Thursday, May 16, 2013

American Idol Season 12 - Top 2 Perform

Hello Idol fans and welcome to season finale week!  It's been a rough year ratings-wise (and maybe talent-wise) for Idol.  It's tough to tell how much juice the show has left in its engine.  But, we will get yet another revamp next year with likely an ENTIRE new panel of judges.  But, that's future talk.  For this season, we ended up with the most talented 2 contestants of the top 10 and it led to a fairly entertaining performance night.  I think we all probably know who should win this season of American Idol.  I'm not so sure America will vote that way or not.  But, regardless of who wins the show will  have a good representative for the season 12 crown.  Let's dive into the recap!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

American Idol: Season 12 Top 3 Perform

Hello fellow American Idol fans.  As mentioned, I'm out of town this weekend.  I'm on 2 hours of sleep but I did just watch idol, so I wanted to give some quick thoughts.  This won't be a full recap, but here goes nothing!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

American Idol: Season 12 Top 4 Perform (again)

Hello Idol fans!  Another cringe-inducing 2 hour spectacle of American Idol aired last night.  Most of the performances were decent, but everything that happened before and after each performance was a little questionable!  For example, I believe Mariah not so subtlety accused Miss Minaj of being unable to sing.  And then, there's always Randy.  And of course, instead of Fox giving us a half hour of our lives back, they let critiques go on for hours and tortured us with that final girls group performance.  But, that's a day in the life of watching American Idol.  So, let's just stick to what we do best.  Critiquing what's meant to be critiqued and figuring out to the best of our ability who America is sending packing!  This week will be a little tricky since we have to factor in last week's results as well.  But, I'm up for the challenge as always!  The theme was Then (Standards) and Now (2013 Songs), of course based on the order of the performances it probably should have been Now and Then!  Harry Connick Jr. provided very good mentoring as always that was harshly critiqued by the judges.  Good times.  Let's get into the recap!