Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol - Can't get 'em all!

Well I really wish I could've picked 2 people last night to go home. Because I was very close to flipping a coin between Haley and Chris. But...I used the "Chris has been popular coming into this week" theory...and it backfired on me. But I can't say I'm sad to see LISP MAN leave us for good. He definitely won the battle with Lakisha and will always hold a special place in my hall of speech impediment-stricken contestants!

Eliminated: Chris Sligh
Bottom 3: Phil Stacey, Chris Sligh, Haley Scarnato

My Bottom 3 (my pick in blue): Sanjaya, Chris S., Haley

Dial Idol bottom 3: Gina, Phil, Blake, Jordin, Haley, Chris Sligh (lowest percentage of busy signals)

Farewell Chris, we will miss your bad jokes! And all we have to look forward to now is Ryan transforming himself into the biggest loser ever to host a TV show. I mean, the Sanjaya Mohawk Wig? The "COOL GUY" handshake he did when he said "What's up man?" to Akon? Oh Ryan, if we could only be as cool as you! Of course, how about Paula almost slipping and saying that both Haley and Chris were deserving of being in the bottom 2? That was a good time!

We can all ponder if Gwen and her crazy girl posse (I don't know how to spell Harajuku girls, so that will have to do!) was lip syncing. We can ponder exactly what Tony Bennett songs the contestants we'll butcher next week. But I think there's something else we all want to discuss more.

SANJAYA. What on earth is going on? The campaign to keep Sanjaya on the show seems to be a bigger campaign than we've ever seen in the past. In reading some articles today, it seems that Howard Stern not only has pledged his allegiance to the cause...but he spends 40 minutes A DAY on his show discussing the topic! Add into the equation and the crying girl (which you can only blame the Idol producers for)....and it now has become a guessing game to when Sanjaya will go. You know what? I'm sure there are odds on it in Vegas! But, yes, the crying girl makes me think about this more. When all is said and done, American Idol is a TV show and they need SOMETHING to keep people coming back for more. And let's be honest...there ain't much to root for this year! Sure there are some good singers, but none of them really seem to be capturing the hearts of America. Well, it seems the producers have found their angle with SANJAYA. He's so bad that it's good to keep him on. It's fueling the late night talk shows, and apparently the morning radio shows. And it's keeping us bloggers busy writing when there shouldn't be much to write about! So Sanjaya, good luck buddy...I'm sure you want off the show more than anyone. But looks like we may be stuck with each other for awhile! I still wouldn't worry about him winning the competition though. Even if the momentum of this campaign took off...and he DID start pulling in the most votes of all of the contestants....I'm sure the producers would pay him off to walk away from the competition. But the fact that we're even talking about Sanjaya possibly winning due to the media has to be music to the producers' ears.

So let's stop talking about it! I have one more thing to mention before we close shop for the night. I may have issued a challenge several blogs ago for everyone to ponder WHO on earth Melinda Doolittle looks like. Sure, Phil Stacey - Alien.... But Melinda??? Just couldn't put my finger on it. I have to give a shout out to our Tennessee contingent for hitting the nail on the head. She resembles none other than PEARL from "227" !!!! Thanks for the picture! If only there were more out there! Finally we can all rest easy tonight knowing we've put this one in the books!

Well that's it folks...I'll try to get back on track next week with picking the right contestant. Like I said...I can't get 'em all, and I don't plan to! See you next week!


dbrewer said...

Hey Mike, did you like how Ryan announced that Phil and Stacy were in the bottom 2? I was cracking up laughing...I bet Haley was thinking...damn, I am a candle.

Mike V. said...

yeah I did notice that. I was going to mention it in the blog but then Ryan went ahead and corrected himself after the break! He just ruins everything for me! lol

Anonymous said...

I can't say I'm sad to see him go. All I thought of when I looked at him was Hurley from LOST. Not a pretty picture! lol