Wednesday, April 24, 2013

American Idol: Season 12 Top 4 Perform

Hello American Idol fans and welcome back for another round of the all girls show!  Tonight was a pretty rough night all around.  It was pretty apparent what the judges were either doing on their own or were forced by the producers to do.  They clearly put their support behind 2 particular contestants and Jimmy called them out on it.  That said, one of those contestants probably deserved the praise more than  the other.  It's going to be an interesting results night.  Let's preface with this though.  Not sure if you noticed but we're still in April and the finale is slated for May 16th.  If you do the math, we're going to run out of contestants a week too early, due to the save not being used.  Have no fear, the producers have said they always had a contingency plan if the save was not used.  The popular guess is that one of these weeks there will be no elimination and the votes will carry over and be tallied up with the next week's performances.   Ryan did mention a twist, so we'll see if that's what is going to happen.

That could be why the judges decided to be so harsh to the former top 2 contestants.  To encourage them to pick better songs next week because they'll all be here next week.  We'll see what happens.  But, let's treat this week as if someone is going home and then we'll deal with the results after they happen!

The themes?  Contestant's choice was the first one.  The 2nd theme was decided on by fans and it was One Hit Wonders.  Sounded like an awesome category until the contestants cheated!  There is no way that some of those songs should have been eligible to be picked.  And they shouldn't have been picked anyway!  But we'll get there.  Let's dive in.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

American Idol: Season 12 - Top 5 Perform

Welcome American Idol fans!  Ok, no more distractions.  All of the boys, talented and otherwise are gone.  A girl shall win American Idol again (even if the producers rigged the top 10 to make it happen this year).  Based on tonight's performances, my opinions on the remaining contestants haven't changed much.  Of course, you could almost predict when the judges would be giving their standing O's, even if they were undeserved.  But hey, they "get it" and we don't.  Anyway, the themes tonight were "Songs ftom the Year They were Born" and for the first time possible, "DIVAS NIGHT".   Let's do this!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

American Idol: Season 12 - Top 6 Perform

Hello Idol fans!  Definitely an interesting episode last night.  We got to see the Idol production team go into desperation mode when it comes to one of their out of control contestants.  And we got to see a very talented contestant soar into a new stratosphere.  I think it's pretty obvious at a high level how tonight will play out, but we'll still go through the motions of recapping Burt Bacharach/Songs You wish You Wrote night.  Here we go!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

American Idol: Season 12 Top 7 Perform

Hello Idol fans.  Welcome to "Rock" week.  Are we really at a time in the age of music where we have to retrospectively look at Rock Music as a whole?  That's pretty depressing, isn't it?  But, it definitely is nowhere to be seen in the pop landscape.  The sad thing is, some of the contestants didn't even know some of these songs.  Not, Burnell though.  He "been done heard" that before!  UGH.   What is wrong with these kids today!?!  Anyway, the night overall was another snoozer for me.  Nothing was over the top impressive.  I think the problem I'm starting to realize is that these kids just aren't as talented as last year's crop.  But, last year was probably the most talented season ever with season 5 coming in a close 2nd (granted, the most talented CONTESTANTS ever came out of Season 1 and Season 4, but that doesn't surprise anyone that I think that).  So, they are gushing over performances this year that never would have cut it last year.  My opinion at least.  But, we have to change our scale and expectations to deal with the current crew.  So, let's do just that!