Thursday, December 22, 2011

X-Factor Finale Part 1 - Final 3 Perform

Hello everyone!  I have mixed feelings about tonight's episode.  There is a clear winner out of these 3, but the judges still have me worried about the clearly less talented one winning.  Maybe they've seen the voting tallies and are trying to "act" like they're behind the guy so they don't look like fools when he wins.  But, I can't honestly sit here and say that he's impressed me every week and there is no way I'm picking him to be the winner of this show.  And I'll tell you one thing.  If he does win, I'm out!  No sense in writing about this show or possibly even watching it when it's skewed to let sub-par people go home with the gold.  ($5 Million gold at that)  If the right thing is done, then we'll see.  Anyway, let's get to the quick recap and picks!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

X Factor Final 4 Perform (Semi-Finals)

Guys, I just don't know if I should even bother commenting on this show because it would be REDUNDANT!!!   Yes, Steve Jones, I used the word correctly here because my comments will be very similar to last week.  Between his misuse of words and his persistent rants for us to follow them on "TWITTAAAAAAHHHH!!!!"  I really think the dude needs to be shipped back over the pond next year.  Can I possibly miss Ryan Seacrest's MC skills?  It certainly pains me to say it.  It's actually made me miss Idol a bit.  But, I'm sure that will all change once AI gets back on the air as always!   Anyway, there are 2 REAL contestants here, 1 guy with a great "comeback" story and a sorta likability factor, and then there's Marcus.  That's how I sum up these final 4 performances.  If you want to read my redundant thoughts on each contestant for pure entertainment purposes, please continue on!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

X-Factor - Final 5 Perform

Well, no doubt last week was a shocker for many with the whole Drew ousting.  And many feel it was Paula and Nicole's fault.  I'm not saying I'm a fan of Marcus or anything, but he did do better between the two of them in that face-off.  And Simon is the one that put her in that position with the song choices every week.  Everyone has had a week to settle down and now we're pretty convinced that Josh or Melanie will win this thing, right?   Well, that's how I felt going into last night.  It's still what I want, but I'm scared the show may be going in another direction.  And for me, it may be an unredeemable direction!   Let's divulge in our quick recap below.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

X-Factor Final 7 Perform

So here's a question, how much butt kissing of the Jackson family can you do in 90 minutes?  Well, we got our answer last night!  Wasn't that a bit awkward to keep asking Michael's kids questions like that over and over again?  They clearly were just going through the motions and would rather have just sat there and watched the show.  But hey, any chance to see Tito again....     Anyway, we were treated to the soothing sounds of butchered Michael Jackson tunes all night.  And we have yet another double elimination to look forward to!  I guess this answers my questions of how they were going to narrow this thing down before the end of December!   Anyway, here's my quick thoughts on each contestant and my elimination picks.  I'm not as confident this week but how about me getting it right AGAIN last week?  It's almost like I have cracked this show's code! We'll see if I can do it again...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

X-Factor Final 9 Perform

Hello X-Factor watchers!  Did you remember the day shift this week due to Thanksgiving?  If not, you'll get to read my brief thoughts below.  I have to admit, the first few performances were almost painful to watch due to all of the family love and preaching to the audience.  And even when I thought we were clear of it, Josh had to take a moment to thank the audience as well!   Maybe for some people this was endearing.  For me it was absolutely cringe-worthy and "turn away from the TV in embarrassment for the contestants"-worthy.  Of course, the only thing more cringe-worthy was the robot host unsuccessfully trying to keep the show moving.  It's pretty creepy when he tries to add some humanity to his act.  He'll awkwardly put his arm around a contestant and grunt, "mmmmm you did good!"  Hysterical.  Amazing that I'd actually be longing for Mr. Seacrest.   Also, before I get into this recap.  Does anyone else know Buzz TV for the various video game systems?  Please tell me that the X-Factor Music combined with this host dude talking doesn't remind you of it!

Okay, I'm throught with all of my rants.  Tonight's episode was decent but all of the giving thanks themed music was a little over dramatic.  But we'll try to weed out the worst of the night!  Here we go.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

X-Factor Final 10 Perform

Hello X-Factorists!  Another so-so night for the live shows.  Last night's "ROCK SHOW" brought some good performances, some awful performances and some "that dude has some mad skills!" performances.  No need in buttering everyone up. Let's just get to the quick thoughts and elimination pick, for which I'm 2 for 2 now! I don't see me doing it again, but we'll see.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

X-Factor: Final 11 Perform

Hello all!   Still don't know if anyone is reading these things and I'm very pressed for time today so I think this will be an even quicker recap with my elimination pick as well.  (I'm 1 for 1 with X-Factor elimination picks!  Probably should quit while I'm ahead.)   Here we go!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

X-Factor: Final 12 Perform

Hello X-factorists!  So the live show last night was a mix of some really good performances, some average performances, and some cringeworthy performances.  I don't have a lot of time so I'm gonna break this down really quickly and somehow pick who is going to go home by the end (which is still a little confusing how this will work on a week to week basis).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

X Factor Season 1: Top 12 Revealed

Hello American Idol Addicts blog fans! I have been questioned several times off the blog and on if I would be recapping X Factor. I had mentioned on my newest blog that we would see how things go and if anything, I’d maybe write something during the live shows. This blogging business is pretty time consuming! And my non-blogging life has gotten much busier, but I’m going to experiment with some quick commentary for the LIVE performance shows. If I miss an episode, please don’t get too upset! I’m trying my best, and there’s a lot going on!

That all being said, I really am digging the X Factor. It’s great to have Simon and Paula back on our TVs. L.A. Reid has been a much welcome voice of reason (most of the time) and his facial expressions are superb. I can do without Nicole and I don’t really understand why they went with her over Cheryl Cole. And how about host Steve Jones’ ability to keep the show moving along? It was hysterical when he cut off a “lost for words” Paula. Although, I was a little sad, because usually whatever Paula would eventually come up with would be pure unintentional comedy gold! Anyway, did I mention that talent on this show? So far it has been incredible! I feel like we usually say that about the Idol contestants at first too but these people seem like legit talent finds. Where have they been hiding?? Well for starters, the age range is completely different for the show (minimum age 13…that’s it!) so some people that NEVER would have been eligible for Idol have auditioned on both ends of the spectrum.

Anyway, I figured I’d list out the top 12 with a little bit of additional commentary for this week’s blog post. And we’ll see how things go from here! More after the jump!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Finale - Here we go again!

Hello American Idol fans!  Well, I took a chance and blew it once again!!  But, deep down I knew I was making the wrong choice.  But, my major flaw is that I usually pick who I'm rooting for and not for the most likely to win.  I have speculated all season and some of last season on the impact of texting to the voting system and the demographics around who uses texting the most of all.  I think it's safe to say after the past few years that this is scientific fact now.  And if I'm doing this next year, please remind me to stick to my guns through to the end (if AI doesn't change the voting system, of course)!  Anyway, let's pay our congratulations to the man (boy) of the hour!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Scotty vs. Lauren

Hello American Idol fans!  Welcome to the American Idol Junior Finale!  The Justin Bieber Country Spectacular!  Baby lock dem doors and turn the crazy lights on high!  The finale of the Simon-Less American Idol has arrived.  The season overall?  Not too bad, not too bad.  They pulled me out of retirement for live show recapping, so that says something.  But maybe it was to help fill the void of an actual critical judge!  Anyway, we're here at the end of the road with 2 contestants that not everyone is thrilled about.  Scotty, the country crooner that early on I thought would tire on us, but eventually became the hands-on Taylor Hicksian favorite to win the competition.  Then there is Lauren, the early on favorite that we rolled our eyes at because of Nigel Lythgoe tweeting his support during the auditions for her.  We immediately wanted to hate her, but she won us over with that charm (well, a lot of us).  While she won us over though, she ended up lacking a killer performance to make us all swoon over her.  But she became an underdog that people wanted to root for.  People wanted her to have her moment and voted people that DID tire on us off of the show.  And while many of us voted and voted for Lauren to be in that finale with Scotty, I wasn't sure if I would want to vote in this final performance episode unless she really sold me that she deserved it.   Did she?  We'll have to find out.   I've been pretty much saying this was Scotty's competition to lose and he has seemingly dominated all season long.  Can one night turn the tide?  I just don't know.  But let's find out as we recap this finale as we always do!  ROUND BY ROUND!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 3 Perform

Hello American Idol fanatics!  Can you smell it?  Smell that end of season excitement?  I sure can!  As enticing as it is to rip these contestants a new one or praise them week after week, I sure do look forward to taking a break from it too!  But, alas, we have arrived at the top 3.  And we still ask ourselves, HOW ON EARTH IS HALEY HERE?!  I mean, come on, we had her pegged to leave us before the top 10!  The only thing I can think of is she just got lucky.  Because that personality of hers sure isn't winning her any fans.  The voice, yeah it's good.  But that mumbly, growly stuff she does still annoys the heck out of me!  I know, we're not even into the recap yet, but what scares me is this.  Now that she has made it this far, things are looking almost like a certainty that she could be in that finale.  I'll get into my reasons why in the recap and after.  And I may just change my mind along the way.  Guess we'll all just have to read on and find out!

Before we get to the recap let me just throw one large complaint out to the American Idol team and/or FOX for making the top 3 show 2 hours!  Ummm, total waste of time.  I know I know, FOX had no programming to air from 9:30-10:00 but come on.  Did we really need to see extended audition footage again of each contestant?  Did we need Beyonce's crazy music video that resembled something out of a Lady Gaga wardrobe malfunction?  Did we need to find out who won each round?  Something usually reserved for Finale Week?  The show has been done before and should have been done in an hour.  But, we should get used to it.  X-Factor will be following the same 1.5 Hour Performance, Hour result shows in the fall.  (Same nights too, Weds and Thursday)   That's just the new FOX model.  But 2 hours??  That's pushing it Fox!  

Okay, to the recap!

Friday, May 13, 2011

(Technical Difficulties) Top 4 Results

Hey guys. Looks like blogger has removed the top 4 post temporarily. I wasn't planning h to write too much about the results since I'm away from home. But I guess I'll just post something real quickly from my phone.

Bottom Line, I am more shocked that Haley is still in than I am that James is gone. But it still is a bit of a shock that he went home. Yeah with the Chris Daughtry comparison we sorta saw it coming. But I blame his misstep with Journey. I saw comments on and off the blog that people enjoyed the performance but I still thought it wasn't the best song choice for him, even if I love the song.

I hope this means Scotty and Lauren are locked in for
The top 2. But with them both being country and with Haley being the pick, there's a lot riding against it too. I guess we will see what happens.

Rest of results show was decent. The 2 big country songs for our top 4 are both enjoyable tunes. They sounded better than normal. Could have done without Enrique. Jordin Sparks was announcing to the world that she is a certifiable woman now. The song wasn't too bad. Nothing I'll be buying but nice to see she is doing okay for herself.

So that's all I have kids. Definitely a bizarre season with eliminations. But Scotty is still in it which is not shocking. But can he lose? I guess that's still a question we need to ponder. Your turn America! What do you think?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 4 Perform

Hello American Idol enthusiasts and welcome back for yet another recap of this crazy show!  Well, I'm stumped.  We are down to 4 contestants and 3 of them are 3 that we figured would be sticking around to the end (ever since Pia got the boot).  But there is one that has been quite the stubborn contestant that just won't take a hint!  And for the Top 4 we have the bizarre combo of "Inspiring Songs" and "Lieber & Stoller Songbook".   It's like taking random themes from previous seasons and throwing them into one show.  Weird.  Oh yeah, and OF COURSE Lady Gaga had to grace us with her bizarre presence.  How can anyone take her critiques seriously when she looks the way she does?  I mean, there are no words to explain the horns coming out of her face and the makeup that she put around her face and straight into her hair.  I mean WHAAAAT!?!  (For the record, I am not pretending to be any expert on make-up artistry and know that it was probably some kind of dye in her hair, but let me make my jokes!!)   Talented lady (even if she ripped off Madonna for her first single off this new album), but I just don't see the appeal of her theatrics and outfits.  But whatever.  So, who goes home tonight?  I have my guess, and it is just that...a guess.   But we'll go through the recap as usual!  Let's do it!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 5 Perform

Hello American Idol fanatics!  These 5 really brought it tonight didn't they!?  Well, I guess I'd say for the most part it was a pretty solid show.  I hate how they are content with keeping the show an hour and a half still.  I don't think we ever had 2 songs each when we got down to the top 5.  I thought it was top 3, maybe top 4 and they fit it in an hour.  So we were treated to the judges talking on and on about who knows what?  I love when they argued back and forth with Jacob about whatever and I was yelling at the TV "No one cares about him growing as an artist!  We want him to go home!!!!"  Anyway, so that's where we're at.  THEN AND NOW the theme for tonight and the fabulous Sheryl Crow was there to guide these younglings along with Jimmy Iovine as always.  Let's get to it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 6 Perform

Hello American Idol fanatics!  Welcome to Carole King night!  I know, we all dreaded it when the name was mentioned.  Don't get me wrong, she has written some amazing songs over a 50 year career but a whole night of her songs?  Yikes, that's a tall order.  The night didn't turn out to be too bad in the end though.  Not sure if all the kiddies out there will have loved it but it was an enjoyable night of music for me.  Of course, not without some low points!  So there are 6 contestants left and if you followed the discussions in the comments last week, you'll know that most of the people reading/commenting are are on the same page with who we think the frontrunners are.  So, it's just a matter of trimming the fat at this point.  Granted, there may still be a few shockers along the way, but I personally don't believe it's going to happen this week.  And hey, if there's any week where I can feel confident about my picks, it's the week after I throw a perfect game with a perfect bottom 3 call and elimination pick of Stefano!!   Seriously though, that's all I'll brag about it.  It wasn't that tough to call last week!   Anyway, let's get into the recap!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 7 Perform

Hello American Idol watchers!  We're back for the top 7 performances.  The remaining contestants "soothed" our ears with the sounds of the 21st Century (and...maybe one cheated a bit with that rule).  And don't worry, even though we only have 7 contestants left, they found many ways to keep the show at an hour and a half, instead of giving us 30 extra minutes of our lives to enjoy say...I don't know a Flyers playoff game or ABC comedies!  I guess FOX is content with hogging 2.5 hours of its week with the ratings hog.  Seriously though, they better not extend it to 2 hours next week and give the contestants 2 songs each already!

Anyway, the night wasn't too bad.  Everyone was pretty much performing at the top of their game.  If not with their voices, then they had their "Game Faces" on.  Getting votes by winking at cameras or kissing judges you name it!  So, in the end, who goes home tomorrow?  I have my thoughts, that doesn't mean they'll be right but stick around and you can see my thought process in motion!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 8 Perform

Hello American Idol fandom!  Well, it has been a week since Pia's ousting.  Is everyone over it?  I thought I was.  I even bought into Nigel Lythgoe telling America that he wasn't surprised by the ousting because he has seen the results week after week.  He knew Pia wasn't resonating with America.  Well, I'm sure the lack of personality helped, but I think there was a bit of "America assumed she was safe" going on.  And we can't forget the skewed voting system and "nice" judges that we all discussed last week either.   So, that was before the show that I thought I was over it.  Now, as I sit here after the show I can't help think that it is sorely missing someone with a WOW factor.  No one can deny her amazing vocals.  It explains why Interscope already nabbed her up with a record deal.  I couldn't help but roll my eyes and throw my hands in the air questioning the contestants and the judges on their song choices.  There were a couple stand-outs I guess but nothing that would make me run out and buy their albums.  So with that said, I'm already looking forward to tomorrow night when a TRUE Idol can take the stage and show them how it's done.  Kelly Clarkson will no doubt be singing her duet with Jason Aldean at the results show "Don't You Wanna Stay".  Anyway, I guess we have to pick someone to go home so I'll see what I can do.  But, just like what happened in the most recent seasons for me, I honestly don't care.  Bring on Movie Night and inexplicably more Will.I.Am!!!  (And go see RIO this weekend!)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 9 Results, Officially Shocked

It figures, once I write off writing results show recaps, the most ridiculous results show in Idol History has to happen!  Yes, we have had shockers before but they have come in the top 5 or top 4 when a huge favorite to win is ousted.  But never.....NEVER has the truly best singer in the competition with the most commercial appeal get ousted in the top 9.  NEVER!  Yes, I had her pegged for the top 2, top 3 at least.  And she is out of here.  It's one of those eliminations that make me wonder again "why is this show worth watching?"  I just don't have an answer for you guys yet.  But, I do have a pretty solid theory on what the problem is.  And if you stay tuned after the jump, I'll get right into it.  Ladies and gentlemen, click on to see our ousted contestant.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 9 Perform

Hello Idol fanatics and welcome back to another week of amateur singing dissection!  So it seems like some of the contestants didn't get the memo that this was "ROCK N' ROLL" WEEK!   Yes yes, I know that some of the best known ballads come from rock artists but COME ON!!!  I'm not saying that all of those performances were necessarily bad, they just didn't really fit with the week's theme in my opinion.  Some shined, some were just okay.  But I think I have this week's bottom 3 pegged (or at least who it probably SHOULD be).

Before we get to the recap let me just rant about a few things.   I said it after the results show last week (in the comments of last week's recap), what is up with all of the love on Idol?   First of all, it's ROCK N' ROLL week!  Don't even try to pass off that Black Eyed Peas crap music as Rock!  (Mazel Tov!)  Maybe Will knows something about being a performer, but the dude can barely sing, why has he been showcased on American Idol for 3 episodes so far?  Makes no sense whatsoever to me!    Gripe #2 - I think we have known this was the case for weeks now, but I finally need to raise it as an issue.  While entertaining, the judges are bringing absolutely NO VALUE to the table.  They are a group of praisers.  Even Randy when trying to keep it real, still can't just flat out say when something didn't work.  So, we are left to our own devices to weed out who really wasn't good.

Hey, I'm more than up for the job!  And the best part?  Simon can't steal my lines before I write them on this blog!   So here we go folks!  Let's find a contestant to give the boot!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 11 Perform (Again)

"Hey Kids!!  Shake it loose together, the spotlight's hitting something that's been known to change the weather.  We'll kill the fatted calf tonight so stick around!"  Welcome to "ELTON JOHN night*" American Idol fans.  And what a night it was.  You really can't go wrong with Elton's "electric music" rocking us all night long.  I think it has been quite some time since the last Elton themed night (season 3 I believe).  I remember Billy Joel night in season 2 and remember being so depressed that THAT crop of contestants were butchering Billy's tunes.  (ugh Josh Gracin, I'll never forgive you for your rendition of "Piano Man")   Anyway, being a singing pianist myself, it was nice to see the piano on stage all night, complete with iPad Sheet Music!  I need to get me some of that!  And for the most part, the contestants continued to impress.  Yes, there were some flubs from a couple of the predictable ones.  And one surprise performance from someone I wished would just go away.  But we'll get to all of that in the recap.  But for now, 2 weeks straight I'm glad I'm back doing this writing gig! 2 go home Thursday night! Let's get on with it.

*Disclaimer: Lyrics by Bernie Taupin on "Elton John Night"   Oh...and this show was brought to you by Coca Cola, NOT Pepsi Mr. Durbin and your Michael Jackson reference!   Don't you forget who is paying for your flaming piano!  (no pun intended, being Elton John night and all) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 11 Perform

Hello Idol fanatics!  We're back.  And what a difference a week makes!  I guess Motown week usually brings out the best in contestants.  Everyone knows the songs, and people can really showcase their voices with them.  There really is not one contestant I can point to this week and say they were horrible.  No, I think the ones that will be in danger are the ones that are forgettable or unlikable.  (i.e. the usual suspects)  But, I will do my standard ritual of talking about each contestant individually before declaring my results!   Let's dive on in!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 12 Perform

Well wasn't that a mix bag of disaster and awesomeness?  Hello Idol fans and welcome back to another one of my "why did I get back into this?" recaps!  They really did front load this week's "Songs from the year you were born" agenda with most of the bad performances.  About 6 singers in, I was about to call it a day and give up.  But naturally, I forgot about some of the people still in the competition, and they didn't let down.  There were a couple surprises and a couple letdowns along the way as well.  I'm sure people will disagree with some of my critiques but I can only call them as I see them, as usual.  So, no more hesitation required.  My brief thoughts, after the jump.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 13 Results

Well kids, looks like I found a few minutes for a little blurb.  I can always find time to pat myself on the back when I get things right!  This one really was no shocker, and even the bottom 3 wasn't too shocking.  So let's just get right to it!  THE ELIMINATED CONTESTANT IS....

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 13 Perform

Hello Friends!  We're back for the top 13 and I have to say, I'm starting to regret coming back out of retirement for this!  This week did nothing for me at all.  There may have been a couple good performances, but for the most part I was just utterly bored for 2 hours.  And is it me or does the AUDIO feed coming to our TVs not sound as good for these live shows?  I thought it was my surround system dying or something but it sounds fine on commercials and every other show.  You'd think for a show being judged by how it sounds that it would be giving America the best sound to hear it!   So I don't know.  Maybe the judges were telling the truth for a lot of these contestants by saying they were great.  But it certainly did not sound that way to me.  By the way, did you know tonight's episode was pre-recorded?  They wanted to make sure they fit all 13 contestants into 2 hours.  Now, I'm not sure when it was ACTUALLY recorded but Steven Tyler wished someone a Happy International Women's day and that was yesterday (my wife made sure I knew!).   So that's kinda bizarre.  Anyway, I'm not really sure I'll have much to comment on below.  (I say that a lot)  So we'll just see how this goes.  Could be tough to pick who is going home.  The contestants sang songs from their "IDOLS" and Jimmy Iovine and his production team  gave them some tips on how to improve their sound.  The reviews after the jump.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 13 Revealed!

Okay, so I lied!  Looks like for at least THIS week I am doing a results show recap!  But there were performances so I feel like I kind of need to say something!  We had no idea how this episode was going to go down, but I gotta say that I am a fan of this format.  Sure, they drew it out as much as they could to get some additional ad dollars.  (Hey, if we need to watch additional half hours of Idol to keep shows like FRINGE on the air, bring it on!!)   But I just liked the idea of a 1 week sudden death semi-finals.  We have been theorizing for years on how the show could be improved.  The road from auditions to the Top 12 seemed to take forever.  I think we're a couple weeks earlier this season than usual and with a Top 13 instead.  Hey, it's a good compromise!   And do you know what the best part is?  I picked 8 of the Top 10 correctly AND 9 of my 10 got through!  Maybe, my threatening to retire has gotten me back on my game!  We'll see.  After the jump I'll reveal the TOP 13! 

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 24 - Top 12 Girls Perform

Well well well...looks like the girls might be a little BETTER!!!  At least this week they were, and it's a pretty big week to be better.  Hello Idol nuts, yep I'm still here again today!   I was a little shocked to see how much some people "differ" (to quote Randy's favorite word this year) in opinion on some of the male contestants.  So, I won't be surprised if I'm totally off tonight.  But, I can't help how I feel!  If I like what the contestants are bringing to the table, I'm gonna mention it.  If I think they're wasting all of our time, then I'm at least going to write some books on why they are to make that time worth while!   I thought the girls did really well tonight.  And I think they did well enough to make the judges consider them over the guys for the wild card slots (if any exist.  They're being really vague about it!)   We'll just have to wait and see Thursday night when the Top is announced!  But until then, I have some girls to praise and bash!  So there is more after the jump!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 24 - Top 12 Guys Perform

Hello Idol watchers.  I'm baaaaaaack!  Well, if anyone has been keeping up, I really never went away.  I have been posting comments all season in my last post.  Idol blogging has been a tougher habit to quit than I imagined, but I definitely didn't want to spend too much time writing about the pre-taped episodes any more.  I also plan to not stray from my promise of being less wordy and less committed!  Treating American Idol with such attention to detail the way I did LOST was really overdoing it, and I think is really where I became bored with it.  So, I have been easing my way into this season.  If you notice in those comments, I didn't even remember any contestant's names for the majority of the auditions and Hollywood.  Now that we're into the live shows, my approach won't be much different.  This is IDOL BLOG - UNPLUGGED!  I'll post something for each performance show but you guys are on your own for the results!  If I feel so inclined maybe I'll write a comment in the latest post but I really don't think those results shows warrant much analysis.  But, long story short, I'm still here!  I just don't see how I can let a season of Idol go by without at least giving my picks and a jab here and there at the contestants!   So, I hope you enjoy my new blogging style for AI and I hope to keep discussing in the comments with all of you like in years past. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Idol Season 10: My Approach to the Coming Season (Auditions Commentary in the Comments Section)

NOTE: My thoughts from every Audition Episode, Hollywood Episode, Vegas and TOP 24 Announcement Episodes are in the "COMMENTS" section of this post. 

Greetings my fellow waning Idol Viewers! Have you had a good 8ish months off from the show? Yeah, me too! I think I made it pretty clear in my season 9 finale blog that I was not thrilled to be writing about the show anymore. And, with Simon's exit it seemed almost poetic to just drop the show. Well, my stance hasn't changed too much. But, here's the thing. I'd be lying (as all of us would be) if I said I'm not going to watch the show this year. Of course I want to see the train wreck that it has turned into! I mean, J-Lo? Steven Tyler? and Randy as the anchor judge?!?! Unitentional Comedy at its finest. They have made so many tweaks to this show in the off-season (in an effort to save it) that it may be almost unidentifiable! Well, after the auditions at least (I don't think they're changing much). Some of the changes may turn out to be good, who knows?

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this little interlude to season 10 is that I wanted to let you all know that I'm viewing this season with a "Wait and See" approach, in terms of blogging about it. I don't want to be wasting my time writing about a show that no one, mostly myself, has any interest in. I have threatened to do this for the past few years but never was able to back it up. I WILL NOT write about any audition episodes! I just can't. I force my way through it and there's not much really to write about! So, if anything, I will be writing about the LIVE PERFORMANCE shows. And it's really going to be based on if there's enough talent to keep me interested. And, if the judges somehow miraculously earn my approval/interest that may go a long way too. But, this will be a "NO FRILLS" blogging approach. No pictures or fancy formatting. Just a bulleted approach and my reactions to the performances. I'm going back to the way I used to review Idol if I do it at all!

But here's the good news. I'm leaving this post up for any commentary during the Idol Auditions. If you see something funny, want to roll your eyes at the judges or find the contestant you're going to support through the show, then please drop a comment. I'm sure I'll be dropping comments in here as well. Hopefully, that will work for the Pre-Taped shows. If it doesn't, OH WELL! :-)

I'm guessing everyone is going into this season with a "wait and see" approach with sticking around for this season as well, so I'm sure my approach won't surprise anyone.

In the meantime, if you're looking for my blogging on other shows (such as Fringe, The Walking Dead, The Event plus any other random show I decide to write about), go check out my new TV Addicts Blog (! After LOST, there was just no way to pick one show to bet the farm with. And since I love any and all TV, it seemed like the best approach! Enjoy!

So, that's really all I have for now, but tune into the comments of this post for discussion on the auditions if anyone feels so inclined!  So, maybe I'll see you after Wednesday's premiere and/or after the first live show!