Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Worst Ever American Idol finalist gets her "Lights Turned Down", who got the boot this week?

That's right my friends. I've gone and said it. No one thought we would ever have another who would do the unthinkable like Sanjaya Malakar did. The major difference between our ousted contestant from American Idol, and the former WORST top 12 contestant ever? At least Sanjaya was voted into that top 12 by America! This was purely a disaster brought to us by the producers and judges. And finally, predicted by yours truly, the right person is who lost on American Idol tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen, say your goodbyes to the BIRD CALLER! "CAW CAW!!!!!!"

Eliminated: Megan Joy
Bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta, Megan Joy
My Bottom 3: Anoop, Lil, Megan Bottom 3: Anoop, Allison, Megan

Finally, a wrong has been righted. I loved how Simon did not even honor her with the ability to be saved. Makes sense, since she told him she didn't care what he has to say. How obnoxious was she the whole night? It was kind of ridiculous. And because of that, I'm not going to honor her with many words! Farewell Megan, enjoy time with your kid and looking back on wasting this great opportunity you had!

Let's get to the highlights and lowlights of the show tonight.

  • Paula rants to nowhere about Adam Lambert and what everyone else needs to do to keep up. The best thing? She never gave any advice, but still talked for close to a million minutes. I give her some serious props for that!
  • The Idol Group Song being Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" This was actually the first song I thought of when we found out the theme was popular downloads on iTunes. (note that the actual performance isn't on the list of highlights!)
  • Ford Commercial wasn't actually that bad this time around. Bonus points for either Ryan referencing the wrong clip at the wrong time, or whoever played the clip played the wrong one! Ryan mentioned the Ford Photo Shoot and then the Ford Video played. Usually they play the video right before they dim the lights and begin revealing the bottom 3. Instead, things seemed to have gotten mixed up. I love mistakes! Hence, American Idol highlight!
  • David Cook's performance of "Come Back to Me." Granted, it was pre-recorded 2 weeks ago, but whatever. The song is still great. The album is great also, go buy it folks! It's platinum by the way! Bonus points to anyone who recognized David's mother in the crowd.
  • Did I mention Megan went home tonight? That's a highlight!
  • The top 12 really seem to have bonded this year. Their impersonations, while not always dead on, of each other were still humorous.
  • No performance recap during that whole hour. How crazy is that? I'm torn on this. I hate having to watch those recaps, but it would seem that THIS would be more relevant to the results show than the other crap they put in it!
  • Megan went home!!!! PARTAAAAYYYYY!!!!!
  • The Idol Group Song being lip synched. I read it somewhere. They officially said that the group songs are all lip synched. At least this one wasn't pre-recorded. The one that gave it away tonight? Scott MacIntyre. His little solo part was so exaggerated and if you watch him playing that keyboard, he definitely isn't playing anything worthwhile at some parts in the middle. I realize these kids are busy so the pressure of performing this live might be too much to handle in a week's time. But come on! It's a Talent competition. Let them showcase their talent!
  • Jason Castro still attending these crazy shows. Oh and he was sitting next to Alexis Grace. Huh??? Are they buddies now?
  • Lady Ga Ga. I know she's hot stuff on the charts right now. And that "Poker Face" song isn't too bad. But what on earth was the opening with the piano and strings and the zipper eye? That was just bizarre. Where are they finding all of these weird people for people to sink their money into?
  • Adam referring to them all as the Fresh Princes and Princess of Bel Air. Hmmmmmmm I wonder what category he put himself into? (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Anything else I could come up with for tonight's show would be forcing it. So with that I am done. Next week songs will range from 1980 (Danny) to 1992 (Allison) as we hear songs from the year the contestants were born. They've done this theme before to mixed results. We'll see next week how well they do. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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Ian said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who sort of liked the Ford commercial this week.

I think calling Megan the worst finalist ever is fair. I think Sanjaya, in retrospect, wasn't as bad as we all thought he was. Granted, he had some horrible performances, but some of them were better than he probably got credit for. Besides, unlike Megan, he actually had some singing ability.

I'm just glad Megan's finally gone. She seemed like she was looking for ways to get on people's nerves this week.