Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 3 Elimination Results Show - Who Got Voted Off? Who Will Be in Season Finale?

Hello American Idol fanatics!  We are finally down to 2 contestants.   And it's no surprise really who went home tonight.  One contestant had locked up her spot in the Nokia Theater weeks ago, the other one seemed each week to be inching closer and closer to sealing the deal.  The 3rd one?  Well at least the girls still think he's pretty!  (And yes, he plays a mean guitar!)  Ladies and Gentlemen please bid a fond farewell to the fallen idol:

Eliminated: Casey James
My Pick: Casey James

Farewell Casey.  It's been entertaining but I think we knew where this competition was headed!   The final 2 is officially set.  The showdown will happen next week:  Crystal Bowersox vs. Lee DeWyze  And it's crazy to think that just 3 weeks ago we were already popping the champagne and declaring Crystal the winner.  It's amazing what a trip home can do to instill some confidence in the underdog to make him a contender.  With the momentum he has going into the finale, I actually think it's going to be really tough for Crystal to be able to latch on to her own momentum.  Even with 3 great performances next week, I think American may have chosen their idol.   They just want to see this guy succeed!  And yes, as I get into below, his hometown video was definitely the most sincere of the 3.  That will speak miles to voters around the country.  Me?  I don't care if either Crystal or Lee wins at this point.  They both have been great down the stretch.  Lee has improved immensely, Crystal didn't have anything to improve towards which makes Lee a more compelling story.   Think Adam Lambert (with less pizazz) vs. Kris Allen last year.  Anyway, I could ramble on forever but since there is no LOST next Tuesday, you may get a chance that I'll do that next week for the finale performance recap!    Let's do what we do best and get to the Highs and Lows! (LIVE BLOGGED as always)


  • Ford Music Video - Yes I always put it up here but after those first 10 minutes of the show (see first 2 Low Lights), anything was an improvement!   
  • The contestants head home.  I always love this part of American Idol.  It's great to see them go home and get greeted by thousands in their hometown.   
  • Casey went to Cool, Texas and had a great experience.  Signed some dogs, thanked some doctors that saved his life and then did a concert that night for the fans.  His Mom cried a bit.  Good times!   
  • Crystal went home to Toledo, Ohio and some crazed fan is gonna get her autograph tattooed on him.   Dude, do they just let anyone be mayor in Toledo, Ohio?  What was that guy wearing?  I'm gonna have to forgive her for calling her concert "Bowerstock"...yikes Crystal!  I forgive her, the town named it that!  Crystal got some of her originals featured on the show too.  Didn't sound too bad actually.  
  • Lee returns to Chicago.  He got to throw the first pitch at Wrigley Field.  That's awesome!  Awwww he went to his elementary school.  So cute!   He got some praise from his 1st grade teacher.  Yep, Lee gets props for the best hometown clip.   Seeing all of those people supporting you really has to instill some kind of confidence that you're impacting people on the show.  No wonder he came back and slayed it in his performances last night!  


  • Oh boy, Ryan is talking to the contestants.  These kids are just rambling on and on!   Lee turned his 2 minutes into a motivational speech of how to get ahead in life, and that wasn't even the question!  Crystal and Casey aren't doing any better.  Don't we have to have some hometown video clips to get to?   This is painful!  Now Crystal is thanking American Idol for curing diabetes.  What is going on here???  
  • Wait a second, Randy is giving his his summary of the season for these 3 now.  I was wrong, this is worse!  
  • Travis Garland performs "Believe" - This guy was discovered by Perez Hilton who was there to present him (or maybe it was pre-recorded I dunno).  Perez claims that the guy is better than Justin Timberlake.  Oh boy.   Yeah, just what I thought.  AWFUL.  Are they kidding with this??  I have no other words to say on the subject.  FAST FORWARD!  
  • Justin Bieber performs "You Smile" and "Baby" - I don't care if this kid can sing.  I just don't get the craze!  Gotta love the groupies singing along up front.  Such cheese!  I think I'm too old to appreciate this and don't have kids yet where I have to pretend to!  Oh and yes, he plays the drums.  I get it, he's talented!   
So that's all I have for you tonight kids.  The big showdown is less than a week away.  I, for one, cannot wait for this season to be over.  It's been a painful ride but it looks like they may be able to salvage it at the very end.  We'll see when we get there.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

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Ian said...

I think Crystal's got this competition in the bag. Lee's grown a lot, but Crystal is just more talented (and well-liked, judging by her numbers on What Not to Sing).

Mike V. said...

I did feel that way for the whole season Ian. I just have this feeling about Lee. Right, wrong or indifferent, I just feel like the masses like his story of growth and the emotional backstory he has provided throughout the season. The problem with Crystal is that she had really nowhere to grow. She knew who she was and she was/is really good! I'm fine either way, but I know it's gonna be a tough pick for me as always on Tuesday!