Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol: Well that about proves it...

Everything I touch turns to safety! I guess that means I will be picking David Cook from now on to get eliminated from the show! I can't even say this one was a shocker. In fact, I knew once I didn't pick her that I would regret it. Why? Because of the rationale that I used when choosing my elimination pick: "Whose cheery persona is wearing on me?" I think it was wearing on everyone! For me, at the audition I didn't like her then she won me over with her artistry and then she just wore me out with her crying and apologizing and talking back to the judges every week! Not to mention 2 Stop/Starts and a 3rd attempt tonight! Ladies and Gentlemen....the Nanny is going back to her kids!

Eliminated: Brooke White
Bottom 2: Syesha, Brooke
My Bottom 2: Syesha, Castro's Bottom 2: Castro, Brooke

Not to mention had Syesha ranked #1 this week to further disprove any accuracy on their part! So Dreads made it through to the final 4. So do we think Syesha is on deck again for elimination for being in the bottom yet again? I guess it depends on the theme next week. I still think it would be hysterical if ol' Archie made a shocking exit next week or something. In the past there have been surprise eliminations in the final 4. And if that surprise is David Cook after jinxing himself with the "Kiss of Death" well...there's really no need for me to watch the last 2 weeks of the season because I'd already know it would be a disaster! Something tells me that the Davids will power through next week though which makes it a battle to stay alive between Syesha and Castro. It's really either of theirs to lose. Maybe some more sympathy votes went Castro's way after Paula time traveled and told him how he was going to be awful in his 2nd performance. Maybe people felt that he got a raw deal handed to him and that's why his vote count went up. Speaking of they did attempt to address it tonight. But how much more vague could they have been? "THE RUMORS!!!????? THE RUUUUUUMORS???? NOT TRUE! Paula is part of the family here and we love her!" Okay Ryan, I don't quite thing I cracked the code there! Were we just supposed to move past this after seeing Paula get all teary eyed and for you all locking her in a room with no booze or meds so that she would seem sober on the show tonight? Not to mention 3 Idol Q&A questions geared towards Paula. awwwwwww Gotta love Idol Damage control! A show that can do no wrong! Okay well while we're recapping the show here's the other things to note:

  • Natasha Beddingfield - ummm wouldn't know. I fast forwarded right through that disaster.
  • The Idol Medley - Well as awful as it was, you gotta love that they went for it all by performing "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show!" And getting Archie to sing the "Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies" lyric was priceless. I think he messed up the lyric again but oh well. Cook messed up a lyric too, but I didn't care! He can afford to mess up once or twice!
  • Neil performance - What can I say? The dude still can play and can still work the crowd. But his interview with Ryan afterwards was priceless. Why does he not retire? "Best gig in the world...I can get dressed up, I sing, people clap" That's it Neil! You tell the world!
  • Rigged or not, the Q&A question with Simon's first kiss calling in was hysterical. Simon looked genuinely surprised. Now maybe he is just better working from a script than Paula? I guess we'll never know.
  • Philadelphia Flyers won again tonight! They're up 3 games to 1 against Montreal!
  • Randy as a Coke Cup model? Ummm dawg, you were covering the whole cup with your hand the ENTIRE time!!!
  • Randy as the next MC Skat Kat? THAT I would like to see!
  • Forgot to mention Paula giving advice to the artichoke and how awkward it all was. Archie was trying to have fun because he realized he wasn't fun in the past but no really I will take your advice Paula...really I will try!!! and lots of silence....... I'm telling you the Paula and Archie reality show. Who needs Powerball? I think I already struck the lottery with this idea!
  • that's all i have!

Obviously my Elimination picking is way past comical. So I think I pretty much am giving up for the season (that might work to my advantage!) But I am still pursuing the David Cook victory over the mighty Archaawful! That's the only contest I'm concerned about! And with that, I bid you all adieu for the week. See you for the final 4 next Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol: Top 5 Perform

Greetings IDOLISTS! How's everyone doing? Well me? I'm as befuddled as ever. I think I only agreed with the judges a couple of times tonight. But really does this mean anything on a night where Paula already had notes prepared for performances that didn't happen? I mean seriously what was THAT all about? Sure, she says it was really for David Cook's feedback when I think we all know that she took notes during the Dress Rehearsal and already knew she wasn't going to like Jason Castro's second song. I mean WHAAAAT???? Did you see Ryan look off stage and kinda make the "oh God what do we do?" face? It was like the "behind the scenes truths" that they never hoped would come out were being revealed on LIVE television! Next up: RIGGED VOTING! Okay okay, maybe Paula is just crazy and really was looking at Cook's notes. But you'll see, there will be a big fuss made of this little mishap! Maybe not "END OF THE WORLD FOR IDOL" big, but big nevertheless! Maybe as big as Brooke's Stop/Start last week.

Whoops, I forgot to talk about the Flyers! I heard that was a big hit last week! Well they're up 2 games to 1 against top seed Montreal. GO FLYERS! (yes the NHL! that hockey league that no one watches anymore!)

Okay, so Neil Diamond Night! Was everyone excited? I'm not sure if it was Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome that kicked in for me (I'm just joking!!) when I started seeing those old clips of Sparkly Neil thrusting his fist into the air during a performance of America, or just me realizing that I probably watched The Jazz Singer 132 times growing up with my obsessed Neil Fan-Family but I sure was reminiscing about the good ol' days! So many tunes, and we got to hear 10 of them tonight! Granted, most of them were pretty lousy renditions, but there were a couple performances that are begging for Idol Version downloads (okay, I lie, just one!!) It's tough for me not to get ahead of myself though. Considering that since the top 12 has begun, I have yet to pick the correct eliminated contestant, I am very very on edge about this week's guess! And just when I thought I had it figured out, SIMON (the man that probably knows the voting tallies - another conspiracy waiting to be unraveled!) had to go and "foresee" who will be leaving us Wednesday night. Ugh, the dilemma!!! Well, I won't bore you any more with my PREAMBLE (oooh nice word Mike!), let's dig in!

2 Performances each, Judges comments followed the 2nd performances (besides the Paula blunder that we discussed) Here we go!
1.) Jason Castro

Song 1:
Forever in Blue Jeans
Song 2: September Morn

Okay, so I guess I've set my standards pretty low for Castro these days because I thought his rendition of "Forever in Blue Jeans" was pretty much on par for what is expected of him these days. Yeah, Simon might be right that it was forgettable. But I enjoyed it. I guess I was just glad someone sang it, because that's a nifty little Neil tune. Fun Fact - The ladies of the 80's (that should be a band name shouldn't it?) used to be swooned by that song at concerts and Neil would sing it like 5 times per show. Great having parents and Aunts (all blog readers) that have seen him like 20 times. And they only took me once! Thanks guys! Anyways...his second song "September Morn" was a wonderful song torn to shreds by the Castro-mon (yep, the Jamaican thing again!). It was disastrous! And for that rendition alone he should be getting the boot! Alas, Simon did not pick him to go! Unless Simon is trying to sway the vote to keep Catro around to try and make that final 3 as he's been predicted to by all the crazy power rankings out there. Hmmmm....a forgettable first tune, an awful 2nd tune and he went first! All of these things going against him, yet Simon picks the person who went LAST! (the spot on Idol where you're least likely to get voted off!) Well, I just don't know kids! (can you tell I'm stressing about the pick this week???)

2.) David Cook
Song 1: I'm Alive
Song 2: All I really Need is You

Crazy Neil, he said these songs aren't that well known! I guess I never would have known that because I knew them all! (Granted some buffoon contestant sang both of Neil's most famous tunes...I'll give you one guess who that idiot named after a vegetable was!) Anyway, I wasn't very thrilled with the "I'm Alive" rendition. Sounded like Cook was trying to get all RASPY Neil on us yet still ROCK it out! I mean, it would be entertaining at a concert probably but not if you're trying to win American Idol (which I'm pretty much sold that he is going to at this point). But hey #2....When I first heard the name of it, I thought maybe I didn't know it. But I did, and it's a beaut alright! But COOK's version? Wow...that was some good stuff. Showing his range with the high notes at the end and bringing some raw emotion (and yes Paula, Vulnerability. You know when you say it about all 5 contestants it loses its meaning!). Almost brought me to tears on that one. (and I'm a man's man! Tough Guy....tough to make cry. You know, the kind of guy that you'd see writing blogs about American Idol!) Yeah, with that performance, and watching The Artichoke (you catching on to my vegetable reference earlier?) perform afterwards I just kept thinking to myself "who can seriously be questioning who should win season 7???" If Paula already is looking at an American Idol, why wouldn't we be too?

Brooke White
Song 1: I'm a Believer
Song 2: I Am I Said

Okay, there is no shocker that most people didn't impress on song #1. But Brooke, come on! We already know you can't rock it out! Yeah, great you proved you can play Guitar and Piano in one night. But her rendition of "I'm a Believer" (made famous by The Monkees and ever more recently by Smashmouth for the Shrek soundtrack.) was straight out of Woodstock or some kind of hippie festival. Either that or on a very special episode of the Brady Bunch where everyone is smiling and swaying and singing and trying not to think of the on set romance between Marsha and Greg. Ewwwwwww! Anyway, total disaster. Sorry Brooke, I can't help you defend that one! But I'm going to blame Neil for the song 2 blunder! Right when I was hearing the word come out of his mouth "you know...I am from New York which is why I sang it that way. You're from Arizona. I think you should put that into the song" (paraphrased him don't sue me Neil!) I knew it could only lead to a mistake. And surely enough, I'm sure I'm the only one that noticed besides Brooke, after she talked about being in L.A. with the Palm Trees, then she said she was born and raised in Arizona (instead of New York) she then sang a lyric "I'm lost between 2 shores." (shaking my head furiously) Okay, yes granted If you're in LA or Arizona you're still between 2 shores geographically...but it was clearly talking about being in LA while a part of you is still in New York or somewhere in between. 2 SHORES! Atlantic/Pacific! Helloooooo again Neil hello!!!! Anyway, with that said, this was definitely a better performance for Brooke. But I agree with Simon, I wasn't blown away but it was better than the 1st performance. I really don't see how David and David will NOT be the last 2 standing. So, hey if I get the next couple weeks wrong...there's a chance I can get at least ONE right!

4.) David "The Artichoke" Archuleta
Song 1: Sweet Caroline (seriously???)
Song 2: America (I mean, for real???)

Yeah, he proved me wrong. He didn't do "Heartlight" or "Heading for the Future" but he did something even worse! He proved to me that he didn't want to explore into Neil's VAST library of tunes to find some good ones. Oh yeah...everyone loves these 2 songs. But they are Neil's BIGGEST SONGS OF ALL SONGS! And for me, it just screamed "Hi...I'm David, I'm 17. I've never heard of Neil Diamond before, but oooh I sure know that Sweet Caroline song, it's so swell! mmmm hmmm Am I still grinning? Ooh let me tell you about America! It's such a beautiful song and it's about immigration and peace and harmony...oooh really something I tell you! I know that one too! Beautiful message! yes yes!!" UGH...I've had enough of this kid! Yeah, I know I had enough of him after his audition. He turned Neil's greatest selling achievements into musical mush! He went TOO BIG with both of them adding his runs when they just beg to be sung the way they are. I'll give him one thing....he didn't make the audience do the "oh oh oohhhhhhs" and the "So good so goods!" during Sweet Caroline. Bonus! But for Simon to call "America" a BRILLIANT choice? Come on Simon! Be original! Kristy Lee Cook sang "God Bless the USA" and you called that a brilliant song choice. And yes, it was. But call Archiebunker's choice what it is....a COPY CAT Song choice! That being said, he's still got the screaming girls in his corner and will be here until that final 2. yay! But I really can't wait for the Cook to make him cry! ("ooh i'm just so grateful to get this far...but that David Cook...he's just so...sniff....amazing. He's such a wonderful message...sniff sniff...hee hee waaa waaa sob" ugh..)

5.) Syesha Mercado
Song 1: Hello Again
Song 2: Thank the Lord for the Nighttime

Well, I just don't get it. After round 1 my thoughts were that I thought Castro was okay and Syesha was really good. I thought the other 3 were not so good. Then the judges gave their brief feedback and Simon said they were all awful and Syesha's "Hello Again" was old fashioned. Well there you have it. After Round 2 my thoughts were Castro - Awful, Cook - Amazing, Brooke - Eh not bad, Archapuke-a - Vomit inducing, Syesha - Well that was quite good and she went last which can only mean good things for her! But nooooooo Simon has to rain on her parade "I think you should be worried tonight" (paraphrasing again!) Well...I know I've been saying Syesha was next to go for the last few weeks. But then the past 2 weeks' performances have impressed me. And come on...the gospelly "Thank the Lord for the Night Time" with the choreographed background singers? and the "Hey Micky you're so fine you blow my mind" clapping going on? She was PREACHIN out there. And you know who likes being preached to? Probably the majority of her fanbase! You know....POWER VOCALIST fans! (gotta be PC these days!) I just thought she'd be safe! But on the other hand I think Simon knows stuff we don't. And I think he does not like to be wrong often. And what better way to not be wrong than already knowing the answer? Yikes! Another tough call ahead of me folks!
You guys didn't know you'd be in for an EPIC Blog tonight did you? What can I say? Neil Diamond night just begs for long winded writing by yours truly! But now it is time to cast my votes and figure out who is going home. (oh boy do I dread this!) Here goes nothing! (I'm just going to close my eyes..wake me up when it's over!)

Who is Finale Bound? Cook, ArchaLipLicker

Who is still a fan favorite? Jason Casserole (Thanks Stephanie's Friend's little girl for the great name!)

Whose cheery persona is wearing on me? Brooke

Who is probably the least popular but had a decent night AND went last? Syesha

Bottom 2: Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro Wildcard: Brooke White

Elimination Pick:
Jason Castro - Hey I'm just doing the math. He was the worst and he went first! Ooh and that reminded me to check and Brooke is getting their support now. Jason the dreadmeister is going home! Not to mention Simon begged people to vote for Syesha at the end of the show by saying she should be worried. I'm pretty confident about this one! It HAS to be Jason! Or you could be Brooke or Syesha! Wish me luck kids!

Whew....EPIC blog indeed. Hope you all are still awake and enjoyed my crazy ramblings. And let's all pray that I get it right this week! I don't think my ego can handle another LOSS! The next blog could be twice as long as this one! Please comment away, share your memories of Neil Diamond, who do you think is going home? Explain in detail why Archie drives you crazy too! always see you Wednesday night for the results!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol: And the Streak Goes On

Well well well....this has become quite a phenomenon of its own hasn't it? A storyline more intriguing than the almost inevitable David/David finale. Of course, considering if I'm predicting an all David show in the final week of Idol this season, then chances are it's going to be 2 other people in that finale! Because yes ladies and gentlemen, while we can all agree I write fabulous, entertaining, and LAUGH OUT LOUD blogs I have YET to pick the right eliminated top 12 contestant this season! Sometimes it was reverse psychology, and other times the person getting kicked off goes against every mathematical possibility in existence! But other times, it just comes down to popularity and sympathy. And sometimes I forget to include THAT in the big picture. Well, with that said we can now officially state that all FOREIGNERS have officially been eliminated from AMERICAN IDOL!

Eliminated: Carly Smithson
Bottom 2: Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado
My Bottom 3: Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Jason Castro Bottom 3: Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Jason Castro

Crazy, just crazy! Granted, I did have that irksome vibe when listening to Carly's performance last night. The screeching was unbearable. I thought she was a little better with tonight's performance. Syesha, well....while she was good (and much worse tonight), she just doesn't have the fanbase. I should've stuck with my thoughts that she is on deck for elimination. I can't imagine Neil Diamond week will favor her too much either (more on Neil in a bit!). But you all can let me know who you want to be safe next week and I'll pick them to be eliminated! Clearly it works! Brooke and Jason are clearly fan favorites in this competition even though they don't stand up to the vocal skills of the Davids. A nice shocker for me would be if Castro or White could somehow upstage Archuleta to the Kodak theater! And while that would probably seal a victory for David Cook, it would be worth it to see that smiling kid turn to tears in front of America. Of course, he'd probably be THAT GUY that cries but can't get that stupid grin off his face!

And yeah, when he was explaining his stance on the song choice last night I couldn't help but think that he has pretty much the same speaking ability as Paula Abdul. Speaking of reality shows, couldn't we just put those 2 in a house with a couple cameras and listen to the conversations they have? Now THAT would be a show! (please, no Corey Clark references! It's totally not where I was going with this!)

Anyway, NEIL DIAMOND next week! Neil was yet another Saturday Morning Staple around Casa Vitullo. Probably one of the first concerts I was ever taken too as well. What was I 4 or something??? Oh yes, the brainwashing happened early on! I wonder how many of Neil's tunes they'll get to choose from because there are a ton. And since David Cook likes to avoid being predictable, will that mean he'll fight the urge to do "Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon" since this was redone for the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack? And does this mean that David Archuleta will take some of Neil's cheesy 80's tunes that I couldn't help but love back in the day like Turn on your"Heartlight" or "Heading for the Future?" Oh please do Davey! Personally, I think Cook will be smart enough to avoid that comparison and will kick it old school Neil with us. And we can only hope that "Sweet Caroline" will be saved for the Results show Group performance to spare us from any of these contestants trying to get the crowd to sing along! "SO GOOD! SO GOOD!!!"

Well, I could have rambled on there forever! What else is worth noting from tonight's show?

  • Leona Lewis was last year's X-Factor winner in Britain and is soaring the charts all over the world thanks to Simon. Am I the only one that doesn't understand why this song is so popular? I think I fast forwarded about half-way through until I saw the flames! ooooooh fire!!!!
  • Tamyra Gray is in one of my favorite Broadway Musicals RENT playing Mimi. I'll bet she rocks in that!
  • Clay Aikan is in SPAM-A-LOT and looks creepier than ever. While I really want to see that show, I think I'm going to have to pass until he's out of the cast! (no offense Claymates! But come on Clay doing Monty Python????)
  • Brooke acknowledged her talking too much during judge's feedback. David Cook acknowledged people saying he's predictable. These guys read too many blogs!

Whew...Okay, I've rambled on enough. I apologize once again for not picking the right person to get kicked off the show! But you are all welcome for sparing Brooke. I don't think any of us really wanted to see her go just yet! Let's hope Syesha turns in a snoozer next week. If that's the case, there will be no saving her! (so I say!!) See you all next week on your boats and on your planes as we'll be coming to AMERICA('n Idol!!! - yep blatant Neil reference)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol: Top 6 Perform

Well to open, many may be wondering why the blog is so late. Well, in years past we've had LOST stand in the way of Full Idol Blog treatments. Well kids, there's another CULPRIT in town now. Flyers were in a game 7 playoff game that went to OT. And I can assure you we are moving to ROUND 2!!! What does this mean? Well, I'm not sure yet, but I know I'll be watching these games! So if you don't see a blog up, check the NHL schedule. What's the NHL?'s become that unpopular hasn't it?

Anyways, I'll stop boring you with the awesomeness of the Flyers! I watched 2 contestants per period intermission and eventually got through it all! What did I think of Andrew Lloyd Webber week? Well, ironically, I grew up with my Mom blasting this stuff on the house stereo system every Saturday morning while little ol' me was trying to sleep after a long long grueling week of grade school! Needless to say I'm a Broadway Musical Addict. And Phantom was always one of my favorites! Anyway, I did enjoy tonight and I loved all of the songs. But the performances? Well, there's a clear bottom 3 in my mind (well maybe a clear bottom 2). As I've said before, everyone is fair game for elimination besides the DAVIDS (ironically both picking Phantom tunes). And it seems that this will remain the case when we enter results night Wednesday night. Here's how it went down:

1.) Syesha Mercado

Song: One Rock and Roll Too Many
Musical: Starlight Express

Well, once I saw Syesha was going first tonight, I thought the Idol producers were trying to get the girl kicked off. I read an article yesterday about statistics of Idol eliminations. The odds of being eliminated when going first are significantly greater than any other position on the show. And the odds of remaining safe when going LAST are greater too. The producers pick the order every week except the finale where a coin is tossed. What they do is figure out who went first the week before and don't allow consecutive weeks at first and they like to start with an up-tempo song as well. Syesha's pick was a good one to kick off the show indeed. I keep saying every week that she's the one on deck to leave, but she keeps pulling some tricks out of her sleeve (and everyone thought Kristy Lee was the genius!). Apparently Syesha was in her "WHEELHOUSE" (thanks for the word Randy) with Musicals because it's what she loves to do. Simon gave her a backhanded compliment by saying she seems very comfortable with it. She did very well with it. In any other week, it would've been TOO CABARET. But in BROADWAY WEEK, it's just what the doctor ordered. I'm guessing Top 3 performance of the night and safe from elimination.
2.) Jason Castro

Song: Memory
Musical: Cats
Obviously this week is a rough one for some of our Rockier contestants. Castro was amusingly bewildered in his pre-performance clip. Loved the comment how he didn't know a CAT was singing the tune in the musical. While I love that tune, and assumed it had Archuleta printed all over it, ol' J. Mon (get it? like jamaica-mon!!!? no?? okay, i'll never say it again!) started it off pretty well, but then it got mundane and in the lower register non-existent. It was a disaster. And after a couple strong weeks, this could spell his doom. But with Simon telling people NOT to vote for it, you gotta think his fans will come to his rescue and sympathize with him not being a Musical kinda guy. I say he returns to the bottom 3 this week (if there is a bottom 3 - once we get into this final 6 stuff, it's always a tough call how they're gonna do it). But I think he'll be safe. Of course, in a season where Michael Johns left out of nowhere, you just never know.

3.) Brooke White

Song: You Must Love Me
Musical: Evita (Movie only)
Poor Brooke. You can only feel bad for her. But I'm sorry. I have to agree with Paula on this one. This is the second time she's stopped a song and started again. This time because she forgot the lyrics. It was VERY VERY awkward. And as Simon said, she seemed all nervous the rest of the performance. Nervous for the 2nd week in a row. I still thought she sang it very well, but based on her work with Sir Andrew, I was expecting something amazing. Can't quite go that far. You can only say "I really like that girl but...." so many times. She was close to elimination last week, people may have felt bad about her missing her sister's wedding. Will they feel bad for her forgetting her music yet again? It's 6 talented singers up there. Someone has to go. Syesha came up with a late inning homerun. Someone has to lose. Poor poor Brooke. I just don't know.

4.) David Archuleta

Song: Think of Me
Musical: Phantom of the Opera

Gotta love when Simon tells Archie boy he's forgettable. Let me go one step further. I could have sworn he messed up the words in there! I don't think there is ever a part in the original song that goes "mmmm hmmm hmmm mmmmm Think of me oohhhhhh think of me! pleeaaaaase think of me! yeah think of me.....whenever you want tooooooo!!!!!" Or something like that. The dude was making up a whole section of the song because he totally forgot the words! Of course, now this is the other side of the coin. Brooke completely acknowledged the mistake and started over. Golden Arches just kept on trucking through and ad-libbing. But to me, his mistakes are just so blatant and ridiculous! But then again, I have it out for the kid. Simon summed it up better than I could have. Sure he wanted to try and be David Cook for the day and change up a song and make it "POPPY" instead of Ballady. What did he get? A slow slow dreary pop song. Forgettable. Will he see the bottom 3? Come on, let's be real. This kid got hugged by 10 11 year old girls before his performance with 50 more and their mothers waiting in the wings! He has fans. He's getting through.
5.) Carly Smithson

Song: Jesus Christ Superstar
Musical: Jesus Christ Superstar
Okay, maybe better than her singing "All I ask of you" from Phantom. And I think ol' Andy was on the right track giving her a big song to sing with that big voice. But I have to acknowledge some comments that I've been hearing about ol Carly this week. Wasn't it just a tad too Screechy? I'm totally thrown off that Simon thought it was one of his more favorite performances of the night. Then again, he also isn't a big Broadway fan. Or at least not when comparing to POP IDOLS. Yeah I did like her stage presence and her theatrics. She was comfortable with the song. But the SCREAMING. Ugh...a little too much for me. For that I'm thinking she's our 3rd spot on the bottom 3. Just seems like basic math to me. Of course, now that I'm trucking through these performances, will Syesha going first still cause her a bottom 3 spot even though she was really good? Yikes. Stop 2nd guessing yourself Michael!!!!

6.) David Cook

Song: The Music of the Night
Musical: Phantom of the Opera

Okay, granted I'm biased again but I thought the Cookster really nailed this one. Yes, one comment about the lower register. But come on. Those notes are lower than low! Only Michael Crawford can hit those bad boys! (yes the original Phantom). I'm also biased in that this is my favorite song from Phantom. (yeah I know...real original it's one of the well known ones!) I was so scared that Archmeister was going to snag this one up and pour syrup and melted cheese all over it. But David Cook for one week just played it straight. Didn't try to change up a musical number to give it a rock edge (probably would've been a disaster). He just sang "The Music of the Night" and had to painfully flirt with Andrew Lloyd Webber in the process! Remember what I said about the odds of being eliminated after going last are very slim. Combine that with a frontrunner and a decent performance, and you have a safe kitchen for the only Cook left!

Okay, burning the midnight oil on this one (though you won't be able to tell from the timestamp on this post, since it reports the time that you create the blog entry!) Who do I think is going home?
Let's start with who is NOT going home? David Cook, David Archuleta

Who of the non frontrunners gave the best performance? Syesha Mercado

Who got decent remarks from judges but I didn't think was that good?
Carly Smithson

Who fumbled tonight? Brooke White, Jason Castro

Bottom 3:
Brooke White, Jason Castro, Carly Smithson Wildcard: Syesha Mercado

Elimination Pick:
Brooke White - 2 Questionable performances in a row. 2 times where she stopped and started over causing major awkwardness. Her talking to the judges has not made her any more popular with long-time fans. She's a long way from the confident "Let it Be" girl and "Love is a Battlefield" girl that we saw what seems like ages ago. She has made several trips to the bottom 3 and was in the bottom 2 last week. I'd say people would rally to her cause, but Simon supported the stop/start instead of really talking down to her. Meanwhile he told America NOT to vote for Jason Castro. But America loves that Jason. I think they'll spare him. So yes....I was instructed by some commenters to pick Brooke this week so that she'd be safe. But I gotta say, I have to be right eventually don't I?

One more comment about tonight. Why on Earth did they let Paula talk on and on and on like she did tonight? Being on TiVo delay with a Flyers game waiting for me, I definitely had to fast-forward what seemed like several minutes before I could hear what Simon had to say! And that's after she already talked for a minute! Yikes. And Ryan, singing at the end? Stick to your bad scripted jokes man!

That's all I got for tonight. Let's Go FLYERS! And I'll see you Wednesday night for the results!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol: One CHEF Falls!

And then all was right with the world again. Just when I start to feel like this girl can do no wrong, she went and got the boot! I should've seen the signs. She had the Sanjaya syndrome going where she just could not be eliminated. And of course Sanjaya left us Top 7 week. Granted, she was better than Sanjaya but one would not have guessed that in top 12 week! Either way she became a Hall of Famer for Bottom 3 appearances this season and finally, she was not able to save herself this time! Yes my friends, is wrong again predicting this one to be safe. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Frequent Flying Horse Lover is gone.

Eliminated: Kristy Lee Cook
Bottom 3: Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White, Syesha Mercado
My Bottom 3: Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado's Bottom 3:
Syesha Mercado, Brooke White, Carly Smithson

Yes dialidol, even in CYA mode, predicted that KLC might show up in the bottom 3 but was predicted to be safe from elimination. Oh well, I've spent seasons explaining how that site is rarely on the money with their picks! Plus, it's not like I'm one to talk! But I'm not tapping phone lines either to figure out the numbers! Just guessing!

Anyway, I won't really be able to prove this one unless someone could vouch for me, but I totally called how they were going to trick us with their bottom 3 shenanigans tonight. Every year the top 7 elimination show splits our contestants into 2 groups of 3 with one group being the bottom 3. Once they split up Castro and D. Cook, I had the feeling they were going to swap one of them right before they announced the bottom 3. And sure enough, it happened! So while I can't pick an eliminated contestant for the life of me, I have SOMETHING going for me. One disturbing thing that happened was Archuleta being the 7th man out that had to pick which group to stand next to. My problem with this? The last 2 seasons it was Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks. But I don't believe in superstitions! (REVISION NOTE: Commenter Ian corrected me on this. It was actually Melinda Doolittle in this role in season 6) I still think David Cook has evolved the most on this show and continues to impress while The Artichoke just continually appears to be more and more uncomfortable on the show, even though he says he's feeling more and more comfortable. And I'm sure he IS having the time of his life. Makes me think they'll do a DIRTY DANCING Theme Night just so he can sing the song before this season is over!

So Andrew Lloyd Weber week next week eh? Yeah, I'm going with "Music of the Night" for Archie. Not that it's an inspirational tune or anything, but I'm sure he really feels that one! But there is a lot of lower register singing in that one so he wouldn't do too well on it. Will be interesting to see what Cook does (finally I can just call him Cook!). Would be cool if they could do more than just Andy's tunes (yeah we're on nickname basis me and the Webster) because Cook could do a mean Roger from Rent! And since they did "Seasons of Love" at Idol Gives Back they must have some musical permissions to do Rent music!

Anyways some other thoughts from the results show:

  • Elliott Yamin's Mom died :-( That was really sad. Those were some really touching episodes when she made appearances on season 5. Sounds like it was really recent too. Crazy.
  • Mariah - was everyone noticing the focus on her right side now? How about her Sign Language she added to the song with her right hand? How about when the song was over and she kept trying to get on Ryan's one side for the interview so that the camera would see her good side...and Ryan kept making her take the other side? It's almost like Ryan was doing it intentionally! Ahhh good times!
  • The Q&A - Okay they need to screen those calls better. Or maybe they don't because that was some funny stuff! The one girl calling in and taking over the show by giving shout outs for all her friends. The other lady arguing with Simon and both of them got cut off by Ryan.
  • One Sweet Day - I should've known they would sing that for the group performance. And they still gave Archie the big part that the obnoxious "I have the best voice in this group" Boys II Men member sang. What was his name - Mike? Well, he did have a cool name.
  • I could make up more stuff to talk about but that's about all I can think of!

So that's it, I'm 0-6 now, but my favorite to win it is still alive and in the running. And I don't think anyone was really shocked to see Kristy go. In fact, as it stands right now, it shouldn't be too surprising to see ANYONE go except the 2 Davids. But Syesha should be on deck! And yeah, we're getting into Brooke territory too, unfortunately.

That's all I got folks! What did you think of the eliminations? Are you upset by my losing streak with picking them this year? Do you think I'm nuts to think Cook has a chance over the ARCHIE? And please, I really want to there anyone else out there that can't stand ol' Davey as much as me? I keep hearing from people telling me to give it a rest. Please haters...speak up! See you next week!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol: Top 7 Perform

So is everyone over the shocker of last week yet? The contestants still aren't. The awkward interview between Sleeved Carly (maybe she was showing those biceps off for MJ every week?) and Ryan should be proof enough of that! So after some debating, we indeed did have Mariah night to look forward to. We indeed did have an Inspirational ballad from Davey Artichokey (just not the ones I had picked for him!) And in case you didn't know before, I'm going to ruin something about Mariah Carey for you. She has some clause in her contract that anytime she is in front of a still camera or video camera, they can only shoot the RIGHT side of her face. Apparently, it's her good side! Now, everytime you see her on TV you'll be thinking this and just want to scream at the TV "TURN AROUND!!!!!!" Man, it drives me nuts. Of course, this worked well for the Mariah/Carly interview clip because it made Carly have to hug her from the right side (thus covering her right arm from the cameras). Yes my friends...we had a tattoo-less night of Carly! (of course it's still on display in this blog in the picture above! yay!) So how did everyone do tonight? The boys were good, the girls kinda iffy. I agree with Simon that it's tough not to compare the girls to Mariah while the guys were able to do some different stuff with it (well Jason and David C. were. Archie just did the same thing he always does. Maybe people will catch on eventually). So with that...let's get started!

1.) David Archuleta
"When You Believe"

Okay let's start with the leather pants. ARCHIE was wearing LEATHER PANTS! Anyone ever see that episode of Friends when Ross wore the leather pants? Man I wonder if Archie was sweating. He sure was grinning a lot again! The artichoke picked another ooey gooey cheesey inspirational tune that Mariah and Whitney duetted on in the past (yeah, i made up a word!) And yes, he sang it very well. And he actually worked that lower register better than in previous weeks. But when you look ahead to the standout performances later in the night...I just can't get my arms around the versatility that David brings to the table. It's ballads every week, inspirational ones at that. He tried the one upbeat tune and it was a cartoonish disaster. Yeah, he's got the big voice, but he just doesn't have my interest. That's no surprise to anyone out there! But he still has the screaming fans. And they're going to keep him in this thing until that final 2. I really don't see any way out of that unless he has a ridiculous collapse. But D. Cook vs Archie? Man, that's a tough call and could come down to whoever wins this Songwriter competition! (Yeah, there are some pseudo rockers in there.) But until then, let's just hope Archie keeps the Leather Pants trend alive. That was sarcastically fantastic!

2.) Carly Smithson
Song: "Without You"

Well I already spoiled it. Carly definitely wore sleeves! And she looked a lot better with them. But did she SOUND better? Well I didn't think she was awful, but she wasn't blowing anyone away either. I remember when Kelly sang this in season 1 and she also did a modified Mariah version to fit her range. It sounded like Carly did a similar version, avoiding the low notes that Mariah suggested she should avoid. The judges were really against the performance. Even got a "Loosey Goosey" comment from Randy. huh??? Simon thought it was a tough week for her to sing it with the direct comparison to Mariah. I thought Carly would shine this week. But maybe she just isn't cut out to make it much further. We'll see!

3.) Syesha Mercado

Well, I have to be confident in my manhood to admit that Syesha actually picked my FAVORITE Mariah tune. And Mariah, on that first album of hers, goes vocally nuts with that tune! Of course, the whole manhood thing comes in because I actually HAVE that album which is why I know the song! It was never released as a single for her. But it was just one of those tracks that you knew she put her all into! Man, I sound like Archie talking about it! Probably because I was his age when it came out! (well not really, I was probably 12 or something but you get the idea!) Here's the deal though. For me? This came nowhere near the original Mariah tune and I was very underwhelmed. Paula was saying it was a BRILLIANT move to pick a song not many knew. Simon said it was dumb to do so. Hmmm who are you gonna believe? I dunno, I came into tonight thinking she might be at risk this week. We'll see if that holds true.

4.) Brooke White

So here was one of the tunes I thought ol' Archieboy would do. But Brooke got it, and she took the advice of the judges and did an ALL piano rendition of the tune. What else is there to say about Brooke? We know what she's capable of, and we see it every week. Nothing different here. But I still loved it! And the bridge? I don't know what Randy was smoking...i really dug the bridge. I know there was some raspy high notes in there, but that's Brooke. It adds this raw emotion to the performance. The problems came in when she was speeding up as sluggish Paula began to bring up. She was getting nervous near the end and started messing up on the piano and hitting chords too early and just seemed to be hoping it would be over soon. I don't know about this one. She could be a bottom 3 dweller this week. I don't want to put her there though. Tough tough call! Will the voters be inclined to keep her around because she already missed her sister's wedding? What would be the point if she went home the next week?
And the bigger question, after the whole burger missing the beef conversation...did anyone hear Paula make the best timed joke of the season? Ryan says...if you want to vote for Brooke dial 1-866- and then all you hear is Paula say "Where's The Beef?" Classic! From Paula?! I'm amazed! Had to be a total accident!

5.) Kristy Lee Cook
Song: "Forever"

Well Mariah had goosebumps after their pre-performance meeting. I wouldn't go as far as goosebumps, but surprisingly KLC just keeps trucking along trying to stay in this game. Last week I gave her crap about them all calling her a brilliant strategist. I still wouldn't go that far. But this performance was far from awful. Then again, not very original either as alluded to from Simon. I guess this is another not well known song (do I go as far as saying I actually have the album that this one is on too? naaaaa Don't worry I'm not rushing out to pick up E=MC^2!). And while Kristy had a 1 week hiatus from the bottom 3, will it last? It seems like all the girls have potential to end up there this week, so it's a tough call. If she ISN'T in the bottom 3, then that's kinda saying she is the best female singer of the 4. Is that true? Not really! Then again, are any of them in a position to win this thing? Doesn't look like that either.

6.) David Cook
"Always Be My Baby"

I was thinking to myself today that D. Cook was probably going to take the most unlikely Mariah song and totally change it into something else and amaze everyone. Well, "Always Be My Baby" turned out to be a perfect candidate for this! I was blown away with how different the tune sounded, but yet how alike at the same time. If he came up with that arrangement all by himself, this guy has a tremendous gift. I don't know if it was his idea to throw in the string section in the middle of the tune. But that made it even more powerful. I just don't see how people can look at Cook and what he's been doing on this show and then look at Archie and then say...."Yeah, David Archuleta has this thing in the bag." Who am I more inclined to root for? The guy Simon didn't want to even give a shot, the guy that I saw in the audition and thought "now THIS is a guy I can get behind and root for." He's really good. And after THAT performance (keeping all the others in mind), I think he may have sold his first album to me. And come on....pompous? Ego? too big for the show? Did anyone see the boy crying after the judges praised his performance/arrangement? Simon saying "Sign of a Great Artist." I think that's what got him. Man, it would've gotten me! He got me back into that crazy Text Voting again this week. Okay kids, anyone that was supporting Michaell Johns, throw your support COOK's way! I've given up on you Archiefiles! You're beyond saving!

7.) Jason Castro
Song: "I Don't Wanna Cry"

Okay okay, even though I was digging Jason's version of the Mariah classic, I couldn't help but get all wrapped up in the return of CRAZY MUSTACHE GUY. This time he had the BONGOS! niiiiice As we've all agreed, Jason also does not have the vocal strength as some of our bigger voices in this competition. In fact, he is the MALE equivalent of Brooke White. But at the same time, his crazy jungle Hawaiian reggae vibe he brought to "I Don't Wanna Cry" was pretty rockin! I don't know how you couldn't have enjoyed that one. And especially following David Cook's spectacular performance.

So yes, the guys clearly won the night. So the question is, what girl will be spared and which one will go home? The funny thing is how confident I am of this after the shocker of last week. Here's the thing. Do you ever recall there being a season with 2 shockers in a row? It seems that the show course corrects itself after a big ousting like that. Whether that's because the voting efforts increase, or the show is fixed, I leave that to you to debate! The funny thing is when we finally DO find out this show is rigged (you know when the E-True Hollywood Story breaks out), how am I going to feel about all of this blogging I did? crazy crazy!
Let's do the math!

Who are the Favorites to make the final 2? David and David

Who sang Mariah songs that people may not know?
Syesha and Kristy Lee Cook

Who has dreads and should stay on the show because of that fact alone?
Jason Castro

Who is still on this show that you're absolutely shocked about based on how the Top 12 started?
Kristy Lee Cook

Who predicted that this would happen? Mike Vitullo

Who is the most likeable of the girls? Brooke White

Who did I forget to mention? Carly Smithson

Bottom 3:
Carly, Syesha, Kristy Lee Cook Wildcard: Brooke

Elimination Pick:
Syesha Mercado - Look, everyone here can carry a tune which seems like a first for this show. So then it just comes down to popularity and what you bring different to the performances. Syesha has been a bottom 3 dweller several times. Kristy Lee Cook is avoiding elimination like the plague. Carly wore sleeves! Brooke is likable. Syesha? while she picked MY favorite song, she didn't do justice to Mariah and she just does NOT have a likeability factor. Hey I'm batting 0 for 5 here so what do I have to lose?

That's all I have folks. I really hope I can at least entertain you because my elimination picks have been so OFF this year! But as I always say, in the end, all I try to do is figure out who is going to win this thing! And convince you who will NOT win! Really putting myself out there on THAT one! And well if the Artichoke does win, then we won't have to wait for the E! True Hollywood Story! We'll already have our answer on the voting system of the show!

See you for the results recap!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol: The Blunder from Down Under

Well, I can honestly say for the first time in a long time that I am absolutely SHOCKED by the results show. I think anyone that even may have pegged a bottom 3 appearance for this guy wouldn't have thought he'd be going home so early in the competition. ESPECIALLY, not after his amazing performance last week that was solidifying him has a potential top 2 finalist. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a shocker of all shockers. Our Australian American is going home:

Eliminated: Michael Johns
Bottom 3: Syesha Mercado, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson
My Bottom 3: Syesha Mercado, Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson

DialIdol Bottom 3: Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado, David Cook

I am totally speechless. I mean, even Carly, with her bad performance would've been kinda a shocker. BUT Michael Johns??? Seriously? What's the lesson here? Well, don't go first! And if you're going to go first, better make it memorable or at least be David Archuleta! Okay, "Dream On" was not the best song to sing, but he wasn't AWFUL! The screaming at the end? Yeah, overkill. I guess on a night of unimpressive performances it was anyone's guess who was going home. So much for a D. Cook/Michael Johns finale. Guess we have to make room for that crazy Artichoke again who was afraid to play the piano in front of 30 million people! (yeah...good excuse for barely playing it!!)

Good call anyone who said Kristy wouldn't be in the bottom 3. I still thought she deserved to be there. In no way do I think she is a MASTER STRATEGIST. She's just finally singing the songs people expected her to sing from the beginning. And after seeing Carrie Underwood Wednesday night, go back and watch Kristy's performance of "Anyway." See the difference? Yep, I thought so too. So Syesha and Kristy should still be on deck as the next to go. But any faltering by Jason or Brooke could see them in the hot seat. Carly has a chance to rebound and get herself back into favorite status with Cook and Archie. Of course, Cook needs some rebounding to do as well! And he looked very humbled to be heading to the couches this week. So much for arrogance right doubters?

I don't know what else to say kids. This is really has be lost for words (yet I keep writing!). I don't think I've been this stumped since Tamyra went home before Nikki! So with that said, I have two more prepared sections of thoughts that I already wrote up for you.

Idol Gives Back Thoughts:
Here was the comment I posted in the Tuesday blog about the Idol Gives Back episode

  • Good for Charity, so can't complain much.... except....
  • Archuleta had 5 words to memorize from Rent's "Seasons of Love" and still messed it up!
  • Miley Cyrus, actually not too bad! But 2 songs? Definitely trying to keep those ratings up with the kiddies!
  • Fergie with Heart - AWESOME!!!!
  • Carrie Underwood - RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!
  • Annie Lennox - LEGENDARY!!!!
  • Daughtry's acoustic "What About Now" - Pretty darn good too!
  • Kimmel's "Who parts that for you, MOSES?" - hysterical
  • other comedy - awful!
Highlights from Show:

  • Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's duet was actually really good! Crazy. Except I thought I heard some Ashley Simpson like Vocal Track assistance for Jordin. But the comedy came in when they start giving Jordin her plaques of disappointing sales figures. They had to resort to 1 Million iTunes single downloads instead of Multi-Million Album sales (yep...only 500,000 and it's been out for quite some time now!)
  • Presidential Candidates all gave their Idol Gives Back speech. McCain was the funniest. Let's vote for him!
  • All the other leftover clips that didn't air Wednesday aired tonight. Some more powerful and sad stuff.

And with that, I think I'm done! Is next week Mariah week? I think I read somewhere it was. Are they really all going to sing Mariah songs? Hmmmm Please Archie....sing "FANTASY" or "SOMEDAY" ! That really would make my night! But no, Archie will sing "There's Got to Be a Way" or "Hero" or "One Sweet Day" due to his Inspirational Music kick! Come on...dudes singing Mariah? There's something wrong with that! Of course, look at me....I know all of her songs apparently!

See you next week everyone!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

American Idol: Top 8 Perform

What an inspirationally boring night! That's all I have to say, well plus the thousand and a half words to follow! As predicted, entering Idol Gives Back week has brought us to "Songs that Inspire" or the "David Archuleta Special." Some of the contestants picked some good tunes, but that didn't make the night any more exciting for me! Some favorites took a step back. But on a night like this, it probably didn't matter. I'm sure they had their work cut out for them this week with 3 nights of performances to prepare for. Which brings me to my soapbox moment of the week. I read today that the WEDNESDAY Charity episode entitled "IDOL GIVES BACK" has already occurred! It was pre-taped on Sunday! What on earth is THAT about? Who wants to tune into a 2.5 hour pre-taped concert on Wednesday night and fork over cash? Maybe there are some live aspects that I don't realize. But it was in the Kodak theater and there were PHOTOS of Ryan and judges all decked out in in their penguinware. It discussed Carrie Underwood's performance, Brad Pitt's appearance, etc... Oh well, I'm sure I'll still be tuning in due to lack of anything else on! But I've made up my mind that no blog will be written! So let's get to work for the week. Here is the rundown of our Top 8 performances:

1. Michael Johns
"Dream On" by Aerosmith

Well, I can't say that Michael didn't take a step back with his performance this week. Last week was on the money with that bluesy vibe he brought to the Dolly Parton tune. This week was a carbon copy attempt at Steven Tyler's vocal track on "Dream On." I really don't think the screaming at the end was necessary. Yes, impressive that he was able to almost clone Stevie. But did it do him any favors? Probably not. Regardless, I think Michael is still riding the wave of success from that fantastic performance last week. This Aussie dreaming the American Dream is safe!

2. Syesha
Song: "I Believe" - Fantasia (written by season 1's Tamyra Gray)

I couldn't help but laugh at this song choice. Good ol' LAKITHSHA (yep lisp and all) took this ditty on last year during Idol Gives Back. Are they really struggling for tunes for these POWER VOCALISTS (i missed that word!) to belt out during Inspirational Week? The song was NEVER a great song. But it is well known from season 3 (worst season next to season 6) for being Tamyra Grey's attempt at songwriting and Fantasia BORINGo's attempt at being a TRUE American Idol. That being said, I totally agree with Simon and even wrote it in last year's blog. That song is SO identifiable with Fantasia, that hearing anyone else sing it just doesn't really do much. I'm repeating myself, but it was a year ago no one will remember. All I can picture when I hear the song is Fantasia jumping up and down with confetti all around her and the Idol Choir surrounding her singing the grand ol' IDOL SONG. And you picture all of this and the ghetto tears of the ghetto "chosen one" of season 3, then you look at Syesha singing the robotic version of the same song and then belting out a Whitney-like high note at the end. Well...that sums it up doesn't it? Trying to be her 2 favorite idols. And I'm sorry...but Fantasia is her Idol? I think I found a new person to dislike!

3. Jason Castro
Song: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - The IZ version

Castro impressed me with his ukulele skills this week. Sure, I'm sure it's not much different than the guitar, but he was able to show some versatility but still be who he wants to be up there. I rank this performance up there with his "Hallelujah" performance. Mainly, because I dig that version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Jason still isn't going to be winning any Idol trophies, but I still like the dude. I think he should be okay this week.

4. Kristy Lee Cook
"Anyway" - Martina McBride

I'm sure the untrained viewer probably thought Kristy Lee Cook wasn't too bad tonight, especially after hearing the praises of the judges. But I wasn't sure that she deserved THAT much praise. She has gotten a lot safer since her destruction of "8 Days a Week" on Top 12 night. But does that mean she should be getting praised for what she's performing now? Should she be told that she's being smart for singing country songs when that's what she wants to sing? And if people on this show are compared to Whitney when they sing Whitney, or Fantasia when they sing Fantasia (ugh...I still gag at the thought!), why wouldn't Kristy be judged against Martina one of the best country vocalists out there? (of course, we should include Carrie in that list too!) Martina is amazing on "Anyway" and we heard her sing it on Idol just last season and she was amazing then too! And Kristy comes along and gets by on it and gets praised by the judges? Come on, I could've gotten up there and sang in my best girl voice what Kristy Lee Cook did! (of course, she flew from Oregon to Philly and auditioned, i live near Philly and didn't! so I guess I should stop complaining!) Her goal is not to be in the bottom 3 this week. I don't know. She's been there 3 times now. Will America listen to the judges or their hearts? COME ON HEARTS!!!!
5. David Cook
"Innocent" - Our Lady Peace

David David David....what were you doing out there? Well let me get started with the song. I LOOOOOOOOVE that song. Our Lady Peace is a very underrated band! And I was glad to see David bringing them some publicity. But what was up with the starting Low then going high in mid-verse then returning to the lows? That was weird dude! Gotta agree with Simon....came off a bit pompous. The "Give Back" on the hand? Eh, I guess it's for a good cause, but for David, it just seemed like it was for the votes. Pains me to say all of this, because he is my one true hope of keeping Archie boy from the Season 7 throne! But I couldn't vote for that performance. So if Cook ends up in the bottom 3, it's my fault! But let's be honest. With all of the performances tonight, it's all relative. David has been on a streak lately and has built up a nice fan-base. He should be fine this week.

6. Carly Smithson
Song: "The Show Must Go On" - Queen

Ouch Carly. I really thought she was going to send this one flying out into the bleachers. But all I heard was flat note after sharp note after dull note! Never in the run of American Idol has PITCHY been more relevant than in that performance! Especially when she started doing her runs. It was really scary. Simon commented on her improved appearance. Really? Maybe he WASN'T talking about the tattoos after all. Of course, he might just be trying to save face from last week still. Because those Tats were still fully on display and so was her husband! Carly is in a lot of danger this week. Enough danger to go home over Syesha and Kristy Lee Cook? Yikes, I don't know. It was pretty bad and well it doesn't seem like many people like her either! We'll have to run through our analysis below (that has been so successful so far this year!)

7. David Archuleta
Song: "Angels" - Robbie Williams (no not Jessica Simpson!)

Ugh, pains me when he does something that I semi-enjoy. Good ol' Artichoke wasn't too bad this week. But come on! Like I said above, this was HIS week! How could he not come off well? He's been singing inspirational tunes since his audition! I had to laugh at his video clip when he was complaining about picking a song out of so many. I really believe it! All of those beautiful messages out there! But he picked a fantastic song. And yes "Angels" was HUUUUUUUUUGE for Robbie Williams in the UK. And when Robbie Williams invaded the US, he never saw much success past his first single "Millennium" even though "Angels" was on the CD. I loved that tune. And then Jessica Simpson had to go and use her popularity to try and make the song big here. Poor song! Anyway, I guess if I had to compare U.S. versions, I'd have to say Archuleta's was better than Jessica Simpson's! (see people? I can be nice!) I won't comment on his bland piano playing. Being a "pianist" myself, he just sat out there with the Grand piano for the LOOK, not for the skill. He knew the 12 year old girls would melt by seeing him behind the ebony and ivory. And the Mom's that brought them there would be like "awwww such a sweet boy and he can play the piano too!" Okay, he played like 3 chords over and over again people! Yes yes, I know he's not there to show off his skills on the keys, but Brooke convinced me that she could really play. And I don't want to hear all this crap that he's 17 and I should be impressed with that. I was playing at 17 too and could play circles around this kid! (that's right, PIANO CIRCLES!!) Anyway, what DID impress me about Davey tonight was what Randy touched on. Those crazy RUNS. They WERE very good. And he reminded me why he still is a favorite in this competition. I still don't want him to win, but I'll hand it to him. He made a good song choice and gave a decent vocal tonight. But talk about POMPOUS performances, how about that PIANO?

8. Brooke White
Song: "You've Got a Friend" - Carole King (no NOT James Taylor!)

Speaking of me playing the piano, "You've Got a Friend" was always one of those tunes that I found myself rocking out to on my keys whenever I sat down to mess with the piano. Why? Oh I dunno....."I LOOOOOOVE THE MESSAGE! It's such a WONDERFUL SONG!" Whoops, wrong contestant! So Brooke White chose to tell the world that the song was written by Carole King and NOT James Taylor. Well, thanks Brooke! Some of us knew that though! Anyway, she clearly was singing the version that was on that VH1 Divas Live (oh man, have I said too much? Seriously, I'm straight!) that Carole sang with the likes of Celine, Gloria Estefan and Shania Twain. I thought it was a perfect little ditty for Brooke to be singing. Like we've said before, she's never going to be impressing anyone with POWER VOCALS, but she impresses with her emotional performances. And I thought it was good. That being said, good enough for being out of the bottom 3? Well, she was there last week and a lot of people still love this girl. I gotta think they'll still bail her out! I think I've already made up my mind on the bottom 3 which can never be good! or Can it??

Okay, so if I were to choose MY bottom 3 before going through my analysis it would be Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado, and Carly Smithson. And I always say I should go with my gut right? Well let's see if I stick with that after the analysis:

Previous residents of the Bottom 3
: Kristy Lee Cook (3), Syesha Mercado (2), Jason Castro, Brooke White, Carly Smithson

Never Been in Bottom 3:
David Cook, David Archuleta, Michael Johns (and won't be this week)

Worst Performance of the Night:
Carly Smithson

Best of Night:
David Archiebunker, Jason Castro

Bottom 3:
Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson Wildcards: Brooke and Jason duh!

Carly Smithson - Not really her time to go...but it just seems that many people are not big fans of the Irish girl. And if you give them a reason not to vote, they will NOT vote. Plenty of reasons tonight! And America really has been voting off the worst performer every week (with exception of Kristy Lee Cook in the Top 12 week but that was during the David Hernandez scandal). I'm going with my gut on this one and we'll just have to see! Goodbye Carly, go get that tattoo removed, work on that accent and try again next year!

Okay kids, that's all I have for tonight. Who do you think is going home? Are you excited for the pre-taped Idol Gives Back-a-thon Wednesday night? Are you mad I'm not going to write about it? Maybe I'll post a comment in this blog with my very brief thoughts but that is IT! Until then, see you Thursday night for the results. Enjoy the show Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Say what you want about my methods. But I think I just pulled off the greatest April Fools joke of all time! (sorry Ryan, we all caught on to yours before you even started last night). The whole "Don't say her name and people will send her packing" campaign actually worked! Now yes, I did flub with my actual pick for elimination. It sure was a risk to throw her in there. But deep down inside for the past 2 weeks, I knew who was going home, I just haven't had the guts to put the name down! But at least we know that REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY for good or bad, works on the Idol Addicts Blog! Ladies and Gentlemen - The Homeless girl is sent off into the world to look for a home! REJOICE!!!!

Eliminated: Ramiele Malubay
Bottom 3: Ramiele, Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White
My Bottom 3: Syesha, Ramiele, Kristy Lee Cook
Dial Idol Bottom 3: Ramiele, Jason Castro, Kristy Lee Cook

So she's finally gone! America actually got it right tonight. It was sad to see Brooke in the bottom 3, but all things fair, she did belong there. And the worst thing is? Through process of elimination in last night's blog I KNEW she belonged there! There I go again letting personal opinions of contestants get in the way. But that's just it, this is a really weird season. I said before that Brooke isn't the best singer in the competition, but what she does do works for her. It's tough not to root for that. It was the same with Chickezie. It'll be the same with Jason Castro when he gets voted off. Our final 4 should be who were the first 4 to make the couch tonight. David Cook, Artichoke, Carly InksArm, and Michael Johns. Will it pan out that way? It might! Yeah, big flub on me to put Syesha in the bottom 3 let alone pick her to go home. I don't think I really believed that would happen, but at that point I was into my "if I pick Ramiele again she'll be safe!" mode. Oh well, I think I've said this in seasons' past. Does it matter what order they all go in? It's not like they're going to win anyway! As long as the people we think are going to go the distance stick around that's all we have to worry about!

Wow, so next week is IDOL GIVES BACK. Doesn't that mean we'll be singing INSPIRATIONAL ANTHEMS on Tuesday? Wow, it's like Idol Gives Back was invented for David Archieargyle! He was up to his tricks again with the "I love the message. It's such a good song!" lines. It's almost like Ryan asks him about the tunes just to get him to say the same thing over and over again! I'm still getting my hate mail over the artichoke and that I should take it easy on the guy. Hey, you all have your favorites, and I'm the realist! What can I do about it? I guess all I can do is wait until next Wednesday when an inevitable Miley Cyrus and David Apocalypto (yes, world will end if he wins!) duet happens sending 11 year olds across the country into a mass frenzy! Just can't wait for that!!!

Lowlights from the rest of the results show:
  • Q&A as awkward as ever!
  • 9 to 5 Group Performance - Ouch!
  • Okay, so the winner of America's Next Great Band just happens to have as a member Carrie Underwood's former Violin Player as their lead singer. Hmmmm and he WON the FOX competition? noooooo!!!! Why do I know this information? Because I know a lot of useless information! That's why I blog!
  • Nice to catch up with fellow Idol Humans Bo Bice and Bucky Covington to see what they're up to these days. Even resident ALIEN Phil Stacey and his human family. He's dropping a country album April 29th! Get in line now!
  • Dolly came to sing about Jesus. Were you feelin it? I think she should've held a mic personally, she looked like she didn't know what to do with herself up there! But you gotta love Dolly!
  • Simon told Carly she's a cute girl. Did anyone else get the heebee jeebees from that? Let's just hope she comes out wearing a jacket next week! But the trend continued where she at least attempted to cover up the arm on results night! She has 3 nights next week to dress for, should be interesting!

Idol Gives Back. Yikes, I have no idea what to expect. We'll have our performances Tuesday and results show Thursday. The 2 hour Charity-thon on Wednesday. Not sure if I'll blog the Wednesday night show or not. I think it was a game-time decision last year. Since we already know there will be no results that night, I probably will skip it! But we can make that call next week!

Well, thanks everyone for supporting my short-lived campaign this week of "SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED!!!" It was a good time, and we got the job done! Next up: Kristy Lee Cook! Let's get her off the show! Farewell Ramiele, I've already tried to say goodbye 3 other times and you just kept crying and pouting your way back onto the show! Well now you and Danny Noriega can go and re-create your very own Niagara Falls together!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

American Idol: Top 9 Perform

Finally! An hour episode! I never remember them trying to fit 9 contestants in an hour before. I always thought it started at 8. Nevertheless, these 2 episodes (this and next) have to be the most stressful for the Idol Producing team to keep things moving quickly. They still ran over into HELL'S KITCHEN. But you have to think that's intentional too to pull in the ratings to the next show! Anyways, it was DOLLYWEEK! And, I was a little concerned about it going in. I was hoping Dolly would just be a mentor and they could choose to do her songs or any country songs. But you know what? When you're a talented songwriter, you're a talented songwriter and these contestants really couldn't pick a bad song! In fact, I think iTunes will be getting some major Dolly Hits tonight for her new album and for some of these old gems. It's going to be another tough week to pick folks. Because, some of the performances that might be hitting the bottom 3 were actually still enjoyable performances for me. It really is going to depend on how the rest of America views the performances and how much they listen to Simon! Because tweedle dee and tweedle dumber were saying pretty much the same thing about everyone. It was a GLORIOUS night wasn't it Paula? Did we start out kinda rough but by the end pull it off Randy? Yikes, maybe it WOULD be interesting to bring in a new crop of judges to breathe some life into this show. I guess you just can't mess with the successful formula! Anyway, you're not here to read my ramblings! (hmmm then why are you here?) We have work to do!! Let's break this down!

1. Brooke White
Song: "Jolene"

I have to make a statement that I really haven't talked about yet. Last week with Jason Castro and this week with Brooke. For some reason when the Idols go acoustic, Nigel and Co. ask the crowd to clap along to the song. This is an awful awful awful idea! Sure, if they could clap with the beat of the song that's one thing. But last week it was totally out of sync with Castro's tune which may have assisted in his bottom 3 placement. This week with Brooke it was similar but not as bad because they had some crazy wooden box on stage and a violinist dressed like he was going to a fancy dinner in a trailer at Woodstock. I agree with Simon. That was one crazy band. And sure Brooke defended them and sure it has nothing to do with Brooke's vocal. But it was distracting! I kept looking at the background singer and thinking...."man, does she really need to wear those crazy tops every week? She really shouldn't be!" And well I already mentioned Cheech and his Violin. Let's talk about crazy mustache guy and his wooden box! Sure I'm sure it has a name and I think they busted that puppy out in Season 5 for Katharine McPhee's rendition of "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" (yup and crazy mustache guy was there too! Check out the youtube clip!) Anyway, I still liked Brooke. She's just an enjoyable talent and performer. Yeah, not the most ideal IDOL voice. She's always hitting some sharp notes here and there. But for her, it works. I can't explain it. But you know like Paula said. She IS Brooke White! That says it all. I don't know if Brooke needs to really worry about the bottom 3 just yet. Everyone I talk to keep telling me she's one of their favorites. I'm one of them too. So we're going to keep her safe!

2. David Cook
Song: "Little Sparrow"

So maybe you've been reading for the past week about David getting backlash for his renditions of songs the past few weeks. Last week Chris Cornell's rendition, Eleanor Rigby was a version of Doxology that he found online. And one week he did a Whitesnake version of something. I read somewhere that this should be a compliment. The backlash is coming because David has reached frontrunner status. And yeah, Idol should be upfront about the renditions he's using. Of course, they always love to do the little interviews with Ryan and Contestant to clear the air. For anyone that's not keeping up with the backlash, it's just an informative little event. And for anyone keeping up with it...they'll know it's because DOXOLOGY wanted credit where credit was due. Translation: they want people downloading THEIR version of the tune on iTunes. Anyway, David thanked the judges for their generous feedback (in other words, giving D.C. credit for doing his own renditions of the tunes...besides "Billie Jean") Sure it was all a little cheesey, but you gotta give Idol credit for being able to resolve a week of backlash in 1 minute's time. And to top things off....Cook comes into Dolly week with his OWN rendition of "Little Sparrow" and he really pulled it off. It didn't sound like another alternative/grunge version of a song. It just sounded like David Cook's version of a country song with a rockish edge. And I gotta say, the haircut helped take him more seriously too didn't it ladies? I'm still sticking with D.C. through until the end. But after tonight, I'm starting to think that I might not even have to worry about D.C. overtaking the ARCH-MEISTER in the final 2! Oh yes kids, there is someone else with some serious skills that's finally come out of his hiding place!

3. Ramiele Malubay
Song: "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind"

Maybe if I spell her name correctly, they'll finally kick her off! I mean, this is clearly one of two contestants that do not have a shot at winning the whole thing. Yeah, there are clear favorites to win it, but then there are others who become contenders on a given week. Ramiele has NEVER in all the weeks in front of a live audience, been one of those contenders. This week was no different. Yeah she hit some big notes, they weren't spectacular. And how about the smaller low notes that no one heard? I've said my piece with her. She's not going to win, and she'll get kicked off whenever the rest of America realizes that! My vote would be for this week! (again)

4. Jason Castro
"Travelin' Through"

Poor Jason, we said it last week. He can only be the type of singer/musician that he is. And I really enjoyed his rendition of "Travelin' Through." Sure, I never heard Dolly's rendition but that's not the point. His performance made me want to buy the song! It was just enjoyable. But as a SINGER in a singing competition? Yikes...I don't know. I had some of the same complaints about Jason as I did Ramiele. Low notes were almost a whisper. But the dude is just so likeable. And he really is a good performer for the type of musician he wants to be. It's a tough call. American Idol can be able the total package too not just the voice. And it's really up to America. Simon was still in his grumpy mood on this one and didn't get Jason's performance. Which camp do you all fall in? I'm undecided, but based on other performances Jason may have to worry about a 2nd trip to the bottom 3.

5. Carly Smithson
Song: "Here You Come Again"

Well I only wrote down one word when I was listening to Carly tonight because that's exactly what I was doing, listening not worrying about notes. That word? AWESOME! She really did nail that song tonight. I don't know what else she needs to do to win over Simon. But the thing is, I really did agree with the one comment Simon made. She really does need a wardrobe adjustment. Come on, we all know it! That tattoo is hideous!!! There has to be a way to cover it up! I really think if she did, she may be more appealing to voters. But really, if she doesn't get ANOTHER record deal out of this show, there's probably something wrong with the world. I think she'd sell more than 500 copies this time around.

6. David Archuleta
"Inspirational Ballad #7" oops "Smokey Mountain Memories"

I give up everyone. I just don't get the appeal. I know he can sing and yeah I say that every week! But I think Dolly said it best this week. He has the vocal ability to "BECOME A GREAT SINGER." Do you know what that word BECOME means? It means he's NOT THERE YET! Oh and that Smokey Mountain tune sure gave him chills when he heard it. Made him think of home and his parents. Awwww all the Mommies and Tweenies crying at home with their speed dials already set to go right at 8:59pm. And then the JUDGES...oooohhh the Judges. What is wrong with them? They were all over Davey (or should I call him ARGYLE ARCHIE this week?) on this performance. They loooooooved it. Simon finally come out of Oscar the Grouchville and just was ordering barrels and barrels of Artichokes off of the menu. What can I say that I haven't said already? He's got a great voice, he is NOT going to win!!!! And I have the same complaint with him that I did with Ramiele and Jason. LOW NOTES can't hear 'em! Wait a minute, even the front runner of the competition can't sing the low notes over the band? hmmmm maybe when he eventually "BECOMES" a great singer, this won't be a problem! 2008? He ain't there yet!

7. Kristy Lee Cook
"Coat of Many Colors"

Well here she is America. Country girl on Country week. She's in her WHEELHOUSE! (what Randy?) I mean she wasn't baaaaad I guess right? She wasn't great either. I thought she nailed the end of the song which is what people may remember. But you know what I'll remember? When she said that she'd rather impress Dolly Parton than her Mother. Hmm...I don't care how awesome Dolly is. You always want to impress your Mom! Even ARCHIE wants to impress his Mom! My Mom reads these blogs and yeah I want to get recognized by Entertainment Weekly to replace Michael Slezak one day (God he can drive me nuts. That Fantasia loving nut!) but I still love to get my mother's feedback on the blog! Anyways, I don't know. I thought Kristy had this one in the bag this week. But based on the other performances, I think she may still have to worry about the bottom 3. Of course, I put her in that bottom 3 last week with that mindset and she was safe by a mile. Ugh tough call!

8. Syesha Mercado
"I Will Always Love You"

Well, you want to talk predictable. Let's take a girl that would sing Whitney Houston every week if she had the opportunity and put her in Dolly Parton week. Now I'm sure there were many of the 30 million viewers out there that still did not know that Dolly Parton originally wrote and performed that song before Whitney made it the smash #1 hit from the "Bodyguard Soundtrack" (seriously, Kevin Costner as a Bodyguard??? That's hysterical isn't it??). But all that said and done, you have to give credit to Syesha for knowing that she shouldn't do the song straight-up Whitney (sorry for the accidental Paula Abdul song reference.) She did some kind of melding of the Dolly version and the Whitney version and sat on top of a piano and just belted away. Yeah, tough to live in the shadow of two greats on that tune. But I thought she did her thing. And if the majority of the song didn't impress America, maybe holding out that last note for that lengthy period of time did the trick? Of course, is Syesha running out of fans? She found herself in the bottom 3 last week after a decent outing. But will that mean her fans will get her back into safe havens this week? Tough tough call again!

9. Michael Johns
"It's All Wrong but it's All Right"

1st Concert ever was a Dolly Parton concert in 1986. Must've been a baby? Yeah right Dolly! That boy was 8 years old! I saw Billy Joel when I was 8. I wonder if he became an obsessive Dolly fan for the rest of his life! Anyway, when I was saying earlier that there may be 2 threats to take down ARGYLE ARCHIE it should be no surprise that I was referring to Michael Johns. We thought that last week's Queen resurgence was just that. His ability to only perform the hell out of Queen songs exclusively. Well that perception was all wrong and Mr. Johns tonight was ALL RIGHT! All I can say is what I say on my LOST blogs every week. WOW! That was one heckuva performance! Ooozing with soul and emotional lyrics. Maybe even a little inappropriate for a family show with the way he sang "Sexy Lovin' Lies" but man was it powerful! And to put the man LAST with that powerful tune? It can only help propel him forward into destinations we thought were already fictional territory for him. That's right everyone, MICHAEL is back with a vengeance! And I voted for 2 contestants tonight. D. Cook and Michel Johns (yep that guy I thought had a goofy voice throughout the auditions only to discover that goofy voice was just his Australian accent!). Come on, you watch David and Michael perform these WONDERFUL mature renditions of Dolly tunes and then you look at David Archuleta's performance. Can't you all see the difference? Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm the idiot. But then again, my track record on picking idols and weeding out the pretenders speaks for itself! So I'll just keep sticking to my guns.

Of course picking Idols is one thing, picking my bottom 3 and elimination pick has been a nightmare this year! And it's not looking to get any better anytime soon. Will we get a surprise elimination this week? Or can we finally start weeding out some of the people that have overstayed their welcome? I'm going to do some more analysis on this this week. I don't want to go through the embarrassment of last week again!

Contestants in no fear of the bottom 3 this week: David Cook, Carly Smithson, David Archuleta, Michael Johns (based on tonight, should be our final 4)

Bottom 3 last week: Syesha, Castro

People that have graced bottom 3 since top 12: Kristy Lee Cook (2), Syesha Mercado (2), Carly Smithson, Jason Castro

People that have escaped the bottom 3 but should not have ever: Ramiele Malubay

As predicted last week, should get a boost from voters due to his beautiful dreads: Jason Castro

Someone I haven't mentioned yet and am starting to get scared: Brooke White
Here we go!

Bottom 3: Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado, Ramiele Malubay Wildcard: Brooke White Bonus Wildcard: Jason Castro

Elimination Pick: Syesha Mercado - Well I kinda predicted this at the end of last week, and looking at the numbers, it just seems to add up to this. I don't think Syesha has fans that got so upset with last week that they're rallying to her cause. On the other hand with Jason Castro, I think his fans got scared and WILL rally to the cause. While I thought she did have a decent performance, the picking of a song that Whitney made popular just seems predictable and also ignorant. From the outside it looks like she didn't even bother to broaden her horizons to try and learn some other songs Dolly wrote. It looks like "oh SHE wrote that Whitney song? oooh I'll do that!!!" I don't think she should be the one to go home this week, but that's why I'm kinda feeling that it might be right. So farewell Syesha, we've known ya for a couple months now but we still barely know you! I'm fine keeping it that way!

Of course, all of this is reverse-psychology in hopes that the person that DESERVES to go home actually does. We'll see! (I won't even say it!...just crossing my fingers!) Well, what do you all think about DOLLY NIGHT? Are you excited to hear her sing a tune off of BACKWOODS BARBIE Wednesday night? Do you agree with my bottom 3? Do you agree with anything I've said? ARGUE, AGREE, TELL ME HOW FUNNY I AM, whatever!! Get your thoughts in those comments! And I'll see you Wednesday night for the results!