Tuesday, March 06, 2007

American Idol - Top 8 Guys Perform

Well here we are again folks. The week before the top 12. And I don't think I've been this unexcited about it since the FANTASIA season. But it's okay folks. We have the most IMPORTANT EVENT IN IDOL HISTORY being announced Thursday! And if that is a letdown, which I can only assume it will be, then at least we have CARRIE coming back! YAY! I can only speculate to the Big EVENT though. I've heard rumors that there will be something involving top 12 contenders from the PAST performing. And there is a song writing competition for the IDOL song this year. Perhaps it will be a combination of the two? Past Idol Contenders will sing the songs that were written for America to vote on the tune that will eventually be song by our final 2? Ahhh I love speculation.

So the guys underwhelmed again (except Blake). Let's see if we can figure out who's going home!

  1. Blake Lewis - Loves improv comedy and Halloween (Jimmy Walker Blue anyone?) - 311 " All Mixed Up" - Blake obviously has nothing to worry about. I liked him bringing in some Alternative 90's Tunes to the show. Definitely refreshing to hear it, and hear it done well. Although I'm not going to pretend I didn't hear the "ECHO" effect that was added to his microphone. Seems a bit unfair to the other contestants doesn't it? I also love how he beatboxed through the "A" word in the song (such a nasty nasty word!)

    I also found it hysterical that Ryan was the only one of the 4 dunces that knew that song and that it was 311. (I can only hope the Disc Jockey in Ryan knew it was 311!!) I'll skip the judges comments. They liked him.
  2. Sanjaya Malakar - NO NO No....he can hoola! oh my god stop it! - John Mayer/U2/Curtis Mayfield/Rod Stewart/everyone else "Waitin' on the World to Change" - Okay, this is the nail in the coffin for me. I hate that song! Why you ask? Now, I know the world is running out of chord arrangements, but for John Mayer to have such a huge hit off of this song...when it sounds EXACTLY like Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" (often covered by people like Rod Stewart) or even U2's "Stuck in a Moment" well, it just drives me crazy! Oh yes...it's the message behind John's song that is supposed to get me all warm inside. Well it DOESN'T! All it says to me is that John Mayer is a SELLOUT who wrote a ridiculously easy song...for a boatload of money!

    Now onto Sanjaya who obviously likes the song because it's catchy. This guy has no emotional abilities. And when he tries it seems like too much of an effort. And his high note just wasn't cutting it. So what do I conclude from all of this? He'll be in the top 12. If you've been keeping track, dialidol.com has this guy ranked pretty high for the guys, and votefortheworst.com is smelling his stink too. I also say there are still moms out there eating this guy up. And to top things off? Simon stated that he just doesn't get why he is so popular (confirming that everyone is befuddled why he is going to make the top 12). And Trust me...I'm willing to throw away my chances of going 4 for 4 on my picks for yet another year if i could only be wrong on this. A little reverse psychology never hurt anyone! But just like Kevin Covais...I think we're stuck with him for a couple more weeks. Once you throw the girls into the picture...he's going to fade away.

    And let's give a hearty "Ha ha" attached with an eyeroll to Ryan and his Extensions joke. Who has them Paula or Sanjaya? Ba dum ching!
  3. Sundance Head - Thin in real life. fat suit on tv - Pearl Jam "Jeremy" - Sundance was sporting the Crew-Cut tonight. Very intersting. I liked his song choice, being a Pearl Jam fan myself (Only a brit like Simon would call it an indulgent song choice!) Although, I thought he tried to be too much like Eddie Vedder. Of course, Eddie Vedder with female background singers (just bizarre!) All in all, nice to hear him go modern but he sounded a bit rough. I don't think Sundance has it in him to go the distance, but he'll definitely be in our top 12.

    HOLD EVERYTHING! Travis Tritt is here! Randy is producing his new album! Let's remember in a few months so we can buy it!
  4. Chris Richardson - Used to play football in college and was heavier - Keith Urban "Tonight I wanna Cry" - Let's compare to Ace Young's version last season. Well, actually now that I listened to ace's, Chris's may have been better. But I still wasn't thrilled with it. The problem with this song is that it exposed Chris's flaws. Hit some bad notes. He did have some good runs in there though. The judges were so-so on him but everyone knows he's going to be back next week. And if there was any doubt, Chris shouted out to his grandmother saying that THIS song was for her. That sealed the deal folks!
  5. Jared Cotter -Played College Baskeball Division 2 - Stevie Wonder "If you really love me" Oh boy. He went ahead and did it. He totally went Argyle on us. Seriously, after sporting that sweater, how am I not going to call him Carlton for the rest of his time on the show? If that wasn't enough he was practically doing the Carlton dance on stage. (Yes Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Carlton Banks) One word for performance? PAINFUL! I think he needs to watch out this week. Randy liked it, but if Paula is even trying to critique it, you know there was a problem. And Simon hit it right on. No Wow factor, no originality....and that spells doom!
  6. Brandon Rogers - Classical Piano Player (impressive too!) - "I just wanna celebrate" Wasn't this a Ford Commercial too? I'm not sure what was wrong with the judges (except Paula), but I thought this was much better for Brandon this week. I'm not going to go and say it was the greatest performance ever, but it's enough for me to go back to my guarantee that he'll be in the top 12! Sure it's scary whenever Simon says "I'm nervous for you." But I gotta go with the clip that led off the performance. He's pretty darn good pianist! And being a piano player myself (not classically trained but Billy Joel trained), I gotta hand it to him for having a decent voice and being able to stand up there on stage without the comfort of his KEYS in front of him or his fellow background singers next to him. Yeah I'm going RISKY this week with my picks. But come on...I was 1 for 4 last week and I never have been 4 for 4. What do I have to lose??
  7. Phil Stacey - I haven't always been bald. Used to have long hair. Isn't really bald? - LeAnn Rimes "I need you" - Okay, why on earth would he try to sing like a woman? Why did he do that? The beginning of the performance was flat out SCARY! And laughable! It got a little better near the end until he screeched the last high note. It was just weird. I think he could've delivered a safe performance and locked himself up a top 12 spot. But THAT performance will lose him voters. I just didn't get it! And he lost my vote because....if you have hair that will cover your entire head...you don't SHAVE it! It's insulting to balding men! (not that I'm holding a personal grudge or anything!) Judges were equally confused by the performance. I'd say Phil is in trouble.
  8. Chris Sligh - Used to have a shaved head like Phil's - "We all wanna be Loved" I wanted to point this out in the audition...and I decided against it. Now I wish I did. Anyone ever notice his incredible LISP? Yep, you'll notice it all the time now. He was good. Nothing great for me. But we know he's in. Just figured I'd take this time to bring up the LISP! Judges weren't thrilled with the performance but thing he's done enough previously to lock up his spot. Song choice will play a key role in Chris's success from here on out. Oh yeah, and maybe this is an example for if you do have hair that covers your entire head...maybe you SHOULD shave it!

Okay, well that was it. Now the big question. Which 2 are gonna get sent packing? And does it really matter? Only 4 are contenders, so say the judges. And I would concur.

Who's Definitely in? Blake, Chris 1, Chris 2, Sundance
Who Should Go Home but will be saved for some reason? Sanjaya
Who would I like to stick around so I can make fun of him for a little longer? Jared
Who do I think redeemed himself this week when the judges don't agree? Brandon
And Who do I think really messed up his chances at the top 12 tonight? Phil

Elimination Picks: Jared Cotter, Phil Stacy Wildcard: Sanjaya Malakar

Again, I'm taking a big risk on this Sanjaya thing, but I just see him in that top 12. There has to be some singer that has no business being there. It happens every year! Last year I thought there was enough talent that it wouldn't happen. But it did! This year, there is tons of crap with the guys...but he's the crappiest! So he's in!

One thing is for sure, it's much easier to make fun of the GUYS than the GIRLS. But that's because the girls have some talent and they already gave Crazy Eyes the boot. Anyway, let's keep speculating on this big announcement Thursday. Speculate harder on if we even care! Until then, we have to endure 8 amateur Female performances. See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Can you please explain to me what Simon means when he says a performance or song choice was "indulgent"?

Unknown said...

I'll try to make this make sense...but I'm not making any promises! I always think he means that the person picked a song that they think is BIG and will impress if they sing it well. Does that make sense at all? Maybe that it isn't even what he means, but that's what I get from it! lol