Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Idol Top 24: Final 12 Girls Perform

Hello America!  Okay, so the girls were much better tonight than the guys were.  Some really amazing performances.  Hopefully, this is the year that they beat the teenage texters out there and get us a strong female Idol winner.  They have been the most successful, after all!  We have the potential to have a really strong top 13 this year.  Naturally, there were still some pretty lousy performances tonight and I guess the judges got the feedback that they were incredibly too nice Tuesday night.  We saw the claws come out a little more.  Anyway, here's my brief recap and picks!

American Idol Top 24 - Final 13 Guys Perform

Hello America!  Well, it's going to be an interesting year for blogging this show.  I've gotten super busy and it would appear so has the rest of the country!  The ratings are still good for TV these days but they are down by AI standards.  Lots of new offerings in X-Factor and The Voice out there.  Plus, it IS the 11th season of the show that started it all in this country.  So 14-16 Million viewers for an 11th season show is not too shabby.  My interest in this season has been pretty consistent with the past few seasons.  EH.   Though, I must say, before tonight I thought the talent shown during Hollywood week is ridiculous.  Some of that was on display tonight, but there was also a lot of mediocrity.  But, I do have some favorites already on the Guys and Girls side.  It will be interesting to see who makes it and doesn't make it tonight.  But I definitely have a few picks for who they should send packing.   This is going to be a fairly brief recap (if you saw my x-factor recaps, then you'll know what I mean!).  We'll get right to the point.  But most importantly, if you're reading this....welcome back!  Let's get down to business.