Wednesday, April 04, 2007

American Idol - Surprised?

Yeah, I'm kinda kicking myself on this one. Even when I was writing the reviews, I could think of nothing to discuss about her performance. Even with Phil safe, when it came down to Haley and Gina I still figured Haley would be the one to go. And I ALSO said in the blog that usually with a lot of mediocre performances is when we get a bit of a surprise elimination. Yet, I STILL picked the worst performance! Oh well, 2 for 4 isn't so bad. And give me some props, I finally got the bottom 3 right this season!

Eliminated: Gina Glocksen
Bottom 3: Gina, Phil, Haley
My Bottom 3 (my elimination pick in blue): Gina, Phil, Haley bottom 3: Everyone but Melinda (seriously???)
Farewell Gina, after the 27 seasons of Idol that you've auditioned for, you've made it the furthest you'll ever go!
So what did we learn tonight? Well supposedly, they showed us how the votes turned out for our 9 contestants in groups of 3. Obviously we saw the 3 that got the bottom votes. Middle of the pack is Blake, Chris and Sanjaya...question is was Sanjaya 4th overall in votes or 6th? And the top, as it should be: Melinda, Jordin and Lakisha (although I already told you how I feel about Lakisha). Phil and Haley both have flirted with that bottom 3 a few times each now. So, they're running out of people to save them. It would seem that one of these 2 kids will go home next week. Meaning, we're going to see Sanjaya for quite some time! Lovely!
So how about Michael Buble' (or however you spell it) tonight? Was he awful or what? And all of his dancing around the stage and conducting the band...and then his Antonella Barba joke that went south real fast? Wow, nothing like dead silence after a scripted joke!
I guess with that, we can just anxiously wait for next week. Again, no announcement of the theme just yet. But I have to think the Bon Jovi night is coming up soon. Oh wow..I can only imagine how they'll screw that one up. I would imagine Sanjaya would sing "Wanted Dead or Alive" and while it would be insulting to Chris Daughtry's excellent rendition last year, it would be absolutely accurate (well the first part at least)! And with that....I will say good night. See you next week!


Anonymous said...

I actually felt sorry for Gina tonight. Sure, she would need to go soon but there were others that should have gone home before her.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike . . you forgot to mention that the Songwriting competition officially opened up last night!

Maybe that'll add some excitement to the show.