Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol - Everyone's over!

Is it weird to say this one was actually a shocker? I mean, I am dumbfounded. It was like my script I've been building over the weeks was coming to fruition. Sanjaya was about to take down Lakisha! It was GOING to happen! But alas, the Hurricane will keep on tumbling through Idol Gives Back. My friends....the love affair with Sanjaya has ended.

Eliminated: Sanjaya Malakar
Bottom 3: Blake, Lakisha, Sanjaya
My Bottom 3 (pick in Blue): Chris, Lakisha, Sanjaya

We can go back to business as usual! Farewell Sanjaya! Very impressive run for how awful you were! So was pretty close with the bottom 3. Should've stuck with my gut on Chris. I had a feeling he was super safe this week due to his comments AFTER the performance as well as his bottom 3 scare last week. Blake I should've seen coming. I even mentioned that I thought he might get a scare because there was nothing worth discussing in his performance. I 2nd guess myself too much! Oh well! Maybe next week!

So, was anyone confused about Fergie being on stage this week? Sure, I always confuse her for a country star too! I guess they are just shamelessly promoting Top 40 artists this year no matter WHAT the theme week is. And that crazy Idol performance? I think we all could've done without that SUPER HAPPY number! But WOW....Martina was awesome wasn't she? Those country girls can really bring the house down!
I'm sure the CEO of Dreamworks wasn't too happy with Antonio Banderas. Most people will be lining up to see Shrek 3 a few weeks late. Promo said May 18th, Antonio went ahead and told us June! Something is fishy here!

Well everyone we made it. Next week is Idol Gives Back! I can hardly contain myself! Well, I AM pretty excited about Kelly and Carrie and the inexplicable appearance by BORAT. But what's up with this mystery Duet they're hyping up? Is that REALLY going to make people tune in? Well, I'm sure we'll all be tuning in anyway!

Until then folks, enjoy the Sanjaya free weekends and Sanjaya free April and May!!! Go back to your normally scheduled lives! And please join me in the campaign to get Lakisha off the show! See you next week when we join the kids for INSPIRATIONAL SONGS! Wow, I'm getting chills just thinking about it! Good night!

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