Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 12 Revealed! (Shocking Results)

Greetings Idol Watchers!  The Semi-Finals are finally over!  No more 3 days a week of Idol (well, except for Idol Gives Back week!)  Well, I really didn't expect to repeat my 4 for 4 performance this week.   And up until the last minute I thought I was going to go 3 for 4, but they had to throw a shocker our way.   The one person we all guaranteed to go home actually stayed.   And someone that could have went pretty far in the competition went home.   This is an interesting week folks!   But let's see who went home!

Eliminated: Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall, Alex Lambert, Lilly Scott (WHAT!?!!?)
My Picks: Katie Stevens, Paige Miles, Todrick Hall, Alex Lambert

Okay, well Katelyn, I kind of saw coming.  The guys, I surprisingly got right, although I'm not happy about Alex.  Todrick?  SEE YA BUDDY!  No love lost there.   But come on, LILLY?  Really?   I know people loved Katie and I didn't want to see her go either, but did any of us see Lilly getting the boot this early?   Yeah, she has a similar sound to other contestants.  Yes eventually she was going to have issues being too similar with the guitar to Crystal.   But her voice was so good!  Her performances were so good!   I don't often say this about non top 12ers, but I think she got some good exposure and will get a deal out of this.   I'm still shocked folks.   And it makes this top 12 that much weaker.   Let's meet them!

Top 12:

  1. Didi Benami 
  2. Siobhan Magnus
  3. Paige Miles 
  4. Casey James
  5. Tim Urban 
  6. Lee Dewyze 
  7. Crystal Bowersox
  8. Mike Lynche
  9. Lacey Brown 
  10. Aaron Kelly  
  11. Andrew Garcia
  12. Katie Stevens
There you have it.  The big hitters are now Mike, Crystal and Siobhan.  There could be a few dark horses in there but they have a lot of ground to make up.   Will they be able to do it while tackling the Rolling Stones catalog next week?  We'll see.   Any predictions to what each contestants will perform?  I will have to start thinking about it.  I can see Tim Urban trying to pace around looking into the camera with those eyes and sing "Satisfaction" and I can see it being awful.   Good Times ahead folks!

But let's get to the highs and lows.  And there weren't many in this episode.  We were too busy naming the top 12.  But tradition is tradition!


  • Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre Duet - performing Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It"   Love Billy Joel so by default it becomes a Highlight.  But if I want to be honest, it was quite corny!  Was good to see the piano men back on stage though.  Of all Billy songs to show off the piano, I don't know if "Tell Her About It" is the one.  But they did get off a few good solo riffs near the end.    Did I just catch Ryan calling Scott "Scottie the Body?"  Ahh good times.
  • So exciting to see Aaron get in.  I don't expect him to win or even want him to win.  But he was so nervous!  Way to go Moms!! 
  • Not a lot of Kara screen time tonight! 


  • The Idol Group song was Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet".  You may have seen Michael Buble parody this with John Hamm in a hysterical Saturday Night Sketch.  This thing was still full of all of the cheese you can get.  But that being said, it wasn't too bad.  But the lip syncing is out of control!  I know it's tough to get 16 people to sing in harmony with all of that choreography and only have a few days to put it together.  Here's an idea:  DON'T DO THEM!!!  
  • So sad to see Alex Lambert go.  He broke down into tears on the show.   The only thing he has now is his mullet to wipe them away!  Poor guy, I liked him.  Best of luck dude!    OMG, he was STILL crying during the commercial and when it came back.  Poor dude.  I feel so bad picking him to leave! 
  • There wasn't enough Kara screen time to make fun of tonight!  Although her one segment explaining why she cried over Mike Lynche's performance was excruciating!   My favorite part of it actually was when my wife said, "Thank God you're pretty Kara" while she kept rambling on with no end.     OUCH!  BURN!   I loved it!  
So that is all I have for tonight.  Next week we start the Top 12 Finals!  Who is your favorite to win?  How do you feel about the results?  Go ahead and comment below.   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

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Ian said...

I still don't quite have a favorite this year. Over at my blog I predicted Didi would win. She's got the perfect blend of talent and under-the-radar-ness.

Anonymous said...

I'm really pissed. I love Lilly and she's on my top 2 together with Crystal. What a bummer, I almost cried when she was eliminated. I can't believe America didn't vote for her enough.

Marian said...

sorry to see Lilly go:(

JAI said...

I wonder how the Top 12 would have stacked up if they didn't insist on having 6 guys and 6 girls, and just put through the top 12 vote getters?

Mike V. said...

Ian, very bold choice with Didi! I don't know if I agree with her being able to last...but you just never know. I definitely had Kris picked to leave the top 12 first last year, and he just got bigger and bigger each week!

For Sale...i guess we only have ourselves to blame right?! lol I never vote this early...and i just assumed she'd be safe. there's a chance others did the same thing.

JAI - yeah...this format has its pros and cons. last year they went back to the season 1-3 format and had 4 weeks of different people and the top 2 vote getters each week would get into the top 12. then the 4th week was a wildcard with people returning. Too many weeks of semi-finals is the issue there...and not getting to know the contestants very well until the top 12 (since you see different ones each week). I don't know what 6 and 6 buys them though...i guess to make sure they cover all of their demographics watching the show and keeping the ratings up. If it was 12 dudes (which it wouldn't have been this year) may not have many guys wanting to watch! lol but i'm just making stuff up..i don't know why they do it!

Anonymous said...

Very surprised with America voting out Lilly and The Mullet. But, as you know as well as anybody, this is NOT simply a singing/talent contest. It is, and will forever be, a popularity contest first and foremost. Everything and everyone are judged by singing skills to a degree but a whole host of factors always play their part: personality, clothing styles, song selection, judges review, race, perceived arrogance, connection to the audience, wrong perception of a singers' "safety", etc.

Lilly et al obviously didn't connect with America as well as the others--for whatever reason. Is it fair? Is it right? Who is to say?

John Littleston

Ian said...

By the way, this has nothing to do with anything, but isn't it funny that Lilly Scott sang a song by Patsy Cline, considering she provides the life soundtrack of Kate on LOST, who's played by Evangeline Lilly?

Anonymous said...

That's interesting Ian. LOL

Here's a little article about Lilly's view of what may have happened: