Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Born" to rock the stage, the American Idol Top 8 mostly take on the 80's. Who will be voted off this week?

Greetings American Idol Enthusiasts! Well, there's one sure-fire way to get an 80's night on American Idol. Keep your "Songs from the Year the Contestant Was Born" theme night alive, and keep the show on long enough until most were born in the 80's! What songs were song on American Idol tonight and did they qualify as solid 80's tunes? Well, keep reading to find out! I'd go out on a limb and argue our only entry from the 90's was the performance that brought the house down tonight, but we'll get into that in a second. Overall, I was kind of disappointed with the night. No one performed outright awfully, but there were very few standouts at the same time. So, I guess I am going to have to be overly critical as we move on in a world without Megan Joy or even Megan Corkrey! You know what, I'd even go as far as saying a world without Megan Joy Corkrey! Could be a tough week to figure out who has to fall on the sword, but I will do my best in picking our outcast! Wish me luck! Without further adieu, your American Idol Top 8!

1. Danny Gokey

"This is my signature pose. Leave me alone, I'm inspiring people!"

Birth Year: 1980
Song Performed: "Stand By Me" as supposedly interpreted by Mickey Gilley

Going first will not do Danny any favors as it is traditionally the spot where people are forgotten on American Idol. But let's be honest, he could be singing about a grilled cheese sandwich and the fans are going to keep voting for him! Actually, if he sang about a grilled cheese sandwich, I might even pull out my phone more often and dial! (I love me some grilled cheese, and my wedding diet is not allowing me to indulge! Oops, I used Simon's favorite word!) Don't get me wrong, I like Danny and all. And I've been trying to convince myself to keep liking him even though he had been over-exposed, and continues to mostly do no wrong in the judges' eyes. But tonight? Kinda reminded me of a glorified Taylor Hicks performance! Not that I didn't enjoy Taylor in American Idol season 5. So what's my point here? Where is Taylor now? Exactly. I like Danny and all, but I want to see more! More versatility. More...something. I can't put my finger on it. Come back to me next week, maybe I will have figured it out!

2. Kris Allen

"Sorry ladies, I'm sooooo married and told you soooo early! Please keep voting!"

Birth Year: 1985 (and the day after Scotty Mac!)
Song Performed: "All She Wants to Do is Dance" by Don Henley

Yikes, 2 contestants in and we are in the "we have to totally change songs up to make it in this competition" mode! Thank David Cook and Chris Daughtry as their predecessors folks! The problem is, when people feel they have to change things up sometimes you get something like this. The Jazz/Funk patrol! Don't get me wrong, that arrangement was slammin! (so is my slang!) But, I agree with Randy Jackson who agrees with Simon Cowell (every time he follows his critique). The song ate Kris up for dinner (not a grilled cheese dinner either!). He was just rocking along and enjoying the song instead of taking control and letting us enjoy him. I have come around on Kris these days though, so it's tough for me to say what is going to happen to him this week. But judging by Danny's popularity and the fact that Kris went 2nd tonight, I wouldn't be surprised by a little scare coming his way!

3. Lil Rounds
"What do I have to do to make the Judges and America like me? I'm destined for stardom!"

Birth Year: 1984
Song Performed: "What's Love Got to do With It?" by Tina Turner

You heard it from Lil herself folks. She's an artist! Well, I don't know about you but I am totally seeing it! Okay okay, I know you all can sense my sarcasm. What can I say that the judges did not say? Simon summed it up by pretty much saying Lil is failing the judges' expectations. Let's take that a step further and interpret. The producers of American Idol put a lot of faith that this girl was going to be in the final 3, if not final 2. And she is disappointing everyone every step of the way. I am not going to go on a tirade, saying how I wasn't a fan from the minute she stepped on the audition floor (well, I'll just make that ONE little comment). The problem with taking on an iconic 80's song from an iconic STAR, is that you're always going to fall short. ESPECIALLY, if you sing it note for note. Sure sure, they're telling her to sing Mary J. Blige every week and if she sang that note for note like the "Be Without You" performance, they would've been completely happy. Big difference folks. TINA vs. Mary J. Not EVERYONE knows that Mary J. song. EVERYONE knows the Tina song. And she really did look like a 3rd rate Tina Turner. I disagree with Paula, the outfit was atrocious. And the dancing? WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT? I don't remember Tina every walking around like she was constipated on stage! But enough of my complaints. Obviously she sang MOSTLY okay for her copycat rendition. But her biggest note was way off-pitch. I will once again suggest that she might be destined for our bottom 3. Unless some sympathy will come her way.
4. Anoop Desai

"Man Kris, all I want to do is dance but all that people like is when I swoon!"

Birth Year: 1986
Song Performed: "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper

As I have been saying for weeks now, it's the tale of 2 Anoops. The balladeer and the awful dancing comedian! He cannot seriously stand up there every week and sing these ballads and expect to win the competition, but it is the only thing that seems to be working. It's the only time that we can actually hear his great voice and see him deeply connect with the song. Simon Cowell called him a "Singing Yo-Yo." So true! Paula Abdul brought up fabrics and rainbows. Hey whatever! It's all good with Anoop this week. He did a good job. He might still see that bottom 3 just based on where we are getting at in the competition. As always, though, I am interested to see if he will come back next week and try another upbeat tune.

5. Scott MacIntyre

"Believe it or not I'm Walkin on Air!!!"
Birth Year: 1985 (and the day before Kris!)
Song Performed: "The Search is Over" by Survivor

I am sorry. I wish I could take credit for the Greatest American Hero reference. Sadly the folks over on Ew.com's weekly Idolatry video got to it first! But, I loved it so much I had to spread the word about it. They are like TWINS! Maybe Art Garfunkel comes into play here somewhere too, I don't know! Oh Scott, what is there to say? I will disagree with Simon, I love my 80's Hair band Ballads. And SURVIVOR is pretty much responsible for some of the biggest hits to come out of the Rocky Franchise ("Eye of the Tiger" anyone?). But Scotty boy. The guitar? Really? That's great that you want to show versatility, but make sure you know how to play it first! It was like when a kid gets an electric guitar and just starts mimicking their favorite guitar player and strumming. I mean, they should've given the guy a Guitar Hero guitar or something! The singing was okay. Nothing stand-outish about the performance as Randy said. But that high note at the end. Ouch. Poor Scott. I really like the guy, but as I feared this might be the end of the road for him. If it is anyone else that gets the boot this week, I think they might get the judges' save (well, except Anoop but he "SEEMS" safe this week).

6. Allison Iraheta

"Did you know I'm only 16? I used to talk a lot. Now? .........."

Birth Year: 1992
Song Performed: "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt

I have never been a fan of the 16 year olds on American Idol. Well, I am pretty confident that she might still be on the show for her 17th birthday on April 27th! I am to the point right now where she might be my personal favorite in the competition. Does that mean I am predicting her to win? No, not yet. There is that other guy out there that people out there are claiming to be the 2nd coming of THE KING. But man, every week she is NAILING her performances. She is bringing raw emotion to all of these classic songs and making them her own. I don't care what they said about last week's "Don't Speak" it was AWESOME. They spent too much time critiquing the outfit. It's not an easy thing for me to agree with Randy in saying she reminds me of the inaugural idol winner. I mean, I was blown away in season 1 at how much better she was than anyone else on the show. (obviously, I'm talking about Kelly Clarkson!) But, I cannot help but think that Allison is the one THIS season that consistently has me wanting to hear more. And ironically she, similar to Kelly, did not get much screen time prior to the semi-finals. So now the difference. Kelly was the most talkative person (and still is) on the planet. Allison? Simon thinks she has a likability issue. Based on her being in the bottom 3 for 2 weeks, it is kinda looking like that. Hopefully, things will change around for this girl. She has a chance to be pretty successful POST Idol. Gotta love how Simon mentioned that she needs to start saying "COOL BEANS"! That was Kelly's signature line for awhile. No one should EVER recommend using that slogan outside of the 20th century! It's over people! GOOD LUCK Allison!
7. Matt Giraud
"I wish I was wearing my really nifty hat right now for this photo op!"

Birth Year:
Song Performed: "Part Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder

I may have been listening to something different than the judges were tonight. I thought Matt's vocals were all over the place. Too many runs that left him off pitch a few times. It was a shame because I'm a fan of Matt's. But the judges did nothing but praise him in short phrases. (don't get me started on how the long winded judges have been, plus having an additional judge made them run over 10 minutes tonight!) Randy said it was one of the best vocals of the night. Kara said incredible on every level. Paula gave a standing ovation. Simon said it was a million times better than last week. Really? I thought last week was pretty good! I think we're looking for different things out of Matt or something. I don't think he does very well outside of his comfort zone of the piano. I'm conflicted on this one, because Matt has seen the bottom 3 as well but the judges were pretty impressed with him. Ugh, this is gonna be a rough night for me! But nothing will be as rough as me trying to erase the image of Matt being the "LEAD ANGEL" in his Angel play way back in the day. Now THAT was horrific!
8. Adam Lambert

"So, I went on at 9:05 Eastern Time. Did anyone see me? I really hope I didn't play 'dress-up' for nothing!"

Birth Year: 1982
Song Performed: "Mad World" by Tears for Fears
Yeah, Adam commenting on "playing dress-up" was just a little much don't you think? Anyway, performance-wise, he went back to what works for me. The toned-down Adam. I can tolerate that version of him, even though it seemed almost copy-cattish to his other big performance "Tracks of My Tears." I just wish he'd bring his toned-down approach to some of the more upbeat songs he chooses. Clearly, at this point, the guy can do no wrong. He is sailing to the finals. Will he win? I don't want to certifiably say anything just yet. That one dark horse has my interest peaked for the moment. She just needs some fans!

Was anyone upset that "THE OBSERVER" from Fringe didn't get up and sing a number for us? Gotta love subtle promoting of the next show by FOX on American Idol. I can't argue on this one though. Fringe is a great show. But who didn't expect that coming from the man that brought us LOST!

Anyway! We're running late just like the show was, so let's figure out that bottom 3!

Best Performances of the Night: Allison, Adam
Decent Performances: Danny, Anoop
Judges Praised, Mike Confused: Matt
Might have made a misstep this week: Kris, Scott
Mike never had hope, judges have lost hope: Lil

Bottom 3 Picks:
Scott MacIntyre, Kris Allen, Lil Rounds Bonus Pick: Anoop Desai
Elimination Pick: Scott MacIntyre

I like Scott as a person and am inspired by his journey on the show. But we saw this day coming. He is not going to win the show this year, and this just feels like the week it's going to happen. But, considering my track record, anything is possible!

Okay, results show, FLO RIDER will be in the houuuuuse! (yawn) And season 5's Kellie Pickler will return to grace the Idol stage. Let's just hope she doesn't sing that awful song that Taylor Swift wrote for her! (I'm guessing she will. ugh)

I am all out of useful information folks. (Have plenty of more useless stuff though. But we'll save it!) I would love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I will see you after the results!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with you. Danny has reminded me of Taylor from the beginning. I don't think he will win though. Have a good night!! From your fmil!!

Ricky Hatchings said...

Nice recap Mr. Mike.

Here what I think. Why can't we just get rid of the dross (I'm talkin to you Lil and Scott) and the overachievers (Matt and Kris) and just get this thing down to the final four of Adam, Danny, Allison and Anoop? In that order.

Adam is soooooo much better seasoned than any other performer. Love him or hate his gayness, he's a true performer, a great talent, a superb find and our next American Idol.

Ian said...

Great recap, Mike. I wish mine were as funny as yours. Several of those photo captions had me laughing out loud.

I think Allison has become my favorite too. I also like Kris, since I always have to root for an underdog. Anoop and Adam are cool in my book too. The rest I could live without.

I predicted Anoop, Kris and Scott for the Bottom 3 over at my blog, and DialIdol agrees with me. Right now it has Kris at the bottom. I'd be lying if I said I weren't a little frightened. I know there's the judges' save, but I don't want it to be pulled out this season since I oppose it on principle. I really hope Scott goes. He's by far the worst one left.

Mike V. said...

Took me awhile to crack that FMIL code! But I got it. I'm thinking Danny is fading a bit, but based on dial idol he still has a strong following.

Thanks Ricky! Not sure if I'd put Anoop in that "BIG 4" category of yours, but I agree that Adam is the seasoned pro this season. I've wanted to root for him all season. I just haven't been happy with some of his creative choices. But there is no doubt that he is in a league of his own.

I still think Allison doesn't get the props she deserves though. Can she overtake Adam and Danny though? Eh, I dunno...I'm seeing more Danny than Adam right now.

Ian, it's a good bottom 3 you picked there. I was back and forth with Anoop. I just can't get over the fact that Lil is not as good as she was originally hyped to be and it is taking awhile for the judges and AMERICA to come to grips with it. I'm just trying to help everyone out a bit! lol

I appreciate you enjoying my humor! I forgot how much more material I got once I start putting pictures with each contestant. It's a goldmine!