Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol: Final 2 Perform - The Battle of the Davids

Welcome to Part 1 of the Idol Finale Blog for season 7 folks. I wish we could meet under happier times! But it seems that after a season of bashing one particular contestants, I may have to go ahead and do the unthinkable by the end of this blog. (I did give myself a week to change my mind last week didn't I?) With all the boxing metaphors going on tonight, (I'm not going to say how they ripped off my Finale Blog theme for the last 3 years!!! oops just did!) I guess we can bring one more boxing expression to what happened tonight. Yes folks, I think someone threw the towel before this thing even started cooking! Thrown the fight? Took a dive? You name it! When you start off the night by saying "as far as I'm concerned the competition is over and we're just having fun" nooooooooo!!!! Don't succumb to the Artichoke, chef!!! FRY THAT SUCKER!!! "OH MY GOSH," this is gonna be one doozy of a blog! Let's get started!

For the 3 preceding seasons, I've done ridiculously long summaries of all of our Idol Final 2 face offs that led us to this point. What do I have to say this year? Read the old blogs if you want to relive the past!(Season 4, Season 5, Season 6) I will sum up by saying this. No winner has come close to duplicating the success of Kelly Clarkson (inaugural winner) and Carrie Underwood (who is now the reigning sales queen as Simon predicted). I did say "winner" because Chris Daughtry (who prematurely exited season 5) is Idol's other gem among a bunch of wannabes! (of course, in our 10 minute opening tonight they showed a glimpse of Chris Daughtry implying he was a winner of Idol with asking WHICH DAVID will follow in their footsteps!) Will either David live up to the legacy left before them by these 3? Really tough to say. I think Cook could have a decent career coming out of this, but I just don't know if America is as interested in supporting these late season Idols anymore! I'm sure by this time next summer, Archie and Mylie will be co-headlining the "OH GOSH LOOK AT MY RACY PHOTOS - Mickey and Minnie" Tour. In fact, if it doesn't happen, somehow I'm going to get the rights and make it happen! Obviously, the blog ain't paying me! Maybe my brilliant marketing skills can pay off!

Well, just because Idol ripped off my formula, I'm still sticking with it. We had a 3 Round Battle. We had Michael Buffer following the Rocky Music and announcing Cook and Archuleta in their corners (with boxing attire? seriously? come on!!!!!). For some odd reason, Andrew Lloyd Webber was back to give advice to the finalists for each of their tunes. Man, I haven't seen bug eyes this crazy since BEN on LOST! (ooh everyone excited for THAT Finale guaranteed not to disappoint on May 29th? Well I suggest you GET READY!)

I'm just delaying because I am dreading getting to the end. Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

David Cook


David Archuleta

(Look, I'm still grinning!! hee hee!)

Clive Davis Industry UBER Mogul picks songs for our contestants.

David Cook
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" - U2

Well, I was just about ready to forgive Cook for making his "I'm just here to have fun" comment after I heard him begin singing one of the most popular Pop/Rock songs of all time. He even "COOKED IT" (you know...like made it his own!) a bit in the beginning with starting off slow and then picking up the pace. Granted, I've seen U2 live and they kinda do this too. But at least Cook fought the urge to let the audience sing the chorus. That just doesn't fly in a singing competition. I really thought he was great on this. And listening to him sing it and watching him command the stage, I actually began to think "yeah, I would buy this guy's album." The judges seemed to be on board with it too. Except Randy, who thought it was 2007. Paula was full of classic lines tonight, I'm just too lazy to go back and write them down verbatim! But for Round 1 she decided to use the title of both contestant's song to compliment them "You may have not found what YOU are looking for, but we have found David Cook!" and my favorite Paula line "You're in Good Voice tonight!" All in all, a great performance from the COOK MAN!

Of course, for every cook, there's a pesky artichoke waiting!

David Archa-Cheesy
"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" - Elton John

I mean, what's there to say? It's a standard Idol Tune. Justin Guarini sang it to rave reviews. Clay Aiken sang it to rave reviews. Hmmm...the irony there? Both runner ups to the winner! If you want to get some props on Idol, and you have a good voice, you get Clive to pick it for you! (And for the record, I got 100% on this song on the American Idol PS2 game, yeah Archie, good job! You should get the record deal and not me!) Can't miss Paula's classic line "David, the sun will never go down on you! " I don't think I agree with the judges on this one (or Simon for that matter...crazy man said he thought Cook was gonna win on Leno, and totally went back on his word!!!) . I gave the edge to the COOK MAN.

D.C. - 1 vs D.A. - 0

Round 2
Contestants each chose from the top 10 voted Idol Songwriter finalist songs
(hmmm I wonder if that was in the contract for everyone who participated in the Songwriter's competition!)

David Cook
"Dream Big" - written by don't know, don't care!

Okay, as far as Idol songs go. This one actually seemed marketable. Then again, it could've just been what Cook made of it. It was nice to see Cook on stage one more time with his crazy amp on stage with him. I thought he sang it pretty well. But you can't argue with Simon who said it didn't sound like a "WINNING SONG." It really didn't. But then Paula (maybe slipping yet again?) saying "but it's not the winning song is it?" doy!!! Paula also talked about how David had his "Song in heart, guitar in hands as we all sit ominous" ....................................................... (still trying to think of what to type next after that wonderful iambic pentameter) Granted, that wasn't verbatim but close enough! So I thought David did pretty good with what he had. What else was he going to do? A sappy syrupy inspirationally cheesy tune?

No Silly! We have Archa-puke for that!

David Archa-Anchor (i mean did you see that blazer???)
Song: "In this Moment" written by: really you couldn't pay me to look up the name and write it down!

Well we already have tunes like "A Moment Like this" and "Lost in this Moment" that have haunted the airwaves. Will "In This Moment" join them? Wow, what an awful song! All I gotta say is that my worst fears were coming true before my eyes. The Idol Finale Week is custom made for a singer like Archuleta. I mean, you have no choice but to sing an Inspirational Tune and he's been doing it all season. It doesn't matter how versatile Cook was throughout the whole season, doing amazing things with song selection, and how Archie was just getting by on his prodigious voice because everyone else was awful. All he had to do was get to the big show and then the producers were going to do the rest for him! He already had his 3rd song pre-picked during the semi-finals! Oh man, this show drives me nuts! Better song than Cook's? I dunno, just a better song for the Idol Finale. I don't know so much about for radio play. Round 2 goes to Golden Arches and his Anchor Jacket.

D.C. - 1 vs D.A. 1

Round 3
Contestant's Choice
Pick from Idol Arsenal of previous performances, or Do something new

David Cook
"The World I Know" - Collective Soul

So, I know I've done a lot of John Mayer bashing this season with Archie's Audition and all and the "Waiting on the World to Change." I don't think I've mentioned much my extreme disliking of the band Collective Soul. It goes back to freshman year of high school (I think). Their first single "Shine" got so much airplay, and I never ever ever liked it. And they cashed in on the success of it by creating bland single after single. Ironically, "The World I Know" was the only single from them that I ever could tolerate. But for the final impression you're going to give voters? COME ON DAVID! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU???? I'm all about growing and showing that growth. But if you know your counterpart is going to pull out the big guns, you gotta take one for the team! I agree "Billie Jean," "Hello," "Always Be My Baby," all would have been great choices. Don't get me wrong. Cook did an awesome job with it. But I don't know. I think the kid was out of his mind! Losing the coin toss and going first didn't help at all! But come on folks...Paula did tell David "You are standing in your truth" and that means something right? And Simon said he's the nicest most sincere contestant we've ever had. Wow, and in the year of the Archuleta no less!

David Archa-full circle
"Imagine" John Lennon

What is there to say? "Imagine" was easily David's best performance of the entire season. But it was from the Semi-Finals. Doesn't that mean he peaked WAY too early? Doesn't that mean he's shown absolutely no growth throughout the season? He sang the GOSH DARN HECK out of it once again and closed the show with it. You know, I don't even know if Cook sang one of his better tunes if it would have mattered. I'll hand it to the kid, he did show up to win. He sang all his lyrics (granted, there was a teleprompter), and I didn't notice his speech impediment. He wasn't annoying me too much tonight. It's really a matter of principle this point. Cook has been consistent most of the season and he's grown. Archuleta rode a straight line right to the finale, and then decided to bring his big voice to all 3 songs.

D.C. - 1 vs D.A. - 2

Simon goes and declares a KNOCKOUT 3 rounds go to Archuleta. I give him 2 rounds, but what does it matter? End result seems to be the same. Like I said, the night was always going to be tailor-made for Archie. I just thought Cook would put in a little more of an effort. And no, I don't actually think he threw the towel. Based on his tears after "The World I Know" I think he was really feeling the tune. I think he did awesome on the U2 song. The Idol song, well, he did what he could. He could've picked a cheesy song like Archie did, but that's just not his style. I think both of them sang amazingly well tonight. So it's all based on who resonated better with the judges and America. The judges have told us who THEY deserves to win based on the show. Do we agree? Well, I don't agree. As I've stated, Cook should be rewarded for his journey to this point. But life's not fair right? Afterall, the Giants beat the Perfect Patriots in the Superbowl right? And Cook was far from Perfect. Of course, Archie had always been the favorite from his performance of "Imagine" onward. So the analogy really doesn't work! Yep, you guessed it, I'm just stalling again! I really don't want to do this....

BUT....there are a LOT of Archie haters out there just like me. I just counted my text votes...I'm up to 65 for Cook so far (yikes...that was too much information wasn't it? blame the iphone! it's too easy to vote!). Are there people out there as motivated as me to keep Archie from that throne? Of course, ol' Archie has votefortheworst.com behind him too. Hmmmmm Do I let my 5 for 6 record make me get a little less risky and go with the Archie pick? Or do I put everything on the line and stick with my gut that I've relied on the whole season long? Do I dare go against the judges? Has anything made ANY semblance of sense this season? Michael Johns leaving so early? Me not being able to accurately pick an ousted contestant correctly until 2 weeks ago? What to do...what to do....

Who Won the Night? David Archuleta

Who had the best season? David Cook

Who hates Archie? Me (and lots of commenters who I expect to join me in this blog entry!)

Who hated Cook but then he grew on them? Lots of people

Who liked Archie but grew to hate him? Lots of people

Who hates Archie enough to vote for Cook as much as it takes for Archie not to win? Well that's pretty much what it comes down to isn't it America?

American Idol Season 7 Winner: (drum roll...........)

David Cook

Well, just like I convinced you all with most of this blog that I was going to change my mind. I think the same thing is going on on a larger scale with the show. They have us convinced that Archie is going to take the crown, but in a last minute shocker the deserved winner shall be honored! If he isn't? I have no shame in being 5 for 7. It's the right thing to do! 2 17 year-olds winning in a row? Not a good precedent for a show dwindling in ratings!

Well there you have it America, I have made my bed. I've been going with my gut about my dislike for Archie from the beginning. I can't back down now. If he won and I picked it now, it wouldn't even be fair to justify my record as 6 for 7 with all the bashing I've done all season! Cook deserves it, and he's going to get it! Please comment away with your thoughts everyone. And please Archie haters, there's still time to vote! KEEP AT IT! See you tomorrow night for closing thoughts of season 7.


Ian said...

I have a feeling Archie's going to win after all the pimping he got, but I hope it's Cook. Just remember, after "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Simon told Clay it may have clinched him the win, but we all know what happened there.

Anonymous said...

Archuleta wins Idol!!!!!

Like him or loathe him, America's love affair with Archie will commence with his crowning as the new King of Idol.

Is Cook worthy? Certainly. But as good as he has been all year, popularity still outnumbers talent any day of the week. Since Archuleta is close enough in talent, his decent enough voice, personality and all around likability will be enough to wrest away any chance that D.C. had.


Mike V. said...

Definitely loathe him!

Archuleta had personality? I must've been watching a different show! lol

As for popularity, all of the polls on the major entertainment website all had Cook leading going into tonight.

Whether that means Cook will win or not, I'm not gonna say for certain. But it's easy to say Archie's gonna win after the 3 judges basically coronated him themselves! lol

I'm going with the outside chance that America is smarter than that! lol

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Atlanta, Mike (yup - I'm here; will be in Tennesee tomorrow . . )

For the record, the songwriting contracts did NOT state that the 2 finalists would select from the Top 10 however the verbage within the contract gave the producers to pretty much change the rules as they saw fit (I won't go into the legalities).

I was on a plane this evening so I didn't see the performances but looked up your blog when I got to the hotel room this evening.


Anonymous said...

Wow this blog sucks. All your writing is useless because the moment you started you were biased already. If you're gonna say that your fave is the best, just say so. coz everyone knows your "comparisons" are nothing.

People are so extreme. It's just a damn show.

Mike V. said...

....says the archuletta fan. Yeah, it's just a show...yet you felt the need to express your feelings about this blog, right? So right back atcha!

Thanks for reading. Clearly, you've read all season, so even if you thought it sucked, I still had you hooked! I knew I had to get some hate mail someday. Now I've TRULY MADE IT!!! lol

I never said I wasn't biased this season. I mean to entertain with this blog not get worried about offending people with my personal opinions. And anyway, regardless of my "BIASED-ness" I still made an educated decision with my pick.

Cook had the momentum going into last night and I'm thinking it may carry over.

And hey, I'm not saying that the website is right all of the time, but dialidol.com has predicted Cook the winner too!

So, I'll accept your apologies after tonight "IF" Cook wins. If he doesn't? Whatever, I enjoyed myself. Like I said...I'm not getting paid for this, so I think I'm allowed to express my opinion however I like (1st ammendment, right??? how does that go?). Clearly, you've expressed yours!

UJ, Thanks for the update on the songwriter's competition! I was hoping you'd chime in! Tell Elizabeth good luck this weekend!

Unknown said...

I agree with you again Mike! Holy crap!! Archie was definitely better last night, but I enjoyed the whole show. I don't even think last night even mattered. You are either a Cook or Archuleta fan. The voting wasn't going to change last night.
Who got Siesha's votes????

Mike V. said...

Laura, it is crazy that we stayed on the same page all season! Miracles CAN happen! lol

And yeah, that was kinda my thought. I don't think last night would have swayed anyone either way. If anything, there may just be additional people voting that hadn't voted before. (and a couple more hours to vote at that!)

And good question on Syesha votes!

Maybe it's just denial. Maybe it's just my dream to write a blog that sucks! But if one asks me who deserves the title more? I still say Cook, regardless of if I supported him all season or not.

I certainly didn't support Fantasia in season 3, but I knew she deserved to win out of the mess that was SEASON 3! lol

Same concept here except I actually liked Cook!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I admit...I haven't voted all season until last night. But, I voted the whole time I was watching the show on my DVR. I am a little worried because the majority of the times I called for Cook I got through. Not sure if it has been that way all season or if Artichoke was getting all the calls last night. Don't know how many votes I registered, but I called continuously for about 45 min. I felt I had to do something to keep Artichoke from winning!

Unknown said...

It is funny that you liked Jordan Sparks last season. She is the same as Archie this year. We all knew that she could sing and was a powerhouse. But what new and different did she bring. Did you download her CD? Even though Blake Lewis wasn't great... he was different and entertaining.

This year's group was great because of the differences in everyone's style.

I like David Cook because he made the songs his own and he is very talented. My music taste is more like Brooke White.

The only music I have of any American Idol is of Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry.

Does it really matter who wins?

Mike V. said...

Yeah yeah yeah...Laura how many times do I have to tell you that it wasn't that I liked Jordin, I just thought she was the most marketable contestant coming out of that season. I always say that she would be the least embarassing winner! lol

Blake was interesting and I liked him, but never thought he had the vocal skills deserving of an Idol winner.

This year with Cook, it's a little different. He actually CAN sing really well. And he brings his own uniqueness to each tune. It's a good time.

Archie??? I dunno...I thought Jordin was a little easier to get into than Archie. They were both 17 yes...but I thought Jordin was a mature 17 year old. Where as Archie, just seems to require a little bit more life experience! When I look at him...I think I'm watching American Idol Juniors lol Clearly talented, but he just seems to be missing some human quality for people to latch on to!

Jordin, I thought she had a bit of that. And she was not the favorite to win when I picked her. It was predicted to be a Melinda/Lakisha showdown. And I just saw some kind of star quality in Jordin. And turned out to be right! lol

Will it happen again tonight? Let's hope so!

Unknown said...

I love getting under your skin about Jordin!!!
I know Blake is different than David Cook... no comparison.
It's just fun to talk trash!!
I still think Jordin and Archie are both annoying and AI may have run its course if the 'best' talent is just able to participate in the show.

Mike V. said...

Well we can agree there. This show has definitely run its course!

But I'm sure we'll all be tuning in yet again next year to see what other disaster they can throw our way! lol

Mike V. said...

Additional note: another runner-up to perform "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" - Bo Bice lol

Seems to be the kiss of death! We'll see!