Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Judges to the Rescue! Elimination Postponed.

Who lost on American Idol this week? one! I had been starting to speculate that this would be the week that the judges would use the much despised JUDGES' Save, and they did not disappoint. Fortunately, they used it on a potentially talented contestant. At the same time, like Simon Cowell alluded to, he does not really have a chance to win the competition so why bother? Ladies and gentlemen, your contestant SPARED from elimination!

"It's gotta be the lucky hat people!"

Saved by Judges: Matt Giraud
Bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud
My bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud bottom 3: Allison Iraheta, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen

Man, was OFF or what? And a hearty pat on my own back for FINALLY nailing the bottom 3 this season! So, Matt was saved for pretty much no reason. But, we figured the judges' save would be pointless anyway. It did add some suspense to the final few minutes of the night as he was the first realistic contestant to be in consideration. But all to return for a 2 contestant elimination in DISCO week next week? Yikes, I'd rather stay home. If ANYONE tries "The Travolta" next week, you may get a 2 word blog post from me next week! (wagers on what those 2 words will be?)

Anyway, yet another action-packed a "fun" filled evening on American Idol. I can barely contain myself as I get to the limited highlights! Here are the things, good and bad worth mentioning from tonight's show.


  • Jennifer Hudson - Sure, it was pre-taped but that girl has been through a lot lately. And man, she sang the heck out of that song! Not a bad tune either.
  • Simon giving his critique for Kris and saying it was brilliant. Looks like America figured that out on their own!
  • Idol Group song looks like it was sung LIVE again. I'll give them that!
  • The Idol Group song was "MANIAC" from Flashdance. REALLY?! Surely, there are better movie songs out there than that!
  • Just like every other year, our Idol finalists went to a movie premiere (just happened to be MOVIE WEEK). And while I speculated briefly that they might get a sneak preview of Tarantino's new film (I'll refrain from writing it out to keep the blog G-rated!), I should have known it would be the movie premiere of the new FOX Film 17 Again with Zac Efron. Nothing was worse than watching the 7 of them lie through their teeth and talk about how much they loved the movie. Well what do I know? Maybe the movie is good. But I won't be rushing out to see it!
  • Miley Cyrus - Also pre-taped. I know the kiddies love her. I know adults out there that love her. I guess I can tolerate her, but man can she not sing!? And her dance moves would ALSO give Megan Corkjoy a run for her money!

And you know, the Ford Commercial happened again this week, naturally. But I was indifferent so it makes neither my highlight or lowlight reel!

Well, Matt? Consider yourself a lucky man that you got to "STAY ALIVE" for Disco Week. I was a fan of yours, but if I had my way, you'd be gone right now! That's all I have for tonight kids. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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Anonymous said...

Hey - how about a little love for the Philly-born Michael Sembello and "Maniac"?

Ain't nothing wrong with the '80's!

Ian said...

I really, really would've loved it if Matt had gone home. If America doesn't want him (and they obviously don't, as his performance was considered a trainwreck by most viewers and his fans didn't dial extra-hard to save him), the judges loving him shouldn't matter. Why is it so hard for them to let us decide for ourselves?

Mike V. said...

Yeah I do love the 80's! lol I also love in TOMMY BOY when Chris Farley sings and dances to it.

I dunno...American Idol just finds a way to make all of this stuff cheesier than it needs to be. And just taking something from the movie FLASHDANCE of all things is all about the CHEESE!

Totally agree Ian. Not much else to say about it. They used it because they could and because it changes the game up. In the long run? It's irrelevant because Matt will not win. Just silly.

Unknown said...

Somehow this save is going to screw with the should be final four... the four on the couch safe last night. It was finally the right bottom three. The only problem was Anoop was the saved one from the bottom 3 rather then Matt.

Mike V. said...

That's a good point Laura. Watch one of the favorites get booted next week as one of the 2 and then they'll be regretting using the save on Matt!

In a perfect world, Lil will be on her way out next week. (anyone want to bet she sings "LAST DANCE?") Anoop probably won't be able to keep up any sort of momentum in Disco Week. He has to go fast tempo or else it just gets silly. (if he goes slow? My guess is Bee Gees "Emotion")

Actually scratch can Adam NOT do the Bee Gees with that ridiculously high voice? lol

Unknown said...

In a perfect AI world... Lil and Anoop would go home next week. Leaving the 5 most marketable people left. I really like Danny on the show, great singer. But I feel Matt's voice is a better voice to create an album. I am not saying Danny is Taylor Hicks but I think that is his marketable area. People who like Taylor.
I loved Kris Allen!!