Wednesday, April 19, 2006

American Idol: 48 Cards Left in the Deck

That's won't find an ACE competing on American Idol anymore! (wow...I may have just topped my worst joke ever!) That's right ladies, the boy toy is gone.

Eliminated: Ace Young
Bottom 3: Ace, Chris, Paris Bottom 3: 7.) Ace 6.) Chris 5.) Paris

Yeah yeah got it right this week. So what does this mean? Why can't they string 2 weeks in a row accurately? Crazy stuff. I don't know but obviously it didn't come as a shock to me since I'm addicted at looking at the site beforehand. So, I guess we gotta break down WHY Chris and Paris were in the bottom 3. Well, I thought Chris was pretty good, but he DID perform first. It was a nice way to start off the night, but there were better performances afterwards. People may have forgotten about him. Or...maybe he just isn't as high up on the list as people may have thought. Go to any website and all you see is TAYLOR HICKS. America loves this guy. Even if he has a lousy performance...he's getting tons of votes. And yes, he is the reigning king since the beginning of the season. Someone else you always see up there, Kellie Pickler. Like I said before, she may seem dumb, but act or's working. Someone out there likes her and are keeping those votes pouring in (Not me...Honest! I stopped!). Paris? Well, she's had way too many slip-ups as far as I'm concerned. She may just have no fanbase left to keep her up top. So maybe she belted out a stunning performance Tuesday night, but was anyone rushing to the phone to help out Miss Cotton Candy? (sorry...the pink suit is still on my mind).

Of course, maybe people just perceived Chris and Paris as safe due to decent performances and rushed to the aid of another person who needed their help instead. Look no further then our very own Mr. Tumnus, Elliott Yamin. Elliott found his way into the bottom 3 last week after maybe his best performance ever. That, combined with Simon's criticism that he showed no personality may have scared voters into helping the guy out. Seriously, I've been watching this show for 5 seasons now. Why haven't I caught onto this trend yet?

So is it really surprising to see Taylor, Katharine, Kellie, and Elliott safe this week from the bottom 3? I guess it really isn't. If Taylor and Kellie are going to keep getting a crazy amount of votes every week....then the other 4 folks are going to have to work extra hard to make sure they're in that 3rd spot. Then maybe....just maybe...they'll be able to edge one of them out to get the final 2! But don't fear, Kellie may turn out yet another lousy performance next week.

That's right Kids. The theme for next week is the GREATEST LOVE SONGS OF ALL TIME with guidance from Italian speaking ANDREA BOCELLI! Ahh I can see it now, Kellie trying to have a conversation with Bocelli. Priceless. But, my point above was that Kellie has yet to sing a good ballad in her Idol run. If she turns in another lousy performance, will the fans be as merciful as in the past? Probably, but it might be another negative notch on her inconsistent reputation. Hmmmm Greatest love songs of all time. Anyone want to put bets that Taylor chooses this week to whip out some Joe Cocker and sing "You Are So Beautiful?" Would THAT be considered a Great Love Song? Or have the Idol producers already picked out 6 songs for them?

It's all making sense now though. All of the remaining contestants have now seen the bottom 3 with the exception of Taylor and Kellie. If that trend continues, it really can be any one of those other 4 that leave next week. My bet would be leaning towards Elliott or Paris to get the heave-ho next. But now will Paris fans rush to her aid next week to make sure SHE'S not in the bottom 3? It's an endless cycle! I can't take it anymore!!! I guess we shall see.

Well, I think I'm about all out of wisdom for now. So go buy your tissues for next tuesday and get ready to fall in love with the 6 remaining contestants vying for your affection and your vote. Good Night!

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