Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol 2010 - Top 12 Elimination Results - Who Went Home?

Hello American Idol enthusiasts!  Welcome to another round of eliminations.  This time the stakes are higher as we have reached the top 12 finals.   Who can make it to that elite Top 10 to join the summer tour?   I am pleased to say that I am on quite a roll this season as I have accurately predicted yet another ousted contestant.  And 2 of the bottom 3 as well.  Almost a perfect score.  We will aim for perfection next week and beyond.  For now let's bid adieu to the fallen Idol.

Eliminated: Lacey Brown
Bottom 3: Paige Miles, Tim Urban, Lacey Brown
My Bottom 3 Picks: Lacey Brown, Didi Benami, Tim Urban

I personally thought she had overstayed her welcome.  And while her performance wasn't terrible Tuesday night, she was the only one that I forgot during my process of elimination ramblings in the blog.  Sometimes a good sign that someone is heading home.  I'm happy to see that I was incorrect in America's feelings for Didi Benami.  I think she is quite talented, and hopefully she'll get a chance to grow.  And while I'm not Tim's biggest supporter either, I'm glad fans jumped to his aid when he seemed unfairly judged this week.    I will express my thoughts on keeping the dreaded "JUDGES SAVE" device alive and well this season in the Lowlights below.

Let's do our weekly Highs and Lows of the Super Bloated Results show!

  • No Group Song! - This was the best surprise anyone could have expected.  Yes, I do love unintentional comedy but I always welcome a chance to have David Cook back on stage.  He performed the Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash"in honor of this week's theme.  Granted, not his best performance on that stage, but it made me recall the years when we had lots of talent on it.   This year is pretty questionable with a few exceptions.   We can expect a new album from Mr. Cook soon and also a return appearance on Idol Gives Back.  
  • The return of the Ford Commercial!  - Yes, I'm being very sarcastic about being excited about the Ford commercial.  But this tradition has been going on for so many years, you almost feel programmed to miss it!   So, it allowed me to appreciate the Idols sans Casey singing "Tick Tick Boom" as they messed around with some Ford cars.  
  • Loved Crystal getting a chance to defend her accusers of acting like she has the show in the bag.  It also gave her an opportunity to showcase some actual personality.  Some of her accusers suggest that she seems so arrogant.  I don't see it.  It really seems like she's just humbled to be there.  Have you guys seen her awesome performance from Tuesday night?  Check it out here! 
  • I loved the irony of Ryan asking Katie about the judges giving her conflicting advice.   Then Kara goes on a big speech about how she should do pop songs.  And then Simon, probably not paying attention but hearing Kara talking feels he should disagree, and then says that Katie needs to be doing Country songs.   Unintentional Comedy is my favorite folks!  And added bonus, Kara gets dissed by Simon for the 3rd time on LIVE television!  Love it!       

  • The Judges Save - We have to deal with watching the judges pretend to deliberate on the bottom vote getter as the perform a selected song until the Top 5 again?  Do you guys remember how awful this was last year?   Remember when they couldn't even make a decision and they kept running over?    At least with Lacey, it was not a tough decision.  Especially when it's only the first week of the Top 12 finals.  Not a fan! 
  • Just when you thought they could leave the Cheesy ford commercial as is, they have to go and bamboozle it by adding in a segment of each contestant adding FIESTA GRAPHICS to their personalized car designs.  So bizarre. 
  • What on earth was Siobhan wearing?  Ice Cream cone pants?  Whatever it was it was a hot mess. 
  • While I got a big laugh out of Randy explaining to Aaron why he got a Justin Timberlake vibe from his performance it still has to make the lowlight reel.  I mean what was he talking about?   The soft tender moment when he went "uhhhhhhh."  WHAAAAT? 
  • Orianthe Performance of "According to You" - The song wasn't awful, but the performance just wasn't very good.  Didn't do much for me!  I think I tuned it out after the first 20 seconds were "out of tune" (ba dum ching!) 
  • Ke$ha performance of "Blah Blah Blah" - Look, catchy single or not, why on earth is it on the singing competition results show?  I know this show has turned into a great platform to increase sales for artists that make an appearance.  But what does "teenage talk rap" have to do with singing?  And the Indian Head dress?  Isn't one Lady Gaga enough?   
  • We had time for 3 non-contestant performances and Ryan still was milking the naming of the bottom 3 for a long long long time.  This is with 12 contestants.  Do we really need an hour long results show every week?!   Drives me bonkers! 
Anyway, that's about it kids.  I didn't catch a theme for next week so I guess we will be surprised.  Who will go home?  Tune in next week as I try to accurately make the call again!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

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Anonymous said...

Lacey leaving...****YAWNNNNNNN*****

Right now, I believe Siobhan is in the driver’s seat: she’s still playing against expectation, she’s playing the most with arrangements, and she’s done a wide range of different songs each week. By comparison, Crystal has been more consistent but has effectively done the same thing every week, and it’s yet to be seen how less rock-driven theme weeks will fit into her aesthetic. But if you would ask me how everyone else is going to fit into those theme weeks, I’ll be honest with you in saying that I just can’t motivate myself to care.

And by the lack of comments by any others around here, I see that I may be in the majority on that.

Phil Cross

Mike V. said...

Nice phil lol definitely the majority of the commenters supporting Siobhan! I definitely can see Crystal getting tiresome after awhile.... Siobhan definitely has a good shot at taking this thing to the end. As much as I want to dislike her she does have a great voice. I'm sure she's going to have performances that will blow me away and then some like this past one that I just thought were a little too bizarre. We'll see what happens! Thanks for commenting!