Tuesday, February 28, 2006

American Idol: Top 10 Girls Perform

Another round of performances from our lovely ladies. The top 6 favorites are still performing well enough to stay in the top 6. The 4 that remain have their work cut out for them, but one of them I felt improved over last week. Want to find out who? Keep reading! The 10 contestants performed in reverse order from last week. Guess that keeps things fair. Here we go:

  • Katharine McPhee - Stevie Wonder "All is Fair in Love" - Don't know if that's the exact title of song, but close enough. She's got great stage presence and a great voice, but boy was that a boring performance. Judges all agreed, she's better than this. Was a forgettable performance, but Katharine made a lot of fans in previous rounds. She's in good shape and is able to take some risks in the early rounds. This one didn't pay off for her.
  • Kinnik Sky - Gretchen Wilson "Here for the Party" Well it was clear what Kinnik was trying to do here. She went from Prom Girl to Cow Girl in a week's time. She was trying to bring in her youthful spirit and energy. Well, she definitely showed a lot of energy. She forgot just one little thing. HER VOICE!!! Is it me or can this girl NOT sing? Maybe it was the song that didn't allow for her to show a range. But I'm just not feelin this girl. She may be in trouble. There are 2 other girls fighting her to get booted off, so we'll see what happens.
  • Lisa Tucker - Jackson 5 "Who's Loving You" - Another oustanding outing for the Tuckster (why am I thinking of new nicknames? I mean...it's Lionel Richie!!!) Very soulful performance, very mature performance....oooh there's that word....MATURE. Simon said it best. She's trying to make a statement that "my voice is great and I am so young! Watch me do some old R&B songs!" It really doesn't matter what she sings in these rounds, she is a STAR. (yes, me and Paula made the same notes on the girl). But she may want to take Simon's advice and not make American Idol season 5 a BORING season! Let's modernize!
  • Melissa McGee - Reba "Why Haven't I heard From You" Maybe it was just me, but I thought Melissa put together a much better performance tonight. She definitely looked better out there. And, I could see why they may have let her through to this top 24. She DOES have a unique voice to her, and yeah she can't hit the high notes, but she's not trying to. She's got a whole different level to her. There's a possibility we may have another Jessica Sierra on our hands. What I mean by that is, she doesn't quite belong in the top 12, but may end up there anyway and stay in a little longer than expected. I don't know if I like her THAT much, but I really didn't like Jessica either. Hence, the comparison! Simon was still looking for the WOW factor in Melissa, and doesn't expect much from her at this point. In any case, I move her up a spot to #7 (Kinnik lost some ground).
  • Heather Cox - Mariah "Hero" - Well based on my picks last week (picking her to be gone by now), Heather had a lot to prove to me. Did she prove anything to me? Well, did anyone see the video backdrop of a sunset during Heather's performance? Yep, very good chance is the end of the line for her. I got nothing out of her performance. I just kept sitting there waiting for something to shock and awe me. Nope. Carbon Copy performance of Mariah. Well I shouldn't say COPY, obviously it didn't live up to the Queen of Scream. All 3 Judges united and agreed that if you're gonna pick Mariah, you better make it your own and not try and be safe with it. She didn't. The girl just isn't in the same league with our top 6. She may as well just pack her bags now.
  • Brenna Gethers - Donna Summer "Last Dance" Oh how we all wish we'd be seeing her sing her Last Dance on Thursday. And when all is said and done, she should be. Anyone love how she did her hair like Miss Summer? Give me a break. Didn't have much notes on the girl...one word summed it up "AWFUL." The judges all agreed that she was not good....and the icing on the cake was Brenna's "I think I did wonderful!" All of this back and forth banter with Brenna led Simon to utter those infamous words "I think this is the last we'll see of you." Oh Simon...why do you do it? You know that only means that she'll be here next week! In an ideal world, Brenna will be gone Thursday.
  • Paris Bennett - Bette Midler "Wind Beneath My Wings" Okay, we get it Paris. You can sing! Why didn't you just sing the "Greatest Love of All" while you were up there? What is there to say? She was fantastic, vocally. But Bette Midler? ugh.... I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I guess the Idol Team will think of Theme Nights that force these kids to sing songs that people their age listen to. That being said, the girl is safe. (while we're on the subject, there may be less guys that are good, but boy they can at least pick good songs!!!)
  • Ayla Brown - "I want you to Need Me" ahhhh great...Celine Dion. Well, I'm glad Ayla got to wear make-up for the first time in her life. She did sing the song well and definitely has a strong voice. But again it was a song I didn't know. Not gonna get my votes! But she's still rounding out that top 6. Randy and Paula are continuously surprised by her performances. Simon went on and on about her being the type of person that works and works to improve in school, sports, music, anything. And Ayla is working hard to compete right now. She'll be in that top 12. It's just a question of when she'll leave it.
  • Kellie Pickler - "Something to Talk about" Bonnie Raitt - what is it about this girl? I'm totally biased with her, but she really is just a likeable person! She definitely does not have the strongest voice in the competition, but she's entertaining, she picked a good song, she looked great.....yeah I know..I sound like the judges. I would agree with Simon that she was missing notes all over the place. But I also agree with him that at this stage, it just doesn't matter! America loves this girl. And yeah, the Calamari story was outstanding....and even better was hearing British Simon say "Calamari" with a southern accent. Kellie may never eat squid again, but she'll get to sing on Idol for some time to come! That is...unless Paula gets her wish and "Squishes" her..... I have no words...
  • Mandisa - Faith Hill "Cry" - Ahh we can't get through a week of semi-finals without hearing a Faith Hill song can we? Maybe Kevin Covais will sing "This Kiss" next week! God, I would pay to see that! Anyway, what is there to say about Mandisa? She is sooooooo IN this competition. Very strong voice, weird song choice, but it worked for her. She's just great and will be in this show for awhile. And, it's all good because Paula likes her face! ....I have no words....

So here we are. Decision time. If we needed a bottom 3 this would be very easy! But, we're not in the top 12 yet....so we just need to pick 2! Let's rank the 4 that still need to be booted off. 7. Melissa 8. Kinnik 9. Heather 10. Brenna. It's as simple as that. I don't know if I'll ever succeed in my dream of getting all 4 picks right in these semi-finals, or getting the bottom 3 right and picking the right person in the top 12 to get booted. But I'm all about taking risks. And, yeah it's not a big risk...but it's an educated guess. Here we go!

Elimination Picks: Heather Cox, Kinnik Sky Wildcard Pick: Brenna Gethers

So, some of you are asking why oh why did you not pick Brenna to get eliminated? 2 Reasons. Reason #1, Simon's declaration that she WILL be gone. Reason #2 (loosely based on reason #1) - http://www.votefortheworst.com/. The site has gained much popularity over the years of Idol. Jon Stevens inexplicably went on a run. Scott Savol, the same. There will never be enough people intentionally voting for the worst to ruin the show entirely, but Brenna was so bad, that people WILL be inclined to vote for her tonight, especially with Simon's declaration of dismissal. And with the bottom 3 being almost equally bad, I think that gives Brenna the edge for one final week.

Anyone have a beef with my picks? Let's hear it! Who do you think is going home? Well, that's it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2006

American Idol: 3 out of 4 Ain't Bad

Alright, alright. So I lied about not doing a recap of the results show. But can you blame me? 3 out of 4!!!! Even the controversial Patrick Hall pick pulled through for me! So, anyone that knows me knows that I never hesitate to toot my own horn. But I'll try to keep it to a minimum, just like this blog. Here's who was eliminated from American Idol 5:



So, I guess this officially means that I AM the only straight guy that watches the show! So, anyone want to hear my conspiracy theory on why Becky made such an early exit? Well, besides the fact that she couldn't sing, did anyone see all the press she made over the past 2 days for her MAXIM Magazine spread with her twin sister a couple years ago? Yes yes, they were scantily clad in a little baseball gear or in towels in the locker room. You know...the perfect image for our next American Idol! And, well...if they kept her in the competition, there's a good chance her votes may have increasingly went up while her minimal talent remained the same. I've never been against the theory that Idol DOES tamper with the voting system to their benefit. I mean there is no question that Heather Cox had no air time and was absolutely horrible a couple nights ago...she should've been booted and I don't think anyone voted for her.

So...I am confident that the Idol Producing team decided to squash the Becky issue before it got too out of hand. Hence, why Simon insisted on "pursuing your modeling career" when she got voted off. And that folks, is why I am VERY impressed with my picks! More so for Patrick Hall though, whom many had told me they thought he wasn't THAT bad. And, he wasn't! He was just forgettable...and that's what I based my decision on.

Alright...one more issue before I come to a close. I think people think that I have joined the judges and am officially OFF my rocker on the Giddeon thing. Let me state for the record, I don't think this guy is IDOL WORTHY, but at the same time....I am pretty confident he will be in that top 12. For the same reason I think Sway has a good shot of getting in there. Nobody ever said this show was completely about TALENT. If you haven't seen the demographics represented in the past top 12's of Idol, then I'm not really sure what to tell you! That is as far as I can take it!

Don't get used to these Results Show recaps. I'll write them as I see fit! (who am I kidding? I can't get enough of myself!)

What did everyone else think of the eliminations last night? Did America get it right? Is there something fishy about the O'Donahue vote-off? See you next week.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idol Top 12 Guys Perform

If tonight is any indication of what's to come, then I have one thing to say to everyone who has been against my TEEN BASHING... "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!" Simon said something tonight that really rang home. "America must sitting at home thinking we're off our rockers!" And judging by the 12 guys we saw before us...I gotta say it's not far from what I was thinking. I mean they keep hyping up the GUYS as GREAT (they say it every year)...and then they all just fold under the pressure. It's going to be tough picking out who is going home tonight, because we have several options. What I like to do in this scenario is be scientific and work backwards! Let's recap what happened tonight:

  • Patrick Hall - 27 - "Come To My Window" - Melissa Etheridge - "I picked this song because I want to show Simon another side of me" Should he really say something like that after picking a song by an OUT OF THE CLOSET performer? Maybe I just have a mind in the gutter. Anyway....the performance was OK, at best. It was just weird since this guy has been the BALLAD master...the judges were trying to support him enough to give him another chance because he HAD sung some pretty ballads. Simon begins his quest to pick the perfect breed of TOP 12 finalists and yells at Paula for judging on previous performances. SIMON....in 5 seasons...I think you've done it too!
  • David Radford - 17 "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - Queen - So he says he's singing it for the sole reason of reversing his "CROONER" stereotype. He does the unimaginable. He unintentionally CROONS QUEEN. And no no...not only did he Croon it...he played the AIR DRUMS! He tried to swing his hips Elvis style...and ended up just looking completely like a buffoon. Randy said it was flat out terrible. Paula instituted her "Paula Poodle Pound" (the 12 girls) who all loved David's performance. Simon said it had all come over as a joke and that David needs to start taking himself seriously. But thinks that the audience will like him. I didn't...I rolled my eyes through the whole thing. But I'm not his target audience. This one's gonna be a toughy!
  • Bucky Covington - 28 - My advance apologies to the southern reading audience, but this guy is as "REDNECK" as they come! Please correct me if I'm wrong! He brought his Posse (I can only assume his parents/family) who were sporting "I HEART BUCKY" t-shirts... So he sang "Simple Man" by Lynard Skynard (of course he did). I had written down the question "is there such a thing as TOO Raspy?" Randy was thinking along the same lines. This guy was just forcing his Southern-Rock edge on the crowd...and that's exactly what it sounded like...FORCED. Paula supported the guy as always..and while Simon likes Bucky he thinks that there are 1000's of bars with someone like him singing away. I dunno..judging by the crowd reaction, I don't think people were too into his performance. And once again...I wasn't either.
  • William Makar - 16 - "I want you back" - Jackson 5 - Well...he was lively on stage, he sang the song note for note, word for word. He tried to dance like Mike (Randy pointed out that he couldn't!) and the ladies ate it up. And alas, we get to where he's going to survive. The ladies love this little guy. That's why I picked him initially to be one of the 16 year olds that move on. I'll admit...he was good. But nothing earth shattering in my opinion. The judges began to show some of the "behind the scenes" colors of Idol during William's critique. Simon said that William is a nice looking kid with an Average voice which set Paula off. Simon said there was a chance to get some really good talent on the show and with Randy and Paula talking up the hotties with no voice...they're ruining the show. Maybe it's just me looking a little too much into things, but it seems like Simon implied by this that in past seasons; this was intentionally done because they did NOT have the talent. hmmmmmmm
  • Jose "Sway" Penala - "Reasons" Earth, Wind, and Fire - Maybe we should just call him Falsetto boy. These judges have kicked people out in the auditions for singing like Sway did tonight. But now they LOVE it? Okay...so he proved he can sing for a long period of time in the Falsetto voice....and he sure did hit one crazy high pitched note. But Randy and Paula are really smokin something good if they thought that performance was GOOD! I guess it was aight...maybe enough to pull through till next week. I did have him as a top 12 candidate, so we'll see...I wasn't impressed...and neither was Simon calling it all "too pimpy"
  • Chris Daughtry - 26 - "Wanted Dead or Alive" - Bon Jovi - More flaming backgrounds, but at least these weren't the same cheesy ones from the Mandisa and Kimberly Locke performances. Still cheesy....why am I thinking of Burger King all of a sudden? mmmm bacon. Anyways...this without a doubt was the first GREAT performance of the night. He actually has an IDOL-WORTHY voice and just needs to work on his performance skills. Well the judges things he needs it more than I do. I think it'll come to him. He's got the goods. And apparently he's made some decent song choices along the way. We didn't see them all, but I'm looking forward to hearing him in the Top 12.
  • Kevin Covais - 16 - "One Last Cry" Brian McKnight - "Ever since I was 8...I've loved Brian"....ok...dude..it's been 8 years...get over it! I don't know what it is, I cannot get on board with this guy. Maybe because he just doesn't look the IDOL part. Maybe I'm so shallow that I've been brainwashed by the American Capitalistic Music Marketing scene and just know that this guy will never survive out there....or in this competition. He's got a great voice...but to me he seems TIMID and I see fear in his eyes. Paula and Randy translate this as "HE'S a REAL person!" Whatever! Then give me FAKE! Simon upped Kevin's audience age to 90 and hard of hearing. Good times. And if Simon keeps that up...we're going to see Kevin in this competition for awhile because people just feel bad for him. Moms and Female Idol finalists want to pinch his little cheeks. ugh..spare me. He's TOO young and TOO wrong for this competition! That being said, he won't be going home just yet.
  • Giddeon McKinney - 17 - Memphis TN "Shout" - Preacher Boy! - Alright..I already said this guy has a golden ticket to the top 12. And I just can't say why! Maybe it's his.....smile! Maybe it's his bright colored shirts?? who knows? But I'm telling you, there is no way this guy won't make the top 12! That being said...I don't like him. lol. But he did an alright performance of "Shout!" Very reminiscent of the performance in animal house...old school like that. And well man...come on...he has "IT!" He already told us! Simon clearly was not in a good mood at this point and told him that he didn't like his smile and that it was a Chippendale warm-up act...leading to the homophobic banter between Ryan and Simon. Whatever, this guy didn't do enough to impress me to talk about him more. He's safe.
  • Elliott Yamin - 27 - "If you Really Love Me" Stevie W - I had said that I preferred this guy to the crooners but didn't think he'd fit in the top 12. Maybe he'll be able to switch with Sway because this guy does have a pretty damn good voice. But here's a question...do any Dentists out there have the ability to transform his teeth within weeks? Because if I can notice them, they have to be God Awful! Anyways...this guy is good and is safe and if there was any question...look to Simon for reassurance "in 5 seasons, Best male vocalist we ever had"
  • Bobby Bennett - "Copa Cabana" - Barry Manilow - This performance was a joke. Too much ridiculous dancing, too much winking, too much pointing, too much growling "At the CWWWWWWROWLLLLLLLLOOOOOOPA Copa Cabana!" I mean...who does that??? I know I know...Bobby does!!! And boy does this guy love Barry Manilow. This is the point where Simon made his comment about America thinking the judges have finally lost it. (well..the 2 besides Paula...she lost it long before!) I mean...it was atrocious! Just rewind your TiVo's and listen to the applause after his performance. Keep listening...you missed it! I think everyone was more concerned about if Barry Manilow survived listening to it than remembering to politely clap! Simply AWFUL! But Paula apparently thinks Bobby could sing "Old MacDonald had a 'Frickin' Farm" if he wanted to. Remember when I said Paula had lost it already?
  • Ace Young - 25 - "Father Figure" George Michael - Wow...what a song choice...didn't know he had it in him. To still pick a George Michael song in this day and age...you have to be A.) Hot, B.) Able to be taken seriously, and C.) Comfortable with your sexuality. Well this Ace guy is one smooth cat...and one of those rare occasions where a straight guy can say..."damn that guy is good looking"....(ok...I'm taking it back!! no I didn't say it!!!!) Anyways...with the help of my lady friends...I am able to say that he fits all 3 of those points I brought up. And he was just flat out GOOD. Randy went into his whole speech about how they have had guys working the camera in the past (that thought they could work the camera)...except ACE really could! Paula said that all of her MALE friends were probably passing out at home. That was actually funny. Get it? Paula's a dancer and she probably has a lot of male dancer friends? Get it!?!?! it's funny! Leave me alone! Simon went ahead and plugged his other show by saying that Ace has "what we like to call...the 'X-Factor'" Not the best vocals...but something extra special that is intriguing...brilliant song choice you will sail through to the top 12. (that was me and Simon saying that together)
  • Taylor Hicks - 29 -Birmingham, AL "Levon" -Bernie Taupin/Elton John - Love that he mentioned Bernie too who actually writes Elton's lyrics. A True musician we got here. I love this guy. He's just so unique and he just loves music. And believe it or not...I wrote all of that before the 3 judges even started blabbing on about the same thing. Simon said he got the most comments about Taylor than of any other contestant. It's the guy I've been talking most about (besides my support for Kellie who won't be going Very far!). He did well with Levon, but I'd like to hear him do something with a little more soul so we can see this guy get down. But there's just something special about him...and we're going to see him for a long time to come...and thank God for that! like I said before...FINALLY a GUY TO ROOT FOR! And he got my votes tonight.

Ahh the fun part. I still haven't decided who to vote off! Well, let's figure this out. Who are shoe-ins for the top 12 at this point? Taylor, Ace, Elliott, Chris, Giddeon (I'm telling you..he is! lol) There's only one spot left and 7 people!

Okay so who's on the fence? William Makar, Sway
Who may make in in accidentally? Kevin Covais
Who else is out there? Patrick Hall, David Radford
Who should not make it, no way on God's Green Earth? Bucky, Bobby
Who Cares about ANY of these guys? Everybody but me

Alright, well there's really no easy way to guess the 2 that are going home. But I'm going to try it anyway. Bobby is a definite. If he survives this week...spend all of your money because the apocalypse will be arriving soon. I want to say Bucky will be leaving with him, but he has that redneck likability factor that may interest people for a couple weeks. So I'm going to go with the guy that gave the most forgettable performance of the night and also said "It's tough going first."

Elimination Picks: Bobby Bennett, Patrick Hall Wildcard Pick: David Radford
Bonus Wildcard: Bucky

Wow...that was tough. I would've put Radford as a sure thing, but Simon had to go ahead and say that America will like him. I mean..he was ridiculous out there! But much more memorable and people will be more willing to give him a 2nd chance over Patrick. We'll see how things go. I'm rarely 100% right on these things, but you'll always hear from me when I am! So this is the first week where I will not be doing a blog for EVERY show. Those who have read my recaps before know that I do NOT do Results Show Recaps! So enjoy the ridiculous hour of nonsense tomorrow night (or tonight, depending when you are reading it). And I'll see you next week for 2 more lovely long recaps!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

American Idol Top 12 Girls Perform

Alright, finally we have some performances to judge! And we have a brand new semi-final stage where all the finalists overlook the singing contestant and sing a long or dance to their little hearts' desires. And of course...The Dawg Pound returns. Well, being the first night that I was back on duty, I took way too many notes. So I will try my best to condense them. But with Paula Abdul ALSO being back in action, it's gonna be tough! So, some very strong performances and some ridiculously weak performances. The big question on everyone's mind, though, have I changed my mind yet about my top 6 female picks? In the words of Simon, Absoloooootely Not! If anything, the minimal airtime girls reinforced why they did not see the light of day or maybe just a cracked open windowshade at airtime in the previous 20 weeks of Idol. So, that being said, let's get to the performances:

  • Mandisa - Oh look at that, she DOES only go by one name! I'll spare the backstories that the producers made us suffer through to buy 2 hours of airtime tonight. Our Cali-girl turned Nashvillian decided to perform a Heart song "Never" in her own 'tricked-out' style. And there always has to be one performer that sings with a video background of FIRE every season. Reminded me of Kimberly Locke's awful rendition of Heat Wave in season 2 which kicked off the top 12 performances. Well, Mandisa BROUGHT IT and it was very good, very energetic. All of the judges rejoiced in their discovery....But Paula compared the performance to Carrie taking on Heart last season...How did she sum it up? "You Broke the record for magnificent"....ahh it's great to be back on LIVE TV, isn't it? Simon announces in his own words that Mandisa has set the bar for the competition. I'll reserve my thoughts on her until the Top 12 performances (or I'll try)...she's good enough to make it there!
  • Kellie Picker - "How Far" - Martina McBride - Kellie Kellie Kellie....why are you breaking my heart? No one can deny her ridiculously awesome personality...and I agree with the judges that it will carry her far. I just hope it's far enough to get her into that top 12. There were some "YIKES" and "OUCH" notes in there (just going by my notes..lol) that scared me. And she still was sincere with her singing....and people are drawn to this girl. It was clear she was still nervous and hopefully she can work it out. Based on some of the other "talent" though, she is in no danger of being eliminated Thursday. (she got MY votes!) Plus...her celebrity Grandfather and his love for sandwiches may be just what America wanted! (if you didn't hear the story...I can't help you! That's all I wrote down!)
  • Becky O'Donahue - performing "Because the Night." Simon summed this up the best. Visually - a 10, Voice - 6 and a haaaalf. It was just a bizarre performance for me, and I don't think she has what it takes to compete in this competition. Then again, neither did Scott Savol or John Stevens.....and well...she's prettier than them! So, I give her a pass this week. I lied before...I think there are other "Men that like girls" that watch this show. But...they're probably mostly all married or their girlfriends make them watch. So...they'll sneak into the bathrooms for a "break" and text or call those votes in for Becky! I feel for you guys....(yeah...like they read this recap!) But I go for the Full Package! And she doesn't cut it!
  • Ayla Brown - "Reflection" Christina Aguilera - My first impressions from the auditions with Ayla were that she was a little full of herself....and well she had one of those crazy SOCCER MOMS that think her kid is infallible. I may have come around a bit today. She was really good. I heard some hints of Mariah and Xtina in the 17 year old Basketball star. Was a rough beginning...but she brought it home....in a BIG way. Paula liked that she showed vulnerability. Randy was pleasantly Surprised. Simon said that she's a hard worker who has strived to improve. But there is a limit to her vocal range and we saw it tonight. Maybe...but she's a top 12'er. And Simon agreed that it was better than he expected.
  • Paris Bennett - So I've been drawing comparisons to Fantasia since we first saw this girl and her crazy celebrity Grandmother (REAL celebrity!...not like Kellie's Grandfather). Anyone see it yet? The judges do. So, is that a good thing? I guess....I mean...Fantasia DID win American Idol (in an OFF-season). No one can deny either of their talents. And Paris is a LITTLE more likeable than Fantasia....plus she's a cute little 17 year old. Fantasia was/is..a..err....nevermind. This is a family recap! I liked when she did her own little Midnight Train To Georgia and tooted the horn "HOO HOO!" with her arm. Very charismatic....controlled the stage...and so young! So much young talent! nooooo! Paula called her the Energizer Bunny and mentioned she avoided a wardrobe malfunction. Well with all that hoppin and boppin, something was bound to come a POPPIN off! Anyways..love her or hate her....this girl's in it for the long haul.... Jury's out for me.
  • Stevie Scott - "To Where You Are" - Opera girl sings Opera Song - ...... ........ ....... ummm ......... ummmm ......WHAT????? Are you KIDDING ME??? Those were my exact reactions to Stevie's performances. This "I'm so unique to this competition that people will love me!" girl was ridiculously boring...and didn't even try to rely on ONE note to save her performance...it was all monotone....it was weird.....it was .....FORGETTABLE. Well, I remember it because I wrote it down! Paula pulled out some big words to support her...I think I heard her drop "EPHERIAL" in there. Simon said what we were all thinking...an UTTER MESS! It was a disaster. And there is no question in my mind that she will be going home this week. In the words of Adam Sandler's Opera Man...."BYE BYE!!!!"
  • Ana Lucia - errrr umm...Brenna Gethers - Any dual Lost/AI watchers should immediately see the resemblance. It's uncanny! Here are my notes from her performance "Please don't Ad Lib ever EVER again! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Yeah...she was bad. She did a little Stevie Wonder ditty called "You are the sunshine of my life" and it was incredibly bland. She was trying to reverse the Attitude persona that made her instantly famous on previous editions of Idol. Simon asked for the CLAWS to come back out. And she may just get her chance...because believe it or not...someone was worse than her!
  • Heather Cox - "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" - The AI Season 4 Song. Are you INSANE, Heather? This girl has had little to no airtime...and apparently suffered from laryngitis (I'm not even going to try and spell it right) in the previous audition rounds. So, she really need to wow the crowd. And she picks the awful IDOL song performed by last year's top 12? And not only that....she did nothing to make the song her own...or even STAND OUT. It was the wrong Key! Too low for her! and THANK YOU RANDY for agreeing with me! This is not the way to stand out of the crowd...and because of that....She's Done!
  • Melissa McGee - I believe my previous comment about her was "WHO?" And I turned out to be justified. She wasn't even on the AIR before last Wednesday's show when she made the Top 24. She performed "When the Lights Go Down" by Faith Hill. She was aight...but she has an uphill battle to fight and this wasn't the performance to begin that fight. Paula thought it was a shining moment for Melissa and loved the tone of her voice. I thought the tone was kinda boring....but what do I know? Simon thinks she is overshadowed by other strong personalities in the competition...well that would explain the lack of Airtime! she may have earned herself a few votes this week. I have to think more than the other 2 awful performances.
  • Lisa Tucker - What's there to say about this 16 year old wonder? She's phenomenal. She really got into her performance of "I am Changing" (Jennifer Holliday). Randy suggested it was a very ambitious song choice especially for a girl her age. Paula again with the priceless comments "You are a precious little gift. You light a little fire in my heart. You are a star!" Simon "you make the older girls look ordinary." Gotta agree with them here. Miss Lionel Richie has got the goods! No question a Top 12'er.
  • Kinnik Sky - let's get this out of the way. Are we at a Beauty Pageant or American Idol? What's with the evening gown Kinnik? Way too look WAY TOO OLD for this competition! Oh wait...you're singing Justin Guarini's "GET HERE?" DING DING! You've officially lost any respect I was going to give you! Okay...in all seriousness...Justin didn't write it! But he still sang the song a billion times in season 1. And sounded like such a girl doing it. She's got a big voice....but I thought the performances was quite dull. The judges all agreed. Simon summed it up saying the Youth in the competition are making it look too easy and there was no WOW factor with Kinnik. Alright, Simon, I couldn't figure it out but I'm sold. I wasn't WOW'd either.
  • Katharine McPhee - "Since I Fell For You" - made famous by Barbara. Wow....the music teacher's daughter....finally gets the stage. And she put on quite a show. My only complaint was that she was very emotional with the performance, but it looked like her feet were glued to the floor! Just a minor nitpicking detail. She was awesome. There are some strong female contestants. The judges argue she may just be the strongest (well, Simon said it). I thought she was fannnntastic, but she has some female competition. But she's in it to win it! Paula declared she's going all the way...and Congrats Katharine...you made her love her job!

Whew...that was a lot of typing. So what did we learn tonight? There are 4 singers that are untouchable as of this point: Mandisa, Paris, Lisa, Katharine So there's 2 spots open. And...well I'm sticking with Kellie and Ayla to round out the 6. There really shouldn't be any big surprises with who's getting kicked out here. There was such a dramatic difference. Here are how I rank the bottom 6:

7) Kinnik Sky, 8) Melissa McGee, 9) Becky O'Donahue, 10) Brenna Gethers, 11) Stevie Scott, 12) Heather Cox

It's only a question of when at this point. And Stevie and Heather were just THAT bad! If one of them somehow gets the sympathy vote, then my extra guess would be Melissa McGee, I just don't think people will remember her performance. So that's it kids! Tune in tomorrow for the GUYS. We'll get to see if Taylor Hicks can consistently bring the heat! Thanks for Reading!

Elimination Picks: Stevie Scott, Heather Cox Wildcard Pick: Melissa McGee

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

American Idol 2006 Top 24

Okay, well before I list our top 24, I just want to apologize for my incorrect information on the Brittenum Twins. They didn't steal a car (well maybe they did...but that's not what the charges were). Apparently, they had charges for Forgery, theft, and identity fraud! Good times! Well, they were entertaining while we had them. But I think I've seen enough of them.

Ok, so let's do this. Listed below are our top 24 contestants. Last year, I believe I took a shot at naming who will be in the top 12. There's a margin of error for America's judgment, and for our lack of seeing these people actually perform more than 10 seconds worth of material each at a time! But, with the amount of exposure some got, that does sway America to keep them in this competition. 6 Guys and 6 Girls will make it...and in the next 3 weeks (9 episodes and 6 recaps ugh) we will have that top 12! Marked in Blue are my guesses. Without further adieu, in the order we found out:

  1. Catherine McPhee - Music Teacher's Daughter. Great voice. People are already rooting for her. She just has to not screw up and she's a shoe in for top 12.
  2. Ace Young - well this guy is a hottie isn't he? I wouldn't know personally, but I do know he has a marketable appearance and not a bad voice to go with. And The Idol marketing team loves him.
  3. Robert Bennett Jr. - Who is this guy? I don't recall him at all. He'll have to put on quite a show to beat the frontrunners.
  4. Mandisa (is there a need for a 2nd name?) - After her confrontation with Simon (kudos to the editing team for putting Simon in that situation!), all the large and in charge people in America will be voting for her. Besides that, she's got quite a set of...pipes!
  5. Melissa McGee - Who???
  6. Lisa Tucker - 16 - I'm noting the age of these young-ins. Mark my words, it's going to come into play with some weak top 12 performances. Maybe even eliminate some of them during the semi-finals. But she has an amazing voice and a lot of air-time going into those semi-finals. Plus she looks like Lionel Richie (maybe she was switched at birth with Nicole!)
  7. David Radford - 17 - I think I liked this guy the best out of the crooners, but I think the ladies already have a soft spot for William Makkar. And due my personal wish to limit the youth from this competition....David had to be cut from my list!
  8. Jose "Sway" Penala - I don't like this guy. Maybe I haven't seen enough of him. But I think he will have a support group. Plus...he kinda resembles a Cuba Gooding Jr. from Eastern Asia. (you have a better analogy? let's hear it!)
  9. Elliott Yamin - I'd prefer Elliott to any of the 16 year old crooners, but I just am not sure if it's gonna happen. I like what he did in yesterday's Hollywood round, but we'll see how the next few weeks go. Right now...he's on my "NO" list.
  10. Brenna Gethers - Well, this girl made some enemies in yesterday's Group Audition for pretty much screwing 2 sets of girls over. She'll have quite an uphill battle to get into that top 12. But anything can happen during the semi-finals. Hell, Bo Bice came out of nowhere! Am I comparing Brenna to Bo? Absolutely not. Just wanted to fit in my PICK DISCLAIMER somewhere!
  11. Gedeon McKinney - I don't know much about this guy. But he does think he has "IT" and well who am I to disagree? I think this guy pretty much HAS to make it. I'll let everyone else speculate to why.
  12. Stephanie Scott - Not even a blip on my radar. Prove me wrong Steph!
  13. Ayla Brown - Alright, her acapella round performance sold me that this girl can "sang." Simon is still trying to go with his gut and say she's an "underdog." Well, she may be, but I think he just doesn't want to be proven wrong. I can relate.
  14. Chris Daughtry - Have they hyped this guy up enough? The ROCKER BOY! Yeah, he's a shoe in too. And, with good reason. He's got the emotion factor down and a nice raspy rocking voice. Just hope we don't get bogged down with his sob story of how he's an aging rocker who never got his chance! yawn.
  15. Rebecca O'Donahue - Ah yes...our favorite attractive girl that can't sing. Well she proved she can sing with her Acapella Audition, but I already picked my 6 girls. So all the straight guys in America that watch this show will have to work together to get her in. And well...I think I'm the only one, and my votes are already spoken for!
  16. Heather Cox - Another good looking girl with no airtime. Sorry! You're done!
  17. William "Bucky" Covington - Our last remaining country boy. He's aight. But the little clip they showed of him doing some Rascal Flatts was a little "pitchy" for my taste. He may always slide under the radar.
  18. Patrick Hal (sp?) - This guy was pretty good, but it's not a good sign that I can't remember his last name (and can't read my handwriting!). But he did have a nice zinger on Ace. "I'm not as good looking as Ace, but who is?"
  19. Kevin Covais -16 - I like this kid too, but definitely a 16 year old that looks like he'd collapse under the pressure and butcher a Billy Joel song. (yeah...I haven't forgiven John Stevens for that!) Sorry Kev, this is the end of the line for you! Sing your Josh Groban at the Senior Citizen's Community Center Ball on Grandparent's Day! Just card everyone at the door and make sure they are at LEAST 80. (I'm so mean...but I get it from Simon!)
  20. Paris Bennett - 16 - No words needed. She's in.
  21. Kellie Pickler - Aww Kellie. She's got a really great voice, and her personality is off the charts. This will go very well with America. Now she just has to learn how to sing with a band. I think she can do it well enough to make our top 12. I'll still be rooting for her, because I like her. But I'm sensible enough to know this is not our next Idol. But I'd be thrilled if it was! Can't have too many Kelly and Carrie combined clones out there! And look...her first name is a MIX between Kelly and Carrie! Brilliant!
  22. Taylor Hicks - Kellie has some competition for my vote though. I like this guy. I'm sure he's gonna go through a major makeover which will include losing his trademark grey hair. Or just give him a new DO and KEEP the trademark grey hair. Loooooved the Harmonica entrance. This guy is just a kool kat. He's old school, but I think American may like some Old School. Plus he's gonna have to prove he can bring that flavor to NEW school music. This guy is gonna be around for a bit, in my opinion. He's gonna make the show worth watching. And it's about time that there's a GUY in this competition worth rooting for!
  23. Kinnik Sky - Just a bizarre name. And I don't remember much about her. I'm gonna say no.
  24. William Makkar - 16 - I've talked to a few ladies...and well they like this kid. He does have a powerful voice. And I've already voiced my concern about the magic 16 and if he's emotionally prepared to BRING IT on THEME nights. Even if he isn't....he's going to get the votes to get him into that top 12. And then we'll see how it goes.

Now, I know it would be a miracle if I get all 12 right. It never goes exactly how it seems it's going to go. People will come out of nowhere and steal a spot from one of the hyped up contestants. But this is my educated guess combined with what I want to see. Let's see how close we can get.

Okay kids...you've been pretty quiet out there. It's your turn. Who do you think will make the top 12? Are any of my picks totally wrong? You see the bottom of this Post? Yea..there's a section that says "COMMENT" USE IT! It's there for you! Even if you just want to tell me how fabulous my write-ups are! (I never get tired of hearing it!) So that's it. We're on our way to LIVE TV. 3 weeks of 3 nights of Idol...then the TOP 12 is here! See you next week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hollywood 2 (Day 3 and 4)

Well, there's no secret to what the Idol editing team is doing in these Hollywood episodes. They are using every precious minute they can to expose the crazy Brittenum Twins. They are not hesitating to show the drama that they would've brought to the show. The jury's out on if this is something we should be sad or excited about! We saw hints of good performances tonight by some of the hopeful idol contenders, but it was overshadowed by the Brittenum Saga. Can't say I'm too disappointed though. I'm having a hard time trying to think up creative write-ups for our good performances! (I gotta get out of audition mode!!) So let's get into the Brittenum story and enjoy their presence while we can:

One of our boys, Terrell, was so focused on getting the group together to practice, he forgot one major thing! That would be to practice himself. He went on his big speech about Elloitt and Sway wanting to sleep. And he complained a bit to his bro Derrell, who didn't even want to hear it. He even went as far as calling the situation a "Life or Death" situation. I'm sure it's a little more serious than his life of stealing cars! So the group performance comes Anthony wasn't quite cutting it, Elliott knocked it out of the park, Sway forgot his words (but inexplicably made it through). Our boy Terrell? He was inexplicably clearing his throat the whole performance and also forgot some words. Then he went on his speech about how he and Anthony were God's gift to the world and how they should be given exemptions for having an awful group. tsk tsk. Well all but Anthony made it onto the next round, even after they told Terrell he had an awful performance. Good thing they're rating ALL of their performances before rendering a decision.

Meanwhile Derrell belts out some Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and is granted a pass to the next round. But this doesn't sit well with our anti-hero. No, he must get on his soapbox and stand up for Poor Terrell who has been cut from the show. (ummm...what???) "I am very disappointed. Thank you for the opportunity but my spirit has been broken. I'm not going to crap on my talent! We were told American Idol wasn't for us. And so this is the end of the road for us. I'd like to get take my brother and we're going to leave this competition to finish our record. We'll see you at the top!" Simon's Reaction? Thank you Very much! Good bye!

Terrell, "What did you do?? I didn't get cut!" Derrell "Ummmm....I just like to talk and be the center of attention" Terrell "Well so do I but you just took our spotlight man...we're gonna have to go back to stealing cars in Memphis!!" Derrell "Ummm...i don't get it" Terrell "Well you better apologize!" Derrell "umm...what's apogilise?" Ok...that's not how it went verbatum....but it may as well have. The look on their idiotic little faces with those stylish pointy beards were priceless.

So the Twins give a public apology. Simon gets HIS soapbox supported by the crowd....announcing he's tired of the attitude. Long story short (yep...too late), They both are allowed to stay. Why would they get rid of such talent that cause so much uproar? It's a ratings dream! Well...Ratings vs Felony apparently aren't a good combination. It will be interesting to see how we see the Brittenum Twins leave the show. Will it be captured on film? Or will Ryan Seacrest announce it when the Top 24 begin to perform? Or will they just assume we know? Oh who cares! (apparently me!!!)

So who made it through? Well they spent most of the time on Day 3...and crammed Day 4's Acapella performances into a 6 minute span. Very bizarre. Well we saw a bit more of Paris Bennett again. She's clearly a favorite since she's been shown in every episode possible. The Barretsmith sisters are separated (Brooke is in, Leigh is out.) Lots of the young talent made it through too...which I still maintain is a very scary situation! Kevin Covais (16), Josh Jordan, David Radford(17), William Makar (16). But the scariest thing of all...is that they're all really good. But I'm not gonna get fooled yet. Theme nights are usually the death of these guys! I'll believe it when I see it! Mandisa made it through too. And apparently she has seen Simon's comments from the audition (we need a bigger stage) and ready to comment on it tomorrow.

Nothing else really stood out for me even though a lot of people made it past Day 3. It's tough to judge on such brief snippets of performances.

But let's be honest. The BrokeTone Mountain Trailer? Are we going too far with the BB Mountain Jokes? Anyway...they were really bad...but they had a bonding experience, and the slow motion effects, the music, and the hugging did make it a very "HAPPY" occassion (if you know what i mean - not that there's anything wrong with that!) Little Garett was such a cry baby and Matt Buckstein was there to console him "You go back to your ranch! You be a star!" or something like that. Well...hopefully those 3 learn how to quit each other. (sorry, couldn't resist!)

So no surprises again who we're meant to be leaning on at this point. They craftly did not show us all of the performances, rather put through who they like and who they want us to like. We saw glimpses of others that made the Day 4 cut to the final 44:

Taylor Hicks - Love this guy! Hopefully we get to see more of him tomorrow before his Top 24 debut. (yeah...this guy is making the top 12...he's too unique not to)
Chris Daughtry - Rocker Guy,
Kellie Pickler (I still like her too, but a little scared they didn't show her performance)
Sway - Even after the bad performance...there he is.
The good looking girl that couldn't sing that brought her sister in to the audition - Very shady....very shady.

and 39 more!!! We're gonna have plenty of time to recap these people when we get more focus on them. And I think I lost you all after the Brittenum story got too detailed! So for those of you still reading. Good job! You know how to deal with me being so long winded!

See you tomorrow when we get to see our Top 24. Then....America Takes over....sorta.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hollywood Episode 1

I'm not gonna lie to you. My heart just isn't in this recap. Just got off another thrillride of a Lost episode and my mind is racing on how I'm going to write up that one. Let's be honest. There's not much to talk about here. We're just whittling down the talent (and one non-talent) here to the cream of the crop. Tonight we went from 175 to 99. Yay...glad they're not going to keep these episodes going as long as possible (Olympics competition anyone??). And I have been saying that we're going to have a top 25....well that was just silly folks...it's just the top 24! Makes more sense since they'll be eliminating 2 guys and 2 girls a week for 3 weeks......but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We have 2 more sessions of Hollywood to get through! Here's a list of who's made it past the 1st round in Hollywood:

  • Kellie Pickler - Awww things aren't looking too good for our girl. She's never played with a band making her timing all over the place and well she was a bit nervous too. Don't fear...they're just trying to build up a nice sob story to get people to root for her once they put her in that top 24. Can't deny she has pipes....she'll make it. Will she win it all? Well...I dunno. I'm sure they'll be pushing something new this year. And like I said before, she makes us reminisce of a hybrid of Carrie and Kelly. But that's why I like her!

    (Speaking of Kelly...anyone see her win the Grammy tonight?? (how could you? it was airing against Idol! god bless TiVo!) She was so sincere....and emotional. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't get caught up in it. I'm so proud of that girl!)
  • Patrick Hall - In the words of Simon he's "Clay Aiken, but likeable." I agree. This guy has a really nice voice. Hit some quality high notes.
  • Lisa Tucker - This girl has to be a shoe-in for the top 12. She's one of the outstanding 16 year olds.
  • Paris Bennett - She must've had a b-day, cause she's 17 now. She claims that there is "nobody this small with a voice as big as mine." I'm not going to argue. She's very short...and has some huge pipes and a grand range of vocals. It's no surprise that she's already a front-runner to win it all. But I'm going to need a little more selling.
  • Taylor Hicks - aka Joshua Jackson Deniro - I really like this guy. He's just so unique. Simon says he looks like someone's father. I'm sure he's going to have to dye his hair eventually. But he's just got that curious factor that makes people want to see more. I'm onboard!
  • Megan Zeigart - Lost her voice - Not a good 2nd audition...but the judges sympathized and let her through. Sounds like she has potential.
  • Brittenum Twins - This guys are really good, but what's the point of talking about them? They're already kicked off the show. And they talked trash on multi-platinum selling Carrie Underwood. They're not on my "Favorite People" list anymore.
  • Garrett Johnson - The Cowboy - I just don't know if this guy has what it takes. He didn't have a good 2nd audition, but we're gonna follow him into the next hollywood round. They invested a lot of air-time on this guy....so we'll see.
  • And a slew of others made it through: Gina, Brett somebody, Kevin Covais (little guy with glasses), Chris Daughtery (Crazy Rocker now sideburnless), Mandisa Hundley (We need a bigger stage girl), Katharine McPhee (I think this is the singing teacher's daughter)

And, of course, we got to see Crazy Dave Hoover again. And he whipped out some Meat Loaf "Bat Out of Hell." (I don't think that was on the 12 songs to choose from...They must've done a custom job). He earned some credit back from me just because he knew that Meatloaf song. But the whole concept of him being in Hollywood is still ridiculous! And that is why Simon got rid of him.

Next week I guess we move onto the Group Competitions. I did mention Olympics competition, but I think Idol is just on fire and will burn any competition it has. That's all I got. See you next week!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2/7 - Boston Auditions

YAWN!!!! Sorry....I know it's contagious. I'll give you all a chance to stop yawning after reading this. I mean seriously...this was Audition Night #7!!! I'm not going to get on my soapbox of my distaste of the lengthy auditions that are ratings hits. We can go back and read the older blog posts to relive and re-enjoy those precious moments. Instead I'll just sum up our final audition round and take a look at what's ahead!

Worst of Boston

No real stand-outs in the bad category. There was yet another stripper that immigrated to the U.S. to strip on camera and sing Toni Braxton. Score! There was a BOSTON Patriot, James Yokely who raps a tribute to our armed forces leading to Paula having something nice to say to such awful talent! If only he could've been more "Melodous!" A personal favorite of mine was the Opera Chick singing Loverboy's "working for the weekend." Granted...this was all over the ads leading up to our viewing of the Boston Tryouts. Another gem was the guy who said he had a singing teacher, introduced us to his teacher, and then told us he trained someone else too who ALSO didn't make it into Idol. BRILLIANT EDITING! There's only 2 others to discuss.

Kenneth Maccarone - CHER 2.0 - The guy sounded just like Cher as he belted out "Life After Love." And he claimed to be able to sing like other female singers and then had the nerve to refuse Simon's advice to become a female impersonator. Apparently Kenboy was taking the rare stance of wanting to sing like a woman (some who don't sound so womanly) but be known as a man who is singing it! He won't wear a dress. Is there an audience for this market? Please post comments if you are a member of this audience. I'm just curious! Congrats Kenneth...you did leave with your Dignity...just like you wanted.

Mike - CLAY 2.0 - guy dressed like clay...guy was awful....guy had to pee....simon let him pee....guy was worse. the end.

Best of Boston

What is up with Paula and Randy letting in mediocre performers or even singers who can't hold a tone? Here's a list:
  • Rebecca Donahue (twin who's sister had surgery) got in due to her good looks and marketable appearance
  • Tatiana Ward sang a squeaky and bizarre version of "My Cherie Amore." Paula wanted to her to Color up her vocals. And with this constructive criticism she's going to improve? oh my.
  • Ayla Brown - Basketball Scholarship girl - sang Star Spangled Banner at Patriots Game (or a football game where she wore a patriot's jersey). Had a pretty lousy audition...but they wanted to give her a shot because she looks good and she had a good resume...and was willing to accept their criticism. And...well she has a psycho Mom who was on an ego trip and was going to bust through because Simon said No. And Ayla had the nerve to say "Simon said no, actually" in a manner that she was shocked. Get over yourself! We already are!

Kevin Covais - 16 - Only talent that seemed to come out of Boston was 16 Year Old Kevin Covais (oh god...another one) who sang, surprise, Josh Groban "You Raise Me Up." The kid looked like he was 12 but had some pretty strong pipes. I'm gonna disagree with simon that only people 80 and up would like him. I'd lower it to 70. I've said it before...there's only so many 16 year olds this competition can accept. If too many of them sneak into the top 25....get ready for Junior Idol 2.0 (3.0 if you count Season 3 ugh...)

You hear the sound of that? Yes my friends, the end of the auditions! On to Hollywood week. It was fun while it lasted, and not fun at the same time! We got a glimpse of our featured Hollywood bound idol hopefuls that we have begun to know these past few weeks. Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett, Kellie Pickler (of course!), Crazy Rocker guy with big sideburns, The singing teacher's daughter, The guy that danced with Paula, the cowboy that sings to chickens, and of course....the guy that goes by SWAY. They were all there. And I think by the time they're in the top 25, I'll be able to name them all without looking up their names!

So tomorrow, looks like we're in for some drama with the crazy jumpy guy they let in (that can't sing!! Ugh...I thought it was just a joke!) Then of course...Looks like we're going to see our Memphis Brittenum twins afterall! Should be interesting to see if they had originally made it through or not before they got kicked off the show. From the previews, looks like at least one didn't. That's all I have folks....see you in Hollywood!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2/1 - Austin Auditions

Ahh yes...where Kelly Clarkson was discovered. Long story short...we did not see our next American Idol featured in tonight's show. We didn't really see ANYTHING worth mentioning. And you know what the worst thing of all is? I lied....Auditions don't end until next TUESDAY! UGH! And...from the looks of it...looks like most of our serious competitors will be coming out of Boston. (well...besides Kellie Pickler!...and Paris Bennett) Okay...so I'm going to bank on the fact that no one is really reading all this crap I've been writing. The truth is....the competition hasn't even begun yet. So here is the ULTRA-SHORT Auditions Recap!

Worst of Austin

Paula Braces Girl who wants to be Paula Abdul - Highlight of this was Simon actually not understanding how you can sing with Braces. "It's like a bridge!"

Cierra Johnson - sings "Oh Holy Night" awfully. Asks to sing another song. Simon says "Silent Night" without the "NIGHT"......and she starts to sing it! good times.

Randy's Twin - not too great of a singer...but we did get to hear Randy scream "My Brotha from a different Motha!!!"

Tessie Reid - Said she was compared to Diana DeGarmo and a little like Carrie. Had a crazy hairdo with long brown hair...and to braided streaks of Blonde hanging up front....(i dunno what they're called....FORWARD PIGTAILS??? I just know no one in their right mind does it!) Here...we get a dose of Paula trying to crack a joke that she sounds JUST LIKE Avril Lavigne. .......................................................um......i don't get it. Then Simon throws in the Zinger about how someone tried to stuff one too many potatoes in the sack.....I can only imagine he was making an anology to Tess's bodily shape. But that's just MEAN simon! lol. My favorite part was when she was so mad she tried to slam the door...and couldn't even move it an inch!!!

Best of Austin

Rickey Hayes - Music Major - Simon says "nicest sounding voice" not most powerful. I heard a lot of "Pitchiness" that Randy decided not to call him out on. But all of them were 100% convinced this guy was good. He must've sang another song that got edited out.

Ronnie "RJ" Norman - "People Love me, but I love me More!" Was pretty confident he'd make it....He sang "Ain't No Sunshine"....and Simon liked, paula liked...Randy did not like. He's in. I dunno....it was just aiigght for me dawg.

William Makar - 16 - Okay....haven't we learned our lesson from the past? You can't strike gold 3 times with 3 16 year olds! We already have Paris Bennett and Lisa Tucker entering this competition....and they're awesome. But this guy....he's got a nice voice for a 16 year old...but come on!!! We're heading into John Stevens land. I gotta agree with Paula...this guy ain't ready! But....simon and randy let him through.

Jason Horn - Funeral Director (embalmer) - In my opinion, the only reason worth watching tonight. I thought he was pretty good. Also got a nice Zinger out of Paula saying that he should do Simon's make-up! niiiice! What song does he sing? "You Raise Me Up" .....of course he does! Well at least he has a sense of humor! That's not all...he had a pretty damn good voice too. And Randy didn't want to be left out....he asked "Do you sing when you're embalming"...but Paula wanted back in...."THE ACOUSTICS!!!!" Yeah...this guy's a top 12'er....he's got America behind him, determined to destroy the stereotype of PLASTIC FUNERAL DIRECTORS! Good luck Jason....I'm with ya buddy!

Hey..whattya know...i kept up my promise! Short write-up. I'm considering not even writing one for the Boston review...but we'll see just how good this talent is! So...see you there! (maybe)