Thursday, March 09, 2006

American Idol: Top 8 Guys Perform

Yep, so once again there is no question as to who are the worst of the guys. The difference is, there are 3 of them. So the big question is, which one rose to the challenge enough to get into the coveted 6th spot? Well, is it THAT coveted when they'll probably be one of the first to go? I know who I want out of this competition, but you just can't tell how gullible the masses of America are when it comes to those itty bitty teeny weeny Teenagers we have in our competition. So let's break it down!

  • Giddeon - "When a Man Loves a Woman" - Okay, I think the creepiest thing I ever saw in my life happened late last night when I watched Giddeon telling his deepest darkest secret. Apparently he loves painting abstract art which always includes a RECORD, and this depiction that he showed us was a record with a painting of the world, in which the needle from the record player plays the sound of music around the world!!! Ahhh to be 17 again. What the hell was this dude talking about? Anyways, besides all that, and Simon calling him very bizarre....his singing is good enough to get him in that spot (among other things). Paula had another ridiculous quote "The throwback to your style is Amazing" Is she sure she said that right? I'm not going back on my word. Giddeon is in the top 12.
  • Chris - "Broken" Seether featuring Amy Lee (from Evanescence). Guess what kids? Chris used to have Hair! (didn't we all?) Alright, so Chris showed some weakness tonight. I still thought he was really good, but why choose a song that mainly is known for Amy Lee's distinct voice featured in it. Of course there is a solo Seether version, but it's pretty monotone to show off Chris's awesome hard rock voice. He has some stage presence issues also, but then again so did Carrie Underwood and she did just fine wouldn't you say? Definitely top 12 material (I'll even go as far as saying top 4).
  • Kevin - "Vincent" Don McLean - Well for a Kanye West lover who puts a little Kanye into his performance, he had a crazy way of showing it picking this Clay Aiken favorite. I wrote down three words to sum up his performance "Kill Me Now!" I mean it was the kind of thing that would make you lose your hearing because your Ears would've given up on you for watching and attempting to listen to it! Are people going to vote for him because they feel sorry for him? They didn't feel sorry for him last week, putting him in the bottom 3. He's definitely on my list to get out of this competition, I've made no secret about it. And seriously Randy and Paula, STOP giving the boy hope!!!!
  • Bucky - "Wave on Wave" Pat Green. Wow, I think I have found our new unintentional comedy winner if Kevin leaves us. We have to keep Bucky in this competition to find more of the exploits and adventures of Bucky and his identical twin brother Rocky. And when we say identical, it's not even a stretch! They dress the same, wear their hair and teeth the same, they even act the same. Well, that's not true....Rocky may be even a tad more clueless than his celebrity brother. Seriously, if you were an identical twin wouldn't you be looking to start changing your appearance to look a LITTLE different than your brother? Look no further than the Olsen Twins! Anyway, as for his performance, Bucky is finding his comfort zone and improving each week. I think he deserves this spot over the other 2 weaklings. But I'm just not sure we can count out the Tweener vote at this point. Then again, the Redneck vote cannot be discarded. It works in the political realm, maybe it works in the pop culture arena too!
  • William - "How Sweet it Is" James Taylor. I've just got one thing to say.....the kid said in Japanese "11 year olds around the world....UNITE!" Get rid of this kid! Besides that, I couldn't get images of Chris Klein in American Pie singing "How Sweet it Is" in the Choir to get closer to Mena Suvari. Then again, even Chris was better than this. That being said, it wasn't THAT bad of a performance, better than his previous performances. I did pick this guy to be in the top 12. It was against my wishes though, I don't think he's fit to be our next idol (none of the 3 weaklings are)....but he gives us no comedy! I really hope he doesn't make it, but I think it's between him and Bucky at this point. Paula went on a rant of how she isn't 11 years old and loves William, and Simon retorted by saying "At least you got the middle aged vote." Maybe he does......but I'd count more on the tweeners!
  • Taylor - "Taking it to the Streets" Michael MacDonald - Ladies and Gentlemen, TAYLOR IS BACK! What an outstanding performance. I mean, anyone that can take a Michael MacDonald performance and make it the best performance of the night deserves our vote! This guy is such a treat to watch. I say it every week, but I mean it. And the dance moves were outstanding! I don't care if they were ridiculous! It's all part of what makes Taylor, Taylor. (for anyone that doesn't know who Michael MacDonald is, watch the 40 Year Old Virgin)
  • Elliott - "Heaven" Bryan Adams - I have received some feedback and we finally have pinpointed what animal Elliott looks like. Anyone see The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe? Mr. Yamin is the spitting image of Mr. Tumnus our Fawn that guides Lucy through the magical world of Narnia. Well that being said...I think we have some "Spare 'oom" for Elliott in the top 12. I thought his rendition of Heaven was great. Maybe a little boring, but the song can be a tad boring. He's got a great voice, and definitely put on 3 deserving performances to get him to the next round. You go Mr. Tumnus!
  • Ace - "You Give Me Butterflies" Michael Jackson - Also known as the song in which Michael Jackson became a female for good. Ace showed off his Falsetto voice in this performance. Why does everyone feel they have to do this in season 5? Anyway, he was pretty good with it, but it just got a little tiresome for me. But the Ladies loved it. And it IS Ace. As Simon said the performance had its moments but ACE made it work. No reason to think he'll be gone. here we are. 3 people, 2 need to go. Do I go with my gut or what I want? Does it matter? Either I'm right, or I'll get what I want! I've been 3 for 4 2 weeks in a row. Should I put this in Jeopardy? I'm going with the gut. Here's how I think it's gonna go down:

Bottom 3: Bucky, Kev, William
Elimination Picks: Bucky, Covais. Wildcard: William

It pains me to do that, because I don't think William deserves a top 12 spot. But when it's all said and done, 11 year olds can't vote in politics, but they can in American Idol. I think there's more of them that want William in than anyone that wants Bucky in. I really hope I'm not right on this. But I just think this is what will happen. We'll see tonight when our top 12 are revealed.

Okay, that's it for now. Tune in tonight to the show and tomorrow for the results blog (yeah...I gave in too easy on my "No Results-Show" Blog stance!)

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