Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol: Popularity Can Only Get You So Far

Well folks, it's over. Our lovely Kellie Pickler has talked her way off the stage.

Eliminated: Kellie Pickler
Bottom 2: Kellie, Paris
Top 2: Katharine, Chris 4.) Katharine 5.) Kellie 6.) Paris

It's crazy that sometimes when it's so obvious who should go home, that we have doubts about America sending that one packing. Kellie was so dreadfully worse than the other 5, and yet I still thought and her fanbase would bail her out. Maybe it WAS the fact that she DIDN'T get to have the last word Tuesday night like she usually does ("LOOK AT THE PICKLE!"). And I've been talking week after week about how Kellie and her ballads will be the end of her and how THIS week, of all weeks (LOVE SONGS) could be the week that breaks her. Yet I STILL went with Paris as the safe pick. Well, Paris still made the bottom 2, so I was still in the right ballpark. And how about me picking the same 3 as this week? Crazy that Katharine was actually in the top 2 in votes. Must've been all those last minute text votes I sent her way for fear that America would be stupid enough to listen to the judges. I actually was telling some people today (off the blog) that Simon would probably announce at the results show that he rewatched the performance and would apologize to Katharine. And of course...this is exactly what happened. I'm glad the judges have some redeeming qualities. Well, I think we all agree that Paula needs some "REHAB"ing Qualities. ZING!

Here's a question though. Say Katharine ended up in that bottom 2 for some reason and got voted off, do you think the judges still would've made those apologetic comments in the beginning of the show? I seriously doubt it. They had to know for sure that she did well in the votes or else they would make fools of themselves by apologizing and get blamed for her being casted off. It's the little things that I think about people! That's why I am here!

So how crazy is this? The worst are actually getting voted off early this season and we have bona fide competitors left! And the craziest thing we found out tonight was that TAYLOR is not invincible! He did not get the top 2 votes, nor should he with his performance last night or even his most recent performances. So going back to the subject title of this little write-up, it looks like Talent may still edge out Popularity in the end.

And, to answer my own question from yesterday, we may now have ourselves a bonafide top 2 contestants. In my opinion, and now many others, Katharine and Chris should be the ones facing off in the end. And there's an outside chance that Elliott could edge one of them out. Our very own Mr. Tumnus, not Taylor, is the TRUE underdog this season and has improved the most out of any of the contestants.

Speaking of Chris, I know I was hard on the guy last night. And I may have forgotten to say that he DID do a pretty good job. But I just think this kid has the ability to be awesome, and I've yet to see it. And one thing that irks me, and I've made no secret about it, is his POSTURE on stage. If he's not making love to his mic stand then it's his little HEAD LEAN that he does throughout the entire performance. I mean the guy looks so serious. I just wish he'd loosen up a little. Other than that, upon 2nd viewing (suggested to me by a few of our readers), I did find that I enjoyed his performance a little bit more. You have to understand, it's difficult to catch all the little subtleties of a performance while I'm feverishly jotting down notes to deliver my wonderful thoughts to you all. While Chris did hit some bad notes, the ones he did hit (which were most) were very well executed. But I still think he had help from all of the on-stage theatrics with those crazy guitar players and EXTREME CLOSE-UPS on the strings getting us into a little Spanish Fiesta mood. It's kinda what they did for Katharine last week with the close-ups on her face for the final performance of the night. Clearly, the masterminds behind American Idol have their favorites too, and they'll do anything to lead us in the right direction.

So our Top 5 live to fight another day. Who's next on the chopping block? All bets are on Paris, Taylor, or Elliott.....but any one of them can shell out an amazing performance whenever they feel like it, so it's going to be pretty interesting in the weeks ahead. And what do you know? All in time for MAY SWEEPS! I don't believe they announced the theme for next week, so we'll all be surprised together when the idol hopefuls take the stage next Tuesday. Until then, enjoy Lisa Tucker Thursday night on THE OC! Personally, I know I'm counting the hours! (oh come on! That was sarcasm! Really, you think I watch American Idol AND the OC? I mean, masculinity would be shot!!!)

yeah....I do watch it. Don't give up on me yet!!!


Anonymous said...

The real question.... Did you watch the Flyers last night and TIVO Idol...or did you watch Idol and flip?????

Great job on the site Mike!

Mike V. said...

ahhh Laura...very good question. As I was just telling some people at work... when I was back in my HARDCORE FYLERS FAN DAYS (pre-strike), there is no way I would've even considered flipping channels to watch an Idol results show. But I found myself doing that very thing last night! The worst thing about it? I TAPED IDOL too! (even though Lost was a recap still got the TIVO treatment!)

But once Buffalo scored to make it a one goal game...I was definitely more focused on the Flyers game. We all know how the 2006 Flyboys can blow a lead!

Thanks for the compliments, thanks for reading, and thanks for calling me SMIKE in front of our reading audience! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Smike, My hands just type the 'S'. I am a little disappointed that you flipped. We are talking about playoff hockey!

I saw this on the American Idol website.

Now, Tuesday at 8/7c the Final 5 will be performing two songs each – one from the year they were born and any song from this week’s Top 10 Billboard Charts.

Mike V. said...

lol...yeah I'm sure!

Don't worry I'm disappointed enough in myself for flipping! But...I'm a multi-tasker! I didn't miss anything from the game! If we're talking about a game 7 or a round 2 and beyond for the flyers...there's no question where my eyes will be focused!

Thanks for the info! I was wondering if the Top 5 did 2 songs. I knew the Top 4 did, but wasn't sure on 5. Good stuff!