Wednesday, April 05, 2006

American Idol: The Shocker of all Unsurprising Shockers!

Okay, I know I said I'd be shocked if Taylor or Mandisa got the boot tonight, but it fits the standard Idol mold. A Strong Performer has a weak night, and they get knocked out of the competition just like that. Or was it just like that? Yes folks, we lost ManDIVA tonight.

Bottom 3: Paris, Mandisa, Elliott
Eliminated: Mandisa

Let's think about this, how many weeks in a row have I really had nothing much to say about Mandisa except that "She's Safe!" She's an amazing singer, but maybe there was something missing there that none of us could quite put our finger on. Maybe we ALL THOUGHT she'd be safe...and no one voted for her. But then again, 2 weeks in a row she threw out some substandard ditties. Last night's being the worst of all. Based on those performances? Yeah, she did deserve to go. So maybe that's why it really didn't seem TOO surprising when we were told she was gone. Even when it was down to Mandisa and Elliott and I thought I might get 2 picks in a row! Without getting too much on my demographics soapbox....let's just say with Mandisa out of the competition, there's a good bet that Paris's votes will get a boost. That's just the way America works.

By the case anyone is getting TOO into Idol, there is another popular website getting some attention these days (besides It's called I didn't want to bring it up before, because the results were a bit varying. But 2 weeks in a row now it has predicted the exact bottom 3 and who will get eliminated. What they do is somehow systematically keep track of how often each contestant's phone line is busy...and generate the rankings based on this. This may be a little spoilerish for some people, but others who don't care will have a blast with it. I promise though, I will make my own predictions before even checking that site, as I did last night. But I will keep you posted on how accurate they remain down the home stretch of the final 8. Haha...7 weeks of idol is a home stretch. That's a good time!

So with Mandisa out of the picture, here's the big question....who can "under the radar" Bucky play spoiler to next?! Maybe noone. Can Bucky really pull off QUEEN? That's right.....the music of Queen is the theme next week. I love Queen, so I hope they don't screw this one up. I wonder who will try to top Constantine's version of Bohemian Rhapsody from last year. You know somebody will try! If there's one thing Little Constance (awww I missed that nickname) was good for last season, it was his memorable Queen performance. So that may spell Idol doom for anyone that tries to follow in his footsteps. Too bad Mandisa couldn't stick around to sing Fat Bottomed Girls!!!! (oh come know you laughed!) I also really would've loved to see Kevin Covais's version of the FLASH GORDON Theme Song. Actually, anybody doing that song would be entertaining for me! Yeah..I could go all night with this! But I really hope Chris or Taylor get the guts to try my favorite Queen tune...a little "Somebody To Love" I think that would show a different side of either of them, and if executed properly...they'll be a tough one to beat down the stretch. Aww hell..I'm going to go ahead and help the contestants pick their songs since they suck at it. I have nothing better to do:

  • Another One Bites the Dust ( predictable if he does)
  • Under Pressure
  • Under Pressure or
  • Killer Queen (Falsetto boy) or
  • Fat Bottomed Girls
  • Flash ( As Mr. Tumnus singing tribute to the Lion ASLAN: Savior of Narnia!) or
  • Save Me (from the Witch's Grasp!) or
  • I've Got to Break Free (From the Wardrobe!)
  • Somebody To Love (he HAS to do it! YOU HAVE TO TAYLOR!)
  • We Will Rock You or
  • We are the Champions (They're easy enough for him)
  • Killer Queen or
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love (this is totally up her alley...but i could see Kellie do it too) or
  • Don't Stop Me Now
  • You're My Best Friend (and thus she gets voted off!) or
  • Don't Stop Me Now

Wildcard Vote-off pick for anyone to attempt - Bohemian Rhapsody

Knowing this group though...they probably don't even know who Queen is and they'll pick some random songs that they think sound nice instead of going with Queen's Greatest Hits like any normal person would. So get downloading children of the new millenium! Get ready for a QUEEN BUTCHERING next week! I'm ready! But I'm holding out hope that SOMEONE will pick a great queen song and pull out a great performance and claim the lead in the Idol race.

Okay, I put way too much time into that. But hey, I enjoy it! Enjoy your time off listening to real music and get ready to put your earplugs in again next Tuesday!

Feel free to Post your QUEEN song picks for contestants!

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