Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol - It figures!

I think my ego got to me after the first 2 weeks with my perfect elimination picks. A few people wrote me and told me their prediction for the bottom 3 and who will get eliminated. And, well...they hit it right on the head! Don't get me wrong, I was close! But close don't cut it in the blogging business. Fortunately, none of you are reading the blog for my prediction skills. Otherwise, I don't think anyone would be reading! Oh well, in a toss-up between Haley and Phil, once again I picked the wrong end!

Eliminated: Haley Scarnato
Bottom 3: Haley Scarnato, Phil Stacey, Chris Richardson
My Bottom 3 (my pick in blue): Haley, Phil, Lakisha has become worthless, and I'm going to stop referencing it! So the contestant I really messed up with last night was Chris Richardson. It seems that everyone that I talked to thought he was awful, despite the judges raving. I guess I got a little too caught up in my note taking that I really didn't pay attention to how bad he really was. Chris has flirted with the bottom a couple times now. We're running out of filler contestants to keep Sanjaya safe and the supposed "talent" this year safe. So things will start to get "interesting." At least as interesting as it can get!

You'll have to forgive me but the blog tonight is going to be short! I had no idea the show was going to be an hour! I'm 10 minutes away from a commercial free LOST episode and I don't want to be late!

What did they pack into the hour? More hype about Idol Gives Back, coming up in 2 weeks (Celine Dion will be there everyone! Yay!), inexplicably...AKON returned to perform his rip-off of R Kelly's "Remix to Ignition" (he likes to call the song "don't matter" but it's the same song!), and of course J Lo. Now they finally got an entertaining guest performance on Idol! Love those pyrotechnics! If Jennifer wasn't still in her prime performing days, I'd say she'd be a good replacement for Paula Abdul if the producers ever considered replacing the nut!

Well, next week is country week. I guess Martina McBride will be our guest and she coincidentally has a new album that was just released. This should be an interesting group of contestants to try and pull off country. No Carrie's among them, for sure! If anything, it should be entertaining for all the wrong reasons!

So until then, a long overdue farewell to Haley. Phil, we'll try and get you out of there next week! And everyone else, enjoy your weekends and see you next week for more exciting Idol blogging!

(2 minutes to spare! Enjoy LOST!)


Anonymous said...

Ever consider highlighting some of the best guest performances. My wife and I were thinking that JLo was probably one of the best stars to ever be on AI. I brought up Prince, but we couldn't think of anyone else.

Mike V. said...

Interesting thought. It's tough to think of the best when most of them have been awful, though! I always like when Kelly and Carrie come back. I would agree that J Lo's performance ranks up there. Here are some others:

Kelly performing "Beautiful Disaster" sitting on the piano of the season 3 finale was one of my favorites.

Chris Daughtry performing with LIVE at the finale last season was pretty good.

Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts performing "Broken Road" at the season 4 finale.

These weekly guest performances are relatively new to idol. It may have happened on occassion in the past. But last season is when it really went into high gear. Pretty much every week showcased a different artist and that artist would usually perform on the results show (except Queen and Elvis). I remember Stevie Wonder was one week, but he sounded awful. Then there was Rod Stewart, can't really remember what "Standard" he sang.

Would've been cool if they did back in season 2 when they had the Billy Joel night.

I'll agree though J Lo is probably the biggest star they've brought on the show that held up to expectations. A very electrifying performance!