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American Idol Season 9 - Top 6 Elimination Results - Who Finally Went Home?

Hello American Idol fanatics!  Nothing pleases me more tonight than being wrong.  Nothing at all.  It has finally happened.  The reign of weird has ended.  I know there were many fans out there, but come on folks, she was just too bizarre for her own good!   And anyone who actually thought her performance was GOOD last night, well...I'll be nice.  I just can't agree!   Ladies and Gentlemen, let's bid farewell to someone who made Sanjaya and his "faux hawk" seem tame!   Miss Peacock has left the building!

Eliminated: SIOBHAN MAGNUS!!!!!!!  WOO HOOOO!!!!!!
Bottom 3: Michael Lynche, Casey James, Siobhan Magnus
My Bottom 3: Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche

The best part of all of this?  Crystal Bowersox was in no danger of being booted.  The bad news?  Casey still found himself in the bottom 3 after having the best performance last night.   Maybe fans felt a false sense of security for him.  Maybe more people wanted to ensure Crystal and Aaron were safe for another week (that would be me for Crystal and my wife for Aaron and his sweet comments to his mother!)  In any case, I think America got the lowest vote absolutely correct.  I'll just admit that I didn't have faith it would happen.   So good for Michael evading the bottom 3 when he had a great night as well.

Not much else I can say except we're back to 100% Kara bashing next week!  Sorry for anyone I have offended with my dislike of Siobhan, but it had to be done!  Let's move on to the Highs and Lows - some of which, you'll notice, I blogged LIVE!

  • Rascal Flatts perform "Unstoppable" - I definitely have had my fill of Rascal Flatts over the years and this is not my favorite song.  But they could have gotten a lot of worse artists to be on stage!  Plus, I still remember the first time they were on the Idol Finale stage with Carrie Underwood and it was a great time!  But Gary, man your voice was pitchy dawg!  Umm, so they're performing with Shakira tonight?  Oh boy.  
  • The Ford Music Video - Yeah, Idol went too far with joining the Vampire Craze, but it was cool that they mixed in a little True Blood with the retractable fangs and then the Twilight feel to it as well.  
  • Well okay, them doing Shrek Voiceovers was kinda funny! 
  • My 100 votes for Crystal must have worked to get her out of that bottom 3!!   (okay, maybe not 100 but a lot!)
  • Sons of Sylvia perform "What You Waiting For" - introduced by Carrie Underwood.  The lead singer guy used to be Carrie's violin player.  And I believe they won that FOX competition with all the bands and stuff.  I forget the name!  Lots of cliche know: rhyming with "FOR" and "DOOR" and all that great stuff.  We've all done it!  But I'll give them a break because they're friends of Carrie Underwood!  Plus, Shakira is still coming up, I have plenty of room for lowlights! 
  • Lady Antebellum perform "Need You Now" - Love this group!  And if I haven't told you already, you need to buy these 2 albums of theirs.  This song went mainstream, but all of their stuff is fantastic!   By the way, an inside source tells me this performance was pre-recorded!  Plus you could see the judges and contestants both were not in their seats.  
  • Michael is safe, Casey had the best performance of the night.  Surely he isn't going home, right?  Do you know what this means?   PLEASE BE SIOBHAN!!!!!  
  • YES IT WAS!!! 

  • Siobhan being too excited about being a vampire in the Ford commercial. 
  • American Idol cashing in on the Vampire Craze.  
  • Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas there to promote Shrek Forever After.  Granted, I'll probably see it, but this is American Idol, a music competition right?  What is going on here?  Oh right, highest rated TV program.  Lots of eyeballs watching.  
  • Rascal Flatts with Shakira perform "Gypsie" - Well she certainly was dressed like a gypsie!  Okay, I get it she's a gypsie.  Um, what exactly did Gary add to the song?  I think this LITERALLY was the first time he performed this with her.  No rehearsal or anything.  Um, wow that was bizarre.  No need for that ever to have happened, and definitely no need to ever see it again!   Um is she quoting Roosevelt???  SERIOUSLY?!   
  • Casey in the bottom 3 after a great night.  Very interesting, but kinda upsetting.  
So, next week we head to the Frank Sinatra era.  Should be interesting with this crop of contestants.  I do love me some Frank though so I think it will be a decent show.  Harry Connick Jr. will be guiding our way through the soothing sounds of the great crooner.   And good ol' Mike V. will be back in all of his recapping glory to guide you through what he thinks of it all!  Hope you join me once again.  Until then, unleash your thoughts in the comments on how you feel this elimination show went down.   See you next week!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Shania Twain Brings Life to the Top 6 Performances!

Hello American Idol fanatics!  Welcome back to lackluster season 9!  Oh wait, scratch that.  The show finally showed signs of life tonight!  Why?  I'm glad you asked.  2 Words: SHANIA TWAIN!   Her music, her enthusiasm, her everything.  Once I heard she was returning to Idol this year (she had guest judged during the auditions) I was ecstatic.  I'm not ashamed to say I'm a big fan of hers.  I even put her music on Shuffle in my car for the past week.  I was totally ready for this week.   And folks, what a night it was!   You know it's going to be rough when the worst (I'd say 2nd worst) performance was from their best singer this year!  Should make elimination night interesting!

Before we get into the recap, congrats on Idol Gives Back for collecting $45 Million in donations!  Okay, here we go!

The "Live Blogged" Recap

1.) Lee DeWyze

Song: "You're Still the One"

Shania loves Lee's style and doesn't want him to get drowned out by his guitar.  I kept thinking he was going off melody in this performance, but it was totally intentional.  I was thinking Lee and Casey might have a good night tonight because they'd have a chance to slow up the songs and change the style a little bit with their rockin' guitar stylings.   He did a great job!  Oh Ellen, she did it "All aboard the Shania Twain!"  I couldn't help but laugh a bit but whew that was rough!!  The judges mostly gave positive feedback.  Simon told him it was the perfect song choice for him.  I agree!  Lee should be safe this week.    

2.) Mike Lynche

Song: "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"

I actually had this song picked for Casey, because I thought the style could be changed pretty easily.  But I think Big Mike could do a great job with it.  Shania tells Mike to feel the emotional connection with the song.  I've always loved this song and apparently it's one of Shania's favorites too.  I could really feel Mike EMOTING on it too.  Nice falsetto at the end.  Great job Big Mike!   Could be a really good night.   Shania's reaction afterwards was priceless.  Judges mostly liked the performance.   Wait Simon called the performance WET?  REALLY!?!?!  Wet = Girly?  Must be an English thing I guess!   I thought Mike did an outstanding job.   Love Shania's play-by-play commentary.  Still think she would've been the perfect replacement for Paula.  

3.) Casey James
Song: "Don't"

Finally, Casey is going to just let him play rhythm guitar instead of showing off his solo stylings.  He's great on guitar, but I think he needs to show his voice more.  He referred to this as a "singing song".  Great choice for him.  Shania wants him to emote as well.  My God, Shania is a beautiful songwriter.  Not too thrilled with her Ex-Husband Mutt Lange, so I won't give him any credit!  Casey, sound like a broken record tonight, is doing an outstanding job on the song.  I'd like to say Casey had his moment tonight, but everyone IS.  Shania's music is bringing out the best in them.  The judges loved it too.  Love that Simon told Casey to give Shania a kiss on the lips.  I know my wife is sitting right next to me, but I sure wish I was on American Idol right now!  

4.) Crystal Bowersox
Song: "No One Needs to Know"

Man, I'm loving these song choices!  Shania tells Crystal to be happy on the cheerful song.  Apparently, she's dedicating the song to her boyfriend. awwww   Love the acoustic country band she has on stage, still loving that mic stand of hers.  Crystal did a good, consistent job again, but I'm not going to lie.  She might have been shown up by the first 3 boys so far.  Definitely not my favorite Crystal performance. Not the judges' favorite either.  But I don't think she'll be going home.  She has earned a spot already in that final 2.  I think Crystal may need to stop talking back to the judges though.  I may need to vote for her tonight!      

5.) Aaron Kelly

Song: "You've Got a Way" 

Shania had similar advice for Aaron, feel it!  Love this song again.  Love how he changed the lyrics from "it's in the way we make love" to "it's in the way you show your love".  Good times!  I don't know if it's just that I love Shania's songs so much or if Aaron did a great job too!  This is going to be a really tough week to pick the eliminated contestant.  They're all doing a solid job and he definitely felt it.  And there is no way Crystal goes home this week.   Randy said WHEELHOUSE!  I've been waiting for that all season.  OMG, I can't believe Kara brought up the same thing I did.  It's okay for a blog to bring up the lyrics, but why would she bring that up on live TV?  So sweet that Aaron sang to his mother and with that locked up every mother's vote in America!  awwwwww    I guess we have to hope Siobhan does a lousy job!   

6.) Siobhan Magnus

Song: "Any Man of Mine"

Shania tells Siobhan to get into the character of the song.  Can she pull it off?  This was the Mandisa death song in season 5.  Oh man, she sang the lyrics to the wrong rhythm.  She should not be singing a song like this.  She looks like she should be on on the next Tiffany Mall Tour.   Could this be the end for Siobhan?  Oh my, I sure hope so.  I don't care if she's showing that crazy range with her voice in the whole song.   Cannot believe she is butchering an awesome Shania Song.  Oh, there's the high note.  Please Simon, call this indulgent!   SHANIA DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!!!!  Did you see her face!?!?!?   She golf clapped it!  Thank you Shania!   Couldn't count on the 3 tweedle dums, but at least Simon talked about the screaming.  I don't think he liked the song back when Mandisa did it, but now he does.  Ugh, do I go with the overenthusiastic judges or do I pick this TWAIN-Wreck to go home? 

The Elimination Pick

Okay, so first of all.  BRAVO to a wonderful theme week.  I know a lot of people were not thrilled about Shania Week, but that's just because they do not know of her wonderful book of wonderful songs.  Hopefully, those same people can sing a different tune now.  This was the only week I have actually looked forward to, and I was not disappointed.  But now, sadly, we must say goodbye to someone.  Here's my math on how I think it will go down. 

Best Performance of the night?  Casey James
Great Performances: Mike Lynche, Aaron Kelly, Lee DeWyze
Good Singing Voice but Wrong Song, and Super Indulgent: Siobhan Magnus
Good Song, maybe wrong choice for Best Singer:  Crystal Bowersox

Has been eliminated before and has been in the bottom 3 a couple times: Mike Lynche

My Bottom 3 Picks: Michael Lynche, Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus   Bonus Pick: Nope, this is how it's going down

Elimination Pick: Michael Lynche - I so desperately wanted to pick Siobhan, but the mere fact that Vote For the Worst has picked her up as their new contestant to follow is probable enough to keep her in this.  And hey, I need someone to trash talk anyway.  Makes blogging about this show after 6 years a little easier!  Sadly, I thought Mike did a good job, but on a Country night I am not so sure the voters are going to have his back.  Plus, Simon said he had a wet performance, so....draw your own conclusions! 

So that's it America, the TiVo cut off, so I'm not sure who is performing on Wednesday's recap.  I'm sure I'll know after I watch Glee because it will be on the beginning of that TiVo'd recording!  But, I sure hope Shania gives us a little performance and maybe announces her comeback album or tour or something! We're dying to know Shania!   What did you guys think of tonight?  Did it salvage this unsalvageable season?  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you after the results! 

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American Idol Season 9 - Idol Gives Back 2010 - Who Went Home?

Hello American Idol fans!  Welcome to the recap of the super bloated Idol Gives Back / Top 7 Results show.   We were live at the Idol Studio and also from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium hosted by Queen Latifah.  For 2 hours and almost an extra half hour we were learning about how much our money can help children in our country and all over the world.  Very touching stuff.   But we still had the sad moment of getting rid of one of our Top 7 contestants.   And, I must say, it is fitting that the kid who always smiles ends up being the one who we say goodbye to tonight.  Ladies and gentlemen let's bid adieu to our fallen idol contestant.

Eliminated: Tim Urban
Bottom 3: Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Tim Urban
My Bottom 3: Aaron Kelly, Tim Urban, Mike Lynche

It was bound to happen right?  I just picked the wrong week!   I kept thinking Tim would keep passing through from round to round.  He definitely stayed longer than we all expected, so he should be credited with at least that!  Aaron and Casey live to fight another day.  But, now that we're in the home stretch, it'll be interesting to see who gets booted first.  And with the theme next week, I'm predicting another guy!  Even though I'd be perfectly content singing one of the songs! (don't worry, I'm married to a woman)  But we'll get to that at the end.  Let's talk about Idol Gives Back for a bit.

Overall, the show was decent.  I think I enjoyed previous Idol Gives Back when the music performed was more inspirational based than promoting current singles and what not.  You'll see in my live-blogged highlights and lowlights below my complaints.  Of course, there were a few exceptions.   Here we go:

Highlights of Idol Gives Back
  • The Top 12 Perform "Keeping the Dream Alive" - I'll give them a pass on a night for Charity!  It was semi-less cheesy.  
  • The Footage they are showing from the poor areas of the country and the rest of the world definitely were driving the message home.  I hate to put them as a HIGHLIGHT as they were very sad and moving.  But I think you guys get what I mean.  Very effective. 
  • I wanted to hate George Lopez judging the judges.  But I did chuckle a few times!  (I did say a "few" not a lot!) 
  • The Ford Music Video - definitely upped the budget on those crazy effects!
  • Joss Stone and Jeff Beck with the Jubilation Choir perform "I Put a Spell on You" - Really can't go wrong with this combo.  Great guitar, great vocals.   But still don't understand the song choices so far tonight (see Black Eyed Peas in the lowlights).  I have a feeling Carrie is going to sing one of her songs that heavily delivers a message from her latest album.  I'm already dreading it, but I like her so much she'll obviously make the highlights!  
  • Morgan Freeman did the hula-hoop!
  • Alicia Keys performs "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)" and "Empire State of Mind Part II"  -  Not much to say, it was just good.  Not a show stopper or anything! 
  • Carrie Underwood performs "Change" - I totally called it!  When the album came out I told my wife, "Yep, this will be her Idol Gives Back song next year"   Good times.  Can't knock her though.  She is so amazing and can make anything sound wonderful.    
  • Wanda Sykes' little stand-up routine making fun of elimination shows was a good time! 
  • Still a fan of that David Cook!  Good to see him doing good in Ethiopia and rocking that guitar for the kiddies too! 
  • Annie Lennox performs from London due to LOST's Smoke Monster hanging out over Iceland.  But she's still awesome every time she appears on the show!  
  • "Stairway to Heaven" performed by Mary J. Blige and an all star squad -  Randy Jackson, Travis Barker, and some other names that Ryan said too fast and I was too lazy to rewind!   Definitely a bizarre collection of people but it did sound pretty good!  Even if I'm not a huge Mary J. fan.  
  • Elton John performs "Your Song" - LOVE THAT SONG!! 

Lowlights of the Night

  • Ryan's making fun of the children already.  That seems counter productive.  
  • Celebrity Phone bank with Russel Brand and Jonah Hill fell a little flat.  
  • Black Eyed Peas perform "Rock Your Body"  - Fergie was dressed as Wonder Woman and the rest of them are just comical.   Especially the long haired guy.  He cracks me every time he gets his rap.   on.  I'm sure I'd rock out to the song on the radio or something but ugh their live performances just are not that great!   Wasn't the point of Idol Gives Back to not promote your new singles but to sing something inspirational in accordance with the night?  ROCK THAT BODY??   
  • The girls screaming when Justin Bieber's mug showed up on screen. 
  • I love getting lectured by Billionaire Bill Gates on donating money.  Why can't he just do it for me?   Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he does a lot and understand what they were trying to do.  But you know you were thinking it too! 
  • I know they said they were going over 2 hours tonight.  But it's 10:09 and Elton John hasn't performed yet.  We still need to do the elimination! 
So the theme for next week is the music of Shania Twain!   Not only was she the best additional judge this year (I include Ellen in this, even though I like Ellen, just not a fan of her as a judge) but she has some fantastic music to choose from!  Having 6 amateurs sing her songs on American Idol might bring a whole new meaning to "Shania Karaoke" that Carrie mentions in her hit "Before He Cheats" but it should be a good time.   Can you imagine Aaron singing "Who's Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?"   Or Casey singing "Man, I feel like a Woman!?"    Ahh we're gonna have fun with this kids!   Can't wait for next week now! 

And, that's all I have for tonight!  Finally, next week there will only be 2 hours of American Idol all week.  "Music" to my ears!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Alicia Keys Mentors the Top 7 for the Inspirational Songs Performances

Hello American Idol fanatics and welcome back!  It's Inspirational Songs week in preparation of the big Idol Gives Back charity event on Wednesday.  And let me be the first to say, I am 6 times uninspired and 1 time SUPER-INSPIRED!  Any guesses what that means?   Yep, only one contestant really fit the bill for me tonight.  The rest pretty much brought their consistent mediocrity.  (Well, maybe Lee was better than the the other 5, but still nothing compared to Crystal!)   Alicia Keys was brought in to mentor and she pretty much gave them all the same advice.  FEEL THE SONG!  Nice try Alicia, these Robots don't know how!  

Anyway, let's get into it kids!  As always, I live-blogged my thoughts as I watched.  Keep in mind, I have lowered my expectations for this season, so if I say someone is good, it's definitely on a scale compared to previous superior seasons.  With the exception of our final performer!

The Recap (Live Blogged) 

1.) Casey James

Song: "Don't Stop"
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Alicia advises Casey to bring some personality to the well known song.  If you ask me, there is no difference between this performance and "Power of Love" that he did a few weeks ago.  Just him and his guitar and singing a bit hit song that everyone knows.  Yeah, you can tell he's trying to add a "Casey-vibe" to it and he's doing his guitar solo which doesn't win singing competitions.   It was good, was it a winning performance?  No.  But I'll defer to the judges.  Yep, judges all pretty much on the same page.    

2.) Lee DeWyze

Song: The Boxer
Artist: Simon and Garfunkel

Interesting song choice, great song.  Alicia tells Lee to BE THE BOXER!  We'll see how it goes.  All of the power rankings have Lee ranked at #2 to Crystal this week.  And really, who else is there that we can see competing at this point since Siobhan fell from weirdo grace?  He thought he did a great job with this performance.  Not chill-inducing or anything, but at least it's a great song and not something you'd expect to hear on Idol.  He brought some raw emotion to it too which was a good time.  The judges are saying he had his MOMENT tonight.  So, I think he'll be safe!  

3.) Tim Urban

Song: Better Days
Artist: Goo Goo Dolls

I'm sensing a trend.  Alicia tells him to make it his feel the song!  Well, it's not awful again!  Tim is finding a way to do just well enough, and to improve just enough to make it look like he's evolving.  And hey, maybe he is!  He's definitely not an Idol winner, but he has certainly turned a few heads by his longevity on the show.  And he did another solid "TIM" performance in this one.   The judges came down on him pretty much not knowing what to do with him.  Simon did mention the improvement over the weeks.  Don't know what to do with this kid.  I'm thinking he'll be safe for now.  

4.) Aaron Kelly

Song: I Believe I Can Fly
Artist: R. Kelly

Whew, this could be really good or treacherous!  Alicia tells him, no surprise, to bring the emotion.  Now, I've liked Aaron throughout this run.  But at some point, when we start getting down to the nitty gritty, it's going to be time for him to go, right?  Some of this performance felt that way to me.  But some of those high notes near the end were pretty impressive too!  And of course his big ending note was a good time too.   Definitely a better singer than Tim Urban.  Sounds like the judges are more on board with him than Tim too.  But Simon is sort of making sense of my feelings. He would have turned the radio off.   Yeah, probably me too.  He's definitely a candidate for elimination, but with 7 left, a few will be.  

5.) Siobhan Magnus

Song: "When You Believe" 
Artist: Mariah Carey

Ugh, Alicia tells Siobhan to go for the "MONEY NOTE."  I'm so sick of her high notes!  Can I just say that she looks like Miss Peacock from Clue: The Movie tonight?  Feathers, butterflies all over.  Well, there's no doubt she has a great voice.  But, when it's coming from such a bizarre person, I just can't take it seriously.  And that vibrato was a little over the top!  I'm sure the judges will eat it up as will some of you!  Thank God!  The judges all hated it except Ellen!   Why do they have to let her talk after the performances?  It just makes it unbearably worse.   That was worse than the performance! 

6.) Michael Lynche

Song: Hero
Artist: Chad Kroger

Big Mike picked a song from his 200 Song "Playbook".  Alicia tells Michael to bring people on a ride.  Okay!    When it started I thought he was going to have his MOMENT with the song.  He started it off all acoustic guitar and no band.  And yes it built up through the performance.  But I found it pretty repetitive once he got into it.  The judges weren't really on board either.  Not sure why Simon brought up Spiderman.  It's still an inspirational song regardless of where it's from!  But I still wasn't a big fan of the performance.            

7.) Crystal Bowersox
Song: People Get Ready
Artist: The Impressions

Who cares what Alicia has to say.  Crystal is going no instrument and it's gonna be awesome!  Oh nevermind, Ryan is an idiot.  Here comes the band!  What is there to say that hasn't been said already?  She's amazing, and wow she broke into tears at the end of the song.  That's a sign of truly feeling the performance, right?!   How about that awesome Mic Stand too with the lamp?  Good times.  Can I declare her the winner yet!?   Eh, I'll wait a couple more weeks.   Looks like she was crying because she saw her Dad in the audience. awwwwwwww so sweet!  

The Elimination Pick

With only 2 girls left in the competition, and as much as I'd like to see Siobhan take her feathers and fly away this week, I just don't think it's gonna happen.  So we should see one of the boys exit this week (that is, if they're REALLY going to eliminate someone on a charity night.  We've been duped before)  So here are my thoughts.   

Absolutely Safe: Lee, Crystal
I wish wasn't safe: Siobhan
Decent Performance should be safe: Tim
Could be a threat for bottom: Casey
Eh: Big Mike
Yep, I think it's time: Aaron 

Bottom 3: Aaron, Tim, Mike  Wildcard: Siobhan 

Elimination Pick: Aaron Kelly

Sorry buddy, it's been a fun ride but sometimes the dream has to end.  This week is your turn!  And if they don't eliminate anyone this week, I'm pretty positive Aaron would be one of the ones to go next week.

So, tune in Wednesday night for what I'm sure is to be an All-Star spectacle and a heartfelt night as we are asked to donate to some good causes.  I will be there in all of my recapping glory and to capture our latest ousted contestant (if it happens).  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you after the Results and Idol Gives Back!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 9 Double Elimination Results - Which 2 Went Home?

Hello American Idol fanatics!  And welcome back to the results where we actually eliminated contestants this week.  I was 1 for 2 this week but am not terribly surprised by the 2nd contestant getting booted.  Although, it was sad to watch her go through the realization that the dream has ended!  Ladies and gentlemen let's bid adieu to the 2 ousted contestants:

Eliminated:  Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens
Bottom 3: Not Applicable (they didn't do it that way this week)
My Bottom 3: Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia, Siobhan Magnus

Now they kept Michael Lynche out there with Katie to keep tensions high as he was just saved last week.  Turns out he wasn't even in the bottom 3.  And if you believe in, Michael may have even been the top vote getter this week.  If that's the case, his elimination scared a lot of people to rush to his side!  Anyway, I stick by my stance that as long as Crystal makes it to the final 2 (fingers crossed on winning of course), then I'm fine with whatever order the rest of the contestants end up getting booted off.  But I sure would be delighted if Siobhan exited sooner than later.  Of course, then who would I make fun of!?   Kara?  Come on that's too easy!

Anyway, not much else to speculate.  Let's dive into the highs and lows.  Surprisingly, there were more highs for me than lows this week.  A rarity!

  • The Ford Commercial  - Say what you want about product placement on the show and political commentary with "going green," but I still would never accept my American Idol results show experience WITHOUT a Ford Commercial! 
  • Can't knock the Idol Gives Back stuff they showed with Elliot Yamin going to Africa with Kara.  It's all a great cause.  I will try to refrain from the fact that I still rolled my eyes at everything Kara said on camera.  
  • Lineup sounds pretty good for Idol Gives Back next week.  They put together 2 solid shows in past seasons, so I'm sure it will be worth tuning into.  
  • Brooke White and Justin Gaston join in the Elvis fun with "If I Can Dream".   I won't say the performance was the greatest, but I always liked Brooke!  Good to see her back on the stage.  That Justin guy?  A Nashville Star reject but better known for being Taylor Swift's ROMEO and the "Love Story" music video.  Anyway, I wasn't impressed with him! 
  • Adam Lambert performing "What Do You Want From Me".  I know I have been harping on Adam for the past week and not being a big fan of his.  I'm still not, but I can't help but dig that song.   I thought the performance was way over the top in classic Adam fashion and the lighting was really awful.   But that song, I can't help but like it.  Darn you VH1 Top 20!  I still think he looks like a goofball with all of his "dress up" that he likes to play! 

  • Ryan introduces Simon as "SI CO" (get it....Psycho??)   Wow...all time low. 
  • Elvis Medley with the Top 9 started off bad and just never recovered!  Complete with Choreographed Cheese!  The most painful is seeing people like Crystal and Casey stomach that stuff.  Actually, it's kind of funny!  
  • Are they still making this results show an hour??? Ugh.  That will forever be a lowlight! 

So, with Idol Gives Back being front and center next week, we get our standard "INSPIRATIONAL SONGS" theme next Tuesday.  Alicia Keys will be mentoring.  And guess what?  They're going to actually attempt to eliminate a contestant on Wednesday's 2 hour Charity show.  The last time they said they were going to do this, it ended up being a joke and we got another double elimination the following week.   We'll see if it happens again!

What did you all think of the elimination results?  Are you favorites still in it?  Discuss.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 9 Perform Again with the Help of Adam Lambert. Which 2 will go home?

Hello American Idol fanatics and welcome to Deja Vu night!  Not only are we seeing the top 9 for the 2nd week in a row, but we're doing yet ANOTHER Elvis week!  I mean, we can't complain. Elvis tunes are fantastic and all.  It was a pretty solid night what we're rating on a season 9 scale.  But there were still some snoozers and we'll get into that below.

I know I went on a rant LAST WEEK about how I have no idea why they got Adam Lambert to be the guest mentor.  And, yeah, I figured they'd show him in really positive light and I figured he'd actually have good advice for the kids.  It's actually more about about the principle that annoyed me.  And of course, never being a fan of his!   But all of that being said, he did a decent job giving decent advice.   I do NOT like the fact that they got him to mentor on ELVIS week, continuing to draw comparisons to the buzz last year that we were witnessing the "NEXT ELVIS".   But whatever...let's move on!

The Recap: Live Blog

As in the past few weeks, I will keep on live blogging my thoughts during the airing on how I think each contestant is doing.  And then I will post some post performance analysis afterwards.  Here we go! 

  1. Crystal Bowersox - "Saved" - Adam says keep it fresh and surprise people.  Tells her to go electric.   Works for me.  She would have done great either way.  The girl is just in a league of her own!  I don't know what else to say that I haven't said already.  The crowd reaction alone let me know I'm not the only one thinking this.  The judges praised her too.  The only thing that would scare me is that she is going first and people might think she is safe without voting.  But, if this girl doesn't make it to the final 2 (AT LEAST), this show will be beyond saving.  Nice jewels on the guitar by the way! Fancy!
  2. Andrew Garcia - "Hound Dog" - Andrew is interviewing with Ryan right now and pulled out the "I'm a daddy" sympathy card again.  Yep, not doing it for me anymore.  Sell me with your singing bro!  Adam told Andrew's version of "Hound Dog" was boring so he tried to help him spice it up.  Let's see how it goes.  He totally took the life out of a legendary rock song and made it a cruise ship jazz standard.  I'm going with a 85% chance Simon will say this.  I'm sorry, but it was way too slow for "Hound Dog!"  Oh well, Simon went with the "boring musical performance" line instead.  Eh, same difference!  Considering 2 are going this week, it's a safe chance he's one of them.            
  3. Tim Urban - "Can't Help Falling in Love" - Adam tries to push Tim out of comfort zone by making him use falsetto at the end.  I wasn't thrilled to hear he was doing this song, but it sounds like it might actually be good.  Okay, well I got distracted Ryan dance with another man.  Is Tim still singing?  The vocal isn't the greatest but it is a nice guitar arrangement he has going and he has a nice bit of emotion going.  He dropped the falsetto at the end and stayed low.  I'm just surprised he didn't butcher it.    Nice, sweet ballad.  Good stuff!  Simon even pulled out the old staple "Zero to Hero!"  It is pretty crazy that Tim has found a way to stay in this competition after those rough semi-final performances isn't it?
  4. Lee DeWyze - "A Little Less Conversation" - Adam advises Lee to show some facial emotion.  Yeah Lee!  Rock it out!  Man he brought out the power voice for this one.  I always think he isn't going to be able to hit those higher notes, but when he does they sound good and raspy and rockin!  A definite improvement over the bagpipe gimmick last week.  And on the contrary to Andrew, this new arrangement sounded great.  Ugh Kara, SHUT UP!!!  "I said that!  I said that!!"  No one cares!      
  5. Aaron Kelly - "Blue Suede Shoes" - Adam's advice "More Energy!"  As my wife says, the kid is cute as pie.  Hey and he can sing really well too.  And he put his all into that performance.  In the end, he has no shot at winning, does he?  It wasn't awful!  I don't know what to think about it.  But how could Ellen accuse Aaron of taking on Elvis's most iconic song?  Is "Jailhouse Rock" any less iconic? Come on Ellen, they're ALL iconic.  Simon wasn't too crazy about it either, so I guess it wasn't weird for me to not know what to say about it!  Bottom 3 or 4? (not sure how they'll do it this week)   We'll see how everyone else does.    
  6. Siobhan Magnus - "Suspicious Minds" - Adam calls Siobhan "sleepy."  Hmmm maybe Adam is growing on me?  naaaaa So she opens up in her 80's Jane Fonda gear and faces away from the crowd?   Now she's doing her best Kathy Lee Gifford "Let me teach the audience a morally important lesson while I sing" mannerism.   I'm sorry, the girl is 89% a boring and weird singer and then she pulls out the big notes at the end which is what everyone remembers.  Very pageanty.    I have made up my mind and I do not like this girl.   I'd put her on the same level as Kara DioGuardi.  Other people out there may still think she is an equal to Crystal, but I just cannot get on board.  Ugh, Kara why do you have to agree with me?  I want to hate you!  Well, Simon didn't like it either, so I feel better.  "If I can't even label myself I do not feel it is necessary to be labeled"  so deep Siobhan, please write poetry after your American Idol gig ends!    

    OH MAN, I just got so excited when Ryan said Brian Dunkleman was coming back to help out with Idol Gives Back!!!   Nope, it was a joke.  Poor Brian!

  7. Michael "Big Mike" Lynche - "In the Ghetto" - Adam's advice "Bring out the Actor".  Michael says Simon tells him not to.  See????  They were contradictory when Adam was a favorite last year.  All theatric comments went out the window last season. Now, they're back.  I've been harping on this since last season.  Ridiculous.  Michael gave another solid performance.  This one was slow and just an acoustic guitar in his hands.   Will it be enough to save him from elimination again?  I think the fact that he was voted out last week means he'll have a lot more support this week.  Simon said that Michael was a million times better.   I guess...I thought he was pretty good last week too. 
  8. Katie Stevens - "Baby What Do You Want Me to Do?" - Katie is frustrated with the judges' comments so she wanted a song that reflected that.  And Adam wants her to sell it.  She was selling it pretty good tonight!  Maybe a couple of pitch problems but her performance was fierce and solid!  And then Kara had to talk and do her finger snap and head tilt "You showed us judges!"  Simon didn't like it very much.  He said it was too loud.  Maybe I dunno.  I thought it was a lot better than Andrew!      
  9. Casey James - "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" - Adam says to make the song move more dynamically.  Casey is going for another bluesy tune.  Could risk sounding similar to other performances. Let's see!  It was good, not much to complain about.  It sounded like another Casey tune.  But it just seems like more of "what you see is what you get."  Last week, we saw another LEVEL to Casey.  This week, was more of what we had seen before.  Not winning type stuff.  But he should be safe.  Simon calls it a "wasted opportunity" with Elvis song but a good vocal.  I would agree it's a pretty forgettable song. He should be safe, we'll see! 
So, my thoughts really haven't changed since watching the show.  There were some really solid performances and then there were some "whatever" performances.  After a shocking week like last week, I think the ship needs to be righted and we won't get many surprises this week.  Since 3 girls went home for the first 3 weeks, I could see it easily being 2 guys that get the boot tonight.  And with that, let's get to the next segment.

The Elimination Picks

League of Her own: Crystal
Great chance of being safe: Lee, Casey, Michael
Better than average chance of being safe: Tim, Katie
I still think her days are numbered: Siobhan
Not Looking good: Aaron, Andrew

Bottom 3: Aaron, Andrew, Siobhan  Bonus: Tim/Katie (just in case they go to a bottom 4, I'll put them both.)

Elimination Picks: Andrew Garcia, Aaron Kelly

Hey, I like Aaron and I wish he didn't have to, but I think it's getting close to the time where we have to part ways with the little guy.  Granted, these people could get eliminated in any order as long as Crystal is left standing in the end (in my opinion).  But I'm still not predicting her to be the winner yet!  I just have yet to see a consistent contender to match her.

Anyway, that's it!  I also apologize for my false promises of being out of the Hour PLUS territory with Idol.  I forgot we had yet another Top 9 to go through after that dumb Judges' Save!  But I guarantee they will all be an hour from here on out.  Well, except for Idol Gives Back next week and the Finale.

Adam Lambert takes the stage Wednesday.  I will be here in all of my recapping glory to cover that event and the elimination.   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you after the results!

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 9 Elimination Results - Who Went Home?

Hello American Idol fanatics!  Well, I can't even pretend to say that I was close to predicting this one.  Yes, I had 2 of the bottom 3 picked correctly, but the VOTED OFF contestant?  Nope.  He wasn't even on my radar.  Granted, he was saved by the judges this week so one could say my elimination pick streak is still alive.  It would have a giant asterisks next to it an any record books though!   So, the only thing we really need to thankfully bid adieu to is the dreaded Judges' Save itself!  But let's give a hearty hand to the Voted Off Contestant who sang to Save his elimination for another day!

SAVED: Michael Lynche  
Bottom 3: Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia
My Bottom 3: Andrew Garcia, Aaron Kelly, Tim Urban

Well, that was kind of crazy, right?  I guess it makes sense with the judges coming down on Michael and his "Broadway" sound Tuesday night.  Or maybe a lot of people just assumed he'd be safe.  I never envisioned Michael winning the whole thing, but he's just too fun to say goodbye to just yet.  Especially when Tim Urban is still in the competition.  Granted, I thought Tim did decent on Tuesday, but come on...Michael?    Anyway, not really much else to discuss since no one went home!  So let's get to the High's and low's!

  • The Ford commercial!  - Still cheesy but the night is never complete without watching a lovely Ford-Idol commercial.  That's all I got!
  • Michael singing "This Woman's Work" to go for the save.  I hate the Judges save, but at least they used it on somebody good instead of saving it for Siobhan or something.  

  • Kara's attire.  There are no words.  And was she going for the mullet look or did it just come naturally?  
  • The lip syncing sensational Top 9 performing a Beatles Melody - All fantastic songs, with drippy melted cheese poured all over it.  And I swear, even pre-recorded Siobhan doesn't sound human! 
  • Jason Derulo performs "Whatcha Say" and "In My Head"  -  I will say the songs are catchy and I may leave them on the radio if I'm passing by.  But that performance was a train wreck right from the part where he sang his introdution "JASUON DERULO!!" to his spiked shoulder.  Ahhh good times.  Dance Party USA folks!   What do I know though?  Simon gave it a thumbs up!  Good job on that discovery Kara! 
  • David Archuleta performs "Imagine" - Okay, I get it, because it's the theme of the week.  But it is pretty funny that he wasn't asked to sing any new material.  Ohhhh that crazy artichoke!  (Season 7 blogging inside joke folks!  Sorry, couldn't resist)   Granted, he did perform it well.  That was always one of his performances.  But, I still put it down here because I've heard it enough on this show!  My bad, he is working on a new album.  So, maybe next year Archie!  
  • Rhianna performs new single "Rock star" - Nothing against Rhianna, although the song was kinda "whatever," I just don't understand why we need 3 performers every results show to fill up this hour.  This elimination shows are way too dragged out.  I say it every week, and probably will continue to do so! 

And that's all I got folks.  I already went on a rant in my Top 9 recap about Adam Lambert being next week's mentor.  Don't get me started again!  I'm sure I'll have a couple more choice words to say about it next Tuesday so tune back in!   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 9 Perform Songs from the Lennon/McCartney Songbook

Hello American Idol fanatics!  We return for the top 9 performances with the songs from the most infamous songwriting duo of all time, John Lennon and Paul McCartney!  This covers both Beatles songs and also songs from John and Paul's solo careers as well.   For the most part, it was a decent night.  I'm still not enjoying this season as much as seasons in the past, but there is one consistent singer that I always enjoy, and there seems to be one contestant that surprises me each week.  It gives me hope that this season can turn things around before the end.

Of course, hearing the news today that Adam Lambert will be MENTORING the Top 8 next week is not information that gives me much hope!  I had discussed in the opening Idol Blog of the season that I was positive American Idol would attempt to perform "Damage Control" to his career, but I never thought they'd stoop to this level.  I'm sorry, but if any contestant is going to be mentoring the contestants, shouldn't it be someone who WON?   Or someone that won and has had more success?  Yes yes, I know Adam has a hot single right now and everything, but he didn't win!  He is not a grammy award winning artist such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood (both Idol winners by the way).  Now granted, they may have been asked and weren't available.  But I think the biggest insult would be to last year's winner - Kris Allen.  This just makes no sense to me at all, except for the fact that they're going to try and put Adam's Top 20 single to #1 overnight.  And they will hope to improve the image that made him lose 50% of his fan-base when strutting his stuff on the American Music Awards last fall.   All I can say is, don't fall for it Mom!  Anyway, my rant is over for now.  I wanted to get it out of my system before next week.

Let's get into the RECAP!

The Recap (Live Blogging)
As I have been trying out the last few weeks, I will document my thoughts as I am viewing the episode for each contestant and then give more thoughts at the end after I have had a chance to ponder it all.  Here we go!
  1. Aaron "Yoda" Kelly - "The Long and Winding Road" - Loved the other contestants calling Aaron, Yoda and mimicking the Jedi Master.  Good times!  Aaron isn't sounding as good as he normally does.  He got in a few good notes here and there.  But not the greatest performance or song choice to be kicking off the show.  Hopefully some other contestants won't be as good so he can stick around!   The judges kind of were on the same page.  Kara suggests more tempo (just say faster Kara!).  Loved how Simon rolled his eyes when Aaron said "this whole journey has been a long and winding road."  They added that Aaron is doing the same thing week after week.  He needs to change things up and get younger.  Bottom 3 maybe?    
  2. Katie "Vote for me and Win a Date" Stevens - "Let it Be" - What was up with those shots of Katie dancing in the pre-performance club?  Kinda bizarre!  She is sounding really good on the tune.  Changing up the melody just enough to make it her own version.  Nice low notes, nice high notes. Nothing really bad to say about that one.  Pardon my slang but she done real good!  Ellen stole my line!!  "Changing it up just enough to make your own"  We all know I'm live blogging though, so we're good.  Is Kara repeatedly saying that she's blossoming?  Oh boy.  Simon takes credit for Katie singing a little more country and Kara gets all high and mighty and has to show people her singing voice.  Way to go Kara. You go ahead and steal Katie's moment.  I'll sit here and continuously roll my eyes!           
  3. Andrew "Mr. Comedian" Garcia - "Can't Buy Me Love" - Andrew didn't want to mess with the song too much because it's legendary.  Wait, "Straight Up" isn't LEGENDARY?  Come on dude!  First of all, the polo shirt buttoned up all the way with a suit?  I don't know about that either.  I think he's doing a solid job on the song though.  That one high note was a bit "crackily" but compared to a couple weeks ago, he seems to have righted his ship.  An Idol winner?  I'm still not seeing it.  But he's doing pretty well.   And of course Randy had to steal my "Solid" line.  (LIVE BLOG people!)  I don't care if Kara is giving constructive criticism.  I just can't listen to her.  Simon called it "wedding corny".  I guess I can agree with them on that it was a tad corny, but I still thought he did a pretty good job.  But like I said, he won't be taking home any trophies.  We'll see how the rest of the competition does! 
  4. Michael "Incredible Snoring Teddy Bear" Lynche - "Eleanor Rigby" - David Cook did a great rendition of this in season 7.  Can he match it?  Well, he did a totally different arrangement than Cook, obviously.  But he did a really great job with it!  He has a powerful voice and it's a powerful song.  How can you go wrong?  The judges raved about it as well.  I think Kara could have toned it down a little bit!  (am I dissing her too much in this recap?)  Simon went the "broadway musical" route.  Ever since they loved Adam Lambert last year, I have given up on hearing them compare anyone to Broadway.  Michael should be safe this week.     
  5. Crystal "Mama Sox" Bowersox - "Come Together" - Crystal has a cold.  Hopefully it won't hurt her too much.  Wow, they brought out a digiridoo on us!  Not sure that was really necessary, but it was a good time.  Still can't see how anyone can compete with her.  She just has a natural gift.  Usually, the obvious people don't seem to win American Idol though, so I'm still being reserved with my pick for this year's winner!  But, if you ask me, she's still the best.  And this week further proved it.  The judges were 4 for 4 with loving it!  I love how they brought the digiridoo player back out.  If you didn't get it from my statements above, I think she'll be perfectly fine tonight.  And as my wife adds, she has gotten a lot more personable since the beginning.  All positive steps for the Mama Sox!       
  6. Tim "Smiles" Urban - "All My Lovin" - Tim is rocking the electric guitar tonight.  He even got his hair to look like the old Beatles' Mop Top.  Is it wrong if I say that I actually think he's doing a decent job?  Definitely a simple song, but it showcased that this guy actually has a pretty decent voice.  And he played some decent rhythm guitar too.  I wonder what the judges will say.  Man, Randy stole my "hair" line!  I am ON tonight!  The judges all gave him props.  Simon said Tim has handled the criticism really well.  Nice.  I actually think Tim is gonna be safe this week.  Not looking good for Aaron and Andrew right now.    
  7. Casey "Soap Opera Stud" James - "Jealous Guy" by John Lennon - Casey decided to ditch the Beatles and go with some Lennon solo stuff.  He picked a great song.  I've always loved that one.  Loving the toned town acoustic guitar plus solo string player.  He is doing fantastic.  Great stuff, very heartfelt.  That was a star making performance if you ask me.  Not that he could do something that low key each week, but it was nice!  Not sure why the judges are holding back.  They're saying some good stuff but they're giving all of this criticism.  Finally, THANK YOU Simon!  He finally said it was the best of the night.  I thought it really was good!  Definitely safe this week.    
  8. Siobhan "Amazingly Weird" Magnus - "Across the Universe" - Siobhan wants to show a different side of her voice.  Will she avoid the big note?  I doubt it.  Let's see!  First of all, the outfit? Top notch in ridiculousness!  Obviously, it's a good song.  But, I don't think it's a good song to be performing when looking for votes.  Sang it okay, though it sounded weird at times.  I don't know, I wasn't a big fan.  Then again, I'm not her biggest supporter.  My wife said it best, the judges just like her because she's weird.  I can't explain any other reason for why they're putting positive spins on her performance instead of slamming her.  Simon said it was much better than last week.  I don't know.  I am just not getting it.     
  9. Lee "I'm Worried" DeWyze - "Hey Jude" - Love that Crystal said Andy and Lee could go get married and have Danny Gokey babies.  Don't know why it was funny, but it was super funny!  So Lee was doing a decent job with the performance and then he brought out the bagpipe guy.  WHAAT???  When the digiridoo is not the biggest gimmick of the night, something is really wrong!  I'm sure Lee will be fine, but that was just bizarre!   I guess it was one way to make the "Na Na Na Na" part of the song less boring!  Simon stole my line on the digiridoo and bagpipes!  The digiri-dingleberries all praised the performance.  Simon had a little more sensibility questioning the bagpipes.  Hey, I thought he was doing just fine and then it got all over the top.  Just out of uniqueness, he'll be safe.  But he would have been safe anyway!           
Kara "huh?" quote of the week: You're Blossoming!  (to Katie Stevens)

The Elimination Pick

I really don't think I have changed my opinions too much after watching everyone.  But, I think the weakest performances had to be Aaron and Andrew.  I, personally, would have put Siobhan in this category too, but the judges were pretty cautious with her.  Let's be honest, if Siobhan ever was booted this early, they would use that stupid Judges' Save on her.  I know she has her fans out there, but you cannot tell me these past 2 weeks have been GREAT weeks for her!   And even though I liked Tim's performance, based on the other competition, he might be in danger.  He's been in the bottom 3 before.  Neither Andrew nor Aaron have been in the bottom 3 yet.   Katie and Tim both have.  This is going to be really interesting.  Let's do our process of elimination.

Who is beyond safe?  Crystal, Casey
Who else gave solid performances?  Katie, Michael, Lee, Tim
Who don't I like and didn't do fantastic? Siobhan
Who had a pretty lousy night?  Aaron
Who did I forget? Andrew

Bottom 3 Predictions: Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban  Bonus Pick: Katie Stevens

Elimination Pick: Andrew Garcia - Normally, I'd be happy about this pick.  But, I felt like he was doing better in recent weeks.  But I just don't feel right about picking anyone else after this week!

I don't know.  I wouldn't be surprised if it's Katie or Tim just based on them being in the bottom 3 so consistently.  I just don't think America is ready to let Aaron go down without another week to fight, but it easily could be him too.  But, I think Andrew gets lost in the mix.  Simon called him corny tonight.   And, in comparison to the rest of the talent, maybe it was.  At the end of the day, who would you vote for after last night?  I don't think Andrew would have been at the top of my list.

Hey, it's a gutsy pick and I'm sticking to it.  Let's see how far I can go with this perfect streak I have going.  Seriously, if I get this one right, then I guess I'm untouchable!  I'm thinking this week will be my downfall though.  Just too tough to call!

Tune in for the results as we get to see Rhianna, Jason Derulo (A Kara protege'? Of course!) and good ol' David Archuleta's return to the Idol stage.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you after the results!

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