Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol - Trimming the Fat

Okay, well nobody's perfect right? So I picked 1 of the 4 that actually went home. But, if you count my wildcard picks, it was 3 of 4! But the wildcard is only there to make ME feel better anyway! This just goes to show that the worst performances aren't always the ones to go home. The people that DID go home, deserved to go home anyway, regardless to what Paula thinks. Here they are in all their glory:

Elimated: A.J. Tabaldo, Nick Pedro, Alaina Alexander, Leslie Hunt

What a way for A.J. to go out though. On the night that he sang the line from Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" "YOU KNOW I LOVE THE LADIES" Come on A.J., who are we kidding? Nick went to the "VOTE FOR PEDRO" bit too many times, plus he was just forgettable as I stated Tuesday. Alaina was definitely the worst performance of the 2 nights (and her performance tonight was just embarrassing that she couldn't get it together to perform 1.5 minutes of a song). And Leslie, sweet Leslie and her crazy eyes, we were all just hoping she'd leave soon.

So again, I say Good Riddance! And Sundance, dude...come on man...stop crying! So here is a scary thing to watch out for. Sundance, Sanjaya and Antonella are all ranking high on the lists. Does that mean we're probably going to see Antonella and Sanjaya in the top 12? It's definitely a possibility now. I could see Jared Cotter or Brandon Rogers getting the boot before Sanjaya. But come on...since when did 12 GREAT singers make the top 12? And what fun would it be without a Kevin Covais sneaking in there?

Oh well, I'm fresh out of things to say, so I'm going to go run out and grab some spider sushi on Kellie Pickler's recommendation. See you next week as we slowly unveil our top 12!

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