Wednesday, March 22, 2006

American Idol: Reverse Psychology Wins this round!

That's right! The most amazing thing happened tonight. Yes folks, we thought we were going to be stuck with him forever, and guess what? He's GONE! Simon finally backed down from his insults and told the boy that he liked him and that his audience would like him....and not only did he make the bottom 3, but he got the ol' Heave ho! Never thought I'd be shocked to see the worst contestant be sent packin. But, I gotta say...I am PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! This is quite a blow to, I think they were banking on quite a few more weeks of American Idol's own Sexual Icon!

Kevin Covais - eliminated from American Idol 2006. So long've been with us 2 months too long!

Bottom 3: Lisa, Bucky, Kevin

So, I'm not doing too well with the elimination picks this year. It's all good. I'm only concerned about picking our Idol winner at the end. What happens up till then is just a whole bunch of suspense that leads to inevitable results (just not in the order we think!). So who IS going to be our Idol? I'm not sure, but I think we can analyze this a bit to narrow down the field:

Well, the worst is out of the competition. votefortheworst will now claim that Kellie Pickler is the worst in the competition, which makes no sense since she's doing fine on her own. What is going to get interesting is how we will lose our best singers and in what order. Never has an Idol Season gone down the way we expect it to. We know that the Heavy Hitters, vocally, in this competition are Mandisa, Paris, Katharine, Taylor, Chris, and Elliott. Now that Kevin is gone, Lisa and Bucky won't be far behind. So then we have Kellie and Ace who are left as the wildcards. One of these (or even both) are definitely going to beat out one or 2 of those 6. So the question is who of the 6 are expendable? I go with the youngest and the ugliest...and that, my friends, is Paris and Elliott. I thought ol' Tumnus would get a scare this week, but he's still going strong. People seem to like him right now.

So...if Kellie and Ace knock out France and the Yeti, then we're looking at Mandisa, Katharine, Taylor or Chris as our next potential Idols. And well...all bets are going on a MALE this season. But, as I stated in Tuesday's blog, I'm not sold on Chris yet. And I'm definitely not sold on Taylor, even though I'm a huge fan of the guy. This season, the producers are definitely grooming Chris to be our Rockin Idol, but in my opinion, he has some work to do. Perhaps he'll be more in his element with songs of the 21st Century next week. I'd suggest that if he picks a Rock song, that he show some other style than he's been doing since week 1 of the Semi-Finals. What should he do? Oh I dunno....maybe a rock-ballad? We haven't seen that yet from him. Could work well.

Sorry, I got on a Chris tangent. Back to narrowing it down. Simon believes that Kellie will be in that top 3. And I definitely could see it. But if that happens, she's going to have to kick out Mandisa, Taylor, Katharine or Chris to get there. We have many weeks to go and this decision could be much easier then. For now, I say this competition is wide open between Mandisa, Katharine, Taylor and Chris. (And Kellie will play spoiler to them. Ace will be gone by then, I'm guessing) .

I know, I write such logical analysis on this show, and it NEVER pans out. It's kinda like my LOST write-up! A whole bunch of theories that end up being bogus.

Just shows how entertaining my lies are! But remember, if I am right about anything'll never hear the end of it! And that's what I'm counting on!

Till next week kids....have a great 5 days away from Idol!

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