Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol: Season 11 Top 2 Perform

David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery.  Those are the last 4 winners folks.  And to this day, I didn't realize that the Idol fandom had developed an acronym for what wins American Idol these days.  What the tweenage fandom and their massive text voting earns.  WGWG.   That's the acronym.  Any clues what it stands for?  (White Guy With Guitar)  There's no truer way to say it.  Here's the thing.  David Cook DEFINITELY deserved to win in his season.  And out of the awful season that was season 10, even Scotty was an acceptable winner.  (Though, did anyone think last night as he was performing how truly awful season 10's talent was after seeing this season?)  

Fast forward to the season 11 finale.  We are about to crown another winner.  And there is another WGWG in contention.  I have forseen this moment all season as I'm sure most of you have too.  I have fought against it tooth and nail trying to be optimistic of another outcome.  But then, the unthinkable happened.  The damn kid won me over.  It probably has to do with the narrowed down pool of contestants.  The elimination of some very talented competition and having to deal with what's left.  But, as I've mentioned before.  I have never had a personal problem with Phillip Phillips.  He is a very talented guy and even Stevie Nicks gave some pretty awesome praise to him.  He seems like a nice guy too.   There were a couple weeks where I really let him have it.  But he seemed like a guy that didn't want to win and he was mailing in performances.  There has been this whole undercurrent that he's been sick.  The Mrs. brings up that we've never seen the Jovial kid that showed up to that audition and performed.  So maybe the illness was part of it.  (Don't think I'll ever forget that his audition was illegal!  He was promoting his WGWG status before he was even allowed to play with a guitar!)

Anyway, here we are.  Time to recap this last crop of performances.  Both Jessica and Phillip did pretty well at what they sought out to do.  But there can only be one winner.  Who will it be?  Keep reading.  I may finally get it right again after 3 straight misses.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Idol: Season 11 Top 3 Perform

Hello Idol fans!  Welcome back.  So, with a 2 hour top 3 performance night, I kinda had a feeling that we'd be treated to the hometown visits a night earlier than usual which may or may not put things into an interesting perspective.  You can kind of see how many fans showed up in each of these hometown visits and gauge the popularity of the contestant.  So, based on that alone I might be able to tell you who the top 2 are.  But, looks could be deceiving, and I think we know how this is going to go down.  At least, for this week.  There's a chance I may hate myself for some of the commentary I'm about to make.  But, let's get on with it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Idol: Season 11 Top 4 Perform

Hello Idol fandom! Things are getting close to the end for season 11, but there is no doubt that this season will go down as one of Idol's best in terms of talent.  The final 4 all bring something different to the table.  We all have our particular preferences for what we look for in an idol winner.  All 4 of these people are very talented.  But, you know me.  I'm looking for something different this season.  Something different than the past 4 or 5 years, which is why I'm so hard on a particular contestant.  I know he has his fans and it's probably more than the female tweenage contingent.  But, that still doesn't change my stance on the matter.  And it pains me that he probably will be in our finals this season, and might even win.   But, that's a discussion for later in the recap.  This week pretty much seems like a no brainer (which probably means it won't be what we think).  So let's get to it!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

American Idol: Season 11 - Top 5 Perform

Hello Idolists!  I've said it before and I'll continue saying it.  We have NEVER seen a competition this intense.  All of the remaining contestants have a legitimate shot at this thing for different reasons.  I still am hoping for the teenage vote to be squandared, but I think it will be enough to spare the person who most definitely should go home tonight.  So, then things get really interesting.  Who on earth will go home tonight?  I have my guess, but we'll break things down below.   But overall, amazing night of performances and one fantastic guest mentor in Little Steven.  Loved the years of history between Jimmy and Steven showing on screen.  Great stuff!   And it sort of made me miss The Sopranos just a little bit! (and of course, yearn to return to a Bruce Springsteen concert)   So let's break things down.