Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 4 Elimination Show Results - Who Got Voted Off?

Hello American Idol fanatics!  They tried to scare us a little bit tonight, didn't they?  Yeah, I'm on quite a cold streak with my picks but I think I've been in the right ball park.  As the results were provided in no order tonight, I think the final 2 standing were there for dramatic effect.  And, it got my heart racing for a second.  The one who ended up going home has been voted off already, and he survived an amazing 5 more weeks.  Impressive.  Ladies and Gentlemen, join me in bidding the contestant with the big heart (and the biggest build) adieu:

Eliminated: Michael Lynche
Bottom 2: N/A (Results provided in no particular order)
My Bottom 2: Casey James, Michael Lynche

I will miss the guy as he was just a fun person to have on the show.  But, it was time for him to say goodbye.  Great, powerful voice but there was just something missing on a week to week basis.  There wasn't much of a wow-factor around him.  Of course, this season, we could say that about all of the remaining contestants.  I put Crystal Bowersox in the exception to that rule (disregarding the last 2 weeks of course).   She still seems to be the favorite, with Lee the rising underdog late in the game.  If people don't like Crystal, they're starting to pitch their support behind the lovable rocker.  Should be interesting to see how it goes down.  Yeah, Casey is surviving as well and his freakishly good looks are still a threat to knock someone out of that FINAL 2 at the Kodak Theater.  

But we have a week to ponder all of that (not that we really will until next Tuesday and Wednesday!).   The remaining 3 will return to their homes for a big bash with thousands upon thousands of their closest friends.  Always makes for a good results show.  For now, let's get into the highs and lows from tonight's result's show.

  • Ford Music Video - Okay, it was a bit cheesy this week, but I always put it in the highlights anyway! 
  • I loved them showing Top 3 "Going Home" montages and seeing David Archuleta's (Known as "the Artichoke" in certain blogging circles) "OH MY GOSH" all over again!  That always cracked me up and it did so again tonight!  
  • Daughtry - Gotta love that they have two bands on tonight that go by the last name of the lead singer!  I always thought Daughtry ripped off Bon Jovi and Van Halen anyway.  Good times.  All kidding aside, it's great to see the success Chris Daughtry is having and the band sounded good! 
  • Bon Jovi performs "Superman Tonight" - Come on, it's Bon Jovi!!!   And the song actually isn't too bad for them being past their prime.  Hey, I was a big 'Jovi fan back in their hey day.  Let's call a spade a spade!  We know it ain't know "Livin' on a Prayer"!  They're still a super successful Band and still sound really good.  I'd still see them live given the opportunity. 

  • How do you think UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell's "street cred" will be after appearing on the American Idol cameras? 
  • Seriously Randy?  Still booing Simon during the intros?
  • Barftasia - Yeah, I'm still not over the awfulness of season 3 and the judges drooling over Fantasia, due to lack of any other decent talent.  Of course, this season is giving it a run for its money!   At least the contestants are more likable this season.  
  • The families of the top 4 are on stage this year?  I don't remember if they did this before, but this is very BIZARRE!!!!  
  • Ryan, "Friends, Lee is headed back to Chicago" .....Ummmm dude, that could mean that he got voted off too!  I know we know better when the 3 go home next week, but still!  
And that's about all I have for tonight!  Next week will probably be a 3 song night for each of our contestants.  The contestants will pick one, the judges will pick one and maybe Clive Davis or someone will pick one.  I don't quite trust this show to stick within an hour with 9 musical performances though, so we'll see!  

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 

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Ian said...

Daughtry was probably ripping off Dokken and Winger too.

Congrats to the Flyers! I hate Boston and their obnoxious fans, so I'm rooting extra hard for the Flyers in Game 7.

Mike V. said...

Good call on Dokken and Winger lol

Thanks for the congrats! I caught the end of last night's game (I don't know what happened, I used to watch every single minute of every single flyers game. I blame the NHL strike and my picking up of TV Blogging since then! lol) Good times! Can't believe they came back from a 3-0 deficit. Definitely will be tuning in Friday!