Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol - Top 8 Girls Perform

Well, no question. The girls are better. But that doesn't mean I'm enjoying what I'm hearing. It's definitely a season 3 repeat for me. Just an uninteresting group of people. Some of the guys are entertaining enough for me to keep watching (Blake, Sundance (for unintentional comedy) Sligh Guy (for the hair)). The ladies? Well to me they all start sounding the same after awhile. Great big voices trying to tackle the likes of Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, or songs from Musicals. But clearly, there are some better than others. But in the meantime, their votes are just going to cancel each other out and we'll have some "SHOCKING WEDNESDAY RESULTS SHOWS" in the meantime where no one will believe how some of the more talented singers end up in the bottom 3. Just simple math folks!

Where am I going with this rant? Oh I dunno. It seems obvious which 2 should go home tonight. Even Simon said so. But that doesn't mean the votes will go that way. The math I mentioned above may start a bit early this season giving us a shocking THURSDAY NIGHT results show. But since I've never gone 4 for 4 and probably never will, I'll probably stay safe tonight.

But let's break it down anyway! It's a LOST night, so here are my REAL-TIME notes below as I watched the show.
  1. Jordin Sparks - Love Arizona Football - Pat Benatar "Heartbreaker" - She's starting to look like George's girlfriend on Grey's Anatomy isn't she? (not that I watch that chick show!) I like her though. Not easy for a 17 year old to win me over. But I thought she gave a good performance. I liked that she rocked it out. Mostly on tune, energetic and entertained a captive audience. What more can you ask for?

    Judges: Randy and Paula Raved. Simon wasn't as enthusiastic but loved the personality. She's in.
  2. Sabrina Sloan - Katie Couric wannabe - En Vogue "Don't Let Go" - Sabrina brought the DIVA'ness back to the stage. I thought it was pretty good. She SHOULD make the top 12, but probably at the biggest risk of slipping. (MATH again!)

    Judges: They all praised her voice but felt something was missing. Simon stated that she is lacking the emotion her competitors have naming them (Lakisha, Steph and Melinda). Risky for Simon to make a comment like that. But I'm gonna go ahead and say that he's saying what I'm saying. It's not the appearance of's that their vocal styles are all the same. And I'm sticking by that story!

    ME: The more I think about it, she may just fade into the background allowing Haley or Antonella to slip into the top 12. It's happened before, and nothing creates ratings more than an IDOL controversy!
  3. Antonella Barba - Violinist who likes to pose on the Toilet - Corrine Bailey Rae "Girl Put Your Records On" - Did she say HI to the camera? Wow...just awful....she can't stay on key! Will America keep her in? Or will they do the right thing? I just don't know.

    Judges: They struggled for the right words to tell her. They tried not to bash her keeping the sympathy votes away. Simon even praised how she's handled all of the media attention.

    ME: Can't disagree with the judges. She just pales in comparison to the other contestants. I just don't see how she can still be here next week, especially when they allow her to talk after Simon is done. "I mean like, YEAH!!! for sure!!! ya know???!!" all she was missing was the twirling of her hair and gum chewing!
  4. Haley Scarnato - Injured Gymnast - Faith Hill "If My Heart Had Wings" - I'm just gonna leave my notes as is: Wow....I feel like i was watching some Christian Cartoon Musical during that performance. With little kiddies skipping amongst the clouds. just weird. I'm sure the Faith version of the song isn't that ridiculous. It just seemed so cheery, so uninspired! So HAPPY! I dunno. I like Haley and everything, but she has not impressed these 3 weeks. The right thing would be for her to go home. But I would think if either slipped into the top 12, it would probably be her.

    Judges: Randy says she had no "YO" Simon compared it to a High School Musical performance! (no Simon, Christian Cartoon with kiddies singing in the clouds!!!!) I may not be able to sell people on what I envisioned when she sang this. But I am still dumbfounded by the whole thing!
  5. Stephanie Edwards - Singing since she was 3 used to be shy- Chaka Khan song - I don't know the song. It was a good vocal performance. I think she has Latoya London syndrome...she'll make it into the top 12 but will never win over America.

    Judges: The judges liked it enough. Simon and Randy both reference how she has the tendency to be a copycat. And they are looking for her uniqueness. Hmmm....I'm a bit confused...let's go to next performer.
  6. Lakisha Jones - Terrified of Animals - Whitney "I Have Nothing" - Well this sounds like a copycat performance too, but I'm sure the judges won't say anything (I believe our regular Blog Commenters have mentioned this tendency as well). They will just rave and rave and rave. And why not? They want her or Melinda to win this year. (don't get me wrong it was a good performance, but come on now!) Judges?

    Judges: Randy says she brought the YO.....Simon and Paula rave. Simon is just happy she dressed well tonight. (How about Simon showing a bit of chest hair tonight too? classy!)
  7. Gina Glocksen - Very Superstitious - Evanescence "Call Me When You're Sober" - Took Simon's advice and went back to the goth rock. Well I think Simon made a good call. Was definitely better than her previous outings. She probably locked up the 5th or 6th slot for the girls. I'm gonna say she'll definitely make it. We need some some minority representation with the girls (no...sillies...Minority in VOCAL style! Don't go digging where there's nothing worth digging for!)

    Judges: They loved Gina returning to form. Paula attempted to give constructive criticism on how not to fall flat. God, I would love to hear Paula sing again. That would be the comedy I so long desire from this show! I think Gina is safe.
  8. Melinda Doolittle - Loves Equal Opportunity - "I'm a Woman" - She's definitely winning the battle of the Divas right now and even wins it outside of her performances with her UN-DIVA Attitude. Nothing else to say, except that she's probably the favorite to win right now.

    Judges: Love her. Simon brought up 2 weeks in a row previous contestants saying they used Idol as their "STEPPING STONE" while Melinda is just loving every minute of it. I can only think he was referring to Taylor Hicks or Chris Daughtry who have both been caught in the media saying they're trying to distance themselves from the show. Kelly distanced herself from the show, but never claimed for it to be a stepping stone!

    Anyways..Melinda is in the top 12!

Okay here we go!

Who's in? Melinda, Lakisha, Stephanie, Jordin
Who SHOULD be in also? Sabrina, Gina
Who should be going home? Antonella, Haley

Elimination Picks: Antonella Barba, Haley Scarnato Wildcard: Sabrina Sloan

Nothing surprises me anymore with this show. But I already made my risky picks with the guys. I'm just gonna go with what should happen! Are we all still pondering the big announcement tomorrow and still not caring? Yep, me too. Definitely tune in to see Carrie though. Now THERE'S a success story American Idol can be proud of! Anyways, see you tomorrow for the results blog!


Unknown said...

So, I really had no comment last night....they were all just EH?!

Melinda is definitely my favorite at this stage. It took me a while to have someone to root for, but she has really won me over. I love how unpretentious she is. I don't think Haley's cute will make up for her awfulness tonight...and I'm glad Gina didn't try another satin dress...that was a disaster!

Anyway, can't wait for Carrie. She just gets better and better!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I think the surprise boot will be Jordin.. just a prediction. Going first is going to hurt her. I am rooting for Blake, Chris R and Melinda. Mike, I agree with you about the 'math' the girls are going to split the votes and let the boys sail. Did anyone else think it was funny when Simon didn't know Haley's name?