Thursday, December 22, 2011

X-Factor Finale Part 1 - Final 3 Perform

Hello everyone!  I have mixed feelings about tonight's episode.  There is a clear winner out of these 3, but the judges still have me worried about the clearly less talented one winning.  Maybe they've seen the voting tallies and are trying to "act" like they're behind the guy so they don't look like fools when he wins.  But, I can't honestly sit here and say that he's impressed me every week and there is no way I'm picking him to be the winner of this show.  And I'll tell you one thing.  If he does win, I'm out!  No sense in writing about this show or possibly even watching it when it's skewed to let sub-par people go home with the gold.  ($5 Million gold at that)  If the right thing is done, then we'll see.  Anyway, let's get to the quick recap and picks!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

X Factor Final 4 Perform (Semi-Finals)

Guys, I just don't know if I should even bother commenting on this show because it would be REDUNDANT!!!   Yes, Steve Jones, I used the word correctly here because my comments will be very similar to last week.  Between his misuse of words and his persistent rants for us to follow them on "TWITTAAAAAAHHHH!!!!"  I really think the dude needs to be shipped back over the pond next year.  Can I possibly miss Ryan Seacrest's MC skills?  It certainly pains me to say it.  It's actually made me miss Idol a bit.  But, I'm sure that will all change once AI gets back on the air as always!   Anyway, there are 2 REAL contestants here, 1 guy with a great "comeback" story and a sorta likability factor, and then there's Marcus.  That's how I sum up these final 4 performances.  If you want to read my redundant thoughts on each contestant for pure entertainment purposes, please continue on!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

X-Factor - Final 5 Perform

Well, no doubt last week was a shocker for many with the whole Drew ousting.  And many feel it was Paula and Nicole's fault.  I'm not saying I'm a fan of Marcus or anything, but he did do better between the two of them in that face-off.  And Simon is the one that put her in that position with the song choices every week.  Everyone has had a week to settle down and now we're pretty convinced that Josh or Melanie will win this thing, right?   Well, that's how I felt going into last night.  It's still what I want, but I'm scared the show may be going in another direction.  And for me, it may be an unredeemable direction!   Let's divulge in our quick recap below.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

X-Factor Final 7 Perform

So here's a question, how much butt kissing of the Jackson family can you do in 90 minutes?  Well, we got our answer last night!  Wasn't that a bit awkward to keep asking Michael's kids questions like that over and over again?  They clearly were just going through the motions and would rather have just sat there and watched the show.  But hey, any chance to see Tito again....     Anyway, we were treated to the soothing sounds of butchered Michael Jackson tunes all night.  And we have yet another double elimination to look forward to!  I guess this answers my questions of how they were going to narrow this thing down before the end of December!   Anyway, here's my quick thoughts on each contestant and my elimination picks.  I'm not as confident this week but how about me getting it right AGAIN last week?  It's almost like I have cracked this show's code! We'll see if I can do it again...