the night! She's making up for her sub-par vocals (good, but not compared to some of the others) with great song choices, and sparkling personality...and the judges and America are eating it up. So it boggles my mind that actually told their supporters to vote for Kellie. She is far from the worst in this competition and I think they jumped the gun a bit.

By now, you know that I never stick to my word about a Short blog. So deal with it! My analysis won't be long though. I know who I'm picking to go. It's not too tough for me. I'm going with Simon's picks because those were my picks before tonight's performances ever happened.

Bottom 3: Ayla, Melissa, Kinnik
Elimination picks: Melissa, Kinnik Wildcard Pick: Ayla

That's all folks. Tune in tonight for the guys. Don't forget, that blog will be delayed too. Hopefully you are all coping!

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