Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 11 Elimination Results - Who Went Home?

Hello American Idol fanatics.  What can I say? I'm on a roll!  In all honesty, this was an easy week to make the pick.  I saw many comments after my recap that this performer turned in the "WORST PERFORMANCE IN IDOL HISTORY" with the "Idol Death Song".  So it was the right time to say good bye to this contestant.  Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in bidding adieu to this week's ousted contestant:

Eliminated: Paige Miles
Bottom 3: Paige Miles, Tim Urban, Katie Stevens
My Bottom 3 Picks: Paige Miles, Andrew Garcia, Didi Benami

The performance, combined with some lackluster weeks leading up to it, was such a disaster the Judges didn't   honor her with an attempt to save herself this week.  Farewell Paige!  I was more surprised with Katie Stevens in that bottom 3.  I know she won't be walking home with any awards but she certainly was better than Andrew Garcia.  That guy is surprisingly holding onto his fan base so far.  I have totally given up on him.  Maybe he'll surprise me next week.  As for Tim Urban, no shocker that he was there, I was just trying to spice things up with Didi!   Oh well, at least I got my pick right for another straight week.  Can we go the whole road to the finals perfect?  Very doubtful, but we'll see!   Let's get into the highs and lows!

  • Siobhan not only has a weird family, but a weird Employer and Friends!  Siobhambies with blood all over their faces?  And the Employer that won't shave until she wins?   Man, don't people want to see her lose just to watch this guy's beard continue to grow forever?
  • The video of Big Mike with his baby was cute as always. 
  • Miley Cyrus performing "When I Look At You" - A highlight only because I thought it was going to be worse!  Is that saying much?  She was still a little pitchy, dawg.  Oh and look Billy Ray is in the audience!
  • Ryan to Crystal when judges have conflicting opinions on using the guitar next week.  He asks who she listens to.  "Me" with a sly smile.  Love it!    

  • "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" Top 11 Performance.  WHAM, really?  Take the ultimate cheese song and add another layer of cheese onto it!  I still love watching Crystal cringe through these performances though.  
  • "Our Time Now" Ford Commercial  - Oh my, lots of balls in the shoot.  Lots more cheese!
  • Siobhan's "I used my scream to get to the Top 10 tour" comment.  REALLY?  
  • Katie in the bottom 3 over Andrew Garcia.  It's okay though, Andrew knows himself as an artist.  He just doesn't know how to show us! 
  • Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's "Pebble in the Water" - I tuned out after Joe sang the words "beat of a butterfly".  Was this a Disney Duet from a 90's animated flick? 
And that's about it kids.  Next week is R&B week with Usher as the host.  Now that makes a lot more sense than Miley!  We'll see how things go with this crop of contestants!  Were you surprised by who got booted off or who was in the bottom 3?  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week!

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Ian said...

Andrew must go...soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Paige gone. Good riddance.

MikeV...Do you think this season is a waste of time? Seems like it's the worst I can remember talent-wise. Yes, we've got a couple of really good singers...Crystal and Ms. Peabody (THERE'S a nickname for Ms. Siobhan) with her over-sized glasses.

Otherwise, this show has got to seriously take into account the lack of judgability on the part of the panel, doesn't it? I mean THEY were the ones who choose these singers. THEY were the ones who were entrusted with giving constructive (or an many cases, destructive) criticism, etc.

We just can't blame the singers; we've got to assess blame to Randy, Ellen, Kara and Simon too, right?


Mike V. said...

Agreed Ian

Randi - I think I have already 'checked out' mentally this season. It is not exciting at all! "IN THEORY" yes, the judges select the singers, but I think there is more that goes on behind the scenes than we see. I'm sure the producers push certain contestants for "TV" purposes.

But yeah, whoever is responsible for putting this crap on certainly isn't America! lol With the exception of letting Lilly go! :-)