Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 9 Double Elimination Results - Which 2 Went Home?

Hello American Idol fanatics!  And welcome back to the results where we actually eliminated contestants this week.  I was 1 for 2 this week but am not terribly surprised by the 2nd contestant getting booted.  Although, it was sad to watch her go through the realization that the dream has ended!  Ladies and gentlemen let's bid adieu to the 2 ousted contestants:

Eliminated:  Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens
Bottom 3: Not Applicable (they didn't do it that way this week)
My Bottom 3: Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia, Siobhan Magnus

Now they kept Michael Lynche out there with Katie to keep tensions high as he was just saved last week.  Turns out he wasn't even in the bottom 3.  And if you believe in, Michael may have even been the top vote getter this week.  If that's the case, his elimination scared a lot of people to rush to his side!  Anyway, I stick by my stance that as long as Crystal makes it to the final 2 (fingers crossed on winning of course), then I'm fine with whatever order the rest of the contestants end up getting booted off.  But I sure would be delighted if Siobhan exited sooner than later.  Of course, then who would I make fun of!?   Kara?  Come on that's too easy!

Anyway, not much else to speculate.  Let's dive into the highs and lows.  Surprisingly, there were more highs for me than lows this week.  A rarity!

  • The Ford Commercial  - Say what you want about product placement on the show and political commentary with "going green," but I still would never accept my American Idol results show experience WITHOUT a Ford Commercial! 
  • Can't knock the Idol Gives Back stuff they showed with Elliot Yamin going to Africa with Kara.  It's all a great cause.  I will try to refrain from the fact that I still rolled my eyes at everything Kara said on camera.  
  • Lineup sounds pretty good for Idol Gives Back next week.  They put together 2 solid shows in past seasons, so I'm sure it will be worth tuning into.  
  • Brooke White and Justin Gaston join in the Elvis fun with "If I Can Dream".   I won't say the performance was the greatest, but I always liked Brooke!  Good to see her back on the stage.  That Justin guy?  A Nashville Star reject but better known for being Taylor Swift's ROMEO and the "Love Story" music video.  Anyway, I wasn't impressed with him! 
  • Adam Lambert performing "What Do You Want From Me".  I know I have been harping on Adam for the past week and not being a big fan of his.  I'm still not, but I can't help but dig that song.   I thought the performance was way over the top in classic Adam fashion and the lighting was really awful.   But that song, I can't help but like it.  Darn you VH1 Top 20!  I still think he looks like a goofball with all of his "dress up" that he likes to play! 

  • Ryan introduces Simon as "SI CO" (get it....Psycho??)   Wow...all time low. 
  • Elvis Medley with the Top 9 started off bad and just never recovered!  Complete with Choreographed Cheese!  The most painful is seeing people like Crystal and Casey stomach that stuff.  Actually, it's kind of funny!  
  • Are they still making this results show an hour??? Ugh.  That will forever be a lowlight! 

So, with Idol Gives Back being front and center next week, we get our standard "INSPIRATIONAL SONGS" theme next Tuesday.  Alicia Keys will be mentoring.  And guess what?  They're going to actually attempt to eliminate a contestant on Wednesday's 2 hour Charity show.  The last time they said they were going to do this, it ended up being a joke and we got another double elimination the following week.   We'll see if it happens again!

What did you all think of the elimination results?  Are you favorites still in it?  Discuss.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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Ian said...

Tim is safe! Whoo! Yeah, Tim's the guy I'm rooting for, since he's a true underdog. I doubt he'll win, but it's been cool watching him go from a guy who wasn't even supposed to be in the Top 24 to a Top 7 finalist that the judges actually have some respect for. You can't help but like the guy with his constant positivity and hard work at improving.