Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Top 5 Show Some Respect to the Rat Pack! Who Will Be Sent Home This Week?

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.  Will any of the 5 remaining American Idol contestants live on to become a legend like these 3 people?  Well, for one night, they were able to pretend they could.  And, boy did they pretend well!   The Rat Pack Era Music were the songs that were sung on American Idol tonight.   And with performances like we got tonight, it makes me wish EVERY night was STANDARDS night.  Of course, it may have been a combination of great tunes, big band and the fact that the only contestants remaining remaining can sing really well!   I mean, from here on out, it's going to be difficult to say good bye to anyone.   There may have been some voting manipulation going on with the order of performances tonight, but whatever.  I think we all know who the producer/judges favorites are at this point.   It all made for a great show tonight.   We're definitely going to need to do some recapping for me to figure out who I'll be sending home tonight! 

But first, it wouldn't be a STANDARDS night without referring to the season 1 Inaugural Champ Kelly Clarkson's legendary performance, pretty much solidifying her chances of winning the season 1 crown.   Still my favorite performance ever on Idol, so I had to attach this little snippet in here to get us all in the right frame of mind!     

The Recap
Mentor of the night?  Ugh, Jamie Foxx.  This guy is just EVERYWHERE now, isn't he?   I mean, seriously what on earth was he doing at the Academy of Country Music Awards show last month?   With that being said, I was not looking forward to his mentoring of the contestants tonight.   But, surprisingly, he was actually very helpful and I think the contestants actually may have been better for it.   Let's see what went down! 

1.) Kris Allen
"Hopefully I can just bat my eyes at the ladies this week and they'll vote for me!"

"The Way You Look tonight"
New Entry to Jamie Foxx's dictionary of Musical Terms and Advice: Throat Olympics

Kris admitted himself that he cannot vocally match any of his competition.   He does have some mad skills and he has put them on display week after week with his brilliant revisionings of some bizarre song choices.  But RAT PACK ERA STANDARDS?  That's a tall order.  He sang "The Way You Look Tonight" very well.   All the notes were right and he felt the performance.  It was a really good performance.  What was the problem then?   Well, it was everyone that went after him.   Each performance tonight just seemed to top the one before it.   And if you look at it from that perspective, who is really going to remember Kris by the end of the night?   Yikes, it's going to be a rough week!   But that's what happens when there is no one left to root AGAINST in the competition.  (unless you're just rooting for anyone to give Adam a fight for the crown!) 

2.) Allison Iraheta

"Please America!  What else do I need to do for VOTES!?!  SAVE ME!"

Song: "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Jamie Foxx's Life Advice: 16 Years old is too young to like boys 

Well kids? I got my wish!  Allison made it to her 17th birthday on the show.  Woo hoo!  I'm really hoping she will make it further.  I mean, WOW!  How awesome was her performance?   The only thing that Simon's "you're not in it to win it" rant did for me was make me vote for her 20 times more than I usually would! (so, yep, about 20 text votes went from my phone to the Save Allison Iraheta Fund!)   For someone so young to sing such a heartfelt rendition of the Gershwin classic, well I'm just beyond words!   Allison has been a persistent bottom 3 dweller, which means she probably will be there again (if they even do a bottom 3 now that we're down to the top 5).   But maybe there are others out there that felt like they had to fulfill some sense of obligation and save Allison.  Help her edge out someone else this week.   I read a rumor that next week is ROCK WEEK!   How could the Rocker girl go home before her CALLING?   I mean, Matt Giraud was SAVED for STANDARDS week.  It only seems fair that American would bail Allison out.   And I don't even consider it bailing her out.  She was just as amazing as any of the other guys tonight.  

3.) Matt Giraud

"My Funny Hat of Mine..."

Song: "My Funny Valentine"
Jamie Foxx Dictionary Entry: WHAAAAAT??!?!?! - Definition: That's good man!

So Matt studied Jazz in college.  And even though he only squeaked out a B, he still managed to wow the judges to get to this point (I'd say America too, but they already had voted him off once!)    And, while I did find it funny that Matt chose to sing a verse that says "your looks are laughable, unphotograph-able" as he continued to wear that ridiculous hat, I was quite surprised by the caliber of his performance.   Jamie's advice seemed to pay off for Matt with the key change and big note at the end too.   Just amazing.   I'm not sure what Randy was listening to during this performance (oh and we SHOULD note that after Randy's ridiculous week of commenting last week, we went back to the formula that works, Randy speaks first every time then everyone else!)  As Simon Cowell stated himself, we could tell that Matt had a love for this music and it definitely showed.  

4.) Danny Gokey

"Watch my RASPY SONG ENDING win you over!!"

Song: "Come Rain or Come Shine"
Jamie Foxx Mentoring Technique: All Up In Your Grill!

Well, when the first thing we heard in Danny's pre-performance clip was "I'm not going to change the song up much" I thought we were in for another typical Gokey outing.   Well, actually, I was kind of right!   It was the GOKEY Trademark build up.   Start off soft and kinda boring, then turn the thing into hyperdrive by the middle of the song and make everyone forget the first half!   Hey, if it works it works.   And still, when he turns on that hyperdrive, it really goes!   The judges all talked about Danny getting his swagger back.  Well he definitely had it for the 2nd half.  And just like that crazy devil planned, I can't remember the first half so I can't comment on it!   Judging by the audience response to Mr. Gokey, he ain't going anywhere any time soon.   But, I am still off the bandwagon of thinking he should be in the final 2.   (SAVE ALLISON PEOPLE!!) 

5.) Adam Lambert

"It's not just an exercise machine. I AM the Stair Master!"

Song: "Feeling Good"
Jamie Foxx's Moment of Humility: "You don't care about who I am at all!" 

The singing from the steps?  Very nice touch.  The performance?  Well, it was Adam Lambert. What you see is what you get!   He will wow you with his vocal range every week.   This week he wow'd further with holding out that high note for longer than it is humanly possible for most mere mortals.   I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you what I was thinking when the band kicked in and Adam finally came down the steps and we were in full "ROCK THEATER" mode.   My thoughts went like this: "Where are the Rockettes?"  Of course, Simon Cowell, the man that has been known to tell people they are TOO BROADWAY or CABARET for 7 seasons has decided this year that it is completely okay to be that way!   Why?  Because Adam is a winner!   I mean, if you put him in a pool he'll win 8 Gold Medals! (Isn't that right Paula?  Michael Phelps....REALLY!!?!??!  I saw you going there, but did you really have to follow through with it!?)    The judges don't know what to do with Adam, where to place him in their universe.   America doesn't know what to do with him.   He is just out there on his own as some paradox of human existence.    No one knows how to stop him, contain him or do anything except let the season play on and see if he wins.   But, even if he is destined to win, even if I do appreciate his vocal talent, I am going to keep complaining that the Cow MOOS! 

The Picks
Who is absolutely safe?  Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey
Who is most likely safe based on being in his WHEELHOUSE and for singing well?  Matt Giraud
Who didn't get the credit from Simon when it was deserved? Allison Iraheta
Who did I not mention?  Kris Allen

Bottom 2: Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta Extra Pick (in case it's a bottom 3): Matt Giraud
Elimination Pick: Kris Allen

I just refuse for Simon to be right this week.  I think his FEAR that he mentioned will rally voters to Allison's cause.   I think if I had to pick whose performance was better between Kris and Allison's?  No contest: Allison's by a long shot.   Kris also has made it much much further than anyone would have expected to get.   I had him pegged for a week 1 exit of the finals.  And here he is in the top 5.  If he stays, he has a shot at the top 2.  But with the competition so intense between these 5, any slip up can prove costly.   And his only slip up this time may have been of his own admission.  He just can't vocally compete with the other 4.  

Speaking of beating out people with better voices, Taylor Hicks will be joining us for the results show.   The Soul Patrol has been out in full force supporting the Soulful winner of season 5.   Even got some hateful comments on my recaps when I mentioned him a few weeks ago.   Come on kids!  I love Taylor just as much as anyone else.  And I'm sure I'll love seeing him again on Idol Wednesday night.   But there is no way around calling him a commercial failure as the season 5 winner!   I will defend that point until he turns things around!   GOOD LUCK TAYLOR! 

Oh right, and Natalie Cole will be on the show too.  

Well kids, that's all I have for tonight.  Am I praising Allison too much or does anyone agree that she hasn't gotten the respect that she deserves?   Who do you think is going home?   I hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I look forward to reading yours!   See you after the results! 

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Ian said...

I really, really hope you're wrong about Kris going home. This season wouldn't be the same without him, and I thought he was the best of the night. I wasn't that impressed with Matt, and Danny and Adam were just OK for me. I predicted Allison to go home, since the 5th Place finisher is always the opposite gender of the winner. You can look it up if you don't believe me.

Vince Pinson said...


No outstanding performances but no junk ones either. Pretty solid, as expected, 1 through 5.

I suspect Allison is in huge trouble though. Doesn't seem to have the fan base as Adam, Danny nor Kris. Probably isn't as well liked as Matt.

Final Four will be all guys IMHO.

Mike V. said...

Ian, interesting statistic! It's not that I don't believe you that it's true...it's just that I don't think it holds any weight! lol Just an extreme coincidence.

Thinking back on the episode and reading lots of feedback and discussions, I'm rethinking my stance on Matt. Maybe he wasn't as good as I thought and it was just his last note that kinda surprised me. That tends to happen on occassion! lol

But I really think Kris might be in trouble tonight. Not that I want him to be because I've come around on the guy. But just going first, and being out of his element, it might take it's toll!

But I wouldn't be surprised either if Matt went home. He was already doomed to go home 2 weeks ago and last week his numbers were probably inflated.

I'll just be really P.O.'d if Allison goes home! She never gets the credit she deserves from America!

So, for now, I have to disagree with both you and Vince! (Vince, any relation to Drew that was posting on here a few weeks ago? lol)

Unknown said...

I think Allison or Matt will go home. I would prefer Matt but I think Ian is right. The two of them have bounced in and out of the bottom 3 the most. This is the best final 5! Girls like Kris like they liked Blake Lewis.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, and apparently there is a report that iTunes leaked sales information on the site that showed Adam and Kris both leading on with their songs that they recorded. (this information is normally blocked so no one can see who is winning in the votes. When info was revealed last year we found out David Cook was massively outselling his competition)

So...if you believe that report, then Kris has nothing to worry about. And I even said in the blog...if he makes it through THIS week, then he has a good chance of staying in until the finals. But I just think some odds were stacked against him last night.

But based on everyone's discussions, it's seeming like Matt is the most likely to go home.

I really think Allison got some major voting support last night from people like me who totally disagreed with Simon! But I will not disagree that she has been in the bottom 3 a lot.

I will point out though that Syesha Mercado was in the bottom 3 almost every week but made it to the final 3 last year. Just sayin.

Vince Pinson said...

Drew is actually my brother. He knows a lot more about Idol stuff than I do though.

With respects, I still see Allison going home tonight.

Mike V. said...

Understood Vince. It could happen, I'm just hoping against it!