Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Shania Twain Brings Life to the Top 6 Performances!

Hello American Idol fanatics!  Welcome back to lackluster season 9!  Oh wait, scratch that.  The show finally showed signs of life tonight!  Why?  I'm glad you asked.  2 Words: SHANIA TWAIN!   Her music, her enthusiasm, her everything.  Once I heard she was returning to Idol this year (she had guest judged during the auditions) I was ecstatic.  I'm not ashamed to say I'm a big fan of hers.  I even put her music on Shuffle in my car for the past week.  I was totally ready for this week.   And folks, what a night it was!   You know it's going to be rough when the worst (I'd say 2nd worst) performance was from their best singer this year!  Should make elimination night interesting!

Before we get into the recap, congrats on Idol Gives Back for collecting $45 Million in donations!  Okay, here we go!

The "Live Blogged" Recap

1.) Lee DeWyze

Song: "You're Still the One"

Shania loves Lee's style and doesn't want him to get drowned out by his guitar.  I kept thinking he was going off melody in this performance, but it was totally intentional.  I was thinking Lee and Casey might have a good night tonight because they'd have a chance to slow up the songs and change the style a little bit with their rockin' guitar stylings.   He did a great job!  Oh Ellen, she did it "All aboard the Shania Twain!"  I couldn't help but laugh a bit but whew that was rough!!  The judges mostly gave positive feedback.  Simon told him it was the perfect song choice for him.  I agree!  Lee should be safe this week.    

2.) Mike Lynche

Song: "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"

I actually had this song picked for Casey, because I thought the style could be changed pretty easily.  But I think Big Mike could do a great job with it.  Shania tells Mike to feel the emotional connection with the song.  I've always loved this song and apparently it's one of Shania's favorites too.  I could really feel Mike EMOTING on it too.  Nice falsetto at the end.  Great job Big Mike!   Could be a really good night.   Shania's reaction afterwards was priceless.  Judges mostly liked the performance.   Wait Simon called the performance WET?  REALLY!?!?!  Wet = Girly?  Must be an English thing I guess!   I thought Mike did an outstanding job.   Love Shania's play-by-play commentary.  Still think she would've been the perfect replacement for Paula.  

3.) Casey James
Song: "Don't"

Finally, Casey is going to just let him play rhythm guitar instead of showing off his solo stylings.  He's great on guitar, but I think he needs to show his voice more.  He referred to this as a "singing song".  Great choice for him.  Shania wants him to emote as well.  My God, Shania is a beautiful songwriter.  Not too thrilled with her Ex-Husband Mutt Lange, so I won't give him any credit!  Casey, sound like a broken record tonight, is doing an outstanding job on the song.  I'd like to say Casey had his moment tonight, but everyone IS.  Shania's music is bringing out the best in them.  The judges loved it too.  Love that Simon told Casey to give Shania a kiss on the lips.  I know my wife is sitting right next to me, but I sure wish I was on American Idol right now!  

4.) Crystal Bowersox
Song: "No One Needs to Know"

Man, I'm loving these song choices!  Shania tells Crystal to be happy on the cheerful song.  Apparently, she's dedicating the song to her boyfriend. awwww   Love the acoustic country band she has on stage, still loving that mic stand of hers.  Crystal did a good, consistent job again, but I'm not going to lie.  She might have been shown up by the first 3 boys so far.  Definitely not my favorite Crystal performance. Not the judges' favorite either.  But I don't think she'll be going home.  She has earned a spot already in that final 2.  I think Crystal may need to stop talking back to the judges though.  I may need to vote for her tonight!      

5.) Aaron Kelly

Song: "You've Got a Way" 

Shania had similar advice for Aaron, feel it!  Love this song again.  Love how he changed the lyrics from "it's in the way we make love" to "it's in the way you show your love".  Good times!  I don't know if it's just that I love Shania's songs so much or if Aaron did a great job too!  This is going to be a really tough week to pick the eliminated contestant.  They're all doing a solid job and he definitely felt it.  And there is no way Crystal goes home this week.   Randy said WHEELHOUSE!  I've been waiting for that all season.  OMG, I can't believe Kara brought up the same thing I did.  It's okay for a blog to bring up the lyrics, but why would she bring that up on live TV?  So sweet that Aaron sang to his mother and with that locked up every mother's vote in America!  awwwwww    I guess we have to hope Siobhan does a lousy job!   

6.) Siobhan Magnus

Song: "Any Man of Mine"

Shania tells Siobhan to get into the character of the song.  Can she pull it off?  This was the Mandisa death song in season 5.  Oh man, she sang the lyrics to the wrong rhythm.  She should not be singing a song like this.  She looks like she should be on on the next Tiffany Mall Tour.   Could this be the end for Siobhan?  Oh my, I sure hope so.  I don't care if she's showing that crazy range with her voice in the whole song.   Cannot believe she is butchering an awesome Shania Song.  Oh, there's the high note.  Please Simon, call this indulgent!   SHANIA DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!!!!  Did you see her face!?!?!?   She golf clapped it!  Thank you Shania!   Couldn't count on the 3 tweedle dums, but at least Simon talked about the screaming.  I don't think he liked the song back when Mandisa did it, but now he does.  Ugh, do I go with the overenthusiastic judges or do I pick this TWAIN-Wreck to go home? 

The Elimination Pick

Okay, so first of all.  BRAVO to a wonderful theme week.  I know a lot of people were not thrilled about Shania Week, but that's just because they do not know of her wonderful book of wonderful songs.  Hopefully, those same people can sing a different tune now.  This was the only week I have actually looked forward to, and I was not disappointed.  But now, sadly, we must say goodbye to someone.  Here's my math on how I think it will go down. 

Best Performance of the night?  Casey James
Great Performances: Mike Lynche, Aaron Kelly, Lee DeWyze
Good Singing Voice but Wrong Song, and Super Indulgent: Siobhan Magnus
Good Song, maybe wrong choice for Best Singer:  Crystal Bowersox

Has been eliminated before and has been in the bottom 3 a couple times: Mike Lynche

My Bottom 3 Picks: Michael Lynche, Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus   Bonus Pick: Nope, this is how it's going down

Elimination Pick: Michael Lynche - I so desperately wanted to pick Siobhan, but the mere fact that Vote For the Worst has picked her up as their new contestant to follow is probable enough to keep her in this.  And hey, I need someone to trash talk anyway.  Makes blogging about this show after 6 years a little easier!  Sadly, I thought Mike did a good job, but on a Country night I am not so sure the voters are going to have his back.  Plus, Simon said he had a wet performance, so....draw your own conclusions! 

So that's it America, the TiVo cut off, so I'm not sure who is performing on Wednesday's recap.  I'm sure I'll know after I watch Glee because it will be on the beginning of that TiVo'd recording!  But, I sure hope Shania gives us a little performance and maybe announces her comeback album or tour or something! We're dying to know Shania!   What did you guys think of tonight?  Did it salvage this unsalvageable season?  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you after the results! 

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Ian said...

I thought this was a particularly strong week too. I'm not a huge Shania Twain fan, but I like most of the songs of hers I know. If I had more time to listen to music I'd probably be more into her. I also picked Michael to go home.

I feel like I must be the only person who doesn't watch "Glee," since all the blogs I read are talking about it. I guess I'm just partial to enhanced reruns of LOST. It was funny how the enhanced version explained away the inconsistencies between the 1867 date of "Ab Aeterno" and the information about the Black Rock in "The Constant."

Mike V. said...

Ian, I'm sure I would have watched the Enhanced LOST last night if I wasn't married! LOL I definitely will be watching it though, at least to see the scene that explains the inconsitencies on the date!

I must say though, Glee is a fantastic show! Very funny and the music is great!