Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol: In an Ideal World...

Hey, I said it myself in Tuesday's recap. In an ideal world, Brenna Gethers would be voted off. Well, America did the right thing. And I am getting too caught up in conspiracy theories this early in the game. But you never know when the shockers are going to start. So I'll be happy with my 3 for 4 2 weeks in a row and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Ana Lucia has been voted off of at least ONE high rated TV show this season. (fingers crossed for Lost!)
Here's our Least Voted "Idols":

Top Row: Brenna Gethers, Heather Cox

Bottom Row: David Radford, Jose "Sway" Penala
Jam packed results show from the cheesey Top 20 Performance, to the soothing sounds of Carrie Underwood crying out a little prayer for God to get a driver's license. Not much shocking about the bottom 3's (surprised they went to the bottom 3 gimmick so early). Maybe with the exception of Covais being down there. Maybe there are more of me out there than I thought! I hope the guy DOES make the top 12 though. He gives me great material! But there is always Gedeon and that crazy smile. Seacrest asked Sway (after it was between him and kev) what the guys said to him during the commercial break.....Sway just responded with a "dude...I can't say that on national televsion!" type of look. I'm guessing they told him that there was no way Kevin beat him. Ahhh good times. And kudos to the producers for making Seacrest put all of the guys on the spot with the ol' "Do you think you're in the bottom 3?" question that they have to answer all PC. Everyone did except Taylor and Gedeon. And kudos to THEM for being honest! And a final kudos to the remaining 8 girls who showed a more sensitive side and actually came out to support their fellow male cast-offs. While the guys left Brenna and Heather out there to stand alone!! (actually...kudos to the guys too! lol)

I don't even know what to say about the judges tonight but was there any point of having them there besides to laugh at Paula's inability to be put on the spot? (a lot of "on the spotness" tonight!) I think she said something about Pizza and Salad in a critique of why Kinnik and Heather were in the bottom 3? WHAAAAAT? And the fortune cookie?? Maybe simon fed her the words, but her trying to translate it was the best part.

Live TV. Can't beat it!

Okay, no need to write for the sake of writing. I've said my piece. And the best part is, everything is going according to plan. My projected top 12 are still alive 2 weeks into the semi-finals. Can Makar beat out Covais or Bucky to make my projected top 12 a reality? Will Kinik meet her inevitable end and will Melissa not get my suggested Jessica Sierra bug? Am I taking the fun out of the show by making a majority of the right picks? Naaaaaa Tune in next week for your answers.

By the way, my recaps will be a bit delayed for all 3 shows. Busy week away from the office, but don't fear, the recaps will come! And while you are watching Tuesday night, I will be watching my true American Idol, Mr. Billy Joel! God bless TiVo! Enjoy your weekends.

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Mike V. said...

My bad....Sway was in my top 12 too...but last week I had Elliott switch places with him. But 11 out of 12 isn't bad!