Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who Was Eliminated From American Idol this Week? That guy with the crazy hats!

Hello American Idol fanatics!  After I came to my senses from last night's blog who lost on American Idol this week was not much of a surprise.   What WAS a surprise however was who was accompanying him in the bottom 3!   Ladies and gentlemen, you know him as the guy with the crazy hats.  Say goodbye to the final Judge's wildcard entry and also their saved contestant: 

Eliminated: Matt Giraud
Bottom 3: Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert
My Bottom 3: Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta
Dialidol Bottom 3: Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta

As I stated, I may have overrated Matt's performance just a bit.   It wasn't awful, but I think I remembered the big note at the end and forgot the rest of the performance.   He was never going to win and his votes from last week were probably inflated due to the Judges' Save the week before.  So, good job everyone that called out Matt!    But I think you all owe me a pat on the back for my defense of Allison!  Top 2 this week eh?  Not too bad.   I mean, she really was awesome last night.   I still stand by that!   

But okay, let's get to the big news.  ADAM LAMBERT - BOTTOM 3.   Woa, wait a sec.  ADAM LAMBERT - BOTTOM 2!!!    Can you  believe it? I guess people aren't big fans of Cows Mooing!  Sure, this will all but solidify Adam into the top 3 with a HUGE rally next week.   But what does this mean?  Is Mr Jazz Hands vulnerable?   Can he be defeated!?   Well, I'm guessing the folks at American Idol would like us to think so.   Considering we did not see the votes, there is no telling that Adam was REALLY in the bottom 2.  We were just told that Kris was safe!  For a brief second, I was pondering the thought of a finale with Allison and Kris and how good and unexpected that could actually be!   Of course, still improbable.  Danny still has his Gokey'ites out there and the Jazz Hand Fan Club will definitely be showing their support in the coming weeks.    Just crazy.    And with the Rock WEEK coming up next, can Allison really be stopped from getting to that top 3 as well?   I sure hope not! 

But enough rambling on about the possibilities.  Let's get on with wrapping this thing up.   Highlights and Lowlights!

  • Ford Video - Actually pretty nifty this week, just like Matt Giraud's hats! 
  • Taylor Hicks - I give the guy a lot of crap for his lack of MAINSTREAM success, but I can't help but still like the guy, even if his new song "7 Minute Breakdown" won't be lighting up the charts.  He's still an entertaining guy and a great musician!
  • The Bday Food Fight - Well, it was probably an arranged fight by the Idol Producers, but who doesn't enjoy seeing cake thrown at other people?!  
  • Adam Lambert in the bottom 2!  Gives everyone else hope! 
  • Natalie Cole -  most unenthusiastic appearance on Idol I've ever seen. 
  • Jamie Foxx - most self-absorbed man I've ever seen.   So glad he got to plug that movie instead of showing any amount of interest in giving feedback on the contestants.   And that performance?! Oh dear.   Gotta love the voice modulation on a show about good singing voices! 
  • Oh right, the Idol Group song.  Well, that was PEPPY wasn't it?!  It had pretty much everything you could possibly want except a constant sense of rhthym, melody and interest from the people singing it! 
Whew, well that's all I got from tonight.  Next week, Rock 'n Roll comes to American Idol and so does SLASH of Guns n' Roses/Velvet Revolver fame.   Perhaps our Idol Contestants will be playing Guitar Hero III as well?   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and always look forward to hearing yours!  See you next week! 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Top 5 Show Some Respect to the Rat Pack! Who Will Be Sent Home This Week?

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.  Will any of the 5 remaining American Idol contestants live on to become a legend like these 3 people?  Well, for one night, they were able to pretend they could.  And, boy did they pretend well!   The Rat Pack Era Music were the songs that were sung on American Idol tonight.   And with performances like we got tonight, it makes me wish EVERY night was STANDARDS night.  Of course, it may have been a combination of great tunes, big band and the fact that the only contestants remaining remaining can sing really well!   I mean, from here on out, it's going to be difficult to say good bye to anyone.   There may have been some voting manipulation going on with the order of performances tonight, but whatever.  I think we all know who the producer/judges favorites are at this point.   It all made for a great show tonight.   We're definitely going to need to do some recapping for me to figure out who I'll be sending home tonight! 

But first, it wouldn't be a STANDARDS night without referring to the season 1 Inaugural Champ Kelly Clarkson's legendary performance, pretty much solidifying her chances of winning the season 1 crown.   Still my favorite performance ever on Idol, so I had to attach this little snippet in here to get us all in the right frame of mind!     

The Recap
Mentor of the night?  Ugh, Jamie Foxx.  This guy is just EVERYWHERE now, isn't he?   I mean, seriously what on earth was he doing at the Academy of Country Music Awards show last month?   With that being said, I was not looking forward to his mentoring of the contestants tonight.   But, surprisingly, he was actually very helpful and I think the contestants actually may have been better for it.   Let's see what went down! 

1.) Kris Allen
"Hopefully I can just bat my eyes at the ladies this week and they'll vote for me!"

"The Way You Look tonight"
New Entry to Jamie Foxx's dictionary of Musical Terms and Advice: Throat Olympics

Kris admitted himself that he cannot vocally match any of his competition.   He does have some mad skills and he has put them on display week after week with his brilliant revisionings of some bizarre song choices.  But RAT PACK ERA STANDARDS?  That's a tall order.  He sang "The Way You Look Tonight" very well.   All the notes were right and he felt the performance.  It was a really good performance.  What was the problem then?   Well, it was everyone that went after him.   Each performance tonight just seemed to top the one before it.   And if you look at it from that perspective, who is really going to remember Kris by the end of the night?   Yikes, it's going to be a rough week!   But that's what happens when there is no one left to root AGAINST in the competition.  (unless you're just rooting for anyone to give Adam a fight for the crown!) 

2.) Allison Iraheta

"Please America!  What else do I need to do for VOTES!?!  SAVE ME!"

Song: "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Jamie Foxx's Life Advice: 16 Years old is too young to like boys 

Well kids? I got my wish!  Allison made it to her 17th birthday on the show.  Woo hoo!  I'm really hoping she will make it further.  I mean, WOW!  How awesome was her performance?   The only thing that Simon's "you're not in it to win it" rant did for me was make me vote for her 20 times more than I usually would! (so, yep, about 20 text votes went from my phone to the Save Allison Iraheta Fund!)   For someone so young to sing such a heartfelt rendition of the Gershwin classic, well I'm just beyond words!   Allison has been a persistent bottom 3 dweller, which means she probably will be there again (if they even do a bottom 3 now that we're down to the top 5).   But maybe there are others out there that felt like they had to fulfill some sense of obligation and save Allison.  Help her edge out someone else this week.   I read a rumor that next week is ROCK WEEK!   How could the Rocker girl go home before her CALLING?   I mean, Matt Giraud was SAVED for STANDARDS week.  It only seems fair that American would bail Allison out.   And I don't even consider it bailing her out.  She was just as amazing as any of the other guys tonight.  

3.) Matt Giraud

"My Funny Hat of Mine..."

Song: "My Funny Valentine"
Jamie Foxx Dictionary Entry: WHAAAAAT??!?!?! - Definition: That's good man!

So Matt studied Jazz in college.  And even though he only squeaked out a B, he still managed to wow the judges to get to this point (I'd say America too, but they already had voted him off once!)    And, while I did find it funny that Matt chose to sing a verse that says "your looks are laughable, unphotograph-able" as he continued to wear that ridiculous hat, I was quite surprised by the caliber of his performance.   Jamie's advice seemed to pay off for Matt with the key change and big note at the end too.   Just amazing.   I'm not sure what Randy was listening to during this performance (oh and we SHOULD note that after Randy's ridiculous week of commenting last week, we went back to the formula that works, Randy speaks first every time then everyone else!)  As Simon Cowell stated himself, we could tell that Matt had a love for this music and it definitely showed.  

4.) Danny Gokey

"Watch my RASPY SONG ENDING win you over!!"

Song: "Come Rain or Come Shine"
Jamie Foxx Mentoring Technique: All Up In Your Grill!

Well, when the first thing we heard in Danny's pre-performance clip was "I'm not going to change the song up much" I thought we were in for another typical Gokey outing.   Well, actually, I was kind of right!   It was the GOKEY Trademark build up.   Start off soft and kinda boring, then turn the thing into hyperdrive by the middle of the song and make everyone forget the first half!   Hey, if it works it works.   And still, when he turns on that hyperdrive, it really goes!   The judges all talked about Danny getting his swagger back.  Well he definitely had it for the 2nd half.  And just like that crazy devil planned, I can't remember the first half so I can't comment on it!   Judging by the audience response to Mr. Gokey, he ain't going anywhere any time soon.   But, I am still off the bandwagon of thinking he should be in the final 2.   (SAVE ALLISON PEOPLE!!) 

5.) Adam Lambert

"It's not just an exercise machine. I AM the Stair Master!"

Song: "Feeling Good"
Jamie Foxx's Moment of Humility: "You don't care about who I am at all!" 

The singing from the steps?  Very nice touch.  The performance?  Well, it was Adam Lambert. What you see is what you get!   He will wow you with his vocal range every week.   This week he wow'd further with holding out that high note for longer than it is humanly possible for most mere mortals.   I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you what I was thinking when the band kicked in and Adam finally came down the steps and we were in full "ROCK THEATER" mode.   My thoughts went like this: "Where are the Rockettes?"  Of course, Simon Cowell, the man that has been known to tell people they are TOO BROADWAY or CABARET for 7 seasons has decided this year that it is completely okay to be that way!   Why?  Because Adam is a winner!   I mean, if you put him in a pool he'll win 8 Gold Medals! (Isn't that right Paula?  Michael Phelps....REALLY!!?!??!  I saw you going there, but did you really have to follow through with it!?)    The judges don't know what to do with Adam, where to place him in their universe.   America doesn't know what to do with him.   He is just out there on his own as some paradox of human existence.    No one knows how to stop him, contain him or do anything except let the season play on and see if he wins.   But, even if he is destined to win, even if I do appreciate his vocal talent, I am going to keep complaining that the Cow MOOS! 

The Picks
Who is absolutely safe?  Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey
Who is most likely safe based on being in his WHEELHOUSE and for singing well?  Matt Giraud
Who didn't get the credit from Simon when it was deserved? Allison Iraheta
Who did I not mention?  Kris Allen

Bottom 2: Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta Extra Pick (in case it's a bottom 3): Matt Giraud
Elimination Pick: Kris Allen

I just refuse for Simon to be right this week.  I think his FEAR that he mentioned will rally voters to Allison's cause.   I think if I had to pick whose performance was better between Kris and Allison's?  No contest: Allison's by a long shot.   Kris also has made it much much further than anyone would have expected to get.   I had him pegged for a week 1 exit of the finals.  And here he is in the top 5.  If he stays, he has a shot at the top 2.  But with the competition so intense between these 5, any slip up can prove costly.   And his only slip up this time may have been of his own admission.  He just can't vocally compete with the other 4.  

Speaking of beating out people with better voices, Taylor Hicks will be joining us for the results show.   The Soul Patrol has been out in full force supporting the Soulful winner of season 5.   Even got some hateful comments on my recaps when I mentioned him a few weeks ago.   Come on kids!  I love Taylor just as much as anyone else.  And I'm sure I'll love seeing him again on Idol Wednesday night.   But there is no way around calling him a commercial failure as the season 5 winner!   I will defend that point until he turns things around!   GOOD LUCK TAYLOR! 

Oh right, and Natalie Cole will be on the show too.  

Well kids, that's all I have for tonight.  Am I praising Allison too much or does anyone agree that she hasn't gotten the respect that she deserves?   Who do you think is going home?   I hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I look forward to reading yours!   See you after the results! 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Dim All the Lights" for 2! Who was eliminated from American Idol this week?

Look out kids, I'm on a roll this year! No big shockers on the American Idol results show. Due to the Judges' Save being utilized last week, 2 contestants had to be sent packing this week. And based on who FINALLY left us, I did a little dance of joy in the privacy of my own home! Ladies and gentlemen, bid adieu to who lost on American Idol tonight:

Eliminated: Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai

Bottom 3: Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta
My Bottom 3: Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud Bottom 3: Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta

She's finally gone folks! That never ending subplot of under-performance and over-speaking known as Lil Rounds has finally left the show! I had made it my personal quest this year (like Mr. Archuleta last year) to convince the world that she didn't deserve to win. The funny thing is, I didn't need to do much as she convinced the world herself! As for Anoop? Well, he was a pretty cool guy. It's sad to see him go, but we all knew it was his time too. We have a pretty worthy top 5 remaining too. I'd argue that Matt doesn't belong there because of the judges' save, but he IS a capable singer and performer when he wants to be. He might be able to throw one of the other 4 to the curb before their time. We'll just have to keep tuning in to find out!

Allison, ugh, bottom 3 again! Yeah, it wasn't her best performance this week. But apparently, she did enough to stay in the game. 3 trips to the bottom 3 is a little scary for my favorite female left in the competition (get it?!). She really needs to start lighting the stage on fire if she wants to keep up with the rest of the crew. I still think she has it in her to get to that final 2 with Adam. But with the way Kris has been rolling lately, I could see him edging her out too. And let's not forget that Danny is going to cure the clumsiness! We'll see!

Enough speculation, let's get to the highlights and lowlights of the evening!


  • THE ARTICHOKE RETURNS! - David Archuleta came back to his old stomping grounds. Many of you may think I would put him as the highlight of the lowlights as I looked at this little boy as PURE EVIL last season. Here's the thing kids. He's not a threat to me anymore! I accomplished my mission. He lost to the much more capable David Cook! Now, I love seeing this kid and his weird little singing ways! I love the way he gave his inspirational advice to Allison and Anoop "GOSH, you're both such amazing singers! GOSH! You guys are swell! KEEP YOUR DREAMS alive! Look at me. I have a "CRUSH" and I want to "Touch your Hand"." FANTASTIC! You can't write scripts like this. Could there be a better sequel song to "CRUSH" than not letting the music stop until he touches someone's hand? Archie is touring in the U.K. this summer right? I say we get Davey and the UK's very own Susan Boyle together and they can both finally have their first kiss!! woaaaaaa Mike, that was just wrong! Oh come on, you're laughing and you know it!
  • Lil Rounds went home!
  • Lil Rounds went home!
  • Lil Rounds went home!
  • I did like how the Artichoke is going on tour with a band called McFly! Hey, coincidence or purely intentional, any Back to the Future reference is a good one!
  • Yep, that's it...I got nothing. This was a pretty lame hour of TV! So on that note...


  • The Disco Medley - Freda Payne, couldn't sing a lick. It was embarrassing. Thelma Houston's constant adding of SIMON COWELL into her lyrics - awful! K.C. - Didn't have his Sunshine Band with him.
  • The Idols Group Tune - Okay, the lipsynching, while clearly intentional was awful!! While it was nice to see Paula working the kids pretty hard and getting them to dance, I was confused to what show we were watching. I think Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have this stuff covered. Let the kids sing for goodness sake!
  • The Ford Commercial - What was that awful song?
  • Randy booing Simon during introductions. I know, it's been going on for years. But COME ON RANDY! It's beeing going on for Y-E-A-R-S!!!!! Get over it!
  • Yep, that's about all I have here too.

Man, where did the hour go? Can I get it back?! Anyway, we're down to the good stuff now kids. The fat has been trimmed. It should be an interesting ride to the Kodak Theater. And, love it or loathe it, I will be there every step of the way to guide us there! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always. And please someone touch Archie's hand!!! His music won't stop until you do! See you next week!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol goes Retro on Disco Night! Which 2 will go home this week?

Matt Giraud was saved. Was it worth it America? Yikes, after tonight I don't know! (by the way, I just got the bad joke of the song he chose for the night. Yep, I'm a little slow. I'll catch you up down below!) Hello American Idol fanatics! The Top 7 returned for a 2nd week in a row with the stakes raised even higher this week. That's right, the bottom 2 vote getters will be leaving us tomorrow. The ultimate joke on the show would be if 2 actual contenders end up being booted. But it's looking like 3 are vying for those 2 spots at this point. The problem is figuring out which 3! Tunes from the DISCO ERA are what songs were sung on American Idol this week. I may have stated last week, when you are expecting the worst, sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised. And that was true for 4 of tonight's 7 contestants. Hey, over 50% is good for this show!
2 things before we get started on the recap. They finally finished the show on time! (well, it ran over maybe 30 seconds but that's normal for American Idol). Eliminating pre-performance clips was a big time saver letting us hear the long winded judges in all of their glory. Which brings me to my 2nd thing. I have declared Randy Jackson's feedback for the night utterly pointless. To sum up for all contestants "I didn't like the arrangement, but man you can sing! This top 7 can really sing!!!!" yawn. We really only need 2 judges on this show. The complete ridiculousness of Paula Abdul and her perfect companion Simon Cowell. The best shots of the night are when they show Simon as he is listening to Paula's critiques. Priceless! Onto the reviews and picks!

Top 7 Performance Recap

1.) Lil Rounds

"Like my wings? I'm gonna SOAR to the top of the charts with or without this stupid show!"

Song: "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Kahn

Let me give you some advice Lil! If you're going to beg for America to vote for you, don't keep gloating that you have them on your side and keep cutting off the judges with your rants about how your performance was NOT Karaoke. Your performance was the EPITOME of Karaoke! Granted, this is the type of song everyone has been waiting for Lil to pull out of her arsenal. Sadly, no one is left to even care. I'm glad she had fun out there, really. But geez, just hearing her keep talking and talking to the judges thinking anyone out there really cares just drives me bonkers. Not much to say about her performance. It was just THERE. Nothing special about it. The only thing I can remember about it was the lyric that showed off her wonderful pronunciation of the S's "I can read your thoughts right now. Every one from A to THEEZAAAYYYY!!" Never heard THAT letter of the alphabet! And the end of the performance? Just lots and lots of screaming. Simon Cowell hit it on the head. There is no saving her this week. She went first, she was forgettable, she's gone! We only have to hear her blab on one more time. (during her swan song!)

2.) Kris Allen

"I may not be able to explain the deep meanings of why I choose songs, but man can I rock 'em!"

Song: "She Works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer
"It's a song about a woman that uhhhhh works." Well, even if the subject matter of the song isn't fit for a family show, Kris really put on a good show! He kicked it back acoustic style with his guitar. Box Drum guy was there, Conga drum guy was there, and Ricky Minor rockin the Bass (okay, well that part was electric!). But that arrangement, the changing up of the song was really good! It's not just the changing of the song. It's the song he chose to do it too. I mean it's a Donna Summer tune. And he totally changed it up. Gotta give the man props. I had him counted out the minute he got voted into the Top 12 (errr 13). But he really has turned things around. If I had to rank these guys, I probably have put him a notch above Danny at this point (if you're keeping track Adam and Allison are fighting for top spot on my mental list).

3.) Danny Gokey

"Can I get an AMEN!!!??? HEYYY!!!!!!! Am I hyper enough for you!? YESSSAAAAA!!!!!"

Song: "September" by Earth Wind and Fire

Oh Danny Danny Danny. Why can't I find good things to say about Danny anymore? I really did like the guy. Maybe the over-exposure caught up to him. Maybe it's the fact that he still is DANNY GOKEY every week. And why you are supposed to bring yourself into every performance, every performance of Danny's just seems to be a repeat! Can't knock the voice. He's got one and it's great! He has a ZEST for life on that stage, he works it! But on a show where Adam, Kris and Allison are changing things up every week and succeeding at it for the most part? Yikes Danny, you have to do something to step up your game! Or maybe he doesn't. There are tons of Gokey supporters out there. And they will be with him until the end. Paula seems convinced that he will be in the finals. Then again, if we're keeping count, I think she has predicted 3 or 4 people to be in that final 2 this year. So, can't say much. Bottom line, Danny is totally safe for this week and probably next week. But after we're into the top 4? Anything can happen.

4.) Allison Iraheta

Song: "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer

Interesting arrangement definitely. But I have to agree with Simon on this one. Allison was probably an underdog coming into DISCO week. She was born in the 90's people! Wow, that is scary to think about. Let's move on! I don't think the arrangement matters as much as it mattered that she differentiated herself from the group. And her voice is still unbelievable. Do I wish she could pronounce those S's a little better? Yeah, especially when she keeps repeating "HOT THUFF!" Do I think that's going to hurt her? Probably not. I really think I am the only one that hears these things! Hopefully her good singing, and change up of the tune will be enough to help Allison continue to avoid that bottom 3! (or 4 or however they're going to do it this week)

5.) Adam Lambert

"Jazz hands are so last week. I'm back to emotionally move you!"
Song: "If I Can't Have You" by the Bee Gees

So folks, I believe Simon owes me $10,000. And it couldn't come at a better time! Everyone was making their predictions in the comments of last week's postings and I believe my prediction went a little something like this: "I can't imagine Adam doing anything BUT the Bee Gees! lol I mean that High Pitch voice.....he's the new Barry Gibb!" Simon insisted that he would have put money on the fact that Adam would do a Donna Summer song as well. Simon, the money could not come at a better time with my wedding creeping up. FORK it over!!

Okay, all kidding aside, how can you not love Adam's performance? It was inspiring. When he drops the pizazz and spectacle and scales things back, the guy has an unbelievable range and an amazing connection with his tunes. If he could do something like this every week, I wouldn't even be questioning that he was going to win. (It's still a slim to none chance that he won't win but still) My only drawback on Adam, I am still getting that theater vibe from him. Not that this is a bad thing. There have always been successful theatrical pop stars. But, just imagine you are on Broadway seeing "BEE GEES The Musical" and it's time for the lead's big SOLO. The lights dim, the spotlight comes out and BAM...Adam Lambert begins an emotionally charged performance as BARRY GIBB. That's just it. I don't feel like I am getting Adam Lambert on stage with each performance. I feel like I'm getting the character he is playing that week in the musical of his life. And maybe that just goes into what we know about Adam's extra-curricular activities that are splashed all over the Internet. Maybe that makes it hard for me to buy that this suited up Adam is the real deal. That this is who he really is. Because, I really don't think it is. After all, we do know how he loves to play dress up. The key word in that sentence being DRESS! But I digress. Brilliant Performance from Adam, and I just can't help but nitpick!

6.) Matt Giraud

"If this gig doesn't work out for me, I really could just be a hat model. Because man can I wear them!"

Song: "Stayin Alive" by The Bee Gees

Like I said above, it took me awhile to pick up on the song choice. Ha ha Matt! You got saved last week so you're.....wait for it.....STAYING ALIVE! Woooo that slays me! Whew, yes so did the performance. Using the save to get THAT performance was totally not worth it. It was a throwaway performance on the most predictable of song choices on a theme week entitled DISCO WEEK. No one wants to hear that crazy song without seeing some cheesy 70's version of John Travolta struttin down the street to the beat. Giraud is no Travolta. And, his attempts at being Timberfake aren't really working for him either. He should have went back to the piano this week and did what he does best. Not like it mattered though. He wasn't going to win this thing anyway. Simon pretty much agreed to bring him back for the fun of it anyway. The big question is, will it be him or the next contestant that goes home with Lil this week?

7.) Anoop Desai

"For my next selection, I would like to bore you to sleep!"

Song: "Dim All the Lights" by Donna Summer

Well, if I'm being honest (my best Simon Cowell impression), I'd like Anoop to go home just to have a good title for my next post! What a perfect Swan Song title! Now, maybe Paula is right. Real men know how to wear pink. And Anoop was really rocking the pink sweater and the scruff for his performance. But man, what a snoozefest! For the first 30 seconds of the song, I was thinking about him being the balladeer again. But even when it picked up, it was just a tad on the cheesy side. Usually you expect the last performance of the night to really blow you away. And this kinda just whimpered us into the closing credits. Still, going last has its perks. Can Anoop save himself yet one more time? He's avoided it for so long now. I just don't know!

The Picks

Which performances were great tonight? Adam, Kris
Which performances were pretty darn good? Allison, Danny
Is she still here? Lil
Is he still here? Anoop
We saved him for what? Matt

My Bottom 3 Picks: Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud Bonus Pick: Allison Iraheta
My Elimination Picks: Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai

Matt was saved folks. Here's my philosophy. There will be more people than ever voting for him because his fans got one more chance to vote him through. Meanwhile Lil and Anoop? No thanks! I think everyone has seen enough of them. This was the exact bottom 3 as last week, so it may not play out this way. But based on the performances, that's really the only way I can go!

And with that said, that is all I have left for this recap. Oh right, one more thing. Someone out in the programming world must really like me because they're bringing back my favorite contestant to pick on in American Idol History! Yes, that's right folks. DAVID "THE ARTICHOKE" ARCHULETA is coming back to the Idol Stage for the results show. If you weren't reading my recaps for season 7, you might want to treat yourself to the year-long Archie bashing fest that I had on his behalf which concluded in a sweet triumph of my victorious prediction of David Cook defeating Little Davie (which I had maintained for many weeks leading up to the awesome night). Ohhhh good times.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you after the results!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Judges to the Rescue! Elimination Postponed.

Who lost on American Idol this week? one! I had been starting to speculate that this would be the week that the judges would use the much despised JUDGES' Save, and they did not disappoint. Fortunately, they used it on a potentially talented contestant. At the same time, like Simon Cowell alluded to, he does not really have a chance to win the competition so why bother? Ladies and gentlemen, your contestant SPARED from elimination!

"It's gotta be the lucky hat people!"

Saved by Judges: Matt Giraud
Bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud
My bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud bottom 3: Allison Iraheta, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen

Man, was OFF or what? And a hearty pat on my own back for FINALLY nailing the bottom 3 this season! So, Matt was saved for pretty much no reason. But, we figured the judges' save would be pointless anyway. It did add some suspense to the final few minutes of the night as he was the first realistic contestant to be in consideration. But all to return for a 2 contestant elimination in DISCO week next week? Yikes, I'd rather stay home. If ANYONE tries "The Travolta" next week, you may get a 2 word blog post from me next week! (wagers on what those 2 words will be?)

Anyway, yet another action-packed a "fun" filled evening on American Idol. I can barely contain myself as I get to the limited highlights! Here are the things, good and bad worth mentioning from tonight's show.


  • Jennifer Hudson - Sure, it was pre-taped but that girl has been through a lot lately. And man, she sang the heck out of that song! Not a bad tune either.
  • Simon giving his critique for Kris and saying it was brilliant. Looks like America figured that out on their own!
  • Idol Group song looks like it was sung LIVE again. I'll give them that!
  • The Idol Group song was "MANIAC" from Flashdance. REALLY?! Surely, there are better movie songs out there than that!
  • Just like every other year, our Idol finalists went to a movie premiere (just happened to be MOVIE WEEK). And while I speculated briefly that they might get a sneak preview of Tarantino's new film (I'll refrain from writing it out to keep the blog G-rated!), I should have known it would be the movie premiere of the new FOX Film 17 Again with Zac Efron. Nothing was worse than watching the 7 of them lie through their teeth and talk about how much they loved the movie. Well what do I know? Maybe the movie is good. But I won't be rushing out to see it!
  • Miley Cyrus - Also pre-taped. I know the kiddies love her. I know adults out there that love her. I guess I can tolerate her, but man can she not sing!? And her dance moves would ALSO give Megan Corkjoy a run for her money!

And you know, the Ford Commercial happened again this week, naturally. But I was indifferent so it makes neither my highlight or lowlight reel!

Well, Matt? Consider yourself a lucky man that you got to "STAY ALIVE" for Disco Week. I was a fan of yours, but if I had my way, you'd be gone right now! That's all I have for tonight kids. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Goes to the Movies for the Top 7! Who will go home this week?

Welcome back to American Idol folks! "Songs from the Cinema" were what songs were song on American Idol this week. We brought hits from the Silver Screen to the small screen as director extraordinaire Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vols 1 & 2) mentored our Top 7. Quentin, as you may know, has been a pretty vocal fan of American Idol since the very beginning even guest judging in Season 3. With all of this talk of Simon Cowell calling it quits after next season, maybe Quentin could replace both him AND Kara DioGuardi (yep, I'm getting tired of her!) Finally, after going roughly 10 minutes over last week, the American Idol powers that be only let 2 judges speak per contestant. (and they STILL ran over late!) Unfortunately, this meant that only Randy and Kara covered some of the contestants. Looks like America may have to actually decide for themselves this week who was the best and worst instead of being swayed by the inconsistent judging panel!
So MOVIE week may as well have been BALLAD week as 6 of our 7 performers opted to move American with their slow tunes. The band was on stage and dressed up for the occasion. Who will be going home this week? Difficult to say, but I have some ideas! Let's dig in to find out how everyone did.

1.) Allison Iraheta

"Please vote for me America! I didn't choose to go first!"

Song: "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith
Film: Armaggedon

Uh oh, Allison went first! The former bottom 3 dweller turned possible top 2 finalist had some pretty big shoes to fill with this power ballad. Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell spoke VERY highly of her which might help counter-balance the curse of going first this week. I guess someone finally got a wake up call over at American Idol and told them that Allison is the real deal! Unfortunately, I wasn't drinking from the Kool-Aid this week. I thought the song was totally in the wrong key for her and she sang the whole thing too low. She had some arm spasms that I might compare to the likes of Megan Jorkrey (Well, she changed her name 3 or 10 times, why can't I get a shot?!). That being said, I don't think it was the worst performance in the world, and her track record speaks for itself. Hopefully, the strong judges comments will keep her in the running for another week. Even if she did end up in the bottom 3 and voted off, I think she would land the Judges' save based on the feedback.

2.) Anoop Desai

"Look into my eyes....let them WOO you!"
Song: "Everything I Do I Do it for You" by Bryan Adams
Film: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Ugh, I think I heard enough of that song in 1991 to last me 18 years and beyond! (yep, still too early!) One more time, Anoop turns to the ballad and shows that he only has one thing to provide America. A delightful slow song. And don't get me wrong, he really sang that tune beautifully! But, come on! Another ballad? This guy is signing a one way ticket into becoming the successor to Peabo Bryson! I guess Disney might be looking for a new "go to" ballad guy! Anoop received positive remarks from Randy and Kara, whatever that is worth. The truth is, I think the bottom 3 is unavoidable for Anoop from now on unless he REALLY tries something crazy and takes America by surprose. So the question will just be if someone was just that much worse than him!
3.) Adam Lambert

"Which Adam do I want to be today? hmmmmm....I got it, we're bringing back the JAZZ HANDS! "

Song: "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf
Film: Easy Rider

What else is there to say about Adam Lambert? There is nothing in the world like him! I mean, that VOICE? AMAZING! His vocals were in another stratosphere again tonight as they usually are. But he seemed more in control of his high notes than normal. He didn't overdo or overuse them (unless you want to count the 3 crazy high notes at the end when 1 may have been just fine. But WOW!) So, then why the "jazz hands" slam on Adam above? Come on!!! Like Simon alluded to, don't you guys just find him a bit too "1960's Broadway musical" sometimes? (I picked a random decade, it still applies today too!) I am not saying that he should stop what he is doing. I mean clearly, he is lighting the world on fire. It was a nice touch with him kickin' it with Ricky Minor during the "chorus" and then the back-up singers. He changed the melody up again to a famous rock song, but this time it didn't bother me as much. It just seemed to work this time. Everyone else has a lot of work ahead of them to keep up with Adam. But that doesn't mean I won't root for the underdogs. Let's see if Adam can keep me interested for 2 weeks straight, because it hasn't happened yet!

4.) Matt Giraud

"I may not have worn my nifty hat during my performance tonight, but I still wore it when I met Quentin. Am I the MAN or what?!"

Song: "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" by Bryan Adams
Film: Don Juan DeMarco

Well, I guess when you talk Movie Songs, it makes sense that 2 Bryan Adams songs were chosen for tonight's performances. He was the Kenny Loggins of the 90's! All that Matt's performance did tonight was remind me of when Chris Daughtry sang it back in season 5. And sadly, Matt's performance just didn't match up. He was all over the place with the song, not really staying in key. Kara was actually right when she said that he tried to add a bit too much to this one. It has a simple melody that begs to be sung just the way it is. Matt has flirted with the bottom 3 before, and he might just find his way back there this week. Should be interesting!

5.) Danny Gokey

"Maybe I should lose my signature glasses, grow a beard and people will think that I have changed things up!"

Song: "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie
Film: Endless Love

Danny is starting to remind me of Anoop a little bit. Personality-wise, Danny is the champion over Anoop and it is what keeps him interesting on the show. But singing-wise? He seems to be reaching into the same bag of tricks. The slow build-up during the song and, as Paula said, SLAYING the crowd by the end of it. Yeah, he did really sing the 2nd half of the song well. Now I don't have a degree in determining the "magic tambour in voices" like Paula Abdul does, but I do have a keen sense to know when an act is getting old. Danny keeps going for these inspirational tunes, that surely mean a lot to him especially with all of the tragedy in his life. But it is all just starting to sound like more of the same each week for me. Simon mentioned that David Cook took a Lionel Richie song last season and turned it on it's side and created a brand new engaging version of it. (that would be "Hello" by the way) While it's not fair to compare Danny to David (David clearly having the rare talent to change up music like that), I still get his point. Danny is up against someone who clearly isn't afraid to change up tunes and really turn some heads (Adam). And if he doesn't try to mix things up a bit, his journey may end before his pre-destined final 2.

6.) Kris Allen

Song: "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
Film: Once

Hey, I never heard of the movie and never heard the song. Maybe that is why it was so refreshing. I actually really enjoyed Kris's performance tonight. I may have been worried for him if he sang this in the #1 spot, but going closer to the end it may have left a lasting impression. Kris has been surprisingly a pretty solid performer through his top 13 campaign. Hopefully, me not being able to think of anything else to say about the performance isn't bad news for him this week!

7.) Lil Rounds

"Look what you did judges! You made me cry real tears! Why doesn't anyone understand my artistry?!"
Song: "The Rose" by Bette Midler
Film: The Rose
Well, Lil, maybe no one gets it because the one week you got praised you performed a Mary J. Blige song. The weeks since? Celine Dion, Martina McBride, Tina Turner, Bette Midler. Yikes...if only the judges were able to listen to me way back during audition season when this dud rolled into town! Lil tried to "GOSPEL-ize" a Bette Midler song. It just turned into a warbled mess. Her pitch was all over the place, the S's in the song were nowhere to be found, I could barely understand what she was singing! Paula even was unable to formulate a critique of positives OR negatives! Of course, Simon really delivering that hard message that Lil is not the "artist" they expected her to be will only drive those crazy phone dialers to save her yet another week. (especially with her going last). But, we can all pray for small miracles!
So we need to make some predictions! Here goes nothing!
Should be Safe: Adam (based on performance), Danny (based on popularity)
Should be Bottom: 3: Anoop, Lil, Matt
You just never know: Allison, Kris
My Bottom 3 Picks: Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud Bonus Pick: Allison Iraheta
Elimination Pick: Anoop Desai

I think Anoop really has run his course. Matt's performance wasn't that great this week either and could find him packing his bags. Lil, as I said, should get the support to survive one more week. Ugh, and Allison, well the judges' support should keep her okay this week. And I'm sure America was more on board with her performance than I was! I can be a bit picky sometimes! We shall see.

Speaking of bottom 3, does anyone want to wager any bets that the results show will show 2 groups of 3 (one being the bottom 3) and then Ryan having Adam (the immediate safe person) choose which set of 3 to stand with? I mean, I will actually be upset if they DON'T do it! I just hope one of these times the safe contestant actually betrays 3 of his friends and picks the other 3 instead of this "sitting in the middle" nonsense!
So that's it for me tonight folks. Miley Cyrus (pretaped) and Jennifer Hudson will be on the results show. I am sure I will find many kind words to say about Miley's performance! In the meantime, please share your thoughts on the show below. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you after the results!
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"The Scott Is Over" an Inspirational Campaign Ends on American Idol

Well, it is a bittersweet moment for me to tell you that I am on a roll this week! Sure, my picks went home 2 weeks in a row, but this one is tough. It was a true inspiration who lost on American Idol this week. We knew he had no shot at winning the whole thing, but we still enjoyed his time on the show. Ladies and Gentlemen, pay your final respects to one of this year's Piano Men:

Eliminated: Scott MacIntyre
Bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds
My Bottom 3: Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds, Kris Allen Bottom 3: Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai, Kris Allen

Farewell Scott! You will be missed. Let's talk about more exciting things like the fact that Lil Rounds was in the bottom 3! Finally, America is starting to get the picture. Although, I wonder if Simon was referring to her as someone they would potentially save. I will gripe on the Judges' Save more in a bit. Things are progressing slowly but surely to the inevitable contestants. So it makes us think that with Anoop being in the bottom 3 even after a decent performance, he might be next on the list to leave us. America has been unpredictable in the past on this crazy show. We will have to tune in next week to find out!

In a pretty boring hour, here are the highlights and lowlights I found from tonight's ON TIME episode of American Idol.


  • It's a stretch, but Frankie Avalon being there to announce Simon is going to be 50 could be considered a highlight. I know I know, the show was pretty rough! But it WAS Frankie Avalon afterall!
  • Kellie Pickler was actually somewhat entertaining, yet still was kind of off pitch at the end of her song. I credit co-writer Taylor Swift since she can't hold a tune to save her life! And of course, we got to hear Ryan bring up the legendary calamari incident one more time!
  • A.C. Slater was in the house! (or Mario Lopez to some of you non-Saved By The Bell fans out there!)
  • Lil was in the bottom 3!
  • I was right 2 weeks in a row! Watch out for the apocalypse!


  • Flo Rida - There are no words to explain this travesty that unfolded on TV sets across the nation. First of all, it was pre-taped (no judges or contestants around anywhere). The woman singer was louder than FLO himself. The song is pure garbage and totally destroys memories of the 80's classic tune. That's really all I have to say. I wish I could remember what the acronym ROOTS stood for, because that had me rolling on the floor for awhile. Rap Overcoming the Struggle? What was the other O again? good times.
  • "Can't Get you Out of My Head" the chosen group song because it was from the year American Idol was born. Wow. There is the creative team at work! I think they actually may have sung live tonight because it sounded HORRENDOUS!!!! Loved every minute of that train wreck!
  • The JUDGES' SAVE: This travesty has to end. It has to be the most unorganized idea in the history of reality television. (well either that, or the ability for American Idol to end on time!) The fact that these Judges do not know how to make a decision right after the performance and Simon cries to Ryan that they don't know what to do is just getting old and flat out stupid. Were they really going to save Scott? Sure, we all feel bad for the guy but it was time for him to go! I'm starting to hope (as many others have said) that they never use the darn save. They have 2 more weeks to use it. Just don't! Let the show go on as unpredictable as ever and let the results stand! Okay, off my soapbox for now!

That's really all I have tonight kids. Hope you enjoyed my MINI-Ramblings and I will see you next Tuesday for some more!

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Born" to rock the stage, the American Idol Top 8 mostly take on the 80's. Who will be voted off this week?

Greetings American Idol Enthusiasts! Well, there's one sure-fire way to get an 80's night on American Idol. Keep your "Songs from the Year the Contestant Was Born" theme night alive, and keep the show on long enough until most were born in the 80's! What songs were song on American Idol tonight and did they qualify as solid 80's tunes? Well, keep reading to find out! I'd go out on a limb and argue our only entry from the 90's was the performance that brought the house down tonight, but we'll get into that in a second. Overall, I was kind of disappointed with the night. No one performed outright awfully, but there were very few standouts at the same time. So, I guess I am going to have to be overly critical as we move on in a world without Megan Joy or even Megan Corkrey! You know what, I'd even go as far as saying a world without Megan Joy Corkrey! Could be a tough week to figure out who has to fall on the sword, but I will do my best in picking our outcast! Wish me luck! Without further adieu, your American Idol Top 8!

1. Danny Gokey

"This is my signature pose. Leave me alone, I'm inspiring people!"

Birth Year: 1980
Song Performed: "Stand By Me" as supposedly interpreted by Mickey Gilley

Going first will not do Danny any favors as it is traditionally the spot where people are forgotten on American Idol. But let's be honest, he could be singing about a grilled cheese sandwich and the fans are going to keep voting for him! Actually, if he sang about a grilled cheese sandwich, I might even pull out my phone more often and dial! (I love me some grilled cheese, and my wedding diet is not allowing me to indulge! Oops, I used Simon's favorite word!) Don't get me wrong, I like Danny and all. And I've been trying to convince myself to keep liking him even though he had been over-exposed, and continues to mostly do no wrong in the judges' eyes. But tonight? Kinda reminded me of a glorified Taylor Hicks performance! Not that I didn't enjoy Taylor in American Idol season 5. So what's my point here? Where is Taylor now? Exactly. I like Danny and all, but I want to see more! More versatility. More...something. I can't put my finger on it. Come back to me next week, maybe I will have figured it out!

2. Kris Allen

"Sorry ladies, I'm sooooo married and told you soooo early! Please keep voting!"

Birth Year: 1985 (and the day after Scotty Mac!)
Song Performed: "All She Wants to Do is Dance" by Don Henley

Yikes, 2 contestants in and we are in the "we have to totally change songs up to make it in this competition" mode! Thank David Cook and Chris Daughtry as their predecessors folks! The problem is, when people feel they have to change things up sometimes you get something like this. The Jazz/Funk patrol! Don't get me wrong, that arrangement was slammin! (so is my slang!) But, I agree with Randy Jackson who agrees with Simon Cowell (every time he follows his critique). The song ate Kris up for dinner (not a grilled cheese dinner either!). He was just rocking along and enjoying the song instead of taking control and letting us enjoy him. I have come around on Kris these days though, so it's tough for me to say what is going to happen to him this week. But judging by Danny's popularity and the fact that Kris went 2nd tonight, I wouldn't be surprised by a little scare coming his way!

3. Lil Rounds
"What do I have to do to make the Judges and America like me? I'm destined for stardom!"

Birth Year: 1984
Song Performed: "What's Love Got to do With It?" by Tina Turner

You heard it from Lil herself folks. She's an artist! Well, I don't know about you but I am totally seeing it! Okay okay, I know you all can sense my sarcasm. What can I say that the judges did not say? Simon summed it up by pretty much saying Lil is failing the judges' expectations. Let's take that a step further and interpret. The producers of American Idol put a lot of faith that this girl was going to be in the final 3, if not final 2. And she is disappointing everyone every step of the way. I am not going to go on a tirade, saying how I wasn't a fan from the minute she stepped on the audition floor (well, I'll just make that ONE little comment). The problem with taking on an iconic 80's song from an iconic STAR, is that you're always going to fall short. ESPECIALLY, if you sing it note for note. Sure sure, they're telling her to sing Mary J. Blige every week and if she sang that note for note like the "Be Without You" performance, they would've been completely happy. Big difference folks. TINA vs. Mary J. Not EVERYONE knows that Mary J. song. EVERYONE knows the Tina song. And she really did look like a 3rd rate Tina Turner. I disagree with Paula, the outfit was atrocious. And the dancing? WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT? I don't remember Tina every walking around like she was constipated on stage! But enough of my complaints. Obviously she sang MOSTLY okay for her copycat rendition. But her biggest note was way off-pitch. I will once again suggest that she might be destined for our bottom 3. Unless some sympathy will come her way.
4. Anoop Desai

"Man Kris, all I want to do is dance but all that people like is when I swoon!"

Birth Year: 1986
Song Performed: "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper

As I have been saying for weeks now, it's the tale of 2 Anoops. The balladeer and the awful dancing comedian! He cannot seriously stand up there every week and sing these ballads and expect to win the competition, but it is the only thing that seems to be working. It's the only time that we can actually hear his great voice and see him deeply connect with the song. Simon Cowell called him a "Singing Yo-Yo." So true! Paula Abdul brought up fabrics and rainbows. Hey whatever! It's all good with Anoop this week. He did a good job. He might still see that bottom 3 just based on where we are getting at in the competition. As always, though, I am interested to see if he will come back next week and try another upbeat tune.

5. Scott MacIntyre

"Believe it or not I'm Walkin on Air!!!"
Birth Year: 1985 (and the day before Kris!)
Song Performed: "The Search is Over" by Survivor

I am sorry. I wish I could take credit for the Greatest American Hero reference. Sadly the folks over on's weekly Idolatry video got to it first! But, I loved it so much I had to spread the word about it. They are like TWINS! Maybe Art Garfunkel comes into play here somewhere too, I don't know! Oh Scott, what is there to say? I will disagree with Simon, I love my 80's Hair band Ballads. And SURVIVOR is pretty much responsible for some of the biggest hits to come out of the Rocky Franchise ("Eye of the Tiger" anyone?). But Scotty boy. The guitar? Really? That's great that you want to show versatility, but make sure you know how to play it first! It was like when a kid gets an electric guitar and just starts mimicking their favorite guitar player and strumming. I mean, they should've given the guy a Guitar Hero guitar or something! The singing was okay. Nothing stand-outish about the performance as Randy said. But that high note at the end. Ouch. Poor Scott. I really like the guy, but as I feared this might be the end of the road for him. If it is anyone else that gets the boot this week, I think they might get the judges' save (well, except Anoop but he "SEEMS" safe this week).

6. Allison Iraheta

"Did you know I'm only 16? I used to talk a lot. Now? .........."

Birth Year: 1992
Song Performed: "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt

I have never been a fan of the 16 year olds on American Idol. Well, I am pretty confident that she might still be on the show for her 17th birthday on April 27th! I am to the point right now where she might be my personal favorite in the competition. Does that mean I am predicting her to win? No, not yet. There is that other guy out there that people out there are claiming to be the 2nd coming of THE KING. But man, every week she is NAILING her performances. She is bringing raw emotion to all of these classic songs and making them her own. I don't care what they said about last week's "Don't Speak" it was AWESOME. They spent too much time critiquing the outfit. It's not an easy thing for me to agree with Randy in saying she reminds me of the inaugural idol winner. I mean, I was blown away in season 1 at how much better she was than anyone else on the show. (obviously, I'm talking about Kelly Clarkson!) But, I cannot help but think that Allison is the one THIS season that consistently has me wanting to hear more. And ironically she, similar to Kelly, did not get much screen time prior to the semi-finals. So now the difference. Kelly was the most talkative person (and still is) on the planet. Allison? Simon thinks she has a likability issue. Based on her being in the bottom 3 for 2 weeks, it is kinda looking like that. Hopefully, things will change around for this girl. She has a chance to be pretty successful POST Idol. Gotta love how Simon mentioned that she needs to start saying "COOL BEANS"! That was Kelly's signature line for awhile. No one should EVER recommend using that slogan outside of the 20th century! It's over people! GOOD LUCK Allison!
7. Matt Giraud
"I wish I was wearing my really nifty hat right now for this photo op!"

Birth Year:
Song Performed: "Part Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder

I may have been listening to something different than the judges were tonight. I thought Matt's vocals were all over the place. Too many runs that left him off pitch a few times. It was a shame because I'm a fan of Matt's. But the judges did nothing but praise him in short phrases. (don't get me started on how the long winded judges have been, plus having an additional judge made them run over 10 minutes tonight!) Randy said it was one of the best vocals of the night. Kara said incredible on every level. Paula gave a standing ovation. Simon said it was a million times better than last week. Really? I thought last week was pretty good! I think we're looking for different things out of Matt or something. I don't think he does very well outside of his comfort zone of the piano. I'm conflicted on this one, because Matt has seen the bottom 3 as well but the judges were pretty impressed with him. Ugh, this is gonna be a rough night for me! But nothing will be as rough as me trying to erase the image of Matt being the "LEAD ANGEL" in his Angel play way back in the day. Now THAT was horrific!
8. Adam Lambert

"So, I went on at 9:05 Eastern Time. Did anyone see me? I really hope I didn't play 'dress-up' for nothing!"

Birth Year: 1982
Song Performed: "Mad World" by Tears for Fears
Yeah, Adam commenting on "playing dress-up" was just a little much don't you think? Anyway, performance-wise, he went back to what works for me. The toned-down Adam. I can tolerate that version of him, even though it seemed almost copy-cattish to his other big performance "Tracks of My Tears." I just wish he'd bring his toned-down approach to some of the more upbeat songs he chooses. Clearly, at this point, the guy can do no wrong. He is sailing to the finals. Will he win? I don't want to certifiably say anything just yet. That one dark horse has my interest peaked for the moment. She just needs some fans!

Was anyone upset that "THE OBSERVER" from Fringe didn't get up and sing a number for us? Gotta love subtle promoting of the next show by FOX on American Idol. I can't argue on this one though. Fringe is a great show. But who didn't expect that coming from the man that brought us LOST!

Anyway! We're running late just like the show was, so let's figure out that bottom 3!

Best Performances of the Night: Allison, Adam
Decent Performances: Danny, Anoop
Judges Praised, Mike Confused: Matt
Might have made a misstep this week: Kris, Scott
Mike never had hope, judges have lost hope: Lil

Bottom 3 Picks:
Scott MacIntyre, Kris Allen, Lil Rounds Bonus Pick: Anoop Desai
Elimination Pick: Scott MacIntyre

I like Scott as a person and am inspired by his journey on the show. But we saw this day coming. He is not going to win the show this year, and this just feels like the week it's going to happen. But, considering my track record, anything is possible!

Okay, results show, FLO RIDER will be in the houuuuuse! (yawn) And season 5's Kellie Pickler will return to grace the Idol stage. Let's just hope she doesn't sing that awful song that Taylor Swift wrote for her! (I'm guessing she will. ugh)

I am all out of useful information folks. (Have plenty of more useless stuff though. But we'll save it!) I would love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I will see you after the results!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Worst Ever American Idol finalist gets her "Lights Turned Down", who got the boot this week?

That's right my friends. I've gone and said it. No one thought we would ever have another who would do the unthinkable like Sanjaya Malakar did. The major difference between our ousted contestant from American Idol, and the former WORST top 12 contestant ever? At least Sanjaya was voted into that top 12 by America! This was purely a disaster brought to us by the producers and judges. And finally, predicted by yours truly, the right person is who lost on American Idol tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen, say your goodbyes to the BIRD CALLER! "CAW CAW!!!!!!"

Eliminated: Megan Joy
Bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta, Megan Joy
My Bottom 3: Anoop, Lil, Megan Bottom 3: Anoop, Allison, Megan

Finally, a wrong has been righted. I loved how Simon did not even honor her with the ability to be saved. Makes sense, since she told him she didn't care what he has to say. How obnoxious was she the whole night? It was kind of ridiculous. And because of that, I'm not going to honor her with many words! Farewell Megan, enjoy time with your kid and looking back on wasting this great opportunity you had!

Let's get to the highlights and lowlights of the show tonight.

  • Paula rants to nowhere about Adam Lambert and what everyone else needs to do to keep up. The best thing? She never gave any advice, but still talked for close to a million minutes. I give her some serious props for that!
  • The Idol Group Song being Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" This was actually the first song I thought of when we found out the theme was popular downloads on iTunes. (note that the actual performance isn't on the list of highlights!)
  • Ford Commercial wasn't actually that bad this time around. Bonus points for either Ryan referencing the wrong clip at the wrong time, or whoever played the clip played the wrong one! Ryan mentioned the Ford Photo Shoot and then the Ford Video played. Usually they play the video right before they dim the lights and begin revealing the bottom 3. Instead, things seemed to have gotten mixed up. I love mistakes! Hence, American Idol highlight!
  • David Cook's performance of "Come Back to Me." Granted, it was pre-recorded 2 weeks ago, but whatever. The song is still great. The album is great also, go buy it folks! It's platinum by the way! Bonus points to anyone who recognized David's mother in the crowd.
  • Did I mention Megan went home tonight? That's a highlight!
  • The top 12 really seem to have bonded this year. Their impersonations, while not always dead on, of each other were still humorous.
  • No performance recap during that whole hour. How crazy is that? I'm torn on this. I hate having to watch those recaps, but it would seem that THIS would be more relevant to the results show than the other crap they put in it!
  • Megan went home!!!! PARTAAAAYYYYY!!!!!
  • The Idol Group Song being lip synched. I read it somewhere. They officially said that the group songs are all lip synched. At least this one wasn't pre-recorded. The one that gave it away tonight? Scott MacIntyre. His little solo part was so exaggerated and if you watch him playing that keyboard, he definitely isn't playing anything worthwhile at some parts in the middle. I realize these kids are busy so the pressure of performing this live might be too much to handle in a week's time. But come on! It's a Talent competition. Let them showcase their talent!
  • Jason Castro still attending these crazy shows. Oh and he was sitting next to Alexis Grace. Huh??? Are they buddies now?
  • Lady Ga Ga. I know she's hot stuff on the charts right now. And that "Poker Face" song isn't too bad. But what on earth was the opening with the piano and strings and the zipper eye? That was just bizarre. Where are they finding all of these weird people for people to sink their money into?
  • Adam referring to them all as the Fresh Princes and Princess of Bel Air. Hmmmmmmm I wonder what category he put himself into? (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Anything else I could come up with for tonight's show would be forcing it. So with that I am done. Next week songs will range from 1980 (Danny) to 1992 (Allison) as we hear songs from the year the contestants were born. They've done this theme before to mixed results. We'll see next week how well they do. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!