Wednesday, March 04, 2009

American Idol: 9 are Set, 3 to Go!

Well kids, I hate to brag, but I am on a roll! 2 out of 3 weeks that I did not over think my picks, I got them right. Once again, I know this is not rocket science. But based on my horrendous picks last year (besides picking the ultimate winner, Mr. Cook, early on) I am patting myself on the back! Of the Top 9 we have so far, I have accurately predicted 8. Ladies and Gentlemen, your latest 3:

Group 3 Winners: Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Jorge Nuñez
My Picks: Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Jorge Nuñez Picks: Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Ju'Not Joyner
There really didn't seem like any other way to go this week. I am a little upset we won't be seeing any more of Ju'Not, but we'll get to that in a second when we dissect some of the judges' ridiculous picks for the wild card.
First let's discuss some of the other lowlights of the 1 hour results show:
  • Well one highlight, we got to hear David Cook's "A Daily AntheM" (M capitalized on purpose!). The bad news? It was to clips of our semi-finalists making it from the auditions to the top 36! But I love that tune!
  • And we have the trifecta of bad group medley's. The new Executive Producer is trying to make the show a little younger and hipper. And he does this by turning today's Top 40 songs into High School Musical numbers. This week's victim? Katy Perry's "Hot n' Cold." Never thought I'd see the day when Idol would feature a song with a lyric about "PMS" and have those kiddies sporting smiles like they're singing about milk and cookies!
  • My favorite part of Hot n' Cold was when they were breaking up the song and the girls were singing one part and the guys were singing over with another part....I definitely caught Nathaniel Marshall singing the lyric about a "girl changing clothes" and he grabbed his shirt and tilted his head. Wow dude, were you coming out of your skin again there or is there something else you'd like to tell us???!
  • They announced Lil first! Wow!!! Well, we know why they didn't wait until the final minute of the show and make us sweat between her and Nathaniel. Because they had to dedicate 20 minutes to announcing the 8 Wild card candidates! Kara promised us that Lil will be around for a long time. Hmmm, does she already know how the show ends? Maybe we should google the script for the season finale!
  • When Simon was discussing the point of re-incorporating the wild card he noted that Clay and Jennifer Hudson came out of the wildcard shows. Yeah they did, but Clay still got in with a popular vote on the wildcard show, not a judge's pick! But whatever, the sooner we get the semi-finals over with the better!

Okay, the wild card. Looks like we'll be seeing 8 more performances tomorrow and then some quick picks from the judges. Should be interesting to get all that in an hour! Some of these callbacks were no brainers. Some were obviously a ratings ploy. (The producers love their subplots! I mean seriously? Norman Gentle was there as a possibility? Come on!!!) And then the shockers like not including Ju'Not? Ouch. Here is who we have to pick from. I'll mark in blue who I think should get in based on what we have to choose from:

  1. Von Smith - This had to be a joke. I just hope he wears the Ronald McDonald shoes again!
  2. Jasmine Murray - I'm not big on having too many youngsters on the show (Allison is 17 also), but she really did pick the wrong song. Let's see how she does Thursday night.
  3. Ricky Braddy - Decent singer, needs to be less boring.
  4. Megan Corkery - Get ready for some crazy shaking again!
  5. Tatianna Del Toro - Definitely a ratings ploy. must be having a field day with this announcement. The producers love the awkward exchanges between her and Ryan so they'll keep this going as long as they can. I'm not picking her, but I would not be surprised if the judges do.
  6. Matt Giraud - Never can have too many piano men in a competition! But I think he'd bring a different flavor than Scott. And his performance of "Georgia On My Mind" during Hollywood Week should have solidified his position in the top 12.
  7. Jesse Langsdon - I liked her last week, but don't know if she can keep it up on a consistent basis. She barely made it to the top 36. So we'll see what she brings tomorrow.
  8. Anoop Desai - Come on! It's Anooooop! He has to be in the top 12!

So in one more hour's worth of Idol, we'll have our top 12 folks. Tune in after the show to catch my thoughts on the entire line-up! And then we start the next phase of the competition next week! See you after the Thursday show!

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Anonymous said...

Good job again with the predictions, Mike! Are you up for predicting the order of their elimination once we have the entire Top 12?

Mike V. said...

Thanks Ian! You mean all up front? I dunno. I may give it a shot. But then I'd have to declare my winner tommorrow and I'm not sure I'm quite ready to do that lol

As of right now though, I'm guessing Kris or Michael are on the chopping block next week. But we'll see who gets in Thursday night!

Unknown said...

If Tatiana is one of the 3 they pick tonight, it will be very difficult for me to have any respect left for the show. I wanted to throw up when she was acting like such a buffoon last night. What a disappointment!

Anonymous said...

I think you're right about Kris being the first to go. He's probably the least-pimped contestant in the Top 12. I think Michael's going to stick around a while because he'll have the "average joe" vote. Look where it got Scott Savol.

If you look at the history of the Wild Card selections, only one of them failed to make the Top 8, and that was Leah LaBelle in Season 3. I have a feeling that the three the judges pick tonight (assuming they don't make as obvious a blunder as Leah) will all last a few weeks in the Finals.