Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol: Well, America got it half right!

Okay, I won't say I'm surprised by what happened. I just didn't pick part of it! 2 female performances were the worst of the night, and only one got what was coming to her. Ladies and gentlemen, our top 13 is now 11. Here is who we didn't vote for!

Eliminated: Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nuñez
Bottom 3: Not Applicable this week - Possibly Megan Corkrey and Anoop Desai were other low votes
My Bottom 3 (picks in blue): Jasmine, Megan, Anoop
Dial Idol Bottom 3: Jasmine, Allison, Jorge

So, with enough rambling after my picks Tuesday night, I did cover the scenario where people wouldn't have voted for Jorge. I fall in this category. I thought he did much better than the judges thought, but I didn't bother voting for him! Oops! I also said that Megan's awfulness was memorable enough that she would probably stay. So, once again I went against my gut and have the results to support it!

Oh well, in the end, I still picked Jasmine right and Jorge wasn't going to be winning the show. Duh, Paula already told us who is in the running! But it's an atrocity that Corkrey is still around! We'll take care of her next week! We have more business to discuss.

The Judges Save

Okay...this is kinda ridiculous, right? Granted, it's only one time for the season that a unanimous judge vote can save an eliminated contestant. This would create a double elimination the following week to make up for no elimination that week. The reasoning? Chris Daughtry, Tamyra Grey, Jennifer Hudson... all eliminated too early. On these shocking elimination nights, they have decided to reduce the tension of the show and allow them to come back (because Chris and Jennifer haven't gone on to bigger and better things???) Here's the deal though, it's only allowable until they get to the final 5. Okay, guess what? Tamyra was in the final 4! Chris? pretty sure he was in the final 5. So what are they saying here? That people like Michael Johns will be saved in the future? WHAAAAT? So, I guess in the long run, there's really no loss here. Except tension, and stakes. There could be a good contestant that decides to mail it in one week and just anticipate getting saved! And if that darn thing gets used on Lil Rounds, I'll quit this crazy blog! Okay....soapbox over. Let's just see how it plays out!

Highlights from the show

  • New elimination song this year is Carrie Underwood covering Mötley Crüe's "Home Sweet Home." Hey, anything is better than Ruben's "Celebrate Me Home" nonsense from last year!
  • We're going to have an Idol (winner??) visit the results show every week. I guess this will be the excuse to drag it out to an hour and conflict with LOST every week and give me a writer's breakdown!
  • But, no complaints this week as they brought back the 1st Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson complete with awkward interview with Ryan Seacrest! She hyped up her new album All I Ever Wanted saying that it crosses many genres. Man, ain't that the truth!? That crazy album is all over the place. But there's enough good tunes on it to make the purchase. So, do it! I'm sure she will get the iTunes day after Idol appearance "Sales Bump" anyway. Her performance of "My Life Would Suck Without You" was kinda off pitch in the beginning. But she pulled it through by the end.

The other low lights from the elimination show

  • Kanye West and the Denim Invasion. Oh yes, he really impressed the world with THAT performance! My favorite part? The sweat towel hanging out of his back pocket. Maybe that's a tie with the leather gloves. Can't decide! I really wish he wore his black light neon outfit though. That would have been my favorite! Maybe he thought Denim on Idol = Grammy next year!
  • Ford Video, they don't even try to play it off as a commercial anymore. They promote it as the FORD MUSIC VIDEO complete with Michael Sarver interview!
  • Riiight the Jackson 5 medley! Man, do these things get worse every week!? Love it!

So that's about all I have for the results show recap. I'm sorry I was only able to deliver you one eliminated contestant accurately! But if I average 1 a week, then I should be just fine! (yep, because they normally will get rid of one. Sometimes I like to state the obvious!) Didn't catch the theme for next week, so I guess we will be surprised! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and see you next week!

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny too how they mentioned Tamyra and Daughtry, both of whom finished in 4th Place, as people who could've been saved. These people don't know the history of their own show.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, that was kinda lazy on their part! Unless, they just figured people out there didn't remember. Or they just didn't care! The rule doesn't hold much weight without bringing up the 2 biggest shocking eliminations on Idol!

But this rule is just silly.

Anonymous said...

Nice recap Mike. Not too much bashing of Ms. Rounds (and getting "round"er everyday I might Sorry, that was just a lil joke....oops, pun purely intended.

I'm all confused over the intentions of the new rule as well. We know Tamyra came in 4th; so did Daughtry. So neither one of them could have gone any further if this new rule was in place then.

Now, Jennifer Hudson could have. She finished 7th behind the likes of Jasmine Trias (remember her) and the not so illustrious John Stevens. I believe Jennifer was kicked out in the week where Fantasia, Jennifer and LaToya were all in the bottom three. Maybe Idol is just trying to avoid that type of week.

This season is already destined to go down to a Lambert/Gokey finale. Don't think the new rule will come into play at all unless one of those two guys are in danger of being knocked out early.

FWIW, is there a worst judge on any reality show than Paula??? I could handle her at first because she was good on the eyes and I felt sorry for her being next to Simon's childish antics. But now???? Egads! She has really, really aged and her incomprehensible statements are really an insult to what usually is a top-notch show.

We've got Tara now and she seems ok for the most part. Can we play the part of being a "cold-hearted snake" and petition her fine derriere out of there???

Anonymous said...

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