Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol - Kelly Clarkson Clone she is Not!

So who got voted off American Idol during top 11 week is what you might call a shocker. Well, that is unless you didn't look at right after you made your blog picks! I tell you, sometimes that site is dead on with their statistical measuring and sometimes it is waaaaay off! Anyway, the producers are either breathing a sigh of relief or may have had something to do about this depending how you want to look at it. Because one of the leaked "pre-destined final 4" has left the building!

Eliminated from American Idol top 11: Alexis Grace
Bottom 3: Alexis, Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver
My Bottom 3: Michael Sarver, Lil Rounds, Megan "I keep changing my last name" Joy
Dial Idol Bottom 3: Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Megan Corkrey (yep did that intentionally!)

Well, if this is any indication for how this American Idol season is going to go, we're in for quite a ride. Because America is all over the place with who they like! But for now, I am happy to see Alexis go. I was irritated when she was compared to Kelly Clarkson so early in the competition. I'm guessing Alexis will not be topping the charts with her 2nd Number 1 album like Kelly did last week any time soon! Anyway, Alexis was still a decent singer. She just was not able to take advantage of the opportunities she was given. Farewell, Alexis! We wish you luck.

I think I have had enough conspiracy theories about the American Idol "Producer Fix" for the week, so I will let it go. The bottom line is, the gossip from earlier this week is no longer relevant. This show seems to draw so much controversy, but in the end can steer it right away!

So our top 10 is pretty solid moving into next week. You're going to have to wait one extra day to get your American Idol fix though as our fearless leader is once again taking over Tuesday. I am sorry. But this is getting out of control. Yes, I am a little biased because it makes my Wednesday nights absolutely dreadful with LOST and IDOL recapping madness! But come on! If people are depressed about the economy, the last thing they want is for the President to take away their Escapist Prime Time television! But, I will say no more on the topic! Just be ready for a less wordy recap next week as always! (That could be a relief for all of us actually!)

But there was tons more to do during the results show episode than just ponder who got voted off of American Idol! We actually had some quality performances tonight (and of course, one laughable one as always). Here are the Highlights and Low-Lights of the night!


  • Brad Paisley and his new single "Then" - WOW, that was a good time! If you ever need some music to woo the ladies, then Brad is your man! And he just dropped another quality single on us. Puts on a great live show, as I have mentioned check him out when you get a chance!
  • Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis performing "I Told You So" - It's Carrie's new single and a cover of Randy's original tune. There is no doubt about it. Carrie is the finest singer American Idol has ever delivered. That performance was amazing. She remains American Idol's poster girl. But next time Carrie, let's try a different hairstyle!
  • The Grand Ole Opry Mic Stands used for our Opry stars and always used on the Opry stage. That was a nice touch!
  • Michael Sarver discussing missing his child. awwwwwwwww Poor Mikey!
  • Simon wearing an Under-shirt on Live TV.
  • Ryan trying to hit Simon and his undershirt with a water balloon and hitting a fan!


  • Is it really a surprise? The dreadful Idol Group song "Trouble" - First, it look like it was pre-recorded a la Kanye West last week. It was nice that they got Scott out of having to learn a dance. But come on, at least put a Mic on his piano! All you TiVo kids out there, rewind and listen to the piano and watch Scott's hands for the whole performance. Yep, it so wasn't him. Bonus points if you catch Allison actually singing!
  • Lil Rounds' obnoxious reaction when she found out she was safe. She was still fake-passing out when Ryan had moved on to Scott. Give me a break Lil!
  • Finding out that Adam Lambert's version of "Ring of Fire" was actually Jeff Buckley's version and Randy acting like he knew that last night. I still haven't listened to Jeff's version, but I'm going to guess the melody didn't vary from the original as much as Adam's did!
  • The endless promotion of the Ford Music Video. Just roll the clip like you used to!

Well, that's all I got kids. So I'm 1 for 3 with my Top 13 picks this season. But no fear, I'm still in the hunt for the winner! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next Wednesday for the American Idol Top 10!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked at all by this result. I predicted on my blog that Alexis would get the fewest votes. Hers was the least memorable performance on Tuesday, and I just had this feeling.

I think Allison has more potential to be the next Kelly Clarkson than Alexis ever did. Not that I think Allison will be, but she's closer than Alexis is.

Next week is Motown. Let's hope they don't recycle too many standards from the early seasons.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have any complaints about Alexis until last night. She was a decent singer and cute, but her attitude was horrible last night. From the second Ryan told her and Adam to stand up she looked very p*ssed off and it didn't stop! If she was going to start acting like that every week, she needed to go! I hope Megan WhatEverHerLastNameIs goes home next. Other than her (and Lil!) I think we have a pretty good top 10 this year.

Mike V. said...

Agreed on all points Andrea! Unfortunately, this year LIL will probably remain as a top contender for awhile. But for now, it remains the year of Gokey and Lambert. (And I still like Matt!)

Ian, good job on calling Alexis. I think I let my "the show is fixed and she's a pre-destined final 4'er" cloud my judgement into even putting her in the bottom 3. Because, she definitely deserved to be there! lol

Oh yay....Motown! They haven't done that theme to death yet! Can't wait to see what Idol they bring back to fall into the theme! (not that Kelly Clarkson has anything to do with Michael Jackson or anything lol)