Wednesday, October 26, 2011

X Factor Season 1: Top 12 Revealed

Hello American Idol Addicts blog fans! I have been questioned several times off the blog and on if I would be recapping X Factor. I had mentioned on my newest blog that we would see how things go and if anything, I’d maybe write something during the live shows. This blogging business is pretty time consuming! And my non-blogging life has gotten much busier, but I’m going to experiment with some quick commentary for the LIVE performance shows. If I miss an episode, please don’t get too upset! I’m trying my best, and there’s a lot going on!

That all being said, I really am digging the X Factor. It’s great to have Simon and Paula back on our TVs. L.A. Reid has been a much welcome voice of reason (most of the time) and his facial expressions are superb. I can do without Nicole and I don’t really understand why they went with her over Cheryl Cole. And how about host Steve Jones’ ability to keep the show moving along? It was hysterical when he cut off a “lost for words” Paula. Although, I was a little sad, because usually whatever Paula would eventually come up with would be pure unintentional comedy gold! Anyway, did I mention that talent on this show? So far it has been incredible! I feel like we usually say that about the Idol contestants at first too but these people seem like legit talent finds. Where have they been hiding?? Well for starters, the age range is completely different for the show (minimum age 13…that’s it!) so some people that NEVER would have been eligible for Idol have auditioned on both ends of the spectrum.

Anyway, I figured I’d list out the top 12 with a little bit of additional commentary for this week’s blog post. And we’ll see how things go from here! More after the jump!