Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol - Looks Like I get the night off!

Well, apparently we were told last night that there was a surprise during the results. I read a rumor today that there might be NO elimination. Seems to be a contradictory message to eliminate someone at a charity event. So for that reason, it makes sense that they didn't kick someone off. Of course, to have a charity event in the middle of the competition is kind of silly in the first place! But whatever, it's still for a good cause. So, I guess just keep in mind what we all discussed this week, because we're going to have to do some crazy math next week in figuring out what 2 contestants will leave based on 8 hours of voting (4 hours this week and 4 hours next week). That should be fun!

Highlights from the night? Definitely not Earth Wind and Fire, as predicted! Carrie Underwood's rendition of "I'll Stand By You" will definitely be downloaded to my Ipod tomorrow. As well as Kelly Clarkson's "Up To the Mountains" with Jeff Beck. We won't disqualify her for her awful attire. We're used to that by now! I even was impressed with Il Divo. I was happy to see 2/6ths of the FRIENDS (Ross and Phoebe) reunited and dancing for charity! TOM from Myspace was there! That's always a good time! And it was refreshing to see that no one was really promoting any movies or albums. All music was of the inspirational sort. So that was cool.

We kept pondering the Bono thing all through yesterday and today and in the final 2 minutes of the show, he appeared to the Idol contestants and gave them a song to sing. Faaaantastic! Thanks Bono!

All in all, good event, great for charity. But pointless to be blogging about it! So with that said, we'll return in a week to kick off 2 to get our final 4! In the meantime, feel free to debate in the comments about Elvis and Celine: Revoltionary TV or Super Ultra Cheesy? See you next week.


Unknown said...

You forgot to mention Miss Piggy! :-(

Celine and Elvis....I should just keep my mouth shut on that one!

Mike V. said...

Naaa, was just giving you something to comment about! ;-) lol

dbrewer said...

I vote super cheesy.

Mike V. said...

Just thought I'd add. I just read Bon Jovi week is next week! Can't wait to see this trainwreck of a night!

Lakisha singing Bed of Rothses! AHHHh fantastic! lol